2 in I co L. As Pie D R O S.A. | ****** ****** rusty rowel to the shoulder of his beast, and at the same time, adroitly tucking his blue cloth capa under his right arm, and flinging the skirt over the left shoulder en cavalier, began to lay about him with a stout ashen sapling upon the cars, pole and cheeks s of the recreant mule. The fire now flashed from a pair of Andalusian eyes, as black as charcoal and not less inflammable, and taking the segara from his mouth, with which he had vainly hoped to have regaled his nostrils in a sharp winter’s evening by the way, raised such a thundering troop of angels, saints and martyrs, from St. Michael downwards, not forgetting his own namesake Saint Nicolas de Tolentino by the way, that if curses could have made the mule to go, the dispute would have been soon ended, but not a saint could make her stir any other ways than upwards and downwards at a stand. A small troop of mendicant friars were at this moment cond ucting A the host to a dying man.—“ Nicolas Pedrosa,” says an old friar “be patient with your beast and spare “your blasphemies; remember Balaam.”—“Ah fa“ther,” replied Pedrosa, “Balaam cudgelled his beast “till she spoke, so will I mine till she roars.”— “Fie, fie, prophane fellow,” cries another of the fraternity. “Go about your work, friend,” quoth Nicolas, “and let me go about mine; I warrant it “is the more pressing of the two; your patient is go“ing out of the world, mine is coming into it.” “Hear him,” cries a third, “hear the vile wretch, “how he blasphemes the body of God.” And then the troop passed slowly on to the tinkling of the bell. A man must know nothing of a mule's ears, who does not know what a passion they have for the tinkling of a bell, and no sooner had the jingling chords vibrated in the sympathetic organs of Pedrosa's beast, than boulting forward with a sudden spring she ran roaring into the throng of friars, trampling on someo and shouldering others at a most prophane rate; when .

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Nicolas availing himself of the impetus, and perhaps not able to controul it, broke away and was out of o sight in a moment. “All the devils in hell blow fire * * into thy tail, thou beast of Babylon,” muttered Nicolas to himself, as he scampered along never once looking behind him or stopping to apologize for the

3. mischief he had done to the bare feet and shirtless - ribs of the holy brotherhood. Whether Nicolas saved his distance, as likewise, if he did, wheth

er it was a male or female Castalian he ushered into the world, we shall not just now enquire, contented to await his return in the first of the morning next day, when he had no sooner dismounted at his shop and delivered his mule to a sturdy Arragonese wench, when Don Ignacio de Santos Aparicio, alguazil mayor of the supreme and general inquisition, put an order

! into his hand, signed and sealed by the inquisidor w general, for the conveyance of his body to the Casa, w whose formidable door presents itself in the street adjoining to the square, in which Nicolas's brazen basin hung forth the emblem of his trade. The poor little fellow, trembling in every joint and with a face as yellow as saffrom, dropt a knee to the altar, which fronts the entrance, and crossed himself most devoutly; as soon as he had ascended the first flight of stairs, a porter habited in Lack opened the tremendous barricade and Nicolas with horror heard the grating of the heavy bolts that shut him in. He was led through passages and vaults and melancholy cells, till he was delivered into the dungeon, where he was finally left to his solitary meditations. , HapA less being! what a scene of horror.—Nicolas felt all - the terrors of his condition, but being an Andalusian ; and like his countrymen of a lively imagination, he began to turn over all the resources of his invention for some happy fetch, if any such might occur, for helping him out of the dismál limbo he was in: He was not long to seek for the cause of his misfortune;

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N ICO L AS fle D R O S.A. 5 ****** *** 4“ of promiscuous generation! What devil's crotchet “got into thy capricious noddle, that thou shouldst “fall in love with that Nazaritish bell, and run bel“lowing like Lucifer into the midst of those bare

“ footed vermin, who are more malicious and more

“greedy than the locusts of Egypt? Oh! that I had “ the art of Simon Magus to conjure thee into this “ dungeon in my stead; but I warrant thou art “ chewing thy barley straw without any pity for thy “ wretched master, whom thy jade's tricks have de“livered bodily to the tormentors, to be sport of “ these uncircumcised sons of Dagon.” And now the cell door opened, when a savage figure entered carrying a huge parcel of clanking fetters, with a collar of iron, which he put round the neck of poor Pedrosa, telling him with a truly diabolic grin, whilst he was rivetting it on, that it was a proper cravat for the throat of a blasphemer.—“Jesu-Maria,” quoth Pedrosa, “is all this fallen upon me for only cudgel“ ling a restive mule P” “Aye,” cried the demon, “ and this is only a taste of what is to come,” at the same time slipping his pincers from the screw he was forcing to the head, he caught a piece of flesh in the forceps and wrenched it out of his cheek, laughing at poor Nicolas, whilst he roared aloud with the paid, telling him it was a just reward for the torture he had put him to awhile ago, when he tugged at a tooth till he broke it in his jaw. “Ah, for the love of Heav“en,” cried Pedrosa, “ have more pity on me; for “ the sake of Saint Nicolas de Tolentino, my holy “patron, be not so unmerciful to a poor barber-sur“geon and I will shave your worship's beard for “nothing as long as I have life.” One of the messengers of the auditory now came iu, and bade the

fellow strike off the prisoner's fetters, for that the ho

ly fathers were in council and demanded him for examination. “ This is something extraordinary,” quoth the tormentor, “I should not have expec 34

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•epest go tes “it this twelvemonth to come.” Pedrosa's fetters were struck off; some brandy was applied to staunch the bleeding of his cheeks; his hands and face were washed, and a short jacket of coarse ticking thrown over him, and the messenger with an assistant taking: him each under an arm led him into a spacious chamber, where at the head of a long table sate his excellency the inquisidor general with six of his as

sessors, three on each side the chair of state: The

alguazil mayor, a secretary and two notories with other officers of the holy council were attending in their places. . The prisoner was placed behind a bar at the foot of the table between the messengers who brought him in, and having made his obeisance to the awful presence in the most supplicating manner, he was called upon according to the usual form of questions by one of the junior judges to declare his name, parentage, profession, age, place of abode, and to answe: arious interrogatories of the like trifling nature: His excellency the inquisidor general now opened his reverend lips and in a sólemn tone of voice, that penetrated to the heart of the poor trembling prisoner, interrogated him as follows— “ Nicolas “ Pedrosa, we have listened to the account you give “of yourself, your business and connections, now “tell us for what offence or offences, you are here “standing a prisoner before us: examine your own “heart, and speak the truth from your conscience “without prevarication or disguise.” “May it “please your excellency,” replied Pedrosa, “with “ all due submission to your holiness and this rever“end assembly, my most equitable judges, I con“ ceive I stand here before you for no worse a crime, “ than that of cudgelling a refractory mule; an ani“mal so restive in its nature, (under correction of “your holiness be it spoken) that although I were “blest with the forbearance of holy Job, (for like “him too I am married, and my patience hath been,

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