Alas, Sir, I had no design,
But was unwarily drawn in ;

For spite I'ne'er had any.
'Twas the damn’d 'squire with the hard name ;
The de'il too that ow'd me a shame,

The devil and Delany ;
They tempted me t'attack your Highness,
And then, with wonted wile and sliness,

They left me in the lurch.
Unhappy wretch ! for now I ween,
I've nothing left to vent my spleen

But ferula and birch ;
And they, alas, yield fmall relief,
Seem rather to renew my grief,

My wounds bleed all anew :
For ev'ry stroke goes to my heart,
And at each lash I feel the smart

Of lash laid on by you.

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Tom MULLINIX and Dick.
OM and Dick had equal fame,

And both had equal knowledge ;
Tom could write and spell his name,

But Dick had seen the college. Dick a coxcomb, Tom was mad,

And both alike diverting ; Tom was held the merrier lad,

But Dick the best at farting. Dick would cock his nose in scorn,

But Tom was kind and loving ; Tom a footboy bred and born,

But Dick was from an oven. Dick could neatly dance a jig, But Tom was beft at borees; VOL. VII.


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Tom would pray for ev'ry Whig,

And Dick curse all the Tories.
Dick would make a woful noise,

And fcold at an election ;
Tom huzza'd the blackguard boys,

And held them in subjection.
Tom could move with lordly grace,

Dick nimbly skip the gutter;
Tom could talk with solemn face,

But Dick could better sputter. Dick was come to high renown

Since he commenc'd physician ;
Tom was held by all the town

The deeper politician.
Tom had the genteeler swing,

His hat could nicely put on ;
Dick knew better how to swing

His cane upon a button. Dick for repartee was fit,

And Tom for deep discerning ; Dick was thought the brighter wit,

But Tom had better learning. Dick with zealous no's and ay's

Could roar as loud as Stentor, In the house 'tis all he fays ;

But Tom is eloquenter.





AS when from rooting

in a bin,
All powder'd o'er from tail to chin,
A lively maggot fallies out,
You know him by his hazel fnout:
So when the grandson of his grandfire
Forth iffues wriggling, Dick Drawcanfir,


With powder'd rump, and back and fide,
You cannot blench his tawny hide;
For 'tis beyond the power of meal
The gypsey visage to conceal :
For, as he shakes his wainscot chops,
Down ev'ry mealy atom drops,
And leaves the tartar phiz, in show
Like a fresh t -d just dropt on snow.



Imitated from COWLEY.

To Dick.


FOULEST brute that ftinks below,

Why in this brown dost thou appear? For, wouldst thou make a fouler show,

Thou must go naked all the year. Presh from the mud a wallowing fow Would then be not so brown as thou. 'Tis not the coat that looks so dun;

His hide emits a foulness out;
Not one jot better looks the sun

Seen from behind a dirty clout :
So t-ds within a glass inclose,
The glass will seem as brown as those.
Thou now one heap of foulness art,

All outward and within is foul ;
Condensed filth in ev'ry part,

Thy body's clothed like thy foul;
Thy soul, which, through thy hide of buff,
Scarce glimmers like a dying snuff.
Old carted bawds such garments wear,

When pelted all with dirt they shine;

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Such their exalted bodies are,

As shrivel'd and as black as thine.
If thou wert in a cart, I fear
Thou wouldst be pelted worse than they're.
Yet when we see thee thus array'd,

The neighbours think, it is but just,
That thou shouldīt take an honest trade,

And weekly carry out the dust. Of cleanly houses who will doubt, When Dick cries, Duff to carry out?



Dick's Varicty.

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ULL uniformity in fools

I hate, who gape and sneer by rules.
You, Mullinix, and Nobb'ring C
Who ev'ry day and hour the fame are ;
That vulgar talent I despise
Of pissing in the rabble's eyes.
And when I listen to the noise
Of idiots roaring to the boys;
To better judgments still submitting,
I own I see but little wit in :
Sach pastimes, when our taste is nice,
Can please at most but once or twice.

But then consider Dick, you'll find
His genius of superior kind;
He never muddles in the dirt,
Nor scow'rs the streets without a shirt;
Tho' Dick, I dare presume to say,
Could do such feats as well as they.
Dick I could venture ev'ry where,
Let the boys pelt him if they dare
He'd have 'em try'd at the assizes
For priests and Jesuits in disguises;


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Swear they were with the Swedes at Bender,.
And lifting troops for the pretender.

But Dick can fart, and dance, and frisk,
No other monkey half fo brick';
Now has the Speaker by the ears,
Next moment in the house of peers ;"
Now scolding at my Lady Eustace,
Or thrashing Babby in her new stays.
Presto begone; with t'other hop
He's powd'ring in a barber's shop;
Now at the antechamber thrusting
His.nose to get the circle just in,
And damns his blood, that in the rear
He sees one single Tory there :
Then, woe be to my Lord Lieutenant,
Again he'll tell him, and again on'tà



Part of the gth ode of the fourth book of Hoc

RACE, addressed to Dr WILLIAM KING, late: Lord Archbishop of Dublin.

Paulum sepultæ, &C.
VIRTUE conceal'd within our breast,"

Is inactivity at best :
But never shall the muse endure.
To let your virtues lie obscure,
Or suffer envy to conceal

Your labours for the public weal.
Within your brealt all wifdom fies;
Either to govern or advise ;
Your fteddy foul preserves her frame
In good and evil times the same.

IQ Pale Avarice, and lurking Fraud Stand in your sacred presence aw'd ; ; Your hand alone from gold abftains, Which drags the flavish world in chains.

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