Department of Agriculture for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1908', approved March 4, 1907, during the two years beginning July 1, 1919, is hereby appropriated to the University of Illinois.

Whenever any portion of said sum shall be received by the State Treasurer from the United States, it shall immediately bę due and payable into the treasury of the University of Illinois.

$ 7. Upon the order of the President of the Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois, countersigned by its Secretary and with the corporate seal of said University attached thereto, the Auditor of Public Accounts is hereby authorized and directed to draw his warrants on the State Treasurer for the sums appropriated in sections 5 and 6 of this Act.

APPROVED June 23, 1919.



§ 1. Appropriates $20,000,000.00

items named.

$ 2.

How drawn.


APPROVED JUNE 28, 1919.) An Act making an appropriation for the construction of "The Illinois

Walerwayand its appurtenances. SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois, represented in the General Assembly: That there is hereby appropriated to the Department of Public Works and Buildings the following sums, or so much thereof as may be necessary, for expenditures in connection with "The Illinois Waterway" and its appurtenances, as follows: For the construction of "The Illinois Waterway" and

its appurtenances, whether by contract or by the direct employment of services, labor, materials and equipment.

.$ 15,550,000.00 For payment for property taken or damaged in the

construction, operation or maintenance of “The Illinois Waterway” and its appurtenances..

2,540,000.00 For the repair, replacement or reconstruction of public

bridges along the line of "The Illinois Waterway”.. 1,460,000.00 For altering, rebuilding or reconstructing existing

drainage or sewer systems which will be destroyed or materially interfered with in the construction of “The Illinois Waterway” and its appurtenances. 450,000.00 Total...

$ 20,000,000.00 § 2. The Auditor of Public Accounts shall draw his warrants on the State Treasurer for the sums herein appropriated upon the presentation of itemized vouchers certified to as correct by the Department of Public Works and Buildings and approved by the Department of Finance, and the State Treasurer shall pay the same out of the special fund in the treasury known as “The Waterway Fund”.

APPROVED June 28, 1919.


85. Commission to administer oaths,

issue subpoenas, etc.
$ 6. Report of investigations.
§ 7. Appropriates $5,000.00.
$ 8. How drawn.

f Duties.

(HOUSE Bill No. 747.

APPROVED JUNE 30, 1919.)

make full inquiry into their affairs, transactions and business methods to issue subpoenas under the seal of the commission and signed by the Chairman thereof, to compel the attendance of witnesses and the proCuction of relevant books, records, papers and documents.

1. Commission created_termination. 2. No compensation-expenses to be

charged to appropriation. $ 3. Commission to appoint enpiores;

-adopt seal. An Act to create the Zion Investigating Commission, to define its

powers and duties, and to make an appropriation therefor, Section i. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois, represented in the

General Assembly: That the Zion Investigating Commission is hereby created. Said 'commission shall be composed of fve members of the Senate of the Fifty-first General Assembly, to be appointed by the President of the Senate, and five members of the Honse of Representatives of the Fifty-first General Assembly, to be appointed by the Speaker of the House of Representatives. The commissioners shall meet and organize as soon as practicable after their appointment and they shall select a chairman from among their own number. The duties and functions of the commission shall cease and the terms of office of the members thereof shall terminate upon the convening of the Fifty-second General Assembly.

§ 2. The members of said commission shall receive no compensation for their services, but all actual and necessary expenses incurred by the commission, or any member thereof, shall be a proper charge sgainst the appropriation herein named.

$ 3. The commission shall have power to appoint a secretary and sach other employees as may be necessary and to fix their compensation. The commission shall also have power to adopt a seal.

$ 4. It shall be the duty of the commission to investigate all charges that "The Christian Catholic Apostolic Church of Zion,” a so-called religious institution, located at Zion City, Illinois, and its mareer or manager, by fraudulent representations as to their being endowed with supernatiral [supernatural] and divine power, and by the advocacy of a false religion, have been and still are securing and obtaining the money and property of innocent persons, and to inquire fully into the affairs

, transactions and business methods of said institution and said overseer or manager, for the purpose of determining whether or not said charges are true,

It shall also be the duty of said commission to investigate similar charges against other persons, institutions and organizations and to for the purpose of ascertaining whether or not fraud is being prac

$ 5. The commission shall have power to administer oaths and

ticed upon the public.

Any Circuit Court or judge of the Circuit Court, either in teri time or vacation, upon application of the commission, may, by orde duly entered, require the attendance of witnesses and the productio of relevant books, records, documents and papers before the commis sion in any hearing held under the provisions of this Act. Upo refusal or neglect to obey the order of the court or judge, the court o judge may, by proceedings for contempt of court, compel obedience t the order so entered.

$ 6. The commission shall report the results of its investigation and inquiries, together with its recommendations, to the Fifty-secon General Assembly.

§ 7. The sum of five thousand dollars ($5,000) is hereby appro priated for the purpose of carrying out the provision of this Act.

§ 8. Upon the presentation of proper vouchers certified to by the chairman of the commission and approved by the Department of Finance, the Auditor of Public Accounts shall draw his warrants against the sum hereby appropriated, and the State Treasurer shall pay the same out of any moneys in the State treasury not otherwise appropriated.

APPROVED June 30, 1919.

