50 Henry III.

"Exemplificatio libri de domesday, pro Abbate de Stanley de manerio de S. in Co. Warr."

[C. P. R., p. 38.]

A.D. 1266.

"Dedicata est ecclesia de Stanleye in Wiltesyre a domino Waltero de la Wile, tunc Sarum episcopo. Cujus anima per misericordiam dei in pace requiescat.' LMS. Bodl., Digby, 11, f. 187.]

6 Kal. April, 1268.

"Obiit Dompnus Willelmus Chinnoo xu abbas Stanlege in Wiltes cujus memoria in benedictione sit in eternum, Amen, vj Kl' Aprilis."

[MS. Digby 11,f. 187.]

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A.D. 1269.

"Johannes dictus de Suthun Clericus, Hugo de Caudewelle, Robertus de Weresle, et quidam Galfridus socius eorum, qui fuerant ad roberiam abbatiæ de Stanle, sæpius apud Dunstaple divertebant. Et cum obsessi essent undique et capiendi, Johannes clericus affugit ad ecclesiam nostram, et inde abjuravit regnum Angliæ; et apud Oxoniam postea interfectus est, sine sacramentis ecclesiasticis, Tres vero socii ejus capti sunt &c."

[Annales de Dunstaplia, p. 252.]

Uncertain. Henry III.

"Abbas de Stanleya. Stanleya maner. Warr.”

A.D. 1270.

"Eodem anno intravit conventus de Stanleye in Wiltes novum refectorium, scilicet die beati Johannis baptiste."

[MS. Bodl., Digby 11.]

Uncertain date, temp. Henry III.

"Abbas et conventus de Stanleya: de tallagio manerii de Stanleya."

A.D. 1271.

"Obiit Philippus Basseth in fine mensis Octobris, et sepultus est apud Stanlege."

[Annales de Wintonia, 111.]

[Calend. Genealog., i., 171.]

King Edward I. witnessed several documents at Stanley, as may be gathered from the Itinerary of that king compiled by the Rev. C. H. Hartshorne, out of a large number of miscellaneous rolls, records, manuscripts and printed works. This itinerary is printed in the "Collectanea Archæologica" of the British Arch. Association. The dates shewing the king's visits to the place are:

1282. 10 Edward I.

March 22, 23, Malmesbury.

24, Stanlegh.

25, Stanford, Stanley.

26, Stanley.

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March 28, to April 18, Devizes.
April 23, 24, Stanley.

30, Gloucester.


Rotulus Walliæ, 11 Edward I.

"Protectio pro Johanne de Merston, persona ecclesiæ de olivestede, H.* T. T. Sancti Laurentii in Lucina Sanctæ Romanæ ecclesiæ cardinale, Abbate de Stanley, et Martino de Chamberion, Persona Ecclesiæ de Stratton. Apud Rothelan', 8 Dec."

[Calendars of the Ancient Charters, &c., and of the Welch and Scotish Rolls now remaining in the Tower of London, by T. Astle London, 4to, 1772.]

13 Edward I.

"Abbas de Stanlegh. More bosc' infra forest' de Chippeham includend'." [Ing. p. m., p. 88.]

13 Edward I.

"Inquisitio ad quod damnum," an indication that there was a change of the abbot at this time.

[Calend. Genealog., i., 365.]

14 Edward I.

"Thomas de Ardern, pro abbate de Stanleye; Botteleye, advocatio Ecclesiæ, co. Warr."

[Inq. p. m., vol. iv., p. 427.]

This may not be Stanley, but Stonelegh.

*Hugo "Atratus" de Evesham, Titulo Sancti Laurentii in Lucina Cardinalis. For an account of this illustrious and scientific divine, see Tanner's Bibliotheca, p. 418; Ciaconius, Vita Pontifi cum, vol. ii., col, 239. He died at Rome in 1287,

1291. Entries in Pope Nicholas's Taxation relating to Stanlegh:

£ 8. d.
1 0 0
8 0
47 3 4
2 0
9 3 4

8 13 4

11 10 0

7 13 4

4 10 0

13 11 8"



Dioc. Sarum. in Ruteshalle

in Stapelforde

in Decanatu Abingdon
in Decanatu Newbur.
in Marleberg
in Langedeneswith
apud Ricardeston
in Stodley

in Yattone
in Lockeswell


Dioe. Wigorn: apud Caderin torris }

redditu &

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Porcio in ecclesia de Lamburn


22 Edward I.

"Abbas de Stanlegh. Licencia fodendi miner' ferri in dominicis terris suis in foresta de Chyppeham."

[Inq. p. m., p. 121.]

22 Edward I. "Inquisitio ad quod damnum," a change of abbot. [Calend. Genealog., ii., 487.]

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3. d.



