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servants by ballot, and a majority of said trustees shall be suf. All officers e. ficient in all cases to transact the business of said corporation, lected by bal

Sec. 10. Not over forty acres of land shall be held by said ""* academy, for the sole use and occupation of the buildings Lands to be

held and appendages connected therewit.

Sec. 11. That on the payment of twenty dollars to the treasurer, every free white person shall be considered a Who may be stockholder, and be entitled to one vote, and that it shall be stockholders lawful for each and every stockholder for the time being of said academy, his executors, administrators or assigns, to give, sell, devise and dispose of their respective rights or shares in said academy, and such donee or purchaser shall be entitled to all the rights of the original holder

Sec. 12. Joseph Naper, Stephen I. Scott, Lewis Ellsworth, C. B. Hosmer, Erastus W. Wight, Nathan Allen, jr. Samuel Anderson, and James Warren be, and they are hereby appointed commissioners to solicit and receive subscrip

: Comm's to retions of stock to said institution, and give receipts for the scriptions to same; and when the sum of fifteen hundred dollars of stock stock is subscribed, said commissioners, or any three of them, shall be authorized to give public [notice in some] newspaper, of the Notice of e time and place of holding an election of trustees of said institu- lection for tion, which first election shall be held at some convenient trustees place in Naperville, between the hours of twelve M. and six P. M., on said day, and the said commissioners, or any of them, may act as judges of said election.

SEC. 13. The second election of trustees, and any subsequent one, shall be held on the first Monday of January, an

* Time & place nually, at the academy, between the hours of twelve M. and lections six P. M. on said days.

Sec. 14. Each stockholder shall be required, at or before monete the first clection for trustees, to pay to said commissioners paid on subfive dollars on each share by him or her subscribed, and the scription .' residue in six months thereafter, or the amount paid by him shall be forfeited. !

SEC. 15. All elections for trustees shall be by ballot, with the name uf the voter or stockholder written on the ballot, All elections and the number of shares of stock he or she holds in said institution, and which ballot, after the first election shall be given to the treasurer, or clerk of the board of trustecs, a majority of whom shall act as the board of election.

Sec. 16. The said academy, when crected and in opera. Academy otion, shall at all times be open for the use and privileges of pe every free white person who may wish to be instructed there, if such free white person will comply with the laws and bylaws, and pay the sum affixed by the said trustees for the instruction of students attending there.

Sec. 17. Every free white person who may at any time Who may betender the sum of twenty dollars to the treasurer of the academy, it shall be the duty of the treasurer to accept the same and give him a certificate as a stockholder. ',

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of annual e.

en to all

come stockholders

This act may SEC. 18. If at any time the corporation shall violate the be made void

provisions of this charter, it shall be the duty of the Attorney General to file an information in the nature of a quo warranto for the purpose of vacating this (act:) Provided, In that case the trustees shall have the right of selling all the property, real and personal, belonging to said corporation for the sole benefit of the stockholders, who shall be entitled to the same, as soon as it is collected, and shalt then be considered as money

paid to the use of the said stockholders. When elec.


DEC. 19.
Sec. 19. That in case it should happen that an election of

I hat in case tions are o. trustees should not be made on any day when pursuant to mitted, may this act it ought to have been made, the said corporation shall be held at oth

not for that cause be deemed to be dissolved, but that it shall er times.

be lawful on any other day, to hold and make an election of trustees in such manner as shall have been regulated by the by-laws and ordinances of said corporation.

Approved February 27, 1841.

An ACT to incorporate the Benton Academy in Franklin County. In force Jan. 7, 1841. SEC. 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois,

represented in the General Assembly, That Walter S. Akin, John Ewing, John P. Maddox, Zachariah Sullens, Thomas

Thompson, John Edgerly, Benjamin Smith, Daniel D. ThomPersons cren- as, Abraham Rea, William Browning, Able Ward, Silas M. ted body pol. Williams, John R. Williams, Elijah Taylor, Moses Neal, John itic.

