Rodies, Prof. Michael Foster, 596 : Incompleteness of Brown (Allen), Discovery of Elephas primigenius associated
Combustion on Explosion, Prof. 11. B. Dixon, and H. W. with Flint Implements at Southall, 283
Smith, 596 ; Report of the Committee on the Teaching of Brown (Marie), on the Scandinavian Colonization of North
Chemistry, Pro.f Dunstan, 596 ; Chemistry as a School America, 17
Subject, Rev. A. Irving, 596 ; Discussion on Valency, Prof. Brown (Robert), Eulogy on, Sir J. Hooker, 116
Armstrong, Dr. Morley, 596 ; Report of the Committee on Brown-Séquard (M.), on the Action of the Brain, 168
Isomeric Naphthalene Derivatives, Prof. Armstrong, 595 ; Brünig Railway, the, 502
Sote on the Molecular Weight of Caoutchouc and other Brunn (Dr. Oito), Elimination of Arseniuretted Hydrogen from
Bodies, Dr. J. H. Gladstone, F.R.S., and W. J. Hibbert, Sulphuretted Hydrogen by means of Iodine, 575
596 ; the Action of Light on Water Colour-, Dr. Richard- Bruyne (Dr. de), Pulsation in the Lower Animal Organisms, 310
son, 596 ; Pyrocresols, Dr. W. Bolt and J. B. Viller, 596 ; Buchheim (Arthur), Obituary Notice of, Prof. J. J. Sylvester,
Geology at the, 596 ; Recent Eruption in Vulcano, Dr.

E.R.S., 515
Johnston-Lavis, 596 ; Report on Vesuvius, Dr. Johnston- Buckland (A. W.), Distribution of Animals and Plants by
Lavis, 597; Formation of Lava, Logan Lobley, 597 ; Ocean Currents, 245 ; Preserving the Colour of Flowers, 270
Tables to show the Distribution of Japanese Earthquakes Budge (Dr. Ludwig Julius), Death of, 302
in Connection with Years, Seasons, Months, and Hours of Buitenzorg, Java, Annales du Jardin Botanique de, 344
the Day, Prof. J. Milne, 597 ; Papers on the Oolitic and Bull (Dr. H. G.), Notes on the Birds of Herefordshire, 123
Carboniferous Rocks, Horace Woodward, 597 ; Report on Buller (Sir Walter), History of the Birds of New Zealand, 159
the Manure Gravels of Wexford, Bell, 597 ; Keport on the Bulletin de l'Académie Impériale des Sciences de St. Petersbourg,
Carboniserous Flora, Prof. Williamson, 597; Mineralogical 512
Evolution, Dr. Sterry Hunt, 597 ; Anglesey Rocks, Prof. Bulletin de l'Académie Royale de Belgique, 25, 91, 164, 310,
Blake, 597

Sesion d (Mathemati al_and Physicni Sience)-Opening Bulletin of Paris Geographical Society, 455

