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RULE NO. 2142.

facts are stated therein showing that the It is ordered that the following be and is court in which said case is pending has juhereby adopted as rule 214% of this court risdiction thereof, and it is shown that such and that the same shall take effect January brief will be on the merits of the cause and 1, 1911:

that all motions to dismiss and all dilatory Petitions for extensions of time to file motions in said cause on behalf of the peti. briefs will not hereafter be granted, unless tioner have been filed

For rules, see 55 N. E. iv. 92 N.E.

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struction Co. v. (Mass.).

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cases (Masa)..

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.1109 Y.)

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Co. v. Averill (N. Y.)..


Bmadus, Interurban Ry. & Terminal Co. v. Central New York Telephone & Telegraph

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