Congressional Serial Set

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1911
Reports, Documents, and Journals of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives.

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Time for dam across Choctawhatchee River Dale County Ala 1865 Dam across Rock River near Byron
Dam across St Joseph River near Mottville Mich
Time for dam across Mississippi River at Sauk Rapids Minn 1868 Bridge across Mississippi River in Itasca County Minn
Reimbursement of keepers of light stations
Purchase or erection of embassy legation and consular buildings abroad
Dam across New River Wythe County
Dam across New River at Ivanhoe
Bridge across Tombigbee River at Iron Wood Bluff Miss
Boundary line between Texas and New Mexico
To extend time for homesteaders to establish residence 1886 Appropriations for military establishment 1912
To fill vacancy in board of regents of Smithsonian Institution 1911 Apportionment of Representatives in Congress
Dam across White River in Taney County Mo 1915 Bridge across Missouri River between Lyman and Brule counties S
Bridge across St John River
To amend act for advances to reclamation fund etc 1918 Amendment to irrigation
Bridge across Black River
Time for bridges across Waccamaw River S C
Compilation of special statistics by Census Bureau 1923 Purchase of additional lands for lighthouse purposes 1924 Exchange of right of way at Cheq...
Railway along national cemetery roadway at Natchez Miss 1934 Admission of 2 Chinese subjects at Military Academy 1935 To amend Revised statut...
Tenure of office of deputy collectors of internal revenue
To prevent disclosure of national defense secrets 1948 Circuit and district courts northern district of West Virginia
To regulate procedure in United States courts in certain cases 1950 To reopen pay accounts of certain officers of Navy
Expense of proceedings on appeal
Chief deputy marshals as disbursing officers
To create permanent tariff board 1980 Time for dam across Mississippi River at Sauk Rapids Minn 1981 Dam across New River Wythe County
Dam across Savannah River at Cherokee Shoals
Dam across Rock River near Byron
Bridge across Mississippi River in Itasca County Minn
Bridge across Tombigbee River Itawamba County Miss
Time for dam across Choctawhatchee River Dale County Ala 1987 Dam across St Joseph River St Joseph County Mich
Dam across New River in Virginia
Worlds Panama exposition at New Orleans La 1990 Entry under bond of exhibits of arts sciences and industries
Gold bullion and foreign gold coin
To increase efficiency of Army 1994 Sale of certain lands to Buffalo Wyo 1995 Centennial celebration of signing of Treaty of Ghent
Right of way on Fort D A Russell reservation
Disposition of useless papers in Treasury Department 1999 Amendment to placermining laws of Alaska 2000 To change name of Public Health and ...
Disposition of surplus waters of projects under reclamation act 2003 Withdrawal of public notices issued under reclamation act 2005 Levy of taxes in...
Naval appropriation bill 1912
Validation of certain homestead entries
Improvement of foreign service 2009 Election of members of Philippine Assembly
Protection of game in Alaska
Time for Baltimore Washington Transit Co 2013 Purchase of Oldroyd collection of Lincoln relics
Dam across Colorado River of the West near Pyramid Canon Ariz 2019 Legislative executive and judicial appropriation bill 1912
Dam across Rock River at Lyndon III
Bridge across Mobile River near Mobile Ala 2024 Bridge across Tennessee River at Chattanooga Tenn 2025 Bridge across Tennessee River at Chatta...
To extend time for bridge across Monongahela River Pa 2027 Bridge across St Croix River between Wisconsin and Minnesota
Memorial on Crown Point lighthouse reservation Lake Champlain 2029 To reappoint former cadets at Military Academy 2030 Time for Charles H C...

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Side 9 - ... from one State or Territory of the United States, or the District of Columbia, to any other State or Territory of the United States, or the District of Columbia, or from any place in the United States...
Side 29 - ... to prescribe such regulations for the admission of persons into the civil service of the United States as may best promote the efficiency thereof, and ascertain the fitness of each candidate in respect to age, health, character, knowledge, and ability for the branch of service into which he seeks to enter; and for this purpose he may employ suitable persons to conduct such inquiries, and may prescribe their duties, and establish regulations for the conduct of persons who may receive appointments...
Side 11 - railroad" as used in this Act shall include all bridges and ferries used or operated in connection with any railroad, and also all the road in use by any corporation operating a railroad, whether owned or operated under a contract. agreement, or lease ; and the term "transportation" shall include all instrumentalities of shipment or carriage.
Side 5 - Agriculture, the general design and duties of which shall be to acquire and to diffuse among the people of the United States useful information on subjects connected with agriculture, in the most general and comprehensive sense of that word and to procure, propagate, and distribute among the people new and valuable seeds and plants.
Side 11 - ... in proper condition and safe to operate in the service to which the same is put, that the same may be employed in the active service of such carrier in moving traffic without unnecessary peril to life or limb...
Side 17 - That exclusive jurisdiction in and over any land so acquired by the United States shall be, and the same is hereby ceded to the United States, for all purposes except...
Side 2 - I, AB, do solemnly swear or affirm, that I will faithfully execute all lawful precepts directed to the marshal of the district of under the authority of the United States, and true returns make, and in all things well and truly, and without malice or partiality, perform the duties of the office of marshal (or marshal's deputy, as the case may be) of the district of , during my continuance in said office, and take only my lawful fees. So help me God.
Side 13 - Neither said report nor any report of said investigation nor any part thereof shall be admitted as evidence or used for any purpose in any suit or action for damages growing out of any matter mentioned in said report or investigation.
Side 11 - ... shall be liable to a penalty of one hundred dollars for each and every such violation, to be recovered in a suit or suits to be brought by the United States district attorney in the district court of the United States having jurisdiction in the locality where such violation shall have been committed...
Side 1 - An Act to codify, revise, and amend the penal laws of the United States...

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