Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the High Court of Chancery: In the Time of Lord Chancellor Hardwicke. [1736-1754], Volum 1

A. Strahan and W. Woodfall, law-printers to the King, 1794

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Side 505 - Writing, shall have the Force and Effect of Leases or Estates at Will only, and shall not either in Law or Equity be deemed or taken to have any other or greater Force or Effect ; any Consideration for making any such Parol Leases or Estates, or any former Law or Usage to the contrary notwithstanding.
Side 76 - Geo. 2, c. 30, it is enacted, « that where it shall appear to the said commissioners or the major part of them, that there hath been mutual credit given by the bankrupt, and any other person, or mutual debts between the bankrupt and any other person, at any time before such person became bankrupt, the said commissioners or the major part of them, or the assignees of such bankrupt's estate...
Side 290 - But there are cases, where bills of peace have been brought, though there has been a general right claimed by the plaintiff, and yet no privity between the plaintiffs and defendants, nor any general ri.iht on the part of the defendants, and where many more might be concerned than those brought before the court.
Side 158 - ... shall have delivered unto the party or parties to be charged therewith, or left for him, her, or them, at his, her, or their dwelling-house or last place of abode a bill of such fees, charges, and disbursements...
Side 571 - AND IT is HEREBY declared and agreed by and between all the parties to...
Side 508 - The rule as to the vesting is founded upon another rule, certum est quod certum reddi potest, and it is plain that the testator did not regard the point of time, but the fact that was to happen, the marriage, which makes it a legacy on a condition, and cannot be demanded till the condition be satisfied. It has been argued by Mr.
Side 608 - Where a man is entitled to a rent out of lands, and, through process of time, the remedy at law is lost, or become very difficult, this court has interfered and given relief upon the foundation only of payment of the rent for a long time, which bills are called bills founded upon the solet.
Side 419 - Gotten, for the term of his natural life ; and after his deceafe, . to the ufe of the...
Side 566 - The costs will be taxed, and the plaintiffs will be entitled to mortgagees' costs properly incurred, as it is a mortgagee's suit ; and after the payment of costs the balance will be paid over to the executors. It will be more formal to take an account of what is due to...
Side 204 - But if the all is doubtful, then going abroad and dealing will be an evidence to explain the intent of the firft aft ; for if it was not done to defraud creditors and keep out of the way, it will not be an aft of bankruptcy : alfo, if after a plain au of bankruptcy he pays off or compounds with his creditors, he is become a new man.

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