DECEMBER 4, 1905-JUNE 30, 1906


VOL. 44




23. Report of clerk of House on expenditures, etc., 1905.

24. Judgments of Court of Claims for year ended Dec. 2, 1905.

25. Property in charge of sergeant-at-arms of House.

26. Financial report of sergeant-at-arms of House.

27. Expenditures of Smithsonian Institution, 1905.

28. Estimates for collecting revenue from customs, 1907.

29. Emoluments of customs officers, 1905.

30. Findings of Court of Claims in case of heir of William G. Webber.

31. Findings of Court of Claims in case of heirs of Alfred O'Bannon.

32. Findings of Court of Claims in case of heirs of Thomas Hord.

33. Findings of Court of Claims in case of admr. of Thomas J. Mitchell.

34. Findings of Court of Claims in case of exrs. of William H. Cherry.

35. Findings of Court of Claims in case of Baptist Church, Flemingsburg, Ky.

36. Findings of Ct. of Cls. in case of exr. of successor to Hester Ann Chase.

37. Findings of Court of Claims in case of admrx. of Royall Chambers.

38. Findings of Court of Claims in case of Cornelius Virts.

39. Estimate of emergency appropriation for Isthmian Canal Commission.

40. Recommendation for correction in act to pension Emeline S. Hayner.

41. Contingent expenses of Treasury Department, 1905.

42. Contingent expenses of Interior Department, 1905.

43. Agreement between New Jersey and Delaware.

45. Relief of certain settlers within limits of Northern Pacific grant.

46. Report of Commission on Naturalization.

47. 3d report of Board on Geographic Names, 1890–1906.

48. Findings as to claim of Indiana State Board of Agriculture.

49. Draft of bill for launch for customs district of Norfolk, Va.

50. Report of Maritime Canal Company of Nicaragua, 1905.

51. Property in charge of doorkeeper of House.

52. Inventory of books, etc., in folding room of House, Nov. 1, 1905.

53. Judgments of Court of Claims in Indian depredation cases.

54. Explanation of estimates for foreign intercourse, 1907.

56. Development of American merchant marine and commerce.

57. Power house for heating, etc., certain public buildings in D. C.

58. Deficiency estimate for vaults, safes, locks, etc., for public buildings.

59. Deficiency estimate for freight on bullion and coin.

60. Estimate of deficiency appropriation for steam machinery.

61. Changes in estimates of appropriation, Post-Office Department.

62. Effect of wave action at certain harbors on Lake Michigan.

63. Examination of Wappinger Creek, N. Y.

64. Examination of Ocmulgee River from Macon to Juliette, Ga.

65. Examination of Bay Ridge Channel, New York Harbor.

66. Examination of Morristown Harbor, N. Y.

67. Examination of San Rafael Creek, Cal.

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