Address by Prof. G. F. Fitzgerald, M.A., F.R.S., Presi- Bulletin de la Société d'Anthropologie de Paris, 309
cient of the Section, 446 ; Lightning Conductors, W. H. Bulletin de la Société des Naturalistes de Moscou, 139
Preece, F.R.S, 546; Prof. Oliver J. Lodge, 546; Burbury (S. H.), on the Induction of Electric Currents in
Hon. Kalph Abercromby, 547 : Lord Rayleigh, F.R.S., Conducting Shells of Small Thickness, 333
547 : Sir William Thomson, F.R.S., 547 ; W. de Fon- Burial Customs, the, of the Ainos, Rev. J. Batchelor, 331
vielle, 547 ; Sidney Walker. 547 : G. J. Symons, F.R.S., Burials, on the Use of Sledges, &c., at, M. Anutchin, 134
547 : « Simple Hypothesis for Electro-magnetic Induction Burma, Upper, the Survey of, 115
of Incomplete Circuits, with Consequent Equations of Burma, Upper, Major Hobday on Operations in, 136
Electric Motion in Fixed Homogeneous or Heterogeneous Burton (C. V.), on Electromotive Force by Contact, 94
Solid Matter, Sir William Thomson, F.K.S., 569 ; on the Butterflies of the Eastern United States and Canada, S. H.
Transference of Electricity within a llomogeneous Solid Scudder, 624
Conductor, Sir William Thomson, F.R.S., 571 ; Five Butterflies, South African, a Monograph of the Extra-Tropical
Applications of Fourier's Law of Diffusion illustrated by a Species, Rowland Trimen, F.R.S., 266
Diagram of Curves with Absolute Numerical Values, Sir Bussorah, Agriculture in, 278
William Thomson, F.R.S., 571 ; on the Mechanical Con- Butler (E. A.), Silkworins, 386
ditions of a Swarm of Meteorites and on Theories of Coz.
mogony, Prof. G. H. Darwin, F.R.S., 573; Dr. Janssen

on the Spectrum of Oxygen, 605
Section B (Chemical Science)-Opening Address by Prof. Caddis-flies, Bohemian, Transformations of, Prof. Klapalek,

William A. Tilden, D.Sc. Lond., F.R.S., F.C.S., Presi- 553
dent of the Section, 470

Cae-Gwyn Cave, North Wales, 22
Section C (Geology)-Opening Address by W. Boyd Dawkins, Cailletet (M.) and M. E. Colardeau, Researches on Refrigerant

M.A., F.R.S., F.G.S., F.S.A., Prosessor of Geology and Mixtures, 191
Palæontology in Owens College, President of the Section, Calcium, Influence of Tenperature on, 23

Calculation of Ranges, &c., of Elongated Projectiles, Rev. F.
Sation D (Biology)-Opening Address by W. T. Thiselton. Basbforth, 468

Dyer, C.M.G., M.A., B.Sc., F.R.S., F.L.S., President Calculus, a Chapter in the Integral, A. G. Greenhill, F.R.S., 218
of the Section, 473

Calcutta : Indian Museum, and the Insect Pests of India, 17 ;
Setton E (Gergraphy)-Opening Address by Colonel Sir C. Botanic Garden, the Centenary of the, 493

W. Wilson, R.E., K.C. B., K.C.M.G., D.C.L., IL D., California : Live Lobsters sent to, 327 ; Hand-book of the Lick
F.R.S., F.R.G.S., Director-General of the Ordnance Observatory of the University of California, Prof. Edward S.
Survey, President of the Section, 480

Holden, 410
Section G (Mechanical Science) —Opening Address by Wil- Calorimeter, an Ether, Prof. Neesen, 312
liam Henry Preece, F.R.S., M. Inst. C.E., &c., Pre-ident Cambodia, Anthropological, &c., Study of, Dr. E. Maurel

, 463
of the Section, 494

Cambrian Faunas in North America, Stratigraphical Succession
Setion H (Anthropology)-Opening Address by Lieutenant- of the, Prof. Chas. B. Walcott, 551

General Pitt-Rivers, D.C.L., F.R.S., F.G.S., F.S.A., Cambridge: Head Growth in Students at the University of,
President of the Section, 516, 542

Francis Galton, F.K.S., 14 ; Speeches delivered, June 9, by
British Birds : Key List of, Lieut.-Culonel L. Howard Irby, Dr. Sandys at, 163 ; Dr. Alex. Hill elected Master of Down-
Prof. R. Bowdler Sharpe, 587

ing College, 182; Natural Science Examinerships, 189;
British Earthworms, Dr. Wm. B. Benham, 319

Awards in Natural Science, 189; Cambridge Philosophical
British Medical Association, Annual Meeting, 347

Society, 215
British Museum, Parliamentary Paper on, 486

Cameron (Sir C. A.) and John Macallan, on the Compounds of
British Petrography, J. J. Harris Teall, Prof. John W. Judd, Ammonia with Selenium Dioxide, 46
F.R.S., 385

