JUDGMENTS, FORMS OF, (continued.)

in inferior courts,

faction or garnishee should find pledges, &c. II.

in sci. fa.
against bail in replevin de bonis propriis on de-

fault of appearance after return of sci feci upon

the writ of scire facias, &c. VIII.
antry of judgment on scire facias, X. 444.
entry of judgment by default at suit of adminis-

tratrix on two scire facias returned nihil, X.

the like and scire feci returned against casual

ejector, X. 452.
the like at suit of an executor ad revivendum ju.

dicium, X. 443.
ontry on the roll and award ad revi. jud. return-

ed nihil, X. 444.

nil dicit generally, X. 435, to 448.
JUDGMENT RECOVERED, (see “ Former Recoveries,

and Judgments.”)
pleas of, in assumpsit,
judgment recovered in C. B. of the samne term
as the declaration, pleaded in B. R. III. 145,

6, 8.
other pleas of, III. 1:48, 9.
replication nul tiel record, III. 150, &c.
new assignment admitting the judgment recovered

but that this action was brought for a different

cause, III. 150.
rejoinder taking issue on the plea of nul tiel record,

III. 147. :
set off on, III. 212.

plea of by executor, III. 225. 241. 243.
in debt on bond, by executrix of obligor, V. 387.

replication to plea of, assets ultra, V. 388.


in debt, replication judgment kept on foot per frau-

dem, V. 388.

plea of to C. B. by clerk in the Exchequer, I. 5.
of jurisdiction of the Tower Hamlets pleaded to

indictment at the sessions, I. 10.
by an attorney of C. B sued in B. R. I. 38.

other pleas, I. 40.

challenge to array of, X. 474.

case against for convicting plaintiff without hearing

his witnesses, VIII. 474.
information against for granting a license improp-

erly, VI. 455.
for taking insufficient sureties knowing them to

be insufficient, IV. 418.
for illegally discharging a person, IV. 424.
indictment against,
for refusing to grant license, and improper diss

charge of duty, IV. 369.

price for writ of, X. 373.

declaration by, in county court, I. 119.
JUSTIFICATION, (see titles Case," " Replevin,” and

pleas of, in slander, VIII. 256.

KILLING, ( see title “ Murder.")
KING, (see titles High Treason,” « Libel.”)

indictment for libel on king and constitution, IV.

for a libel on the king, IV. 201.

letters patent of, stated, VIII. 431.
indictment for killing deer in, VI. 368.

for fishing in, (5 Geo, 3.) IV. 356.


declaration in court of common pleas of, I. 200.

declarations in trespass for injuries to, IX, 1. (see

titles " Trespass,and Case.")
LANDLORD AND TENANT, (see titles Rent,and

Use and Occupation.")
assumpsit, on contracts relating to,
by landlord,
against tenant who had committed waste, in con-

sideration that plaintiff would not sue, he pro-
mised to pay the value of the thing wasted, II.

by off-going against in-coming tenant on special

agreement for culture, II. 52.
for not spending compost on the land as agreed

by the lease, II. 54.

LANDLORD AND TENANT, ( continued.)

assumpsit, on contracts relating to,
by landlord,
for not paying for trees left on defendant's

grounds, II. 56.
on agreement to pay a certain sum on the pound

on expenses incurred in procuring act of par-
liament for inclosing and allotting lands, II.

for not paying the stipulated rent of a building by

the agreement to be kept as a victualling

house, II. 59.
for double rent on stat. 11 Geo. 2, C. 19, s. 18,

for holding over, II. 63, 4, 5.
the like where different parts of the premises

were demised to hold at different periods, II. 61.
for the rent of ready furnished lodgings on a spe-

cial agreement, III. 69.
on an agreement to quit and deliver up posses.

sion of certain premises, II. 77.
by baron and feme executrix for use and occupa-

tion in testator's life time, II. 78.
other contracts relating to, II, 69, to 107.
debt against tenant for rent generally on a lease,

VII. 47. 51.
for a quit rent, V. 151.
for double rent on stat. 4 Geo. 2, c. 26, V. 153,
on parol demise against the assignee of lessee,

V. 156.
covenant against tenant, &c. (see title Covenant.")
case against tenant for holding over, &c. VIII. 381.

for waste, &c. VIII. 571. 583, 5, 7. 600.

for ploughing ancient meadows, VIII. 584, &c.
landlord's warrant to distrain, X. 226.

notice to pay double rent, X. 226.
notice of distress, X. 226.


tenant's request not to remove goods, X. 226.
indictment for, in stealing hay, &c. IV. 41.

for embezzling goods delivered to keep, IV. 42.

for stealing meat, IV. 48.

non omittas, writ of, X. 245, 66.
stated in pleading, IX. 334.

justifications of arrest under, IX. 334.

indictment for libel on Russian ambassador, accus:

ing of having sent advice to enemies of Great

Britain, IV. 410.

debt on, VII. 47. 41.
covenant, against lessee for ploughing up land, III.

for not laying lime upon land, III. 510.
for non payment of taxes, III. 511.
for taking away locks, &c. III. 513.

for waste, III. 523.
by executor of lessor against lessee for rent ac-

crued in life time of testator, V. I.
by assignee of lessor against executor of lese

see for not yielding up in repair, V. 2.
against baron and feme, assignees of lessee for

breaches before marriage, V. 16.
against assignee of lessee for not repairing,

lessee against lessor on covenant for quiet en-

joyment, V. 53.

a similar form, V. 56. 60. 63.
assignment vf, stated, I. 153.
by the king, I. 158.

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