We now return to John, second and only surviving son of Henry Viscount St. John, by his second wife, before-mentioned.

The said John served for the borough of Wotton Basset, in Wiltshire, in the first parliament called by King George II. was appointed comptroller of the customs in the port of London, A.D. 1746, and on the death of his father, in 1742, succeeded him as Viscount St. John. He first married, on April 17th, 1729, Anne, daughter and coheir of Sir Robert Furnese, of Waldershare, in Kent, Bart. and by her Ladyship, (who died July 11th, 1747, and was buried at Lydiard Tregoze,) had issue three daughters,

Louisa, married to Sir William Bagot, Bart, afterwards Lord
Bagot; Anne, and Louisa, who both died young.

Also three sons, viz.
First, Frederic, his successor.

Second, Henry, formerly member of parliament for Wotton Basset, one of the grooms of his Majesty's bed-chamber, aid-decamp to the King, now a general in the army, and colonel of the thirty-sixth regiment of foot. He married August 31st, 1771,

eldest daughter of colonel Thomas Bladen, sister to the Countess of Essex.

Third, John, formerly member of parliament for Eye, and surveyor-general of the crown lands; died October 8th, 1793.

His Lordship married, secondly, Hester, eldest daughter of James Clarke, of Watton, in Hertfordshire, Esq.; but, by this Lady, who died March Sth, 1752, and was buried at Wootton Waven, Warwickshire, he had no issue.

His Lordship departed this life in France, in February, 1748-9; and bis corpse, being brought over to England, was interred among those of his ancestors. He was succeeded by his eldest son,

FREDERICK, THIRD Viscount St. John, who also, upon the death of his uncle Henry, A. D. 1751, inherited his dignities of VISCOUNT BOLINGBROKE, and Baron St. John of Lydiard Tregoze, by which titles he was introduced in the house of peers, on February 12th, 1754. His Lordship, in October, 1761, was constituted one of the lords of his Majesty's bed-chamber. On September 9th, 1757, he wedded the Lady Diana Spencer, eldest daughter of Charles, second Duke of Marlborough : and by her Ladyship, from whom he was divorced in 1768, and who re-married to the Honourable Topham Beauclerk, he had issue two

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First, George, born March 6tb, 1761.

Second, Frederic, born December 20th, 1763; a lieutenantgeneral, on the half-pay of 117th foot, married, first, December sch, 1789, Lady Mary, daughter of the Marquis of Lothian, and by her, who died February 6th, 1791, had a son Robert. He married, April 6th, 1793, the Honourable Georgina Arabella Craven, daughter of the late Lord Craven, by whom he has George, Frederick, and Henry.

And one daughter, Charlotte, who died young.

His Lordship died May 5th, 1787, and was succeeded by his oldest son,

George, FOURTH Viscount BOLINGBROKE and St. John.

His Lordship married, in 1783, Charlotte, daughter of the Rev. Mr. Collins, of Winchester, by whom (who died in 1803) he has issue,

George and Mary, both died young; and

Titles. George St. John, Viscount Bolingbroke and Viscount St. John, Baron St. John of Lydiard Tregoze, and Baron St. John of Battersea, and Baronet.

Creations. Baronet, May 22d, 1611, 9 Jac. I.; Baron St. John of Lydiard Tregoze, and Viscount Bolingbroke, on July 7th, 1712, 11 Queen Anne; and Baron St. John, of Battersea, in com. Surry, and Viscount St. John, on July 2d, 1716, 2 George I.

Arms. Argent, on a chief, Gules, two mullets, Or.

Crest. On a wreath, a mount proper, and therefrom, a falcon rising, with bells, Or, and ducally gorged, Gules.

Supporters. Two eagles, with wings expanded, Or, crowned ducally, Gules, and upon each breast a pair of horses hames, tied at the top and bottom, proper; within which is party per pale, Argent and Gules.

Chief Seat. At Lydiard Tregoze, in the county of

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His Lordship's ancestors, according to the custom of ancient times, had denomination from the lordship and manor of Boscawen-Rose, in Cornwall, of which they were owners, in King John's reign.

The first mentioned, in the visitation of the heralds, in the office of a arms, is Henry De Boscawen, who had two sons, Robert; and Alan, who had issue John, the father of Mirabel, his only daughter and heir.

Robert de Boscawen, eldest son of Henry, was living in the reign of King Henry III. and left issue

Henry de Boscawen, living in 1292; who by his wife, Hawise, relict of William de Trewoofe, bad issue

HENRY De Boscawen, his son and beir, who was living in 1327, and by Nicha de Lulyn, his wife, was father of

John de Boscawen, who came to the estate in 1334. This John married Johan, daughter and heir of John de Tregothnan, of Tregothnan, with whom he had that estate, and had issue by her two sons, John, his son and heir, and Otho, second son, who died without issue; and a daughter, Amy, the wife of John Chiderton. The said

John de BOSCAWEN succeeded his father, in 1357. He wedded Johan, daughter and heir of Otho de Abalanda, lineally descended from Sir Osbert de Abalanda, Knight, who, by his wife Eusada, daughter of John Reskyner, had a son, Ewryne, who by

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Visitations of Devonshire and Cornwall, C. 1. P. 333, 334.

