From Kirwin, up Deer Creek, to the northwestern corner of Phillips Post-roads esCounty.

From Kirwin, via Truesdale and Darling Ranch, to Prairie Dog City. From Russell Station, via Osborn, Gaylord, and Ballard, to Red Cloud, in Nebraska.

From New Scandinavia, via White Rock City, Greenville, White Mound, Sweeny's Ranch, Ballard, and Gaylord, to Fort Hays.

From Belleville, via Prairie Plaine, to Dryden, Nebraska.

From Wyandotte, via Quindaro, Six-Mile House, White Church, and May Wood, to Tonganoxie.

From Bunker Hill, via Lura, to Osborne City.

From Burlington, via Lyndon, Fairfax, and Richardson, to Carbon


From Humboldt to Hepler.

From Greenville, via Oakland and Iowa, to Athens.

From Beloit, via Salt Creek and Lincoln Centre, to Ellsworth.

From Aurora to Beloit.

From Concordia, via Lake Sibley, to Bellville.

From Oswego, via Elm Grove, to Parker.

From Coffeyville, via Peru and Cedar Vale, to Arkansas City.

From Clay Centre, via Brown Rock and Butler, to Washington.

From Fort Hays, via Bulls City, Cedarville, Emmaville, and Waterloo, to Fort Kearney, Nebraska.

From Tioga to Altoona.

From Wichita, via Bellplaine and Oxford, to Arkansas City.

From Newton, via Hutchinson, Fort Zarah, to Fort Dodge.

From Eskridge, via Rock Creek, to Council Grove.

From Jewell, via Oakland and White Mound, to Red Cloud, Nebraska.

From Fredonia to Elk City.

From Sabetha to Falls City, Nebraska.

From Perryville, via Ozawkie, to Grasshopper Falls.

From Abilene, via Buckeye, Cheever, and Lovejoy, to Clay Centre.
From Elk City, via Boston, Cloverdale, to Cedarvale.


From Lake Charles to Leesburg.

From Washington to Churchville.

From Washington, via Big Cave, to mouth of Bayou Rouge.

From Port Vincent, via Walker's, Ott's Mills, and Hog Branch, to In


[blocks in formation]

From Baton Rouge to Clinton.

From Franklinton to Palestine.

From Monroe, via Chemiere, Brooklyn, to Winfield.

From New Orleans, to Grand Isle, in the Parish of Jefferson.

tablished in Kansas;



From Dundee to Skipton.

From Westminister, via Mexico and Snydersburg, to Manchester.
From Park Mills to Greenfield Mills.

From Brooklyn to Johnson's Store.


Post-roads established in Missouri;



From Troy, via Chantilly, New Salem, Bur Oak Valley, and Dryden, to Troy.

From Newark to La Belle.

From West Plains, via Chapel and Summersville, to Currant River.
From Mound College to Jacksonville.

From Brazeto, via Hanleys, St. Elizabeth Tavern, and Cage, to Dixon.
From Hillsboro, via Lemay's Ferry, to St. Louis.

From Gainesville to Mountain Home.

From Billings, via Delaware Town, to Ozark.

From Fair Grove to High Prairie.

From Sentinel Prairie, Payne's Prairie, to Bolivar.
From Dixon to Manton.

From Linn to Cooper Hill.

From Bethany to Eagleville.

From Oregon, via Grant Whig Valley, to Maryville.

From Pickering to Grant City.

From Breckenridge to Groveland.

From Civil Bend, via Jameson, to Crittenden.

From Civil Bend to Kindig.

From Mercyville, via Tullvania and New Boston, to Milan.

From O'Fallon, via Cottleville, Hamburg, Mechanicsville, and Dashoff,

to O'Fallon.

From Van Buren to Poplar Bluff.

From Grant's Hill, via Grant City, to Bedford, Iowa.

From Marysville, via Clearmount, to Bradyville, Iowa.

From Mooreville, via Monroe, Morris, and Bates, to Norborne.

From Rockport to College Springs, Iowa.

From Marysville to Rochester.


From Beaver, via Elba and Whitewater Falls, to St. Charles.
From Antrim to Fairmount.

From Worthington to Spirit Lake, in Iowa.

From Windom, via Big Bend, Lake Sheteck, and Saratoga, to Lynd.
From Rushford to Winona.

