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state and in general stands in the same relation to the state as congress does to all the states as a whole. The powers and duties of the chief executive officers are as follows:

Governor-The governor is vested with the chief executive power of the state. He is the commander in chief of the military and local forces and may call out the militia to maintain the peace. He is required to inform the general assembly, by message, of the condition of affairs of the state and to recommend needed legislation. He may, by proclamation, call a special session of the assembly or adjourn it in case of disagree. ment between the two houses. He has the power to appoint certain officers and during a recess of the senate may fill vacancies or remove certain officers and may call special elections to fill vacancies in certain offices. He may make requisitions upon the governors of other states for the return of fugitives from justice or offer rewards for the arrest of offenders against the laws of the state. He exercises a general supervision over the penitentiaries and may grant reprieves, commutations and pardons and may restore the rights of citizenship to ex-convicts. He may approve acts of the legislature and exercise the veto power.

Lieutenant-Governor-This officer is ex-officio president of the senate and has the power to cast the dec

ding vot in case of a tie. In case of the death, conviction on impeachment, failure to quallfy, resignation, absence from the state or other disability on the part of the governor, the lieu

tenant-governor succeeds to the office to the close of the term.

Secretary of State-The secretary of state is charged with the safekeeping of the original laws and resolutions of the general assembly, with all books, pills and documents deposited with him by either house, and with all bonds, records and papers filed in his office. He keeps a record of the official acts of the governor, furnishes certified copies of the same to the assembly on request and certified copies of any of the records of his office on the payment of the statutory fees. He countersigns and affixes the seal of the state to all proclamations and commissions issued by the governor; issues licenses for incorporations and certificates of organization to cities and villages and incorporated towns. He has charge of most of the buildings and grounds belonging to the state in Springfield, furnishes supplies for the general assembly and supervises the printing and distribution of all the public documents of the state. He calls the house of representatives to order at the beginning of each general assembly and presides over the same until the election of a speaker. He is the keeper of the great seal of the state and is the custodian and sealer of weights and measures.

Auditor-The auditor is required to keep all the accounts of the state; to audit the accounts of all officers or other persons authcrized to receive moneys from the state treasury; to personally sign all warrants drawn on the treasury; to institute suits wherein the state is a plaintiff, and to make a biennial report of the business of his office to the governor. With the governor and treasurer he determines the state tax rate. He exercises a general supervision over state banks, building, loan and homestead associations.

State Treasurer-The state treasurer is custodian of the revenues and public moneys of the state. He must make monthly settlements with the auditor and a biennial report to the governor.

Superintendent of Public Instruction-The superintendent exercises a general supervision over all the public schools of the state. He is the general and legal adviser of the county superintendents and must report biennially to the governor the general condition of all the schools of the state, the amount raised by taxation for school purposes and the manner of its expenditure and the general condition of all the school funds. He may grant state certificates to teachers or cause them to be withheld and must visit charitable institutions which are educational in character.

Attorney-General-It is the duty of the attorneygeneral to represent the state in the Supreme court in all cases in which the state is interested; to act as counsel for all state officials; to be the legal adviser of the governor and other state of. ficers in matters relating to their official duties, and, on request, to furnish them, as well as either branch of the general assembly, with written opinions upon constitutional or legal questions.

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Established May 10, 1901. Dist.

Dist. 1. First and 2d wards, Chicago.

12th street, and the town of Riverside, Cook 2. That part of the 11th ward north of 16th county.

street; that part of the 12th ward north of 16th 20. Kankakee, Grundy and Iroquois counties. street and east of California avenue, and the 21. Fourteenth ward; that part of the 17th ward 20th ward, Chicago.

south of Augusta street, Holt street, Cornell 3. Third ward, that part of the 4th ward east of street, Milwaukee avenue and Green street; that

Halsted street; that part of the 5th ward bound- part of the 35th ward south of Chicago avenue, ed by Union avenue, 35th street, Parnell avenue Park avenue and Lake street, Chicago. and 33d street; that part of the 6th ward north 22. milioi and Edgar countie of 43d street, Chicago.

23. Fifteenth ward; that part of the 16th ward 4. Twenty-ninth and 30th wards and that part of bounded by North avenue, Robey street, Divi

the 31st ward north of 57th place and east of sion street and Ashland avenue; that part of the the Rock Island right of way, Chicago.

35th ward north of Chicago avenue, Park ave5. Sixth ward, except that part north of 43d nue and Lake street, Chicago, and that part of

street, and the 7th ward, except that part south the town of Cicero north of 12th street, in Cook of 63d street and east of Cottage Grove avenue, county. Chicago.