Cameroons Territory : Valdau and Knutson's Explorations in
British Pharmaceutical Association, 452

the, 136 ; Lieutenants Kund and Tappenbeck's Expedition,
Brooks (W. K.), on the Life History of Epenthesis mccraydi, 186

Campbell (F. M.), on the Reappearance oi Pallas's Sand Grouse
Brooks (W. R.), Further Cometary Discoveries, 375

(Syrrhaples paradoxus) in Europe, 77
Brooks's New Comet, 432, 576, 626 ; Dr. H. Kreutz, 397, 503, Canada : Agriculture in, 87 ; Sir J. W. Dawson, F.R.S., on

the Eozoic and Palæozoic Rocks of the Atlantic Coast of
Brough (Bennett H.), a Treatise on Mine-Surveying, C. Le Neve Canada, 142; Geological and Natural History of, 257
Foster, 317

Candles, Soaps and, Dr. C. R. Alder Wright, F.R.S., 292
Brounow (Dr.), Anticyclones in Europe, 63

Canoes, Ancient : found in Norway, 134 ; in Sweden, 304; in
Brown (A. M.). Treatise on the Animal Alkaloids, 170

the River Hamble, 598
Brown (H. T.) and Dr. G. H. Morris's Determination of Canton, Medical Missionary Society of, 279
Molecular Weights of Carbo-hydrates, 117

Cape of Good Hope, Meteorological Service of, 454

Capillaries, Prof. Fick's Scheme of Blood-pressure in the, Prof. Titanium, 133 ; on Organic Compounds in their relations tv Gad, 120

Haloid Salts of Alumininm, G. Gustafson, 139; Atomic Carbon Compounds, Colour of some, Prof. Carnelly and J. Weight of Osmium, Prof. Seubert, 183; Silicon Tetrafluoride Alexander, 141

Compounds, Comey and Loring Jackson, 203 ; New Double Carbon and Copper combined to form a Compensated Resist- Phosphates in the Magnesian Series, M. L. Ouvrard, 216: ance Standard, Prof. Nichols, 232

Aniline, Monomethyl Aniline, and Dimethylaniline, M. Len Carbon Disulphide in Prisms, &c., a Substitute for, H. G. Vignon, 216; Ferrate of Baryta, MM, G. Rousseau and ). Madan, 413

Bernheim, 216; the Decadence of the Chemical Profession in Carbon, Researches on the Spectrum of, Prof. Vogel, 72

Government Opinion, 217; New Platinum Base obtainert Carboniferous Flora, Prof. Williamson, 597

by Dr. H. Alexander, 256 ; the Choice of a Chemist ti» Cardiff, Aberdare Hall, 257

the Navy, 265; Dr. Rebs on the Composition of Persulphide Cardinal Numbers, the, with an Introductory Chapter on of Hydrogen, 278; a New Base in Tea, Dr. Kassel, 303 : Numbers generally, Manley Hopkins, 27

Conditions of Evolution of Gases from Homogeneous Liquid, Carguet (M. le) and P. Topinard, Population of the Ancient V. H. Veley, 310; Strophanthine, M. Arnaud, 311 ; Itro, Pagus-Cap-Sizun, Cape du Raz, 212

titanite of Arendal, Drs. Kruss and Kiesewetter, 326 Carlet (M. G.), on the Poison of the Hymenoptera, 216

Ilydrofluoric Acid, Vapour.Density of, Prof. Thorpe and F Carnelly (Prof.) and J. Alexander, Colour of some Carbon J. Hambly, 373 ; Phenyl-thiocarbimide, H. G. Madan, 413. Compounds, 141

Molecular Physics, an Attempt at a Comprehensive Dynamical Carnot (M. A.), on a New Method of Quantitative Analysis for Treatment of Physical and Chemical Forces, Prof. F. Linde.

