The Scroll of Phi Delta Theta, Volum 5;Volum 7

Phi Delta Theta Fraternity., 1880

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Side 34 - Lafayette, in said State, and that said university is now, and for several years last past has been, engaged in the education of a portion of the young men and young women, and of the children of this State; that said university is fully equipped with the necessary buildings and apparatus for the business in which it is engaged, and has a full corps of teachers ; that the defendants to this...
Side 37 - Every student, upon his admission into an institution of learning, impliedly promises to submit to, and to be governed by, all the necessary and proper rules and regulations...
Side 134 - Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be presented to the family of the deceased, and that they be published in the city papers and in the columns of the Cincinnati LANCET-CLINIC.
Side 36 - From and after the date of the location made as aforesaid, the corporate name of the Trustees of the Indiana Agricultural College shall be " The Trustees of Purdue University," and they shall take in charge, have, hold, possess and manage all and singular the property and moneys comprehended in said donations, as also the fund derived from the sale of the land scrip donated under said
Side 110 - Here's a health to them that's awa, Here's a health to them that's awa ; Here's a health to Tammie, the Norland laddie, That lives at the lug o...
Side 158 - ... in my official custody as Secretary of State, and found to be true and correct, of the...
Side 114 - States there is a class of students' societies, usually secret in their character, which have rapidly grown in favor, and have become of great importance in the college world. They are composed of lodges or branches placed in the several colleges, united by a common bond of friendship and a common name, generally composed of Greek letters. From this latter fact they are known among non-collegians as "Greekletter Societies," or, more frequently, from their secrecy, "College Secret Societies," but...
Side 178 - ... not inconsistent with the Constitution and laws of the United States, or the constitution and laws of this state, shall be the rule of decision in this state unless altered or repealed by the General Assembly of this state.
Side 190 - The boast of heraldry, the pomp of power, And all that beauty, all that wealth e'er gave, Await alike the inevitable hour: The paths of glory lead but to the grave.
Side 11 - There is in every true woman's heart a spark of heavenly fire which lies dormant in the broad daylight of prosperity ; but which kindles up and beams and blazes in the dark hour of adversity.

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