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. JANUARY, 1870.

Analytical and Critical Reviews.

PAGB REv. I.-1. The Medical Profession and its Educational and Licensing • Bodies. By E. D. MAPOTIER, M.D., Professor of Anatomy and Phy

siology, Surgeon to St. Vincent's Hospital, &c. Carmichael Prize

Essay . 2. General Medical Council; Report of the Committee on Professional · Education, with Appendices 3. Reports of Meeting of British Medical Association at Leeds, British

Medical Journal,' August and September, 1869 . 4. Address of SAMUEL D.GROSS, M.D., President of the American Medical

Association . :. REV. II.-Entozoa : being a Supplement to the Study of Helminthology.

By T. SPENCER COBBOLD, M.D., F.R.S., Correspondent of the Academy

of Sciences of Philadelphia Rev. III.-1. Reports of the Dublin Hospitals on the Cholera of 1866.

(Dublin Quarterly Journal of Medical Science and Medical Press and
Circular') .

. . 38 2. Le Choléra, Etiologie et (Prophylaxie, Origine, Endémicité, &c., &c.

Exposé des Travaux de la Conférence Sanitaire Internationale de Con.
stantinople mis en ordre et précédée d'une Introduction. Par A.

FAUVEL, Délégué du gouvernement Francais à la Conférence, &c., &c. ib. 3. Address on Medicine delivered before the Annual Meeting of the

British Medical Association at Leeds. By Sir WILLIAM JENNER,
Bart., M.D., F.R.S., Physician to the Queen, Physician to University

College Hospital, &c. (Lancet,' July 31, 1869). . . . 4. Archives Générales de Médecine, November, 1868, and January, 1869. ib. 5. Cholera in the East, from the Commencement of European Connec. ib.

tion with it. By JOHN MACPHERSON, M.D., Inspector-General of
Hospitals H.M. Bengal Army, &c. .


ib. 6. Etude sur le Choléra, &c. Par le Docteur NICAISE, &c., &c., 1868. ib. 7. Pathologisch-Anatomische Studien über das Wesen des Cholera.

Processes. Von Dr. JULIUS MAR. KLOB, Professor der Pathologis-
chen Anatomie an der Wiener Hochschule, Prosector des Kranken-
hauses Rudolfs-Stiftung, &c., &c. ("Pathological and Anatomical
Researches on the Nature of the Cholera Process. By Prof. Dr.

8. "The Lancet,' 1869, p. 167 .
9. The Cholera ; its origin, Idiosyncrasy, and Treatment. By FERDI-

NAND E. JENCKEN, M.D., M.R.C.P.Lond. . . 10. Cholera ; its Symptoms, Clinical History, &c. By S. GOODEYE

CUUCKERBUTTY, M.D.Lond, Surgeon, Bengal Army, &c., &c. . 11. Report on the Cholera Epidemic of 1866, as treated in the Mater.

Misericordia Hospital, Dublin, &c. By Drs. HAYDEN and CRUISE. 12. Quarantine and Cholera. By A. J. PAYNE, M.D., Bengal Medical

13. Della Natura del Cholera Asiatico, &c. Memoria del Dott. FILIPPO

PACINI. (A Treatise upon Asiatic Cholera, &c. By Dr. PHILIP


14. Report to the International Sanitary Conference, of a Commission

from that Body, on the Origin, Endemicity, Transmissibility, and Propagation of Asiatic Cholera. Translated by SAMUEL L. ABBOT, M.D., &c. :

38 REV. IV.-Journal of the Scottish Meteorological Society. New Series,

Nos. XXI, XXII. January and April, 1869. Pp. 64. Quarterly. 61 REV. V.-Memoir of John Conolly, M.D., D.C.L., comprising a Sketch of the

Treatment of the Insane. By Sir JAMES CLARK, Bart., K.C.B.,

M.D., &c. REV. VI.-1. Om Spedalskhed som endemisk Sygdom i Norge. Ved CAND.

MED. BIDENKAP. .. On Leprosy as an Endemic Disease in Norway. By Dr. BidexkAP. · (With Map and Tables). . 2. Beretning om Lungegaards Hospital, &c., Virksomhed i Treaaret,

1865 to 1867. Ved D. C. DANIELSSEN, Overlæge . Report of the Practice of the Lungegaards' Hospital for the Triennial

Period 1865 to 1867. By Dr. DANIELSSEN. 3. Den Spedalske Sygdom blandt de Norske i Amerika. Af Overlæge,

J. A. HOLMBOE. On Leprosy amongst the Norwegians in America. By Dr. HOLMBOE. 4. Tabeller over de Spedalske i Norge i Aaret, 1866, &c. &c. (“Norges

Officielle Statistik, 1867, C. No. 5.) . .
Tabular Statement of the Lepers in Norway in the year 1866, &c. &c. .
5. Syphilisatinen anvendt mod Syphilis og Spedalskhed. Ved D. C.

Syphilisation as a Remedy for Syphilis and Leprosy. By Dr. Daniels-

6. Report on Leprosy by the Royal College of Physicians, London:

(Second Notice.) . 7. Clinical Report on Cases of Leprosy. By JONATHAN HUTCHINSON.

London Hospital Reports,' Vol. I, 1864. . . 8. On the Symptoms and Morbid Anatomy of Leprosy; with Remarks.