• Ibid.

his wife Florence, daughter and heir of Walter Pother, had a son, Osbert, who, by Alice, his wife, daughter and heir of Sir Laurence Arundel, of Lamayle, had a son, Osbert, who was father to Ewryne, who, by his wife, Alice, daughter and heir of Otho de Trevayle, bad Otho, who, by his wife, Margery, daughter and heir of Ralph Kasel, was father of the said Johan, and bore, for his arms, Gules, three l'ends, Argent, as his ancestors bad done. By this match, a great estate accrued to their son and heir,

John BoscAwEN, Esq. who, by Rose his wife, daughter of William Brett, Esq. had issue

Hugh Boscawen, Esq. his son and heir, who succeeded him in his estate; and married John, only daughter of Ralph Trenouth, and heir of her mother Maud, daughter and heir of ..... Tregarick, of an ancient family in Cornwall.

This Hugh's son and heir was Richard Boscawen, Esq. who, on July 4th, 1505, paid a fine of 5 1. to be excused from being made a Knight of the Bath. He married two wives; first, Elizabeth, daughter of Godfry St. Albin; and, second, Maud, daughter and coheir of Laurence Haslep, of Trewonwall, by Eleanor his wife, daughter and heir of William Trevillan, and son of William Haslep, by his wife, Plascasia, daughter and beir of

.... Trewythyneck, in the county of Cornwall, Esqrs. ; (Philippa, the other daughter and coheir of Laurence Haslep, being the wife of James Trefusis, of Trefusis, in the same county, Esq.) By his first Lady he had no issue : but by his second, who brought him part of the lands of Haslep and Trevillan, as also the lands of Trewythyneck, he had two sons, John, bis heir, and Bennet, who died without issue.

John, the eldest son and heir, was seated at Tregothnan, in the county aforesaid ; and, by Elizabeth his wife, daughter of Nicholas Lower, who was living in 1482, had issue, three sons, and five daughters ; first, Jane, who died on November 10th, 1517, was successively wedded to Richard Trevenor, and Courtney, Esq.; second, Christian was first married to Thomas Ninnis, and secondly, to Walter Burlace, Esgrs. ; third, Isabel was the wife of Samson Manington, of Cornwall, Esq.; fourth, Elizabeth, of Richard Curtis, Esq.; and fifth, Grace, of Richard Kernpe, of Blisland, Esq.

The three sons of the aforesaid John Boscawen, Esq. were,
First, Joho Boscawen, of Tregothnan, Esq.
Second, Hugh, continuator of the family, and
Third, Laurence, who died unmarrjed.


Which John Boscawen, Esq. the eldest son, died on Fees bruary 29th, 1523-4, as is evident from the inquisition taken after his decease, which sets forth, that he was son and heir of John Boscawen, and of Elizabeth, his wife, daughter of Nicholas Lower, Esq. and he of Richard Boscawen; and that he died possessed of the manors of Tregarreck, with the appurtenances; and of lands and tenements in Trevele, Tregithvant, and Trenorra, in the county of Cornwall; leaving

Tuomas Boscawen, his son and heir (by his wife Margaret, daughter of Thomas Trethurfe, Esq. and coheir of Edward Courtenay, Earl of Devon) who was six months old at his father's de. sease, and died in his infancy.

Thereupon the inheritance devolved on Hugo, second son, continuator of the family before-named, who paid a fine of four marks for not attending the coronation of Queen Mary, on October 1st, 1553, and departing this life on August 24th, 1559, aged eighty, was buried at Penkevil. He wedded Philippa, daughter and coheir of Nicholas Carminow, of Carminow, Wolveidon, &c. Esq. whose other daughter and coheir, Elizabeth, carried her purparty of those lands to her husband, Nicholas Hearle, Esq. By the said Philippa, he was father of seven sons, and as many daughters. The sous were,

First, John, who died an infant.
Second, another John, bis heir.
Third, Nicholas Boscawen, Esq. who succeeded his brother.
Fourth, William Boscawen, who died young.

Fifth, Hugh Boscawen, Esq. who was born A. D. 1550, and by his wife, Mary, daughter of Thomas Tredynwick, Esq. had issue Hugh Boscawen, aged twenty-four, in the year 1620, and Margaret, wife of William Bird, of Foy, Esq.

Sixth, George Boscawen, Esq. who wedded Elizabeth, daughter and heir of Thomas Carnarther, Esq. (and by her had three sons, first, Hugh, aged twenty-three, in 1620; second, Edward, aged twenty, in 1620, who died in 1649, without issue, and was buried at Penkevil; third, John): and,

Seventh, Edward Boscawen, Esq. who died without issue, on
February 15th, 1619, aged sixty-three, and had sepulture at

The seven daughters of the said Hugb and Philippa were,
1. Joan, who was successively married to Walter Gawgan, and

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