Archaeologia Cambrensis

W. Pickering, 1874

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Side 95 - Kalendars of Gwynedd ; or, Chronological Lists of Lords-Lieutenant, Sheriffs and Knights for Anglesey, Caernarvon, and Merioneth. With Lists of the Lords-Presidents of Wales, and the Constables of the Castles of Beaumaris, Caernarvon, Conway, and Harlech. Compiled by EDWARD BREESE, FSA With Notes by WILLIAM WATKIN EDWARD WYNNE, Esq., FSA, of Penairth. Only a limited number printed. One volume, demy 4to, cloth extra, 2&r. Lamb's (Charles) Essays of Elia. The Complete Work. Beautifully printed, and...
Side 153 - Image, in so muche that there is a commyn sayinge as yet amongist them that who so ever will offer anie thinge to the saide Image of Darvellgadern, he hathe power to fatche hym or them that so offers oute of Hell when they be dampned.
Side 154 - ... took his death, that no man that ever put his trust in God never so unquietly nor so ungodly ended his life. If men might judge him by his outward man, he appeared to have little knowledge of God and his sincere truth, and less trust in him at his ending.
Side 316 - M*y* . ages, and probably in the time of the Norwegians, — a nation of miners. The old adventurers worked by trenching, which is apparent every where. The trenches are not above six feet deep, and the veins which opened into them not above five or six inches thick ; yet, by means of some instrument unknown to us at present, they picked or scooped out the ore with good success, following it, in that narrow space, to the length of four feet.
Side 260 - Britons took a particular pride in adorning their swords, and making them polished handles of the teeth of sea-animals, &c.; and their warlike disposition and love of the sword was such, that it was the custom for the mother of every male child to put the first victuals into the child's mouth on the point of his father's sword, and, with the food, to give her first blessing or wish to him, that he might die no other death than that of the sword.
Side 154 - God confuted them, and with many and godly exhortations moved him to repentance, but such was his frowardness that he neither would hear nor speak. " And a little before the execution, a huge and great Image was brought to the gallows, which Image was brought out of Wales, and of the Welshmen much sought and worshipped.
Side 260 - ... last the lion shall quarrel with the kingdom, and get upon the backs of the nobility. A bull shall come into the quarrel, and strike the lion with his right foot. He shall drive him through all the inns in the kingdom, but shall break his horns against the walls of Oxford. The fox of Kaerdubalem shall take revenge on the lion, and destroy him entirely with her teeth.
Side 152 - ... kyne, other with oxen or horsis, and the reste withe money : in so muche that there was fyve or syxe hundrethe...
Side 164 - Among the articles which he has secured, are half of a stone hand-mill, or quern, pierced with a hole ; the upper part of an earthenware pounding mill, with a lip or rim ; fragments of Roman pottery ; a bronze ring; and a third brass of Constantine the Great, with a square altar on the reverse. At the north-east corner of the enclosure, some grains of wheat in a charred state, were found at the depth of a few feet, in excavating the foundations of a cottage ; and on the south-west, fragments of thick...
Side 154 - Latirner, declared to him his errors, and openly and manifestly, by the Scripture of God, confuted them, and with many and godly exhortations moved him to repentance ; but such was his frowardness, that he neither would hear nor speak.

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