By H. V. CARTER, M.D. Lond. • Transactions of the Medical and

Physical Society of Bombay,' No. VIII, 1862 9. Norwegian Notes. By JONATHAN HUTCHINSON. "Medical Times

and Gazette,' August, 1869 . . Rev. VII.-Annual Report of the Commissioners for Adininistering the Laws

for the Relief of the Poor in Ireland, &c., with Appendices . . REV. VIII.-Eleventh Report of the Medical Officer of the Privy Council,

1869.—Contagious Diseases Act, 1866 and 1869.- Reports and Papers issued by the Association for Promoting the Extension of the Contagious Diseases Act of 1866 to the Civil Population of the United Kingdom.-Report from the Select Committee of the House of Lords, on the Contagious Diseases Act, 1866, Session 1867-8.Report from the Select Committee of the House of Commons on the Contagious Diseases Act, 1866 (communicated from the Commons to the Lords), 1869

. 87 Rev. IX.-Intorno alla diffusione della Tisichezza polmonare, alle sue cagioni ... e ai provvedimenti piu valevoli di combatterla. Ricerche del Cav. . Prof. ALFONSO CORRADI, M.D., &c. . . . On the Spread of Pulmonary Phthisis, its Causes, and the best means of

staying it. "By Prof. ALPONSO CORRADI. Prize Essay REV. X.- Report on Lunatic Asylums. By F. NORTON MANNING, M.D. By Authority .

. . . . 118 REV. XI.-1. Germinal Matter and the Contact Theory. An Essay on the

Morbid Poisons. By J. MORRIS, M.D. Second Edition : 128 :: 2. Notes on Epidemics, for the Use of the Public. By F. E. ANSTIE,

M.D. 3. Traité des Maladies Infectieuses. Par W. GRIESINGER, Professeur à . la Faculté de Médecine de l'Université de Berlin; Traduit par le Dr. G, LEMAITRE

. . ib

A Treatise on Infectious Diseases. By W. GRIESINGER, Professor in

the Faculty of Medicine in the University of Berlin; Translated into
French by Dr. G. LEMAITRE

. . 128 4. On Famine Fever, and some of the other Cognate Forms of Typhus.

A Lecture. By R. VIRCHOW, Professor in the University of Berlin 5. Études sur les Maladies Eteintes et les Maladies Nouvelles. Par C.

ANGLADA, Professeur de Pathologie Médicale à l'Université de

Montpellier .
On Extinct and New Diseases. By C. ANGLADA, Professor of Medical

Pathology in the University of Montpellier.
6. On Epidemics, Studied by Means of Statistics of Disease. Read

before the Public Medicine Section of the British Medical Associa

tion, 1868, by A. RANSOME, A.M., M.B. . 7. Disinfectants and Disinfection. By R. ANGUS SMITH, Ph.D., F.R.S. ib. 8. The Disinfectant Question. A Review of Dr. Angus Smith's Book. Reprinted from the Sanitary Record.'

. . ib. Rey. XII. -Fourth Annual Report of the Sanitary Commissioner with the

Government of India, 1867. With Appendices containing Returns
of Sickness and Mortality among the British and Native Troops, and
also among the Prisoners in the Bengal Presidency for that year 137



· 154

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Bibliographical Record.
ART. I.-Aerztliche Mittheilungen aus Ægypten. Von Dr. A. FLORA . 147

Medical Memoranda from Egypt. By Dr. A. FLORA .
ART. II.-A Treatise on Syphilis. By WALTER J. COULSON, F.R.C.S., Sur.

geon to the Lock Hospital, and to St. Peter's Hospital for Stone and

Urinary Diseases . .
ART. III.-Notes on the Metals. By THOMAS Wood, Ph.D.
ART. IV.-Principles of Chemistry founded on Modern Theories. By A.

NAQUET. Translated from the Second Edition by WILLIAM CORTIS,

and revised by Thomas STEVENSON, M.D. . ART. V.-Dr. Kennion's Observations on the Medicinal Springs of Harro

gate. Seventh Edition. Enlarged and Revised by ADAM BEALEY,

M.D., &c. . . .
ART. VI.- Á Treatise on Physiology and Hygiene for Schools, Families, and
Colleges. By J. C. DALTON, M.D.

. . 155 ABT. VII.-Om Dödeligheden blandt Barselkoner i Norge i Femaaret, 1861

til 1865. Af C. EGER. (Norsk Magazin for Lægevidenskaben,'
xxiii Bind, 6 Hefte.) .

. . 156 On the Mortality among Parturient Women in Norway in the Quinqueu

nial Period, 1861–1865. By C. EGER. Published in the Norwegian
Magazine of Medical Science, Vol. xxiii, Part 6. .

. . ib. ART. VIII.-The Practical Medicine of To-day. Two addresses delivered

before the British Medical Association and the Epidemiological Society.

By Sir W. JENNER, Bart., M.D., F.R.S., &c. &c. . . .158 ART. IX.-Scientific Associations; their Rise, Progress, and Influence; with

a History of the Hunterian Society. An Oration. By HENRY J.

. ib. ART. X.-Counsel to a Mother. Being a Continuation and the Completion

of · Advice to a Mother.' By PYE HENRY CAAVASSE.- Excessive
Infant Mortality; how it can be stayed. To which is added a short
paper on · Infant Alimentation.' By M. A. BAINES.- On the Preven.
tion of Excessive Infant Mortality. By Mrs. BAINES

. 159 ART. XI.- Considerations et Observations sur l'epoque de l'occlusion du trou

ovale et du canal artériel. Par Dr. PEDRO F. Da Costa ALVARENGA. 161 ART. XII.-The Mechanical Treatment of Deformities of the Mouth, Con.

genital and Accidental. By ROBERT Ramsay and JAMES OAKLEY
COLES, Members of the Odontological Society

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