Memoirs of Count Miot de Melito: Minister, Ambassador, Councillor of State and Member of the Institute of France : Between the Years 1788 and 1815

S. Low, Marston, Searle, & Rivington, 1881

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Side 766 - Anson'a brigade, likewise of the 4th division, to turn the right, while the 6th division, supported by the 3d and 5th, attacked the front. It was dark before this point was carried by the 6th division, and the enemy fle,d through the woods towards the Tormes. I pursued them with the 1st and light divisions, and...
Side 763 - Calvarosa de Abaxo ; and shortly after daylight detachments from both armies attempted to obtain possession of the more distant from our right of the two hills called Dos Arapiles. The enemy however succeeded, their detachment being...
Side 765 - I have to regret the loss of a most able officer. After the crest of the height was carried, one division of the enemy's infantry made a stand against the 4th division, which, after a severe contest, was obliged to give way, in consequence of the enemy having thrown some troops on the left, of the 4th division, after the failure of brigadiergeneral Pack's attack upon the Arapiles, and the honourable lieutenant-general Cole having been wounded.
Side 763 - Senora de la Pena, on which height they maintained themselves with the enemy throughout the day. The possession, by the enemy, however, of the more distant of the Arapiles, rendered it necessary for me to extend the right of the army...
Side 762 - Salamanca, on the evening of the 22nd instant, which I have been under the necessity of delaying to send till now, having been engaged ever since the action in the pursuit of the enemy's flying troops. In my letter of the 21st I informed your Lordship, that both armies were near the...
Side 766 - Tonnes, we came up with the enemy's rear-guard of cavalry and infantry, near La Serna ; they were immediately attacked by the two brigades of dragoons ; and the cavalry fled, leaving the infantry to their fate. I have never witnessed a more gallant charge than was made on the enemy's...
Side 766 - Cotton, as long as we could find any of them together, directing our march upon Huerta and the fords of the Tormes, by which the enemy had passed on their advance ; but the darkness of the night was highly advantageous to the enemy, many of whom escaped under its cover, who must otherwise have been in our hands. I am sorry to report, that owing to this same cause, Lieutenant-General Sir Stapleton Cotton was unfortunately wounded by one of our own sentries, after he had halted.
Side 44 - Partisans de la République, Grands raisonneurs en politique Dont je partage la douleur, Venez assister en famille Au grand convoi de votre fille Morte en couche d'un Empereur.
Side 767 - Marmont is badly wounded, and has lost one of hia arms,1 and that four general officers have been killed, and several wounded. Such an advantage could not have been acquired without material loss on our side ; but it certainly has not been of a magnitude to distress the army, or to cripple its operations.

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