[blocks in formation]


(HOUSE BILL No. 359. APPROVED JUNE 28, 1919.) An Act to amend sections 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6 of "An Act to revise the

law in relation to arbitrations and awards,approved June 11, 1917, in force July 1, 1917.

Section 1. Be ii enacted by the People of the State of Illinois, represented in the General Assembly: That sections 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6 of an “Act to revise the law in relation to arbitrations and awards," approved June 11, 1917, in force July 1, 1917, be and the same hereby is amended so that the same shall read as follows:

§ 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois, represented in the General Assembly: That all persons having requisite legal capacity may, by an instrument in writing to be signed by them, submit to one or more arbitrators to be named in the manner indicated by such writing, any controversy existing between them, and may, in such submission, agree that any court of competent jurisdiction, or any court therein named (provided it is of competent jurisdiction) may pass upon any questions of law arising in such arbitration pro

vedings, and that a judgment, or successive judgments, of such court shall be rendered upon the award made pursuant to such submission, and for payment of fees and costs of the arbitrator or arbitrators.

$ 2. The parties to such submission may by such submission designate the number of such arbitrators, which number may be one I more as the parties shall agree; the manner in which they may be pointed in the first instance and vacancies caused by the refusal, inatacity, or death of an appointee filled; the time and place of the hearing Du the rules for the hearing of such controversy, not in conflict with the provisions of this Act; the parties to such submission may include by reference in said written submission the published rules of any organization or association which rules shall thereby become a part of the contract of submission, provided that before the signing of said submission, said rules shall have been approved by the court that under said submission is authorized to take jurisdiction of said matter.

$ 3. A submission to arbitration shall, unless a. contrary intention is expressed therein, be irrevocable. But any party to any such submission or adverse award thereon, not fully adjudicated by the court, who may legally claim that there exists in his favor any right 20 maintain proceedings in bankruptcy, injunction, receivership, attachment, attachment in aid, garnishment, replevin, distress for rent, Ejecution, or other writ or process for the seizure or sequestration of

property, shall not, because of any such submission or award not fully i cajudicated by the court, be barred from maintaining any such remedy,

unless the same is waived in such submission, but the 'remedy in any such case shall extend only to placing the property seized or sequestered in the custody of the law, or to protect the rights of the parties pend-3 the making of a partial or a final award covering the rights and saties of the parties in respect to such proceedings and the action of the court thereon.

4. Before any arbitrator shall enter upon his duties as an arbiTator, he shall be sworn faithfully and fairly to hear, examine, and Determine the cause and controversy, according to the principles of quity and justice, and make a just and true award according to the best of his understanding; which oath may be administered by any vfcer authorized to administer oaths. Said arbitrators or any of them shall have the power to administer oaths, subpoena and examine witLaas, to issue subpoenas duces tecum requiring the production of such books, papers, records, and documents as may be evidence of any matter under inquiry, and to examine and inspect the same; service of such subpoena shall be made by any sheriff or constable or other Derson; the fees of witnesses for attendance and travel shall be the -ame as the fees of witnesses before the Circuit Courts of the State; any court of this State, having jurisdiction of the subject matter of the submission, or any judge thereof, upon the application of such arbitrators or any of them, either in term time or vacation, may compel attendance of witnesses, the production of books and papers, and giving of testimony before said arbitrators by attachment for contempt or otherwise in the same manner as the production of evidence may be iompelled before said court.

§ 6. Said submission may be filed in court at any time after it execution, and upon being so filed, and upon at least five days' notic to the parties and arbitrators the court shall take jurisdiction of th parties and subject matter of such submission, without the filing any pleadings whatsoever. The arbitrators may, of their own notio and shall by request of a party (a) at any stage of the proceeding submit any question of law arising in the course of the reference fo the opinion of the court, stating the facts upon which the questio arises, and such opinion when given shall bind the arbitrators in th ' making of their award; (b) state their final award as to the whole o part of the reference in the form of a conclusion of fact for th opinion of the court on the questions of law arising and such opinio shall finally conclude the proceedings, except as by this Act otherwis provided.

APPROVED June 28, 1919. ·


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Unlawful to practice without cer-

$ 11.

License to be displayed-sealtificate of registration.

what contain. What constitutes.

$ 12. Renewal. No license to corporations-con § 13. When license may be revoked ditions under which they may

suspended, etc.- notice and operate-partnerships.

hearing. Construction of Act.

$ 14.

Who may qualify.

$ 15. Department of Registration and

Education to adopt rules and
Qualifications when licensed un-

der laws of any other state or

$ 16.

What constitutes misdemeanor

-penalty. Application to be made to De

partment of Registration and $17. Department of Registration and Education.

Education to keep record, Examinations-subjects em $ 18. Repeal. braced.

$ 19. Act may be known as “The IlliWhen license shall issue.

nois Architectural Act." Exempt from provisions

of Structural Engineers' Act,

(SENATE Bill No. 287. APPROVED JUNE 24, 1919.)

[blocks in formation]


An Act to provide for the licensing of architects and to regulate the

practice of architecture as a profession and to repeal certain Acts therein named.

SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois, represented in the General Assembly: It shall be unlawful for any person to practice architecture or advertise or put out any sign or other device which might indicate to the public that he or she is entitled to practice as an architect, without a certificate of registration as a registered architect, duly issued by the Department of Registration and Education under this Act, and as provided for in the Civil Administrative Code of Illinois.

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