the Lithine contained in a Large Number of Mineral Waters, mann, G. W. de Tunzelmann, 458, 578 ; Three New Sulpho 360

chlorides of Mercury, Poleck and Goercki, 527: the Gas Carolina Rail, the Osteology of, 279

Allene, Gustavson and Demjanoff, 552; a New Crystalline Caron on the Position of Timbuktu, 288

Substance, Silicotetraphenylamide, Prof. Emerson Reynolds, Carpenter (W. Lant), New Form of Lantern, 214

F.R.S., 575 ; Elimination by means of Iodine of Arseniurerie Cartography, Early European, 375

Hydrogen from Sulphuretted Hydrogen, Dr. Otto Brunn, 375; Carus-Wilson (Cecil), Sonorous Sand in Dorsetshire, 415

Applications of Dynamics to Physics and Chemistry, J. ). Casey (John, F.R.S.), a Treatise on Plane Trigonometry, 218 Thomson, F.R.S., 585; Chemistry as a School Subject, Rev. Caspian Sea Deposits, M. Netchayeff, 160

Å. Irving, 596 ; Valency, Prof. Armstrong, 596 ; Dr. Morley, Casiner (H. T.), Production of Aluminium, 326

596 ; Chemistry of Modern Method of Manufacturing Chloro. Catchpool (Edmund), Circles of Light, 342

form, Orndorff and Jessel, 598; Laboratories at Trinity College, Caterpillars, the Recent Plague of, 277

Dublin, 598; New Organic Compounds, Diphenyl, Paul Adam, Catgut as a Ligature, Prof. Munk, 312

599 ; Perseite, Maquenne, 608 ; Heats of Combustion of Acids, Catholic Missionaries, the Services of, in the East, to Natural Louguinine, 608 ; Freezing- Points of Solutions of Organic ComScience, 434

pounds of Aluminium, Louise and Roux, 608; Vapour-Densities Caucasus : General Uslar's Works on the, 159 ; Ethnography of of Chromic Chlorides, Profs. Nilson and Pettersson, 624 the, Baron Uslar, 623

Chevreul (M.), his fo2nd Birthday, 452 Cave (Charles), a Shadow and a Halo, 619

Child, the Mind of the, Prof. W. Preyer, 490 Caves, Cae-Gwyn, North Wales, 22

China : Earthquake in the Yunnan Province of, 16; Meteor Celtic Heathendom, Prof. A. H. Sayce, Prof. J. Rhýs, 361 logy of South-Eastern, Dr. Doberck, 118; Chinese Derivates Centenarians in France, Emile Levasseur, 288, 501

and Old Babylonian Characters, Terrien de Lacouperie, Prof. Centenary of the Calcutta Botanic Garden, 493

A. H. Sayce, 122 ; Prof. Russell on Chinese Astronomy, Cephalopods, Observations on the Development of, Homology 134 ; Scientific Works published by Dr. Dudgeon in Chinese. of the Germ-layers, S. Watase, 356

302 ; Taxation in China, Dr. D. J. Macgowan, 364 : Consul Ceylon : Botanic Gardens of, Dr. Trimen's Report on, 112; Bourne's Report on the Non-Chinese Races of China, 345:

Ethnology of the Moors of, P. Ramanathan, 135; Report of Consul Bourne's Report on his Journey to South Westem the Conservator of Forests, 373; Forest Conservancy in, China, 455; the Teaching of Mathematics in China, Gundiy, Colonel Clarke, 606

485 Challenger Expedition, Zoological Results of the, 337, 561 Chinook Wind, the, C. C. McCaul, 502 Chamberlain (Basil Hall), Japanese “go-hei” and Shinto | Chitin Solvents, on Experiments with, T. H. Morgan, 356 Worship, 396

Chloride, on the, Bromide, and Sulphide of Yttrium and Sodium, Chandler (S. C.), New Catalogue of Variable Stars, 554 ; M. A. Duboin, 360 Light-curve of U Ophiuchi, 576

