The flame of wrath clern.vl

Bore thee to hell, the hell of hottest fires.

A spotless angel, U thou prince of falsehood,

Thy folly hoped to put to flight and wound;

lint thou, opposed to him

I last yielded, plying thy winged feet in haste.

Thou too hast hoped to turn the spacious world,

In hostile flame, to ashes,

And at thy ardent blast and baleful breathing

Clouds, lightning, and tempestuous bursts of thunder,

With rattling deadly bolts of arrowy flame,

Rolled through the air, whence all the mountains shook,

And all the vales re-echoed in convulsion.

And yet, behold, in heaven

The spheres move round more musical than ever,

And all the azure sky

The lucid sun with brighter beam adorns;

Behold the ocean, tremulously placid,

And from his Persian gulf

In gay abundance scattering pearl and coral;

Nor weary are the sportive fish in gliding

Along the trembling sapphire.

Behold, what verdant and what flowery brows

These pleasant vales in exultation raise;

Hark, to the grateful accents

Of every flying songster,

Inhabitant of air,

That in his flight now gives

Voice to the woods and music to the vales.

Now, all rejoicing in a day so noble,

To the confusion and the shame of hell,

Let every spotless ensign rise to heaven,

And fluttering sport with the exulting winds;

Let all the instruments of heavenly glory

Sound through the sky the victories of heaven!

Scene IX.—Adam, Eve, Chorus of Angels.

O SOUNDS beloved, that call us now in joy,

To scenes we left in sorrow; ah! I fear

To taint the fragrance of the heavenly host,

Stained as I am with sin.

O thou, that haply of celestial ruby

Wearest the blazing mail,

Hallowed and brave Archangel,

Brave, yet compassionate, thy golden locks

Radiant as light, thy glittering helmet covers:

Thou in thy right hand shakest the spear of victory,

And raisest in thy left a golden balance:

Close, close thy painted plumes so rich in gold,

And cast a gentle look

On him who, prostrate, honours and adores thee.

Eve. O happy dawn of the eternal sun,
Thou courteous kind restorer,
To these my blinded eyes

With sorrow darkened, and bedewed with tears;
Now of thy rays, a fixt contemplator,
The mole of error stands;
Now on your voice depends

An asp, once deaf to heaven's most friendly dictates
I, wavering wanderer,
Who undissembling own
The fault in which I fell, to thee I bend,
Nor in my speech deny
That I am Eve, the cause
Of human-kind s perdition.
Now let thy guardian hand
(O in the deeds of God thou faithful servant!)
Relieve me from the depth
Of my so great offences.

Adam. Of heavenly mysteries
And secret will of God,
Thou hallowed blest revealer,
Angel of eloquence!
The fatal presages
Of mournful Eve and Adam
Now quiet with the breath
Of thy exalted converse;
So that this troubled flood
That strikes the heart, in issuing from the eyes,
No more may make me seem
A rock of sorrow in a sea of tears.

Michael. Arise, O both arise, you who of God
Are creatures so regarded,
Dismiss your fears of the infernal portent.
If your eternal Lord
Corrects you with one hand,
He with the other proffers your protection.
With happy auspices,
He who delivers souls,
On his light wings directs his flight to you,
In God's dread warfare harbinger of peace.
The mighty Fount of life,
The Artificer of souls,
The Architect of worlds,
The mighty Lord of heaven,
Maker of angels and of all things made,
The infinite Creator,
To safety summons you,
And to short war a lasting peace ordains.
Now from those double fountains
The warm and gushing streams
Of sorrow, Eve, restrain!
Thou hast been culpable

In rashly seizing the forbidden fruit;

To man thou hast occasioned

Anguish and grief; thou hast indeed converted

Peace into war, and life into perdition:

Now by the aid of Him,

Whose handmaid nature is, and servant fate,

Who can restrain the sun,

And motion give to this unmoving mass,

Even yet may Eve enjoy

In prison, liberty;

May be unbound, though fettered,

And triumph, while she is o'ercome, and vanquish.

Now, since there shines in heaven

The star of love and peace,

And to the shame of hell,

The victor to the vanquished yields his palm,

Ah, now let each, with humble eyes to heaven,

Incline the knee to earth,

And supplicant in prayer, give God the praise

Of goodness infinite;

For you shall find, to recompense your zeal,

That God your father is, your mansion heaven.

