By all thy Works on Earth ador'd,
We Worship thee, the common Lord,
The everlasting Father own,
And bow our Souls before thy Throne.

Thee all the Choir of Angels Sing,
The Lord of Hosts, the King of Kings,
Cherubs proclaim thy Praise aloud,
And Seraphs shout the tri-une God,
And Holy, Holy, Holy cry,
Thy Glory fill both Earth and Sky.
Father of endless Majesty,
All Might and Love they render thee;
Thy true and only Son adore,
The same in Dignity and Power,
And God the Holy Ghost declare,
The Saints, eternal Comforter.
Messiah, Joy of every Heart,
Thou, thou, the King of Glory art;
With daily Triumph we proclaim,
And bless and magnify thy Name,
And wait thy greatness to adore,
When Time and Death shall be no more,

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Going to Church.
HE Saviour meets his Flock to Day,

Shall slothful we abide at home ?
Shall we behind the People stay,
When Jesus calls, there still is Room ;
We'll go, it is a Place of Prayer,
Who knows, but God may meet us there?


To Day Emmuauel feeds his Saints,
And there true Christians find their King ;
There they lay open their Complaints,
And there'the Holy Armies fing :
We'll go into the House of Pray'r,
O God ! vouchsafe to meet us there,

Remove Temptations, Oh ! our Lord,
And let our Enemies be Slain,
Which would withdraw us from thy Word,
And plunge us in the World again:
And when the Bridegroom shall appear,
O may our Souls be found in Pray’r.

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COME dear Saviour, Son of God,

Come and make us thine Abode,
Thirst our Souls to taste thy Joys,
Long to hear thy blessed Voice.
Favour us through all our Days,
Let our Years be Years of Praise,
Let thy Presence bless our Soul,
Whilst Eternal Ages roll.
Let thy Holy Spirit reft,
In the Temple of our Breast,
Lead the way thyself haft Trod,
Bring us safely to our God.
Place our Hope in Joys to come,
There prepare our endless Home!

Pleasure Pleasures there unmix'd, and

pure, Shall for evermore endure.

Take us from a noisy Throng;
There we'll learn the Angel's Song,
There we'll Banquet with the Lord,
Share the Joys that Heav'n afford.
Jesu, break our Prison Bars,
Carry us beyond the Stars,
Lead us where we fain would be,
In a bless's Eternity.
Reign Triumphant on Christ's Throne,
O may we wear a Starry Crown,
'Midst ten Thousand Saints adore,
Fill'd with Bliss for evermore.

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o Tell me no more;

Of this World's vain Store;
The time for such trifes,
With me now is o'er.
A Country I've found,
Where true Joys abound,
To dwell I'm determin'd,
On that happy Ground.
The Souls that believe,
In Paradise Live,
And me, in that Number,
Dear Jesus receive.


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My Soul don't delay,
God calls thee away,
Rise, follow thy Saviour,
And bless the glad Day.
No Mortal doth know,
What he can bestow,
What Light, Strength and Comfort,
Go after him, go.
In Bondage ! O why ? :
And Death, will you lie,
When God's Word assures you,
Free Grace is fo nigh.

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God adored above, & c.
Ngels, and all the Hosts above,

Attend, transported with God's Love,
Raptures and Joys fill all the Choir,
Such bliss their breathing Souls inspire.
Dominions, Thrones, and Powrs Divine,
Ravish'd in sweet Attention join,
An awful Silence lulls the Spheres,
And pleas'd, the God of Ages hears !
Armies of holy Martyrs wait,
And Elders rising from their Seat,
Unnumber'd Saints around the Throne,
With Joy their sacred Heads uncrown.


Cherubs, (before the King of Kings)
And Seraphs hide them in their Wings ;
'Till bursting in full Melody,
They loudly, Hallelujah cry

All Heaven adores Jehovah's Name,
And thund'ring Voices praise the Lamb,
Together prostrate all admire,
And Sing, and Praise, and never tire.

To this bless'd Court, O may we fly,
Here ceaseless, Hallelujah cry;
There may we see our Saviour's Face,
And take our everlasting Place.

[blocks in formation]

Unto Him that loved us. & c. Rev. i. 5. 6.


OW we meet to Praise the Lamb,

Jesu in the midst appear,
Kindle in our Souls a Flame;

all our Sins and Fear :

Jesu, what are we?
Stubble fit to be consum'd :
Full of Sin and Misery,

To Perdition juftly doom'd.
Yet didft thou in Mercy look,

And our lost Condition see, Thou our Curse haft freely took,

All our Sins were laid on thee,


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