Chlorine, on the Density of, and on the Vapour-Density of Changes of Potential of Voltaic Couples, Effects of Different Ferric Chloride, MM. C. Friedel and J. M. Crafts, 384

Positive Metals, &c., upon the, Dr. G. Gore, F.R.S., 335 Chloroform, the Modern Method of Manufacturing, Orndorff Channel

, Extraordinary Rarefaction of Atmosphere in the, 256 and Jessel, 598 Chaperon (G.) and E. Mercadier, on Electro-chemical Radio- Cholera, Cure of, by Inoculation, Dr. Gamaleia, M. Pasteur, phony, 168

395 Chaperon and Mercadier, Electro-chemical Radiophony, 305 Chree (C.): on Eolotropic Elastic Solids, 165; Effect of Electric Chappell (William, F.S.A.), Death of, 421

Current on Saturated Solutions, 215
Chappuis (J.), on Mechanism of Elecirolysis by Process of Christiania University, Scientific Scholarships at, 574
Alternative Currents, 263

Christmas Island : Captain W. J. L. Wharton's Exploration of,
Charadriidæ, the Geographical Distribution of the Family, 207 ; Dr. Guppy's Expedition to, 228
Henry Seebohm, R. Bowdler Sharpe, 73

Chromic Chlorides, Vapour-Densities of, Pross. Vilson and Charleston Earthquake, Captain C. E. Dutton's Monograph on, Pettersson, 624 16

Chrysarobin, Physiological Action of Anthrarobin and, Dr. Chart of the Heavens, Photographic, 38

Weyl, 144 Charts, Monthly, of the North Atlantic Currents, M. Simart, Church (Prof. A. H.), on the Occurrence of Aluminium in 143

certain Vascular Cryptogams, 140 Charts showing the Mean Barometrical Pressure over the Cinchona Bark, Extraction of Alkaloids fro:n, by Cold Oil, 17 Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific Oceans, 196

Cincinnati Zone Catalogne, 43 Charts, Synoptic, G. Rollin, 575

Circles of Light, Edmund Catchpool, 342 Chemistry : Influence of Temperature on Calcium, 23 ; Thermo- | Circuits, Incomplete, a Simple Hypothesis for Electro-magnetic

chemical Constants, 23; Chemical Society, 23, 117, 141; a Induction of, with consequent Equations of Electric Motion New Sulphur-Acid, M. Villiers, 41 ; on the Compounds of in Fixed Homogeneous or Heterogeneous Solid Matter, Sir Ammonia and Selenium Dioxide, Sir C. A. Cameron and William Thomson, 569 John Macallan, 46 ; Hea's of Combustion of Isomerous Acids, | City and Guilds of London Institute : Lectures, 43 ; Lectures W, Louguinine, 48; Tellurium, Berthelot and Fabre, 63; on Electricity at, 228 ; Statistics of the last year, 453 Elementary Chemistry, William S. Furneaux, 76 ; Determina- Civil List Pensions, 325 tion of Molecular Weights of Carbo-hydrates, H. T. Brown Claret, Derivation of the Word, H. Bedford, 113 and Dr. G. H. Morris, 117; New Chlorine Compounds of Clarke (C. B.), on Root- Pressure, 94

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Clarke (Dr. Hyde), Indian Life Statistics, 297

Conics, the Geometric Interpretation of Monge's Differential Clarke (Colonel), Forest Conservancy in Ceylon, 606

Equation to all, Prof. Asutosh Mukhopadhyay, 564, 619 Classification of the Various Sp-cies of Heavenly Bolies, Sug. Coninck (M. O. de), Contribution to the Study of the Ptomaines,

gestions on the, J. Norman Lockyer, F. R.S., 8, 31, 56, 79 168 Clayton (H. Helm), Does Precipitation Influence the Movement Constant of Aberration, 185 of Cyclones?, 301

