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Heads of departments, assistants, chief clerks and other employes. Their offices unless otherwise specified are open from 9 a. m. to 5 p. m. MAYOR'S OFFICE.

STANDING COUNCIL COMMITTEES (1907-1908). Room 204 city hall. Hours 10:30 a. m. to 4:30 p. m. Finance–Bennett, Maypole, Williston, Finn, ForeMayor-Fred A. Busse, R.

man, Zimmer, Beilfuss, Reinberg, Bihl, O'ConPrivate Secretary-Bernard J. Mullaney, D.

nell, Moynihan, Kohout, Scully. Duties—The mayor presides over meetings of the Local Transportation-Foreman, Maypole, Bennett, city council, approves or vetoes the acts of that

Zimmer, Young, Dever, Stewart, Finn, Dunn, body, appoints all nonelective city officials, sees Bradley, Bihl, Considine, Dougherty. that all the laws and ordinances are faithfully

Judiciary-Dever, Pringle, Kohout, Dixon, Richert, executed, issues and revokes licenses and exer

Harding, Reinberg, Foell, Powers, Lipps, Concises a general supervision over all the various

nery, Siewert, Uhlir. subordinate departments of the city government,

License-Dunn, Considine, Pringle, O'Connell, RobBOARD OF ALDERMEN (1907-1908).

erts, Hoffman, Stewart, Nolan, McCoid, Fisher,

Kruger, Siewert, Race. Total membership, 70; republicans, 34; democrats, 36.

Schools-Zimmer, Dunn, Bowler, Race, Cullerton, 1. John J. Coughlin, D.... . 125 La Salle street Snow, Connery, Lipps, Blase, Sitts, Hurt, Habne,

Michael Kenna, D. .......279 Clark street McInerney. 2. Thomas J. Dixon, R..

.299 5th avenue Gas, Oil and Electric Light-Young, Maypole, WilGeo. F. Harding, Jr., R..155 Washington street liston, Bradley, Badenoch, Reinberg, Sitts, 3. William J. Pringle, R....624, 184 La Salle street

Dougherty, Snow, Scully, Stewart, O'Connell, Milton J. Foreman, R.. 1203, 100 Washington-st.

Foell. 4. John A. Richert, D....2603 South Halsted street

Streets and Alleys, North Division-Jacobs, Foell, John W. McNeal, D.

2807 Archer avenue

Dougherty, Krumholz, Williston, Reinberg. 5. James J. McCormick, D...3462 S. Halsted street

Streets and Alleys, South Division-Dixon, CoughAlex. J. Burke, R.....3529 S. Marshfield avenue

lin, Pringle, Richert, McCormick, McCoid, Snow, 6. Arthur B. McCoid, R.....412, 122 Monroe street

Derpa, Golombiewski, Badenoch, Bradley, Rob Linn H. Young, R..

4501 Prairie avenue

erts, Hunt. 7. Bernard W. Snow, R.,1116 Cham, of Com. bldg.

Streets and Alleys, West Division-Finn, Fick, Frank I. Bennett, R...818 Cham. of Com. bldg.

Hurt, Hoffman, 'Uhlir, Considine, Maypole, Beil. 8. John s. Derpa, D....19, 9206 Commercial avenue

fuss, Schermann, Dever, Conlon, Bowler, Blase, P. H. Moynihan, R.

719 92d place

Herlihy, Nolan, Forsberg. 9. Henry L. Fick, D..

..38 West 12th street

Building Department-Richert, Dixon, Hurt, Hunt, D. J. Egan, D...830 Chicago Opera House block McCormick, Roberts, Brennan, Lipps, Jacobs, 10. Rudolph Hurt, D... ...637 Blue Island avenue

Hahne, Herlihy, Fisher, Siewert. Thomas F. Scully. D......156 Washburne avenue

State Legislation-Pringle, Powers, Dixon, Kohout, 11. Peter L. Hoffman, D.. ..986 West 13th street

Foreman, Cullerton, Beilfuss, Finn, Stewart, JaEdward F. Cullerton, D.....511, 97 Clark street

cobs, Young, Considine, Schermann. 12. Joseph Z. Uhlir, R.... .814, 97 Clark street

Harbors, Wharves and Bridges-Hoffman, Race, Michael Zimmer, D.. .1047 West 21st place

Kenna, Hahne, Fick, Lipps, Nolan, Bihl, Blase, 13. J. R. Considine, D..