25 Edward I.

"Abbas de Stanley, in Radwey, co. Warr., tenet 8vam partem unius feodi." [Inq. p. m., p. 139.]


32 Edward I.

"Quod Abbas de S. teneat imperpetuum 211 acras de vastis foresta de Pevesham pro redditu 67. 19s. 1d."

[C. P. R., p. 64.]



22 June, 1 Edward II. King's writ of Confirmation of the privileges of the citizens of London, tested at Stanleye.

1310-11. 4 Edward II. "Pat. pro Abbate de S."

The Itinerary of Edward II., compiled by the Rev. C. H. Hartshorne, shews the following route of the King:1308, June 20, Marlborough,

June 22, Marlborough & Stanley.

21, Stanley.

23, Bristol,

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[C. P. R., p. 71.]

1311-12. 5 Edward II.

"Robertus de Hungerford, pro Abbate de Stanlege, Nova Sarum, unum mesuagium cum pertinentiis.

Caleston manerium 40 librat'. terræ ibidem remanent eidem Roberto."

[Ing., p. 45.]

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1351. 25 Edward III.

"Rex exoneravit Abbatem de Stanlee de reparatione cujusdem viæ in solo ipsius Abbatis in Hundredo de Kingesbridge vocata Saltharpesway in comitatu Wiltes."

[Ibid, p. 161.]

1354. 28 Edward III.

A deed in the Augmentation Office contains the name and seal of Abbot William,

[Wilts Mag., iii., 270.]

28 April, 1363.

"Rex concessit Abbati de Stanley imperpetuum proficium de navibus piscatorum villæ de Rye ad Regem pertinentibus, vocatum Kingeshares."

[C. R. P., p. 176 b.]

The following is the text of the charter in the British Museum:(British Museum, Harley Charter, 111. C. 13.) 28 April, 1363.

"Edwardus Dei gratia Rex Angliæ, Dominus Hiberniæ et Aquitaniæ Omnibus ad quos presentes litteræ pervenerint Salutem, Sciatis quod de gratia nostra spetiali, et intuitu caritatis ac pro salute animarum progenitorum nostrorum dedimus et concessimus pro nobis et heredibus nostris dilectis nobis in Christo Fratri Johanni Abbati de Stanlege in comitatu Wiltes' ac Monachis ibidem Deo servientibus proficuum ad nos de navibus Piscatorum villæ nostræ de Rye pertinens, vocatum Kynges shares, Habendum et tenendum eisdem Abbati et

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Monachis et sucessoribus suis de nobis et heredibus nostris in liberam puram et perpetuam elemosinam imperpetuum, Statuto de terris et tenementis ad manum mortuam non ponendis edito non obstante. In cujus rei testimonium has litteras nostras fieri fecimus patentes. Teste me ipso apud Westmonasterium vicesimo octavo die Aprilis anno regni nostri vicesimo septimo.

per ipsum regem nunc'. W. de Wykeham. Burstall."

Fine example of the Bretigny seal.

28th April, 1363.

John, Abbot of Stanley, occurs in the above charter, which is also contained in Hearne's Diary in the Bodleian Library, vol. cxxv., f. 128.

A.D. 1363.

"Appropriatio ecclesiæ de Rye, co. Sussex, abbati & monachis de Stanley, A.D. 1363, penes virum cluentissimum Petrum Le Neve, arm. Norroy: et una cum ordinatione vicariæ in reg. Episo. Cicestr. c. fo. 76, 77.”


The following is the text of this charter from Hearne's Diary, in the Bodleian Library, vol. cxxv. f. 129 :

"Anno 37°. Edwardi tercii.

Pro Abb'e de Stanley in Com'. Wiltes.

Rex omnibus ad quos &c. salutem, Sciatis quod de gratia nostra speciali et intuitu Caritatis ac pro salute Animarum progenitorum nostrorum dedimus et concessimus pro nobis et heredibus nostris dilectis nobis in Christo fratri Johanni Abbati de Stanley in comitatu Wiltes, ac monachis ibidem Deo servientibus, Advocacionem ecclesiæ de Rye in Com. Sussex una cum Decima piscariæ in parochia ecclesiæ prædictæ vocata Christeshares. Habendum et tenendum eisdem abbati Monachis et Succesoribus suis de nobis et heredibus nostris in liberam puram et perpetuam elimosinam imperpetuum, statuto de terris et tenementis ad manum mortuam non ponendum edito non obstante. In cujus &c. T. R. apud Westmonasterium, xxviiio die Aprilis. per ipsum, etc."

A very fair and perfect impression of the common seal of this abbey, attached to a deed dated in 1363, remains in the Augmentation Office: it is round and has for its subject the Blessed Virgin and Child on one side, and St. John the Baptist on the other; between them is an olive tree. The legend is "s. comme. abbis. et c'ventus. de stanleya." The impression is on dark green wax.



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