Dillon, Robert T. Townes and Lemuel R. Harrison, be and they Name and are hereby constituted a body politic and corporate, to be style.

known by the name and style of the “Trustees of the Benton Perpetual Academy,” and by that name shall have perpetual successuccession. sion, and have a common seal, with power to change [itat

pleasure, and as such, shall be authorized to exercise all Powers. powers and privileges that are enjoyed by the trustees of any

academy, college cr university in this State not lerein limi

ited or otherwise directed. First ineeting Sec. 2. That the said trustees, or a majority of them, of trustees. shall hold their first stated meeting at the town of Benton, in

the county of Franklin, on the first Monday of September next, or as soon thereafter as mar be convenient, and they or a

majority of them, shall, as soon as they think proper, fix upon Location of a permanent location for said academy, within one mile of the academy.

said town of Benton, and proceed to erect a building or buildings thereon as soon as convenient and the interest of said institution may require.

Sec. 3. The said trustees or their successors by the name Powers of aforesaid shall be capable in law to purchase, receive and

hold to themselves and successors, for the usc and benefit of said institution, any lands and tenements not exceeding six hundred and forty acres at any one time, or irents, goods and



chattles, of what kind soever, which shall be given or devised
sto, or purchased by them for the use of said academy.
. SEC. 4. The said trustees, by the name aforesaid, may
sue and be sued, plead and be impleaded, in any court of law
or equity in this State.

Sec. 5. In case a sufficient number of members do not Further powattend to constitute a board at any meeting, those who do aters. tend may adjourn to any day thereafter, or to the next stated meeting, and shall give ten days previous notice thereof.

SEC. 6. A majority of the members shall be a sufficient Quorum. number to constitute a board for the transaction of all business for said academy, except those cases particularly excepted.

Sec. 7. The assent of the majority of the whole number Salaries of ofof trustees shall be necessary to perform the following busi. Aicers

fixed. ness, to-wit: to fix the salary of the president, to fix upon the permanent seat of the academy, to alienate, sell or convey any lands, tenements or rents belonging to said academy. SEC. 8. The trustees shall have power from

une " By-laws and

time to time to establish such by-laws, rules and ordinances not con- ordinances. trary to the Constitution or laws of this State, as they shall deem necessary for the government of said institution.

Sec. 9. The trustees shall elect a president, treasurer President and and clerk to their own body, and so many inferior tutors or other officers. masters as may be necessary. SEC. 10. Upon the death, resignation or legal disability Vacancies,

h eupplied by of any of the trustees, president or other officers of the said, institution, the board of trustees shall supply the vacancy by ballot. ballot. Sec. 11. The treasurer of said institution, always, and all of

'give bond. other agents, when required by the trustees, before entering upon the duties of their appointments, shall give bond for the security of the corporation in such penal sum and with such securities as the board of trustees shall approve, and all pro- Pror cess against the said corporation shall be by summons, and gainst corposervice of the same shall be by leaving an attested copy with ration bow the treasurer of the institution at least twenty days before served the return day thereof.

SEC. 12. The said institution and their preparatory de-Institution to partment, shall be open to all denominations of christians, and denomina

y le open to all profession of any religious faith shall not be required of those tions. who become students. All persons, however, may be sus- When persons pended or expelled from said institution whose habits are idle may be sus

pended. or vicious, or wbuse moral character is bad.

Sec. 13. The president and other officers of said institu- Term of office tion shall be subject to the direction of the board of trustees, of trustees. • and shall continue in office during good behariour. Sec. 14. The president of the board of trustees shall

Special meethave power to call special meetings of the said trustees, and ings. it shall be his duty upon the request of three of them to do



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the same; but upon any called meeting ten days notice shall be given by the president previous to the meeting.

Sec. 15. The trustees of the corporation shall have authoCourse of stu-rity from time to time, to prescribe and regulate the course of dies. studies to be pursued in said institution and in the preparatory Rate of gui- department attached thereto, to fix the rate of tuition, room con.

rent and other colicge cxpenses, to appoint instructors and such other officers and agents as shall or may be necded in

managing the concerns of the institution, to define their powCompensa. tion of officers ers, duties, and employments; to fix their compensations, to

displace or remove either of the instructors, officers and Buildings of agents, to erect the necessary buildings, to purchase hooks, corporation. chemical and philosophical apparatus, and other suitable System of ma- means for instruction, to put in operation a system of marual nual labor. labor for the purpose of lessening the expense of education

and promoting the health of the students, to make rules for the general management of the atfairs of the institution, and

the regulation of the conduct of the students, and to add, as Additional

the ability of the said corporation shall increase, and the indepartments. terest of the community shall require, additional departments Proriso.

for the study of any or all the liberal professions: Provided, however, That nothing herein contained shall authorize the establishment of a theological department in said instilution.