Constantinople, Climatology of, 133.
Clausius (Prof. Rudolf Julius Emanuel). Obituary Notice of Contemporary Review for June, Dr. Romanes's Article in the,

G. W. de Tunzelmann, 438; Prof. Geo. Fras. Fitzgerald, Edward B. Poulton, 295, 364
F.R.S., 491

Contraction-Theory of Mountain-Formation, History of, Charles Clerke (A. M.): Early Correspondence of Christian Huygens, Davison, 30

193 : the New Astronomy, Samuel Pierpoint Langley, 291; Convulsions produced by Cocaïne, Influence of the Organic Globular Star Clusters, 365

Temperature on, MM. P. Langlois and Ch. Richet, 168 Climate of the British Empire, 1887, 422

Cook on the Part oi American Geologists in the International Climate of Quaternary Times, 164

Geological Congress, 452 Climatology of Constantinople, M. Coumbary, 133

Copper and Carbon combined to form a Compensated Resistance Climatology and Hydrology. International Congress of, 348 Standard, Prof. Nichols, 232 Clinical Therinometers, the Verification of, 372

Copper, Specific Resistance of Pure, 232 Cload Electric Potential, E. Douglas Archibald, 269

Coral Formations, G. C. Bourne, 5 ; C. R. Dryer, 6 ; Robert Cloud Electric Potential, Prof. J. D. Everett, F.R.S., 342

Irvine, 54 Clouds, Sky Coloured, T. W. Backhouse, 196, 270 ; R. T. Coral Reefs, Foundations of, Captain W. J. L. Wharton, 568 Omond, 220

Coral Reefs of the Indian Archipelago, Dr. Guppy's Expedition Coagulation of the Blood, on the, Prof. W. D. Haliburton,

to, 228 Prof. E. A. Schafer, F.R.S., 331

Corfield (W. H.), Electric Fishes, 515 Cockerell (T. 1). A.), a Lunar Rainbow, 365

Cornil and Toupet (MM.), Bacterial Disease of the Duck, 216 Cod and Whale Fisheries in North of Norway, 160

Cornish Blown Sands, the, R. H. Curtis, 55 Coeficients of Induction, W. E. Sumpner, 22

Coronal Light during the Solar Eclipse of August 28-29, 1886, Colenso i W., F.R.S.), Ancient Tide-Lore, 373

on the Determination of the Photom-tric Intensity of the, College at Tientsin, the New Foreign, 302

Captain W. de W. Abney, F.R.S., and T. E. Thorpe, 407 Collins (F. Howard). Antagonism, 7

Corry (J. 1.) and S. A. Stewart, Flora of the North-East of Colloidal Sate, C. Winssinger on the, 20

Ireland, 514 Colorado, Biological Association, 625

Cosmogony, on the Mechanical Conditions of a Swarm of Colour of some Carbon Compounds, Prof. Carnelly and J. Meteoriies and on Theories of, Prof. G. II. Darwin, F.R.S., Alexander, 141

573 Colour of Flowers, Pre-erving the, A. W. Buckland, 270 Cotes (E. C.), Investigations on the Insect Pe. ts of India, 17 Colour, Photometry of, the Measurement of Reflected Colours, Coudreau (M.), Explorations in Guiana, 398

Captain W. de W. Abney, F.R.S., and Major-General Couette (M. M.), on a New Apparatus for studying the Friction Festing. F.R.S, 212 ; Captain Abney, F.R.S., 286

of Fluids, 408 Colour, Preserving the, of Flowers, J. G. Baker, F.R.S., 245 Coumbary (M.), Climatology of Constantinople, 133 Colours, Latent, of Bodies, M. G. Govi, 631

Courts of Justice, Scientific Assessors in, 289 Columbia British), Dr. Dawson's Exploration of, 115

Cowley's Process for the Production of Aluminium, 162 Columbus, the Fourth Centenary of the Discovery of America Cranial Nerves, on the Comparison of the, with the Spinal by, 487

