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Entered according to act of Congress, in the year, 1897, by

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Scarcely a word of explanation seems called for as to the issue of this Guide at the present time. The vast majority of books are launched into the world with a kind of half apology for their coming. Only a few can be said to appear in fulfillment of a public need. If ever there was a book issued to meet a genuine want and in response to a general demand it is the volume now in the hands of the reader. The name of "Klondyke" has suddenly become a talisman. The gold of the Yukon valley is in the thought and on the lips of the entire people. The brain and brawn of the country are joining in a rush for wealth to the Alaskan wilderness. Meanwhile our new treasurehouse is comparatively unknown. The information concerning it is scant and scattered. This Guide presents all there is that can be regarded as useful and trustworthy. It has been specially prepared for the use of intending gold-seekers. There is living and reliable authority at the back of almost every statement. Even here we must express our thanks for the facts given by transportation companies and by others who have official relations with Alaska.

The maps themselves indicate the official source from which they were obtained, and the illustra tions are all true photographic reproductions.


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