The Law of Unincorporated Associations and Business Trusts

Little, Brown, 1923 - 658 sider

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Side 43 - Parliament, or of letters patent; and no company, association, or partnership consisting of more than twenty persons shall be formed, after the commencement of this Act, for the purpose of carrying on any other business that has for its object the acquisition of gain by the company, association, or partnership, or by the individual members thereof, unless it is registered...
Side 204 - Where title to real property is in the name of the partnership, a conveyance executed by a partner, in his own name, passes the equitable interest of the partnership, provided the act is one within the authority of the partner under the provisions of paragraph (1) of section 9.
Side 204 - A person admitted as a partner into an existing partnership is liable for all the obligations of the partnership arising before his admission as though he had been a partner when such obligations were incurred, except that this liability shall be satisfied only out of partnership property.
Side 204 - The dissolution of a partnership is the change in the relation of the partners caused by any partner ceasing to be associated in the carrying on as distinguished from the winding up of the business.
Side 488 - Then personally appeared the above named , Collector of Taxes for the of , and acknowledged the foregoing instrument to be his free act and deed.
Side 34 - Trustees shall look only to the funds and property of the trust for payment...
Side 520 - Trustee may adjourn any such sale or cause the same to be adjourned from time to time by announcement at the time and place appointed for such sale or for such adjourned sale or sales; and, without further notice or publication, such sale may be made at the time and place to which the same shall be so adjourned.
Side 226 - When a trustee contracts as such, unless he is bound, no one is bound, for he has no principal. The trust estate cannot promise; the contract is therefore the personal undertaking of the trustee.
Side 66 - Much emphasis is laid upon statements made in various decisions of this court that ownership, alone, of capital stock in one corporation by another, does not create an identity of corporate interest between the two companies, or render the stockholding company the owner of the property of the other, or create the relation of principal and agent or representative between the two.
Side 46 - A declaration of trust or other instrument providing for the holding of property by trustees for the benefit of the owners of assignable certificates representing the beneficial interest in the property may create a trust or it may create a partnership. Whether it is the one or the other depends upon the way in which the trustees are to conduct the affairs committed to their charge. If they act as principals and are free from the control of the certificate holders, a trust is created; but if they...

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