From Campbell, via Sherwin's Lakes, to Fergus Falls.

From Newburg, via Lenora, Amherst, and Watson Creek, to Wash


From Rochester, via Farm Hill, to Lake City.

From Lake City, via West Albany, Hyde Park, Millville, and Forest Mound, to Plainview.

From Rosendale to Cosmos.

From Atwater to Cosmos.

From Morris to Lac Qui Parle.

From Worthington, via Lawrence, to Dell City, Dakota Territory.

From Blue Earth City to Banks.

From Henderson, via Prairie Mound and Round Grove, to Beaver Falls.

From Cokato to Fair Haven.

From Saint Joseph, Saint Wendalland, Holding's Ford, to Burnhamsville.

From Jackson, via Worthington, to Luverne.

From Graham Lake to Herron Lake.

From Worthington, via Round Lake and Lake Ocheden, to Jackson.
From Maywood to Princeton.

From Bonnewell's Mills, via Collingwood, to Cokato Station.

From Herman to Lake Traverse.

From Jackson to Windom.

From Graham Lake to Worthington.

Post roads established in Minnesota;

From Grand Meadow to High Forest.

From Saint Peter to New Auburn.

From Langdon to Cottage Grove.

From Alexandria, via Miltona and Leaf Valley, to Brandon.

From Elizabethtown to Oak Lake.

From Alexandria, via Moe, to Herman.

From Holmes City to Herman.

From Rush Lake to Otter-Tail Crossing.

From Willmar to Granite Falls.

From Willmar, via Emerson, Hawk Creek, and Yellow Medicine City,

to Lynd.

From Redwood Falls to Beaver Falls.

From Fair Haven, via French Lake, to Cokato Station.

From Clear Lake to Santiago.

[blocks in formation]

From Darling to Vipond.

From Radersburg, via Crow Creek Ferry, Deep Creek, Robinson's

Store, North Creek, Duck Creek, and Diamond City, to Fort Baker.


From Clam Lake to Traverse City.

From Evart to Falmouth.

From Clam Lake to Sherman.

From Clam Lake to Manistee.

From Falmouth, via Farewell, to Clam Lake.

From Ashton to Marietta.

From Owasso to Big Rapids.

From Falmouth, via Houghton Lake and Grand Traverse State Road,

to Fife Lake.


From Mattawaumkeag to Medway.

From Greenville to Mount Kinneo.

From Caribou office in Lindon to New Sweden.

From Green's Landing to Isle au Haut.

From Indian Township to Grand Lake Stream, over the Granger Turnpike.

From Winter Harbor, via Birch Harbor and Prospect Harbor, to West Goldsborough.

From Linneus, via Oakfield and Dyer Brook Plantation, to Island Falls.

From Lindon, via Woodland and Perham, to Washburn.

From Etna Centre to South Etna.

From Newfield, via West Newfield, to East Wakefield Railroad Station,

New Hampshire.

From Windham Centre, via Windham, to Great Falls.





Post-roads established in



From East Holden, via Dedham, South Dedham, and Ellsworth, to a point two miles south of Dedham.


From Ashland, via Eagle, to Palmyre.

From Columbus, via Clear Creek, Osceola, and Lincoln Creek, to York Centre.

From Nebraska City, via Wilson's Creek, to Ashland.

From North Bend, via Hillsdale, to West Point.

From Grand Island, via Juniata, to Red Cloud.

From Cottonwood Springs, via Stockville, to Red Willow.

From Bennett, via Solon, to Cropsey.

From Fall City, Nebraska, to Sabetha, Kansas.

From North Bend to Midland.

From Plum Creek, via Arrapahoe and mouth of Frenchman's Fork, Nebraska, to Julesburg, Colorado Territory.

From Columbus, via Pepperville and Summit, to Ulysses.

From Bennett, via Laoni, to Beatrice.

From Sutton, via Spring Ranch, to Meridian.

From Grand Island, via Dannebrag, to Cotesfield.

From Ashland to Lone Valley.

From Ponca, Nebraska, to Texas, Dakota Territory.

From Ponca, via Daily Branch and Morton's Place, to Saint James. From Lincoln, via Tipton, Oak Creek, and Sand Creek, to Benton. From Pleasant Hill, via Tabor, Lucieville, Empire, and Henry, to Red Cloud.