Adam. Thou mighty Lord, who resting high above,
With regulated errors
And with discordant union guidest heaven;

0 of the fair eternal realms of light
Thou Lord immutable, resplendent power,
Thou dazzler and obscurer of the sun!
Now in these weeping eyes

And on this humid cheek

1 dry my bitter tears, I cheer my heart.
Now, by thy zealous mercy,
Though spotted, I have safety;
Security in hazard, love in hate,

And sinking into hell,

And yet a citizen of highest heaven.

Eve. With dissolution life,
With strife and contest peace,
With ruin victory,
With deep offence salvation,
With powers of darkness heaven,
These to unite is not a human talent,
Hut of the eternal hand,
Omnipotence supreme; hence is it, Lord,
That wounded Eve is whole,

Triumphs in loss, and, though subdued, has glory;
My guide, I will obey thee;
Since, O benignant Lord,
Thy service is dominion,
And to obey thee, glory
If pain allow not that I speak the pain
Which wounds my heart so deeply,

Thou most indulgent Father

Givest to the heart and soul a new existence:

Awakened by affliction,

Raising my voice to heaven,

I'll teach resounding echo

To carry to the sky my humble song,

Devoted to thy praise.

Michael. Ye victims cleansed by tears,
Ye martyrs in affliction,
Amidst your blessed pains,
Ye holocausts of life and of content!
Now call the stars no more
Vindictive; war is now
Converted into peace,
And death turned into life.
Hence mortal Adam is now made immortal,
And Eve, though dead in many parts, revives.
The potent fire of love,
In which the tender God of mercy blazes,
Inflames him with pure zeal to save the sinner.
Contend, resist, and bravely
Wage with the hostile Serpent constant war;
Tt is man's province now
To conquer Hell, and triumph over Death.
Creatures of grace! feel deeply now for ever,
That your most gracious Father
Would not direct towards the ground your face,
As he has made the brute, but up to heaven;
So that, for ever mindful of their source,
Your happy souls may point towards their home:
For the high realm of heaven
Is as a shining glass, in which of God
The glories ever blaze.
Inure yourselves to water, sun, and winds,
And in the stony caves,
In the most barren desert
That the sun visits when he blazes most,
There both exert your powers;
There many years and many,
United ye shall dwell in hallowed love;
And from your progeny henceforth the world
Exulting shall derive fertility.
And now to you, ye mortal pair, I promise,
As ye together sinned,
If ye in penitence have joined together,
Together e'en in Heaven,
In a corporeal veil

Contemplating the sacred face of God,
Ye shall enjoy the bliss of Paradise.

Adam. Greater than my offence I now acknowledge
Your mercy, 0 my God!
Since you, become the sovereign friend of man,

To him, though mined, now extend your hand!

Evt. As I have known to sin,
So shall I know to weep;
For who in sinning knew forbidden joy,
Humble in punishment, should know to suffer.
Be mute, be mute, my tongue,
Speak thou within, my heart,
And say with words of love,
See how to mortals, even in perdition,
The hand of heavenly succour was extended!

Michael. At length, since now with joy
Man, being thus delivered

From hell's keen talon, feels unbounded transport,
And in his rapture deems
Earth turned to heaven, this world a paradise;
By these pure splendid dazzling rays of heaven,
By these delightful fires,
That in the light of God more lovely blaze,
Rich with new beams, and with new suns this day,
Day of festivity,

The day of paradise, rather a day
West in itself, and blessing every other!
Let all with festive joy
Of God's indulgence sing;
Of Adam and of Eve,

Now made on earth the denizens of heaven;
And let your tuneful songs
Become the wonder of futurity.

Move, let us move our feet
There, where this man shall now
Wash out his past offence
With humble, hallowed drops;
And of the mighty Maker
Praise we the love and mercy,
That in this day to man's envenomed wound
Suddenly gives his pity's healing aid;
Rejects him and receives,
Deeming his every wrong and error light;
And now at last with more benignant zeal,
And in despite of Satan,
Gives him, redeemed from Hell,
A seat amid the golden stars of Heaven.
Ye progeny of Adam,

Whose race we shall behold adorn the world,
Ye shall not pray in vain
To your high Lord, the fountain of all mercy,
lie leaves of that pure branch,
On which the Word Incarnate shall be grafted!
Thunder, infuriate Hell,
lie stormy! yet his leaf shall never fall:

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