.15 Stanley terrace

Foell, McInerney, Golombiewski, Kunz. Arthur W. Fulton, R.........1103 Ashland block

Special Assessment and General Taxation-Hurt, 14 William T. Maypole, D....60 South Canal street

Hunt, Krumholz, Sitts, Bowler, Fisher, McInerJames H. Lawley, R...651 West Chicago avenue

ney, Uhlir, Hahne, McNeal, Schermann, Golom. 15. Albert W. Beilfuss, R....448 Milwaukee avenue

biewski. Herman F. Kruger, D....405 N. Paulina street Health Department-Herlihy, Roberts, Conlon, 16. John Schermann, R.

.151 La Salle street

Hunt, Fick, Lawley, Krumholz, Hey, Connery, Stanley H. Kunz, D.

.685 Noble street

Taylor, Egan, Fulton, Downey. 17. William E. Dever, D.. .50, 70 La Salle street

Fire Department-Fisher, Brennan, Snow, CoughLewis D. Sitts, R....39 West Washington street

lin, Harding, Hoffman, Hunt, Blase, Forsberg, · 18. Michael C. Conlon, D...381 West Madison street

Kruger, Josetti, McNeal, Burke. John J. Brennan, D.....114 West Madison street

Police Department and Bridewell—Nolan, Race, 19. James B. Bowler, Ind. D..460 West Taylor street

Cullerton, Moynihan, Fick, Uhlir, Conlon, LawJohn Powers, D....

.79 Macalister place

ley, Kunz, Hey, Egan, Taylor, Downey. 20. Nicholas R. Finn, D.

..818 Reaper block

Water Department-Sitts, Brennan, Bihi, Culler, John P. Stewart, R...

. 126 Adams street

ton, Badenoch, Kohout, Taylor, Powers, Lawley, 21. Charles M. Foell, R.... 803 Atwood building

McInerney, Race, Downey, Kruger. Francis W. Taylor, R......247 Monadnock block

Civil Service-Uhlir, Dougherty. Beilfuss, Kenna, 22. Michael D. Dougherty, D......41 Wendell street

Harding, O'Connell, Forsberg, Connery, Hey, Arthur Josetti, R... .220 East North avenue

Derpa, Burke, McNeal, Egan. 23. Mathias J. Jacobs, D.. ..218 Mohawk street

Elections-Roberts, Coughlin, Schermann, Richert, Jacob A. Hey, R... 924 North Halsted street

Lipps, Jacobs, Krumholz, Harding, Derpa, Joset24. August Krumholz, D.........56 Fullerton avenue

ti, Herlihy, Fulton, McNeal. Albert Hahne, R.

781 Clybourn avenue

Rules-Cullerton, Pringle, Zimmer, Bennett, Cough25. A. D. Williston, R..1001 Fort Dearborn building

lin, Dixon, Powers, Moynihan, Kenna, Hahne, Winfield P. Dunn, R.

167 Adams street

Scully. McCoid, Derpa. 26. Peter Reinberg, D. ..3465 North Robey street

Street Nomenclature-Derpa, Foreman, Brennan, William F. Lipps, R....522, 37 Randolph street

Golombiewski, Coughlin, Young, Kunz, Josetti, 27. Hans Blase, D... 3585 Milwaukee avenue

Hey, Fulton. Burke. Lawley, Taylor. Henry J. Siewert, R....... 1230 Armitage avenue

City Hall and Public Buildings-Badenoch, Ben28. Daniel Herlihy, D.....1528 North Albany avenue

nett, Harding, McCormick, Williston, Dever, F. D. Connery, D....1523 N. Washtenaw avenue

Young. Scully, Sitts, Kenna, Jacobs, Downey, 29. John Golombiewski, R......1810 West 48th street

Siewert. John Downey, D...5043 South Hermitage avenue

Printing-McCormick, Moynihan, Bradley, Dunn, 30. John J. Bradley, D... ...808 Garfield boulevard

Conlon, Fulton, Kruger, Forsberg. Kunz, Josetti, Michael MeInerney. D... .4541 Lowe avenue

Bowler, Burke, Hey. 31. William J. Roberts, R....5536 S. Halsted street Patrick J. O'Connell, D.,.,;:522 West 63d street

SELECT COMMITTEES (1907-1908). 32. Jos. Badenoch, R...1105-6 Stock Exchange bldg. Track Elevation-Lipps, Zimmer, Fisher, Kohout, Albert J. Fisher, R..

