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Entered according to Act of Congress, in the yoar 1873,


in the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington. HARVARD UNIVERSITY

TAR 21562



THE plan of this Reader is but little varied from that of the second book of the Series. Instead of Pronouncing Exercises preceding the lessons, the definitions of difficult and unusual words are placed at the end. These words have been arranged alphabetically, so as to be of easy

ref. Of course, it is not designed that these definitions should be mechanically committed to memory before the lessons are read, but that they should be learned in connection with the reading of the pieces. The constant reference to these lists of words will have the effect to induce the habit of consulting the dictionary, in order to obtain a full comprehension of what is read.

The Exercises in Analysis, if rightly used, will be found of great value in training the pupils to give brief summaries of what they read,

-a very important matter ; while, at the same time, they will serve as the basis of suitable questioning on the part of the teacher.

The style of pieces prepared and selected for this book will be found but one step beyond those of the preceding number of the series, and the arrangement such as to preserve the gradation from the first to the last. In elocutionary as well as literary merit they will be found, it is thought, superior to those of most books of this grade ; while due atten. tion has been given to their moral tendency and usefulness in conveying information.

The woodcuts have been drawn and engraved by the best artists, ex. pressly for this book, and will prove valuable, not only as pleasing and attractive embellishments, but as illustrations of the lessons in which they occur.

The Introduction contains a full exposition of elocutionary principles, with rules and exercises, as far as they may be made available in teaching the lessons of a book of this grade.

W. P. 5

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