Nerves, Dr. W. H. Gaskell, F.R.S., 19 Columns, Sun, Henry Harries, 566

Cranial Nerves, Nore on some of the Motor Functions of Combustion, Incompleteness of, on Explosion, Prof. H. B. certain, and of the three first Cervical Nerves in the Monkey, Dixon and H. W. Smith. 596

Chas. E. Beevor and V. Horsley, F.R.S., 357 Combustion of Organic Substances, the Slow, Th. Schlæsing, 48 Crawford's (Lord) Collection of Astronomical Instruments, 598 Comets : Comet 1888 a (Sawerthai), 43, 114, 168, 186, 258, Crawford (R.), Reminiscences of Foreign Travel, 126

328 ; Prof. Lewis Boss, 88; Encke's Comet, 350 ; John Creation, the Method of, Henry W. Crosskey, 5 Tebbutt, 423; Comet 1888 < (Brooks), Dr. H. Kreutz, 397, Crisp (Frank), Micromillimetre, 22: 432, 503 ; Brooks and Faye, 576, 626; Dr. H. Kreutz on, Crotfut (William A.), United States Geological Survey, 421 528 Faye's Comet, 432, 503 ; Discovery of a New Comet, Croft (W. B.), Watches and the Weather, 245 1888, E. E. Barnard, 503, 528, 626 ; W. R. Brooks, 576 ; Crommelin (A, E.). Partial Eclipse of August 7, 365 the Short Period Comets and Asteroids, Prof. Kirkwood, u4i Crosskey (Henry W.), the Method of Creation, 5 Lagrange's Hypothesis on the Origin of Comets and Meteor.tes, Cryptogams, on the Occurrence of Aluminiuni in certain Vascular, H. Faye, 215 ; Further Cornetary Discoveries, W, R. Brooks, A. H. Church, 140 375

Crystal Models, a System for the Construction of, John Comey and Loring Jackson on a Sodium Salt of Zincic Acid, Gorham, 411 86; on Silicon Terrafluoride Compounds, 203

Crystalline kocks, on the Origin of the Primitive, A. MichelCompanion to the Weekly Problem Papers, Rev. John Milne,

Lévy, 525 76

Crystalline Schists, on the Classification of the, Prof. Albert Comparison of the Cranial with the Spinal Nerves, on the, Dr.

ileim. 524 W.H. Gaskell, F.R.S., 19

Crystalline Schists, on, Dr. T. Sterry Hunt, F.R.S., 519 Compressed Oxygen Furnace, Fletcher's, 606

Crystalline Schists, some Questions connected with the Problem Compressibility of Water, Salt Water, Mercury, and Glass, presented by the, together with Contributions to their Solution Prof. P. G. Tait, 581

from the Palæozoic Formations, Prof. K. A. Lossen, 722 Compton (Earl), How Sea-Birds Dine, 618

Crystalline Schists, Remarks on some of the more recent Pab. Concrete Quantities, Multiplication and Division of, A. Lodge, lications dealing with the, Prof. J. Lehmann, 549 281

Crystalline Schists of the Western Alps, on the Constitution Conductors, Iron, Self-Induction in, Prof. J. A. Ewing, 55 and Structure of the, Prof. Ch. Lory, 506 Conference, International Maritime. 553

Crystallization, on Solution and, Prof. Liveing, 215 Congo and West Africa, Baron H. von Schwerin's Expedition Crystals, the Absorption Spectra of Crystals, M. Becquerel, A.

É. Tutton, 343 Congres of Americanists, International, 552

Cudworth (William), Life of Abraham Sharp, 304 Congress, International Geological, Prof. J. Prestwich, F.R.S., Cunningham (Lieut.-Colonel Allan), Geometric Meaning of 503, 518. 348

Differential Equations, 318 Congress, Proposed International Geographical, 259

Curious Resemblance, a, W. J. Lockyer, 270 Congresces, Projected Scientific, in Paris, 255

Curtis (Charles E.), Practical Forestry, 171 Conic Sections Solutions of the Examples in an Elementary Curtis (R. H.), the Cornish Blown Sands, 55 Treatise on, Chas. Smith, 388

Curve Pictures of London for the Social Reformer, Alex. B.