131 La Salle street Moynihan, Roberts, Hahne. Egan, Taylor. 33. Ernest Bihl, R.. .11938 South Halsted street Compensation-Snow, Harding, Pringle, Dever, William C. Hunt, R.

..1264 94th street Reinberg, Hey. 34. Patrick J. Nolan, D......1970 W. Madison street Special Park Commission-(See Parks and Boule

Joseph F. Kohout, D..619 Chi. Opera House blk. vards.) 35. Chas. J. Forsberg, R....2583 W. Superior street Meetings-Regular meetings of the council are held

Frank L. Race, R......100 South Central avenue every Monday evening at 7:30 o'clock.


Duties-In a general way the duties of the board

of aldermen are to enact ordinances for the gov. ernment of the city, levy and collect taxes, make appropriations, regulate licenses, etc. The mat. ters coming under the jurisdiction of the council are indicated by the names of the committees given above.


101 and 103 city hall. City Clerk-John R. McCabe, R. Chief Clerk to City Clerk-E. J. Padden, D. Duties—The city clerk keeps the corporate seal

and all papers belonging to the city. He attends the meetings of the council and keeps a record of the proceedings. All city licenses are issued through his office. CITY TREASURER'S OFFICE.

105 city hall.

Hours-10 a. m. to 3 p. m. City Treasurer-John E. Traeger, D. Assistant-Harry Hildreth, Jr. Duties—The treasurer receives all moneys belong

ing to the corporation, deposits the funds in bank, keeps separate accounts of each fund or appropriation, pays warrants, receives fines and renders monthly accounts of the condition of the treasury to the council. CITY COMPTROLLER'S OFFICE.

304 city hall. Comptroller-Walter H. Wilson, R. Deputy Comptroller-Louis E. Gosselin, D. Chief Clerk-C. J. O'Connor. Duties—The comptroller is at the head of the de

partment of finance, of which the treasurer and collector are also members. He is charged with a general supervision over all the officers of the city who take in or pay out city money. He is the fiscal agent of the city and as such has charge of deeds, mortgages, contracts, etc. He audits and settles claims, keeps a record of persons committed to the house of correction, with fines, etc.; keeps books relating to appropriations, makes the annual estimates, signs warrants upon the city treasury, etc.


312 city hall. First Assistant and Acting Paymaster-John L.

Healy. Duties-The city paymaster has immediate charge of paying the salaries of city employes, includ. ing school teachers and library employes. CITY COLLECTOR'S OFFICE.

102 city hall. City Collector-Ernest J. Magerstadt, R. Deputy City Collector-J. F. McCarthy. Duties--The city collector executes all special as.

sessments and other warrants, receives money for licenses, pays over to the city, treasurer ail moneys collected by him, takes receipts therefor and files them with the comptroller. CORPORATION COUNSEL'S OFFICE.

303 city hall. Corporation Counsel-Edward J. Brundage, R. Assistants-Emil C. Wetten, Franklin A. Denni.

son, William E. Bagby, Clarence M. Boord, John J. Beilman, Robert L, Campbell, Edwin H. Cassels, Charles Cruikshank (also attorney for police department), Clyde A. Day, George E. Dierssen Frank J. Hogan (also attorney for fire department), Edgar R. Hart and W. F. Hapeman (also assistant attorneys for board of local improvements), Howard Hayes, Charles M. Haft, Robert M. Holt, R. R. Jampolis, Edwin D. Keith, George A. Mason (also attorney for board of local improvements). W. K. Otis. William S. Stahl, Nelson Thomassen, Michael F. Sullivan,

William D. Barge, Frank L. Childs. Special Assessment Attorneys-Frank Johnston, Jr.,

George M. Haynes. Duties-The corporation counsel superintends and,

with the assistance of the prosecuting and city attorneys, conducts all the law business of the city; draws the leases, deeds and other papers connected with the finance department and all

contracts for any of the other departments of the corporation; drafts such ordinances as may be required of him by the city council or its committees and furnishes written legal opinions upon subjects submitted to him by the mayor of the city council or any department of the city government.

CITY ATTORNEY'S OFFICE. Room 822 First National Bank building. City Attorney-Frank D. Ayers. Assistant City Attorney-Alfred 0. Erickson. Assistant Attorney and Chief Investigator-B. W.