24. Champaign, Piatt and Moultrie counties. 8. Twenty-fourth ward; that part of the 25th 25. Twenty-Seventh and 28th wards, Chicago.

ward north of Devon avenue; that part of the 26. McLean and Ford counties. 23d ward west of Halsted street, and the 26th 27. Sixteenth ward, except that part bounded by ward, Chicago; also that part of the town of North avenue, Robey street, Division street and Evanston outside Chicago and those parts of the Ashland avenue; that part of the 17th ward towns of New Trier and Niles within the city bounded by Ashland avenue, Augusta street, of Evanston, Cook county.

Holt street, Cornell street, Milwaukee avenue, 7. Towns of Thornton, Bloom, Rich, Bremen, Or- Green Street, Kinzie street, river and Division

land, Lemont, Palos, Worth, Lyons, Stickney, street; 18th ward, Chicago. Proviso, Leyden, Elk Grove, Schaumberg, Han- 28. Logan, DeWitt and Macon counties. over, Barrington, Palatine, Wheeling, Northfield; 29. Twenty-first ward, except that part north of that part of Niles ontside the city of Chicago Goethe, State and Schiller streets; 22d ward, exand outside the city of Evanston; that part of cept that part west of Halsted street, and. exNew Trier outside the city of Evanston, and cept that part north and west of Sedgwick, those parts of the towns of Norwood Park and Sigel, Cleveland, Clybourn, Larrabee and Divi

Maine outside of Chicago, all in Cook county. sion, Chicago. 8. Liike, Henry and Boone counties.

30. Tazewell, Mason, Menard, Cass, Brown and 9. That part of the 4th ward west of Halsted Schuyler counties.

street; the 5th ward, except that part bounded 31. That part of the 21st ward north of Goethe, by Union avenue, 35th Street, Parnell avenue State and Schiller streets; that part of the 22d and 331 street; that part of the 12th ward south ward west of Halsted street and that part of and east of 16th street, California_avenue, the the 22d ward east of Halsted street and north C., B. & Q. right of way, Clifton Park avenue, of Division, Larrabee, Clybourn, Cleveland and 24th street, Central Park avenue, to the Illi- Sigel; that part of the 23d ward' east of Halsted nois and Michigan canal.

street, and that part of the 25th ward south of 10. Ogle and Winnebago counties.

Devon avenue, Chicago. 11. Thirty-first ward, except that part north of

32. McDonough, Hancock ard Warren counties. 57th place and east of the Rock Island right of 33. Rock Island, Mercer and Henderson counties. way, and the 32d ward, Chicago.

34. Douglas, Coles and Clark counties. 12. Stephenson, Jo Daviess and Carroll counties.

35. Whiteside, Lee and DeKalb counties. 13. That part of the 7th ward south of 63d street 36. Scott, Calhoun, Pike and Adams counties.

and east of Cottage Grove avenue; the Sth and 37. Henry, Bureau and Stark counties. 331 wards, Chicago, and that part of the town 38. Greene, Montgomery, Jersey and Macoupin of Caiumet outside of the city of Chicago.

counties. 14. Kane and Kendall counties.

39. La Salle county. 15. Ninth ward, except that part north and wiest 40. Christian, Shelby, Fayette and Cumberland

of 14th street, Johnson street and Maxwell counties. street; 10th Ward, except that part north and 41. DuPage and will counties. west of 16th street, Throop street, 14th street 42. Clinton. Marion, Clay and Effingham counties. and Morgan Street, and that part of the 11th 43. Knox and Fulton counties. ward south of 16th street, Chicago.

44. Washington, Randolph, Perry, Monroe and 16. Marshall, Putnam, Livingston and Woodford Jackson counties. counties.

45. Morgan and Sangamon counties. 17. That part of the 9th ward north and west of 46. Jefferson, Wayne, Richland and Jasper coun

14th street, Johnson street and Maxwell street; ties. that part of the tenth ward north and west of 47. Madison and Bond counties. 16th street, Throop street, 14th and Morgan 48. Hardin, Gallatin, White, Edwards, Wabash, streets, and the 19th ward, Chicago.

Lawrence and Crawford counties. 18. Peoria county:

49. St. Clair county. 19. That part of the 12th ward north and west of 50. Franklin, Williamson, Union, Alexander and

California avenue, C., B. & Q. right of way and Pulaski counties.
Clifton Park avenue; 13th and 34th wards, Chi-

51. Hamilton, Saline, Pope, Johnson and Massac cago; tbąt part of the town of Cicero south of counties.

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POSTOFFICES IN ILLINOIS. On Jan. 1, 1907, there were 2,009 postoffice third and 1,650 of the fourth. There were 1,511 Illinois, of which 379 were presidential offices. 20 money-order offices and 425 money-order stations. o the first class, 83 of the second, 276 of the

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