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Phil., March 12, 1781 May it please the Council,

Observing in last Weeks Papers Directions given & Gentlemen appointed for settling the Depreciation of the Pay of the Officers & Soldiers of the Penns line, Concluding with a Request that all Persons claiming Benefitt under the Act passed for said Purpose to attend, &c., as otherwise they will be in Danger of Exclusion.

As no mention whatever is made of the Chaplains who claim a Benefitt & they being not consider'd as Regimental bat Brigade Officers, the Subscriber in Behalf of himself and Doct' Jones wishes to know where & when we are to apply for an Adjustment of our Accounts and he makes no Doubt but that His Excellency the Presa ident of the State & the honble the Council will give him all necessary Information.

And with all due Respect he Remains the Council's most Obede & very humble Servi.

W. ROGERS, Bsde Chapl

Pennse Line. If Council should judge it most Convenient for us to wait the Return of the Auditors in General to this "City-We shall be thereby greatly oblig'd. Directed,

The honble the Supreme Executive Council of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Indorsed, -From Rev. MRogers, March 12, 1781.

Answ by informing him he will be heard by the Auditors in Philada.

PRES. REED TO BOARD OF WAR, 1781. Gentlemen,

The Lieutenant of the County of Lancaster & the first Magistrate of the County have made a Representation to us that the Magazine at that place containing a great Quantity of Ammunition the Property of the United States is in a very insecure State & that the British Prisoners have been heard to drop Expressions which denote some bad intentions on that Score. We have thought it our Duty to send your Board the Information that you may take such Measures as you may judge necessary. & am with much Respect, Gent.,

Your Obed. Hbble Ser.


State of Pennsylvania
In General Assembly.

Monday, 12th March, 1781. Whereas the Confederation of the United States is now happily compleated, and an opportunity is thereby offered to bring to final Settlement the long depending dispute between this State and that of Connecticut, Therefore

Resolved, That it be recommended to the Supreme Executive Council to take all necessary and expeditious measures for the consideration and determination of the said dispute agreeable to the ninth Article of the Confederation of the United States.

Extract from the Minutes,

SAMUEL STERETT, Clerk.* Directed,

His Excelleucy Jos. Reed, Esq., President, &c., of Pennsylvania.


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State of Pennsylvania
In General Assembly.

Tuesday, 13th March, 1781. The Report of the Committee of accounts on the allowance to be made to the Commissioners for extending Mason & Dixon's Line, &o., was read the second time, Whereupon

Resolved, that the sum of twenty shillings per Diem be paid to each of the Commissioners aforesaid during the time of their being employed in manner aforesaid, exclusive of all necessary contingent expenses which will be paid by the State.

Extract from the minutes,


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* See Col. Rec., Vol. XII., p. 657. † See Col. Rec., Vol. XII., page 661.


State of Pennsylvania
In General Assembly.

Tuesday, 13th March, 1781. The Report of the Committee appointed to confer with a Committee of Council respecting the Property of Hog Island in the River Delaware, recommitted on the 24th ult., was returned by the Committee and read, Whereupon

Resolved, that the Supreme Executive Council be directed to prosecute the Claims of this State to the said Island as part of the forfeited estate of Joseph Galloway, an attainted Traitor.

Extract from the minutes,




We latelyt address'd you on the 'Subject of the Convention Prisoners - A matter wbich appeared to us of the greatest Importance to the peace & Interests of the State, & which we hoped would bave engaged the Attention of the House of Assembly. As the moves ment of the British Prisoners has been founded on the Representation of the Legislative Power of Virginia & Maryland it appeared proper to oppose the like Weight to their remaining in this State. The Expence of these Troops we compute at £8,576 monthly, the furnishing of which cannot be delayed or dispensed with but at the Risque of the most alarming Consequences. If no Relief can be given on this Occasion we shall probably comply with the Direction of Congress as to the Places, only assigning Lancaster for the British & York for the Germans.-We have bitherto delayed giving orders for the militia Guards or the providing these Troops, flattering ourselves that the Germans at least might be forwarded to some other State. We therefore request that if the House tbiok it of Cousequence they will immediately take it into consideration, & for their Information we forward the last Letter received from the Board of War on the Subject.

I am Sir,

with due Respect & Consideration. Indorsed, - March 13, 1781.

* See Col. Rec., Vol. XII., p. 661. † See Vol. VIII., pp. 753, 767, 758.

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