Sherman. Trial Attorneys–Robert S. Cook, E. S. Day, D.

H. Wansley, Charles Swanson, Ed O. Fitch. Henry J. Frereks, Richard J. Finn, Harry T.

Aspern. Chief Law Clerk-Arthur S. Friedman. Duties—The city attorney keeps a register of all

actions in courts of record, prosecuted or de fended, in which the city may be a party, and defends all damage suits against the city. His chief duty is the defense or settlement of per sonal-injury cases against the corporation. He may be called upon to draft ordinances for the city council or for heads of departments. He is the attorney for the fire pension board.


Room 513 Ashland block. Prosecuting Attorney-George H. White, R. Chief Assistant-James Donohue. Law Clerk-William J. Anderson, Assistants--Robert C. Busse, Frank H. Hills, 0.

L. Kelar, A. T. Powers, James W. Breen, Sig. mund Jonas. D. M. Elliott. Victor Sarner, Henry Seligman, David Revell, Anton Zeman.


2 and 4 city hall. Commissioner of Health-W. A. Evans, M. D., R. Assistant Commissioner of Health-Dr. F. W.

Reilly. Secretary-E. R. Pritchard. Chief Medical Inspector-Dr. Heman Spalding. Registrar of Vital Statistics-M. O. Heckard, M. D. Recorder of Deaths-James J. Dillon. City Physician-L. Blake Baldwin, M. D., R. Duties-The commissioner of health and his as

sistants enforce state laws and city ordinances relating to sanitation and cause all naisances to be promptly abated. They keep records of births and deaths and other vital statistics. investigate all cases of contagious diseases and take all necessary steps to prevent their spread, such as providing for vaccination, disinfection, etc. The city physician attends to all cases in the police stations requiring medical attention.

CITY LABORATORY. Galbraith building, Franklin and Madison streets. City Chemist-Hugo Jone. BUREAU OF SANITARY INSPECTION.

411 city hall.
Chief Sanitary Inspector-Charles B. Ball.

100 city hall.
Master Plumber-0. W. Herrmann.
Journeyman Plumber- Hugh H. Smith.
Secretary-G. L. McConnell,

222 city hall.
Commissioner-John J. Hanberg. R.
Deputy Commissioner-Paul Redieske, R.
Private Secretary to Commissioner-T. J. Sullivan.
Duties--The commissioner of public works is the

head of the department of public works, which embraces in addition the city engineer and the superintendents of streets, street cleaning, water. sewerage and maps. He has charge of all the streets, sidewalks, bridges, docks, public lands and buildings, etc.; collects water rents and taxes, water licenses and permits and sewerage permits and licenses, and makes contracts for public improvements not done by special assessment.


321 city hall. City Engineer-John Ericson, C. E. Chief Clerk-W. J. Roach. Duties-The city engineer has charge of the con

struction of bridges, viaducts and waterworks and performs all such services for the commissioner of public works as require the skill and experience of a civil engineer.

BUREAU OF BRIDGES AND HARBOR. Engineer-Thomas G. Pihlfeldt. Assistant Engineer-John A. Lennartson. Harbor Engineer-Col. Ricard O's. Burke. Harbor Master-Walter Scott. Vessel Dispatcher-Francis B. Higgie. BOARD OF STREET-RAILWAY SUPERVISING


Borland building, 11th floor. Chairman and Chief Engineer-Bion J. Arnold. Representing City-Charles V. Weston. Representing Railways-Harvey B. Fleming. Assistant Chief Engineer-George Weston. Consulting Engineer-Mortimer E. Cooley.


116 city hall. Superintendent-Alex Harper. Chief Clerk John C. Schubert. Cashier-Otto A. Dreier. Chief Accountant-Augustus F. Heintze. Assessor-John J. Harkins. Chief Clerk Meter Division-John R. Lambin. Inspector-J. J. Ward. Duties-The superintendent of water has special

charge of the collection of water assessments and ratęs. WATER-PIPE EXTENSION.

317 city hall. Superintendent-H. C. Lucas, R. Assistant Superintendent-John P. Allen, Chief Clerk-C. H. Goll. Duties—The superintendent has special charge of

the extension of the city's water mains, repairs and maintenance.