Macdowall, 410

to the, 424


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Curves with Absolute Numerical Values, Five Applications of Dine, How Sea-Birds, Earl Compton, 618

Fourier's Law of Diffusion illustrated by a Diagram of, Diphenyl, New Organic Compounds of, Paul Adam, 599
Sir William Thomson, F.R.S., 571

Dispersal of Seeds by Birds, Dr. H. B. Guppy, 101
Curves, Movements in, 160

Dispersion of Seeds and Plants, E. L. Layard, 296 Cushing (Frank), Discovery of Prehistoric Cities in Arizona Disseminaton of Plants by Birds, W. Bouing Flemsley, 53 by, 42

Distribution of Animals and Plants by Ocean Currents, A. W. Cyclone at Havannah, Frightful, 485

Buckland, 245 ; Isaac C. Thompson, 270 Cyclones, Does Precipitation influence the Movement of?, Divergent Evolution, Gulick on, Dr. Alfred R. Wallace, 490 H. Helm Clayton, 301

Dixon (Prof. H. B., F.R.S.) and H. W. Smith, Incompleteness Cyclones, the Incurvature of the Winds in Tropical, Henry F. of Combustion on Explosion, 596 Blanford, F.R.S., 181

Doberck (Dr. W. C.): on the Rainfall and Temperature at Cygni, Spectrum of R, Rev. T. E. Espin, 423

Victoria Peak, Hong Kong, 78; Meteorology of South-East Czeck Academy of Science, I'rojected, 302

China. 118; Upper and Lower Wind Currents over the

Torrid Zone, 565; on the Grass Minimum Thermometer,

Dog, Prof. Nehring on the Origin of the, 87 Da Gama (G. A.), Origin of the Belief in the Bis.cubra, 624 Doldrums, the Weather in the, Hon. Ralph Abercromby, 238 Dacca Tornado, the, 42

Donders Memorial Fund, 41, 62, 112 Dana (J. D.), History of Changes in Mount Loa Craters, 462, Donkin (Bryan, Jun.), Fuel-testing Station for London, 172 559

Dorsetshire : the Birds of, J. C. Mansell-Pleydell, R. Bowdler Darwin (Charles), Address on, Prof. W. H. Flower, F.R.S., 116 Sharpe, 125 ; Sonorous Sand in, Cecil Carus Wilson, 415 Darwin (Prof. G. H., F.R.S.), on the Mechanical Conditions of a Double-Star Observations, Milan, Prof. Schiaparelli, 423

Swarm of Me'eorites and on Theories of Cosmogony, 573 Doughty (C. M.), Travels in Arabia Deserta, 195 Darwinian Theories, Proposed Chair for the Teaching of, 182 Draper (Harry Napier), Fact and Fiction, 221 Darwinian Theory, Paris Professorship of, 276

Draper (Henry) Memorial, the Progress of the, Prof, Edward Darwinism, Lamarckism versus, Prof. R. Meldola, F.R.S.. 388 ; C. Pickering, 306

Edward B. Poulton, 295, 388, 434 ; Dr. Geo. J. Romanes, Drawing Instruments, Mathematicıl, W. F. Stanley, 230
F.R.S., 364, 413, 490

Dreams, 103 ; A. Bialoveski, 56
Davis (J. R. Ainsworth), a Text-book of Biol sy, 52, 126, 149 Drummond (H.), Tropical Africa, 171
Davis (James W.), Yorkshire Geological and Polytechnic Society, Dryer (C. R.), Coral Formations, 6

Duboin (M. A.), on the Chloride, Bromide, and Sulphide of
Davison (Charles), History of the Contraction-Theory of Yttrium and Sodium, 360
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