From Papillion, via Forest City, to Ashland.

From Fort Kearney, via Republican City and Alma City, to Arrapahoe.
From Harvard, via Spring Ranch, to Red Cloud.

From Fairmount, via McFadden, to York.

From Columbus to Crete.

From Adams Centre, via Gilson, to Red Cloud.

From Fairmount, Nebraska, via Hebron, to Bellville, Kansas.

From Red Cloud, Nebraska, to Fort Hays, Kansas.

From York to Amity.

From Norfolk, Nebraska, via Santee Agency, Springfield, Dayton, Scotland, Maxwell City, Red Earth, and Skunk Lake, to Dell City, Dakota Territory.

From Columbus, via Hammond, to Niobrara.

From Lone Tree to Niobrara.

From Syracuse, via Burr Oak, Hendricks, and Latrobe, to Laoni.

From Palmyra, via Solon, to Latrobe.

From Jenkins' Mills to Concordia, Kansas.

New Jersey.


From Closter to Alpine.

From Elizabeth to Lyons Farms.

From Layton to Dingman's Ferry.

From Rudd's Lake, via Mount Olive, to Drakestown.

From Somerville, via Weston, Millstone, Blackwell's, Griggstown,

Harlingen, and Plainville, to Flaggtown.

From Newton, via Tranquility and Huntsville, to Allamuchy.

From Parsippany Station to Troy.

From Caldwell to Centreville.

From Caldwell, via Fairfield, to Pine Brook.

From Flanders, via Naughtingsville, to German Valley.

From Hamburg, via Beaver Run, to Papakating.

From New Foundland, via West Milford, to Ringwood Furnace.

From Smith's Mills, via Lower Macopin and Upper Macopin, to West Post-roads esMilford.

tablished in New Jersey;


From Grant Station to Panama.

From Ellicottsville to Machias.

From Truxton, via Cheningo, South Cuyler, and Taylor Centre, to Taylor.

From Cayuta, via Van Etten, to Van Ettenville.

From Downsville, via Butternut Grove and Fremont Centre, to Haukins.

From Chaumont, via Depauville and Clayton Centre, to Clayton.
From Springfield, via Sardinia and Yorkshire, to Arcade.

From Homer, via Scott, Spafford, and Borodino, to Skaneateles.
From Cortland Village, via Virgil and Creswell, to Harford.

From Port Leyden to Moose River.

From Barnes' Corners, via East Rodman and Burr's Mills, to Watertown.

From Black Brook, via Wilmington and North Elba, to Saranac Lake.
From South Bristol, via Bristol Springs, to Naples.

From Stockholm Depot, via Stockholm, to Stockholm Centre.

From Burke, via Burke Centre, to Thayer's Corners.

From Hale's Eddy, via New Baltimore, Pennsylvania, and Danville, to Harmony Centre, Pennsylvania.

From Pottersville to Mill Brook.

From Franklin to Franklin Station.

From Port Chester, via White Plains, to Parrytown.

From Cheshire to Bristol Springs.

From Chusham to East Salem.

From Pine Lake, via Newkirk's, Rockwood, Kecks Center, and Sommersville, to Fonda.


From West Ossippee to Centre Sandwich.

From North Weare, via Henniker and West Henniker, to Hillsburg Bridge.

From Rumney to North Groton.

New York;

New Hamp shire;

[blocks in formation]

From Wadsworth, via St. Clavis Station, Stillwater, and West Gate, Ellsworth, and San Antonio, to Belmont.

From Pine Grove to Rockland, Nevada.

From Wadsworth, via Walker River, Metallic District, Roads, Salt Marsh, Columbus, Silver Peak, Palmetto, and Fish Lake Valley, to Fort Independence.

From Elko, Nevada, via Tuscarora, and Bull Run District, to Mountain City, Nevada.

From Elko, Nevada, to Bullion City Railroad Mining District, Nevada.

From Toana, via Schellburne, Piermont, Sacramento District, Patterson District, and Silver Park, to Pioche City.

From Battle Mountain, via Tuscarora, to White Rock City.

From Tecoma to Buel.

From Wells Station, via Clover Valley, Spruce Mountain, Shelburn, Raby Hill, Piermont, and Silver Park, to Pioche.

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