225 city hall. Superintendent-Michael J. Doherty, D. Assistant Superintendent-Patrick McCarthy. Assistant Superintendent Street and Alley Clean

ing-Frank W. Solon. Duties—The superintendent has charge of the im

provement and repair of the streets and sidewalks and of street and alley cleaning and the removal of garbage and ashes and obstructions of any kind outside the building line.


217 city hall. Superintendent-William E. Quinn, D. Chief Clerk-Ed Cullerton, Jr. Duties—The superintendent has special charge of

the construction and repair of all sewers and catch-basins.


401 city hall. Superintendent-John D. Riley, D. Duties-Has special charge of city maps and plats and all matters pertaining to street numbering. BUREAU OF COMPENSATION.

227 city hall. Chief Clerk-Henry V. McGurren. BUREAU OF INFORMATION AND COMPLAINTS.

11 city hall. Chief Clerk--Harry Porges. BOARD OF LOCAL IMPROVEMENTS.

208 city hall. Members-Henry S. Dietrich, R., president; John

Minwegen, D., vice-president; Ora E. Chapin, secretary; E. Orris Hart, R., assistant secre

tary: John F. Finerty. Superintendent of Special Assessments-Ora E.

Chief Clerk Special Assessments-T. Sullivan.

Duties—The board of local improvements is a body

designed primarily to reform the method of making special assessments. As the name implies, it has charge of all kinds of local improvements, such as street paving. sewer extensions, sidewalks, etc. The board fixes the special assessments, hears complaints and considers objections to proposed improvements. TRACK ELEVATION DEPARTMENT.

200 city hall. Track Elevation Superintendent-Walter, J. Ray.

mer, R. Duties-Frames ordinances for the elevation of steam surface roads in Chicago.


411 city hall. Commissioner-Joseph Downey, R. Deputy Commissioner-Robert Knight. Assistant Deputy-John C. Christensen. Secretary-James Slattery. Duties- The building commissioner sees that new

buildings are put up in accordance with the city ordinances, that fire escapes are provided wherever needed, that unsafe structures are demolished or repaired, that safe exits are provided in halls, theaters, etc. DEPARTMENT OF ELECTRICITY.

12, 14 and 16 city hall. City Electrician-William Carroll, D. Chief Operator-Frank W. Swenie. Superintendent of Construction-Harry Leser, Chief Clerk-John B. Porter. Chief Electric Light Inspector-George D. Bayle. Chief Gas Inspector-William B. Burke, R. Chief Operating Engineer-Frank B. Flynn. Duties-The city electrician has charge of the con

struction, repair and maintenance of the city's electric and gas lights, power plants and the police and fire alarm telegraphs. BOARD OF EXAMINING ENGINEERS.

500 city hall. Members-Hugh J. Gleason, president; Frank K.

Rittenhouse, vice-president; L. J. Griffin, secretary; J. F. O'Connor, inspector and clerk; C. F. Swingle, Henry McMahon and Daniel Holland,

inspectors. Duties—The members of the board, who are prac

tical engineers familiar with the construction and operation of steam boilers and engines, examine all applicants for licenses for engineers and boiler or water tenders, grant licenses and suspend or revoke the same. DEPARTMENT OF SUPPLIES.

316 city hall. Business Agent-William A. Coleman, R. Duties-The business agent buys all supplies for

city departments which involve an expenditure of less than $500. He has nothing to do with supplies used by contractors employed by the city.


409 city hall. City Statistician-Hugo S. Grosser. Assistant Statistician-Fred Rex. Duties-Has charge of the municipal library and

collects and publishes statistics relating to the municipality. “The City of Chicago Statistics'' is issued quarterly.


California avenue, near 26th street. Superintendent-John L. Whitman, R. Deputy Superintendent-P. J. O'Connell. House of Correction Inspectors-George Mason,

John J. Sloan, S. Rogers Touhy. Duties-The superintendent has charge of the

house of correction under the supervision and direction of the board of inspectors, enforces order and discipline, receives prisoners and discharges them on order or on expiration of sentence.



