Annual Report, Volum 2

The 16th report, 1897 contains also the 1st annual report of the State Board of Medical Registration and Examination, 1897.

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Side 48 - Let not thine heart decline to her ways, go not astray in her paths. For she hath cast down many wounded : yea, many strong men have been slain by her. Her house is the way to hell, going down to the chambers of death.
Side 125 - Whenever any physician shall know that any person whom he is called to visit is infected with the smallpox, or any other disease dangerous to the public health, such physician shall immediately give notice thereof to the Board of Health or health officer...
Side 133 - Fumigation with sulphur is the only practicable method for disinfecting the house. For this purpose the rooms to be disinfected must be vacated. Heavy clothing, blankets, bedding, and other articles which cannot be treated with zinc solution should be opened and exposed during fumigation, as directed below.
Side 125 - These duties are as follows : " (1734.) SEC. 43. Whenever any householder shall know that any person within his family is taken sick with the small-pox, or any other disease dangerous to the public health, he shall immediately give notice thereof to the Board of Health, or to the health officer, of the township (city or village*) in which he resides; and if he shall refuse or neglect to give such notice, he shall forfeit a sum not exceeding one hundred dollars.
Side 70 - ... it shall be the duty of the General Assembly to provide by law, for the improvement of such lands as are, or hereafter may be granted by the United States to this state for the use of schools...
Side 134 - ... being turned inside out and the whole garment being thoroughly exposed. Afterward they should be hung in the open air, beaten and shaken. Carpets are best fumigated on: the floor, but should afterward be removed to the open air and thoroughly beaten. Pillows, beds, stuffed mattresses, upholstered furniture, etc., after being disinfected! on the outside, may be cut open and their contents again exposed to the fumes of burning sulphur.
Side 133 - ... set the sulphur on fire by hot coals or with the aid of a spoonful of alcohol lighted by a match, be careful not to breathe the fumes of the burning sulphur, and when certain the sulphur is burning well, leave the room, close the door, and allow the room to be closed for twenty-four hours.
Side 130 - Therefore, and because the breathing of air laden with emanations from decaying fruit, vegetables, or meat, or from sewers, cesspools, sinks, and other receptacles of filth, is believed to endanger health, great care should be taken to have the house, premises, and everything connected with dwellings kept clean and dry ; to have sewer connections well trapped, and house-drains constantly well ventilated ; and to have all carriers of filth well disinfected.
Side 131 - Do not drink water which has a bad taste or odor, or which comes from a source that renders it liable to be impure, especially if there is reason to believe it may contain something derived from a person sick with diphtheria or scarlet fever, especially, be careful about the cleanliness and purity of the milk supplied by your dairyman.
Side 129 - Unless your services are needed, keep away from them yourself. If you do visit a case, bathe yourself and change and disinfect your clothing before you go where there is a child, or into a public assembly.

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