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Memory of the Author of the following Discourses to inform the World, that they were not drawn up with any Intention of being made publick, but purely for the Use of those, whom Divine PROVIDENCE had committed to his Care. However we trust, that the Piety and good Sense, which the candid Reader will find in them, will be sufficient to atone for any little Defects, which feverer Judges may possibly discover.

His Widow and Daughter, truly sensible of the Regard, which has been shewn them, desire to take this Opportunity of returning their publick Acknowledgments to all, who have been so good, as to promote this Subscription.

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THE Right Hon. the Countess of Abingdon.

The Right Hon. the Earl of Arran.
The Right Hon, the Countess of Arran.
The Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of St. Afaph.
The Right Hon, the Lady Dowager of Abergavenny.
Rev. Mr. John Abbot of Westminster Abbey.
Sir Robert Abdy, Bart.
Lady Abdy of Golden-Square.
Richard Adams, Esq;
Mr. Peter Adams.
Mrs. Charlote Addison.

Adee, M. D.
Mr. John Addes.
Mrs. Elizabeth Aldworth.
Mr. David Allan of Gerard-street, St. Annie's.
Anthony Allen Eja; Master in Chancery
Mifs Allen.
Mr. John Allen, Apothecary.

6 Sets The Rev. Mr. Amproux. Mrs. Anderson.

2 Sets, Jof. Andrews, E/93 Robert Andrews Esq; of Grosvenor-street. Mr. Benj. Anstie, of the Devizes. Mr. Applegarth. Mrs. Appleton of Beverly, Yorkshire. Mrs. Apprece of Dean-itreet St. Annsa Mrs. Archer of Soho-square.

6 Sets. Richard Arnold, Esq; Mr. Christopher Arnold. Sir John Arnot, Bart. Rev. Mr. Arrowsmith of Crutched Friers. Thomas Ashby, Esq; Member of Parliament for St.

Albans. William Ashenhurst, Esq; of East Barriet. Thomas Ashton, A. B. Fellow of King's Col. Cambridge. John Astleck, Ela; The Rev. Dr. Altry. Mr. Robert Atyins, Senr. Merchant. Mr. Aubery: The Rev, Mr, Aufrere.


4 Sets.

A 3

The Rev. Mr. Austin.
Mr. George Ayliffe of Great Newport-street, St. Anne's.


IS Grace the Duke of Beaufort.

Her Grace the Dutchess of Beaufort. The Right Hon. the Countess Dowager of Burlington. 2 Sets. Right Hon. Earl of Berkeley. Right Hon. Viscountess Bulkley. Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Bristol. Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Bangor. Right Hon. the Lady Bruce.

2 Sets. Right Hon. Lady Emilia Butler. The Rev. and Hon. Lord James Beauclerk, M. A. Canon

of Windsor.
Right Hon. Lord Beauchamp.
Right Hon. Lady. Jane Boyle.
Hon. Henry Bathurst, Esa;
Hon. Jof. Burchett, Esq;
Lady Bacon.

The Rev. Mr. Bacon.

, Baker, Esq; of St. Anne's.
Somuel Baldwin, Ela
Mrs. Ball.
Mr. Edward Banister of the Middle Temple.
Rev. Mr. Barclay, Canon of Windsor.
Rev. Mr. Barnard, Prebendary of Westminster,
Mrs. Anne Barnard.
Mrs. Mary Barnard.
Rev. Dr. Barker, Prebendary of Westminster.
Mrs. Susanna Barnes, of St. Bride's.
Mr. Robert Barnes.
Mrs. Barnes.
Rev. W. G. Barnes, M. A. Curaie of St. Brides. 2 Sets.
Mrs. Mary Baron.
Rev. Mr. Barton, Rector of Sherington.
Rev. Mr. Barton, Rector of Sywell Northamptonshire.
William Bafil, Esa;
Mrs. Bafil.
The Rev. Mr. Batcheller, Rector of Horrington.
The Rev. Mr. Batchellour, Fellow of St. John's College

Captain Batson of St. Anne's.


7 Sets.

Mr. John Baxter, of St. Bride's.
Mr. John Baxter, of Upnor Castle.
Mr. Jeremy Bayley of the Devizes.
Mr. Beal of Newbury.
Rev. Mr. Beaufort, Rector of East Barnet.


Sets: Mrs. Beaufort. Mrs. Ann Beaumont of Stoughton, Leicestershire. Mr. Anselm Beaumont of St. Bride's. Sir Justice Dennis Beck, Bart. William Bedingfield Eq; of the Inner Temple. Rev. Mr. Bedford, Rector of Yelden. Jonathan Belcher, Ela; Samuel Belgrave, Esq; Crayle Bellamy, E/9; Mr. James Bennet, Merchant. Rev. Mr. Robert Bendysh. Norburn Berkeley, En Miss_Berkeley. Mr. Robert Berkley of St. Bride's. Mr. Berkeley of King-streer, St. Anne's, Mr. Josiah Berners of St. Bride's. Mr. Bernerd of the Devizes. Rev. Dr. Best of St. Laurence Jewry. Rev. Major Best, M. A. Hugh Bethwell, Esq; of Leicester Fields. Rev. Dr. Bigge, Warden of Winchester Coll. Mr. William Bigge. Mrs. Bilby of Gerard -ftreet. Rev. Mr. Biscoe. Rev. Mr. Robert Bishop. Mr. Thomas Blackbourne, Gent. Commoner of Queen's

5 Sets.

College Oxford.
Mrs. Alice Blackett of Durham.
Mrs. Blacket.
Mr. John Blackstone of St. Bride's.
Rev. Mr. Blackwell, Rector of St. Clement's,
Mr. Nathaniel Blakely of St. Bride's.
William Blair, E/9;
Mrs. Blomer.
Capt. Francis Bolton.
Mr. Felix Bolton of St. Bride's.
Dennis Bond, Esqi 2 Sets.


2 Scts.


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