Headquarters, city hall. General Superintendent-George M. Shippy, room

208. Assistant Superintendent-H. F. Schuettler, room

21. Secretary Police Department-Simon Mayer, room

10. Private Secretary to Chief of Police-James M.

Markham, room 127. Chief Clerk-Phil McKenna, room 10. Drill Master-John Bauder, room 208. Custodian-DeWitt C. Cregier, room 11. Inspectors-John J. Wheeler, ist division, Harri.

son and La Salle streets; Nicholas Hunt, 2d division, 53d street and Lake avenue; John L. Revere, 3d division, Desplaines street and Waldo place; Peter M. Kelly, 4th division, 233 West Chicago avenue; Anson Backus, 5th division, 240 East Chicago avenue; P. J. Lavin, 6th division,

Maxwell and Morgan streets. Captains-Patrick J. Gibbons, Patrick J. Harding,

Edward McCann, John M. Haines, John J. Mahoney, John McWeeney, Stephen K. Healy, Francis P. Barcal, Thomas C. Kane, John Rehm, James 0. D. Storen, William P. Clancy, James Madden, P. D. O'Brien, Charles C. Dorman, Jo

seph Kandzia. Duties—The police department is charged with

preserving order, peace and quiet and enforcing the laws and ordinances throughout the city. Police officers have the power to make arrests and to serve warrants. They are required to assist firemen in saving property, in giving alarms of fire and in keeping the streets in the vicinity of burning buildings clear. They are also required to take notice of all obstructions and defects in the streets, nuisances, etc.


Headquarters, 18 to 22 city hall. Fire Marshal-James Horan. First Assistant Fire Marshal-Charles R. Seyfer

lịch. Second Assistant Fire Marshal-William J. Bur

roughs. Third Assistant Fire Marshal-Thomas O'Connor Fourth Assistant Fire Marshal-P. J. Donahoe. Department Attorney-Frank J. Hogan. Secretary-William C. Gamble, city hall; hours,

9 a. m. to 5 p. m. Chief Clerk-Joseph O'Donohue. Battalion Chiefs-1st, E. J. Buckley; 2d, Frank

Conway; 3d, Nicholas Weinand; 4th, Charles N. Heaney; 5th, Ener Anderson; 6th, John Powers; 7th, Eugene Sweeney; 8th, James Heaney, 9th, Benjamin O'Connor; 10th, David J. Mahoney; 11th, George H. McAllister; 12th, Joseph L. Kenyon; 13th, Frederick J. Gabriel; 14th, Michael R. Driscoll: 15th, John Lynch; 16th, John Hannan;

17th, John Fitzgerald. Superintendent Insurance Patrol-E. T. Shepherd,

176 Monroe street. Duties-The fire marshal has sole and absolute

control over all persons connected with the fire

department and has the custody of the equipment and other property of the department. The fire inspector investigates the causes of fires and keeps record of the same. The secretary keeps all books and papers of the department and delivers to the city council and other depart. ments the written communications of the fire marshal. CIVIL-SERVICE COMMISSIONERS.

400 city hall. Commissioners-Elton Lower, R., president; Zina

R. Carter, R.: M. L. McKinley, D. Secretary and Chief Examiner-Vernon L. Bean. Attorney-Howard O. Sprogle. Duties- The commissioners classify offices and

places in the city service, examine applicants for employment in such offices and places, certify to the heads of departments as required the names of those standing highest on the list of eligibles, investigate charges against employes in the classified service and remove employes for cause. Two weeks' notice by advertisement of the time and place of holding examinations is given.


City hall, 4th floor, south end. Commissioners-John C. Cannon, Thomas F. Judge,

Abel A. Bach. Chief Clerk-Isaac N. Powell. Attorney-Frank D. Ayers. Duties—The commissioners fix the election pre

cincts, provide ballot boxes, tally sheets, pollbooks and all other blanks and stationery necessary in an election, select judges and clerks of elections, canvass the returns of votes and in brief, have charge of everything pertaining to the registration of voters and the holding of all regular, special and primary elections. DEPARTMENT OF BOILER AND SMOKE IN.


501-503 city hall. Chief Boiler Inspector-John J. Houlihan, R. Chief Smoke Inspector-Paul P. Bird, R. Assistant Smoke Inspector-Robert H. Kuss. Secretary-R. B. Wilcox. DEPARTMENT OF WEIGHTS AND MEASURES.

312 city hall. Inspector of Weights and Measures-John Kjelland

er, R. Chief Deputy-William F. Cluett.


215 Madison street. Chief Inspector-Dr. G. Koehler. Fish Inspector-Adolph Burmeister, R.


Room 505, 67 Wabash avenue. Oil Inspector-Charles W. Andrews, R.


10 North Union Street, Superintendent-James Mullenbach.

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