Ammunition for rifled ordnance, Volum 1


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Side 197 - No. 1 tally-board to be attached to the whip. English: Make the tail of the block fast to the lower mast, well up. If the masts are gone, then to the best place you can find. Cast off rocket line; see that the roi>e in the block runs free, and show signal to the shore.
Side 277 - Manual. Compiled for the use of Engineer Volunteer Corps. By Col. WA FBANKLAND, RE With numerous Illustrations. 2s. Ammunition. A descriptive treatise on the different Projectiles Charges, Fuzes, Rockets, &c., at present in use for Land and Sea Service, and on other war stores manufactured in the Royal Laboratory.
Side 197 - anchor ' with one fluke, to be buried in the earth, sand, or shingle, to which to set np the hawser by means of the tackle purchase. Or in some places where the shore is composed of soft shingle or sand, and where an anchor will not hold, a stout plank...
Side 275 - Manoeuvres. 2s. Hand-book Dictionary for the Militia and Volunteer Services, Containing a variety of useful information, Alphabetically arranged. Pocket size, 3s. 6d. ; by post, 3s. 8d. Gymnastic Exercises, System of Fencing, and Exercises for the Regulation Clubs. In one volume. Crown 8vo. 1877. 2s.
Side 197 - ... purchase. Or in some places where the shore is composed of soft shingle or sand, and where an anchor will not hold, a stout plank, 5 or 6 feet long, with a fathom of chain of sufficient strength fastened around it amidships, may be substituted for the anchor. This plank being buried...
Side 201 - ... side, it will exert its force afterwards in prolongation of this incorrect direction. If the rocket machine be brought into action on uneven ground, causing the foot on one side to be lower than that on the other, or if one foot sink deeper than the other, as might occur in yielding sand, the efiect will be to cause the rocket to carry towards the lower side.
Side 201 - ... to them communicating with the shore may be passed to the wreck directly the whip is made fast, or, again, the "buoy...
Side 101 - TRUMPET AND BUGLE SOUNDS FOR MOUNTED SERVICES AND GARRISON ARTILLERY, WITH INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE TRAINING OF TRUMPETERS. Dated Horse Guards, 1st January 1870. Demy 12mo., 112 pp., cloth, price 1s. 6d. MANUAL OF ARTILLERY EXERCISES. 1873. PART I. Drills and Exercises with Field Guns and Rockets. „ II. Drills and Exercises with Heavy Ordnance. „ III. Instruction in Ammunition.
Side 197 - Three small spars to form a triangle over which the hawser may be passed, and thereby raised higher above the water. This will be found convenient on parts of the coast where the shore is flat.
Side 202 - Tyne ; she would be about 350 or 360 yards, at least 350 yards by measurement from the nearest point of the rocks on which we could stand to use the apparatus. The first shot fell far short of her, we suppose, because it had not sufficient elevation, and the line was wet. The second rocket was laid with a few degrees more elevation, with a new rocket line quite dry and fresh, and flew right between her masts. The line is 250 fathoms in length. I think there might be 10 or 12 fathoms of the line left...

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