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Church. By the Rev. H. Caswall, 470. tures on the Acts of the Apostles, and Caswell's American Church, 230.

Annals of St. Paul. Edited, in EngChaldee Reading Lessons ; consisting of lish, with a few Notes, by J. R. Crow

the whole of the Biblical Chaldee, with fort, B.D., 462.
a Grammatical Praxis, and an Inter- Crystal Palace, the, 230.
lineary Translation, 464.

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lated into English, with an IntroducAdams, 230.

tion, Analysis, and Notes. By J. L. Church of Christ, the; in its Ideas, Attri- Davis, M.A., and D. J. Vaughan, M.A.,

butes, and Ministry; with a particular 453. reference to the Controversy on the Sub- De Teissier on the Lord's Supper, 230. ject between Romanists and Protestants. Devotions for the Sick. Prayers and

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and Lecture on the Diffusion of Useful

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expounded for those who search the
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Professor of Theology in Berlin.
Translated by the Rev. Patrick Fair.

bairn, 211. Far-off ;

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Fiction, but not Falsehood; a Tale of the

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Cestrensi. Editio nova Annotationibus
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the Church and Realm of England the
Ancient Synodal Action. By T. W.

Peile, D.D., 230.
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Epistles, designed chiefly for the use of
Students of the Greek Text. By Tho-

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Truth Triumphant. A Poem in Two

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Pious Churchman, the ; a Manual of De-

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Soul; or, Mental Prayer rendered Easy,
by Meditation on the Passion of our
Lord. From the French of Pinart,

Polonius; a Collection of Wise Saws and

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Propugnacula. By Aug. Guest, LL.D.,


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Church of England to the Communion
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tions and Scripture Sections for each
Day. By the Rev. J. Skinner, 455.

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wich. By the Rev. Theyre T. Smith,

Songs of the Bells, the, 280.
Spelling turned Etymology. Part I. By

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Meditations addressed from the French
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Spencer, 458.
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*Mercy," and the Replyof the Supe-

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in promoting the Well-being of Society.
From the German of the Very Rev. J. A.

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State of Man subsequent to the Promulga-

tion of Christianity, on the. Part II.,

230. 466.
Stedfast Adherence to the Church of Eng-

land, recommended and enforced in Three
Village Sermons and a Village Story.

By the Rev. Edward Berens, 454.
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the Rev. T. H. Steel, 46.
Stopford– A Letter to the Rev. Dr. Mar-

shall, late a Clergyman of the Church of
England, now a Roman Priest. By the
Rev. E. A. Stopford, Archdeacon of
Meath, 49.


Reginald Hastings, 198.
Remarks on the Rev. Charles Wordsworth's

Sermon on National Christianity, 337.
Remedies suggested for some of the Evils

which constitute the Perils of the Nation,

Rivington-Church Extension in St. Pan-

By William Rivington, 226.
Robertson-Two Lectures on the Influence

of Poetry on the Working Classes, deli-
vered before the Members of the Me-
chanics' Institution, February, 1852.
By the Rev. Fred. W. Robertson, M.A.,
Incumbent of Trinity Chapel, Brighton,

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sades. Translated from the French by

W. Robson, 451.
Rookeries of London, the ; Past, Present

and Prospective. By the Rev. Thomas

Beames, M.A., 315.
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the Kings of the East, the Druses the
Moabites. By Sir George Rose, 469.

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vices ? By Mr. Stracey, 470. Stuart-Sermon on the Pew System. By

the Rev. E. Stuart, 470. Sunset Reverie, the : an Allegory, 428. Sydney, Letter from the Bishop of, to Dr.

Wiseman, 469. Synodal Action-A Brief Argument for

Reviving in the Church and Realm of England, the ancient. By S. W. Peile,

D.D., 230. Synodal Question-A Catena of Episcopal Authorities, on the; Extracts from Charges recently delivered by Digni

taries of the Church of England, 446. Syriac and Chaldee Reading Lessons, 230.


Tales of Kirkbeck. Edited by the Rev.

W.J. E. Bennett, M.A., 257. Tasmania, Charge of the Bishop of, 469. Thompson-New Medical Dictionary for

the People. By Dr. Thompson, 469. Thoughts on several Subjects. By the

Author of “Memoirs of a Working

Man," 446. ThringThe Elements of Grammar taught

in English ; with Questions. By the Rev.

Edward Thring, M.A., 455. TremenheereThe Political Evidence of

the Ancients, in its Bearing upon Modern Times. By Hugh Seymour Tre

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Christ. By G. Trevor, M.A., 470. Trevor-Sermons on the Doctrines and

Means of Grace, fc. By the Rev. G.

Trevor, 459.
Twice-told Tales, 230.

Ward-Oxford University Statutes. Trans

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wood, Esq., 224. Watkins-The Human Hand, and other

Poems. By the Rev, C. F. Watkins,

450. Welsh Sketches. By the Author of “ Pro

posals for Christian Union,” 457. Whiting-Rural Thoughts. By Whiting,

230. Wiesinger-Biblical Commentary on St.

Pauls Epistles to the Philippians, Titus, and First to Timothy. By August Wiesinger. Translated by the Rev. G.

Tralton, 458. Wild- England as it is, and as it might

be. By Justus Wild, 470. Wilkinson's Sermons, 230. WilksThe Popes: an Historical Sum

mary: from Linus to Pius IX., carefully compiled from the best Ecclesiastical Authorities. By G. A. F. Wilks,

D.D., 212. Wilmshurst-Sermons on Church Subjects.

By the Rev. H. F. Wilmshurst, 470. Wilson-Four Sermons on the Deity and

Incarnation of our Lord. By the Rev.

B. Wilson, 469. Wilson--Sacra Privata, fc. By Bishop

Wilson. With Notes and an Appendix by a Priest of the Church of England,

452. Woodford— Lectures on Church History.

By the Rev. J. R. Woodford, 470. Wordsworth, Dr., his Jubilee Sermon, 469. Wordsworth-Is the Church of Rome the

Babylon of the Book of Revelations ?
By Christopher Wordsworth, D.D.,

223. Wordsworth National Christianity an

Article of the Christian Faith: a Sermon preached at Kidderminster. By

the Rev. Charles Wordsworth, 337. Wordsworth Occasional Sermons.

By the Rev. C. Wordsworth, D.D., 470. Wordsworth— Reply to Mr. Gladstone's

Letter to the Bishop of Aberdeen on the
Functions of Laymen in the Church.
By the Rev. Charles Wordsworth,
Warden of Trinity College, Glenal-
mond, 337.

Urquhart-Life and Times of Francisco

Sforza, Duke of Milan ; with a Preliminary Sketch of the History of Italy. By W. Pollard Urquhart, Esq., 444.

Vaughan-Deserters from the Congrega

tion. By C. J. Vaughan, D.D., 470. Vaughan---The Ministry of Reconciliation.

A Sermon. By the Rev. E. T.

Vaughan, 470. VaughanThe Republic of Plato. Trans

lated into English with an Introduction, Analysis, and Notes. By J. L. Davies, M.A., and D. J. Vaughan, M.A., 453.

Walther-A Reply to Phases of Faith.

By Walther, 230.

Zingra, the Gipsy. By Annette Marie

Maillard, 465.

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