Sec. 16. If at any time a member of the board of trus

tees shall absent bimself for three stated meetings successivewhen seat olly, or for some disorderly conduct, for good cause shown or trustee to be 'y, Or Tor some disorderly vacated approved of by the said trustees, in such case bis seat shall be

considered to Le vacant, and thc board shall proceed to fill Proviso.

his seat with a member: Provided, The trustees of said establishment shall at all times be accountable for their conduct in the managment of the business aforesaid, in such manner as the Legislature shall by law dircct.

Approved, January 7, 1841.

An ACT authorizing Administrators to settle estates in particular cises. In force, Feb.“ 17, 1841.

Sec. 1. Be it enacted by tho People of the State of Illinois,

represented in the General Assembly, That in all cases which Probate court of new coun: have heretofore occurred, or which may hereafter occur, ty 10 settle es- when by the division of any county in this State, the adminisrates, when trator or administratrix to whom letters of administration may letters have

een granted have been granted by the probate court of such county, shall by old county by such division be placed beyond the limits of the county

in which such letters may have been granted, then and in all such cases the probate court of such county shall be authorized to proceed and settle the estate upon which letters of administration may have been so granted, in the sanie manner as if no such division had occurred.


Sec. 2. The probate court of any such county for the Powers purpose of settling any such estate, shall have power to issue all proper and nccessary writs and process to any county in this State. not beli svistiina

hic court.

Approved, Feb. 1%, 100g

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PP peu, leo. 17, 1841.


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An ACT to enable the Executors of James Hughes, deceased, to sell real e estate for the payment of debts and redemption of land. De 7 In force, Feb.


19, 1841... WHEREAS, James Hughes, late of Kaskaskia, deceased, left at Preamble...

the time of his death a considerable quantity of real estate 64 ; l'histoire unencumbered; and whereas, a short time previous to his death a large portion of his land was sold under execution for a mere nominal price, the time for the redemption of comber which will very soon expire, and if the executors are com- Poigne ? pelled to await the slow process of a court of justice to the instant obtain an authority to sell any part of the residue of said lands for the purpose of raising funds, the tinie for rcdemption will have expired, and the greatest and best parts of the estate will be sacrificed. And whereas, Mary Ann Hughes, executrix and widow of said deceased, is the only heir to said estate, there being no children to be effected by this proceeding: therefore,

Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois, Executor an., representeil in the General Assembly, That Samuel Crawford, thorized to

: sell real ce. executor, and Mary Ann Hughes, executrix of the last will, and testament of James Hughes, late of Kaskaskia, deceased, be and they are hereby authorized to sell at public vendue, on giving four weeks previous notice of such sale, so much of the real estate of which said James Hughes died seized, ils will be sufficient to discharge the debts and redeem the lands of said deceased which have been heretofore sold under execution. This act to take effect from and after its passage. : jest movie soji!. Itinage Approved, Feb. 19, 1811..

An ACT to Apportion the Representation of the several Counties in this
::,!;D telefon TV!,!1s ' Slate. .., :;:'. !!!"93: Sirina ji in

In force, Feb."

26, 1841. SEC. 1. Be it enacted by the People of the Slate of Illinois,in represented in the General Assembly, That until the next census, as provided by the Constitution, shall have been taken and an apportionmeni made thereon, the following shall be the ratio of representation for this State, viz, that cach twelve Ratio of repthousand white inhabitants shall be entitled to onc Senator; resentation. and each four, thousand white inhabitants shall be entitled to one Representative, to be apportioned and divided as follows, to-wit: The counties of Cook and Lake, one representative, to be chosen from the county of Lake, and the county of Cook & Lake. Cook three representatives, and the two counties together, one senator, who shall be chosen from the county of Cook;

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