Illustrated History of Ireland, from the Earliest Period

Longmans, Green, & Company, Paternoster Row, 1873 - 671 sider

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Side 598 - The question with me is, not whether you have a right to render your people miserable ; but whether it is / not your interest to make them happy. It is not, what a lawyer tells me I may do ; but what humanity, reason, and justice, tell me I ought to do.
Side 590 - ... freedom, am I to hear of faction. I wish for nothing but to breathe, in this our island, in common with my fellow-subjects, the air of liberty. I have no ambition, unless it be the ambition to break your chain, and contemplate your glory.
Side 548 - A hall, a hall ! give room ! and foot it, girls. More light, you knaves ; and turn the tables up, And quench the fire, the room is grown too hot.
Side 31 - A dense population in extreme distress inhabit an island where there is an established church which is not their church; and a territorial aristocracy, the richest of whom live in a distant capital. Thus they have a starving population, an absentee aristocracy, an alien church, and in addition the weakest executive in the world. Well, what then would honourable gentlemen say if they were reading of a country in that position? They would say at once, 'The remedy is revolution.
Side 505 - As' for that which you mention concerning liberty of conscience, I meddle not with any man's conscience. But if by liberty of conscience, you mean a liberty to exercise the Mass, I judge it best to use plain dealing, and to let you know, Where the Parliament of England have power, that will not be allowed of.
Side 82 - No reptiles are found there and no snake can live there; for though often carried thither out of Britain, as soon as the ship comes near the shore and the scent of the air reaches them, they die.
Side 600 - I hope ever to see America among the foremost nations in examples of justice and liberality ; and I presume that your fellow-citizens will not forget the patriotic part which you took in the accomplishment of their revolution and the establishment of their government, or the important assistance which they received from a nation in which the Roman Catholic faith is professed.
Side 624 - The conversation of the principal persons of the country all tend to encourage this system of blood, and the conversation even at my table, where you will suppose I do all I can to prevent it, always turns on hanging, shooting, burning, &c., &c., and if a priest has been put to death the greatest joy is expressed by the whole company.
Side 615 - A lawless banditti have constituted themselves judges of this species of delinquency, and the sentence they pronounce is equally concise and terrible ; it is nothing less than a confiscation of all property, and immediate banishment.
Side 632 - The affirmative was languid but indisputable, another momentary pause ensued, again his lips seemed to decline their office : at length, with an eye averted from the object which he hated, he proclaimed, with a subdued voice,

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