lies cr oss to me in this, that I purpose never to admit of aa long as I live. I had a liter, named Bounciful, married lovne of those churls, but he and the could never agree; bui because my filter was resolved to do as Mhe had begun, that is, to Mew kindness How Mercy's to the poor, therefore her husband first cried fifter was served her down at the cross, and then turned her by her husband. out of his doors.

Prud And yet he was a profedor I warrant you?

Mercy. Yes, such a one as he was, and of such as the world is now ful; but I am for none of them ail.

Now - Matibew the eljelt fon of Chriltiana, fell fick, and his fickness was sore up. Matthew falk on him, for he was much pained in his face, bowels, so that he was with it, at times, pulled as it were both ends together. There dwelt also not far from thence one Mr. Skill, an antient and well.. approved phyfician; fo Christiana defired it, and key lent für him, and he came :: When he was entered the room, and had a little observed the boy, he concluded that he was fick of the gripes. Then Gripes of coma he said to his mother, What diet ras science. Matthew of late fed o pon? Diet, said Chirifliana, nothing but what

is wholetome. The physician ang fwered, This boy has been tampering with fomething that lies in his maw'undigested, The physician's · and that will not away without means; and judgmens, T-teil jou he must be purged, or else he will

Sam. Then faid Samuel, Mother, wha; Samuel puts his was that which my brother did gather and mother in minute sat, so soon as we were come from the gate of the fruit bis that is at the head of this way you know brother did eat. that there was an orchard on the left hand, on the other fide of the wall, and fome of the trecs hung over the wild, and my brother did pluck and did eat.

Cbrijliana. True, my child, kuid Chritiana, he did take thereof and did eat; naughty boy as he was, I chid him,

yer he wouli eat c.creof. Skill, i knew he had ea en something that was not-whole fome toud: and that food, w wir, chili fruit is even the Fäust huritul of all. It is one fruit of Beelzebub s orchard.



my fon?

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I do marvel that nore did warn you of it; many have died thereof.

Chrift. Then Christiana began to cry, and Me faid, O naughty boy, and I careless mother, what shall I do for

Skill. Come, do not be too much.dejected; the boy may do well again, but he must purge and vomit.

Cbrift Pray, Sir, try che utmost of your skill with bim, whatever it costs.. Heb. 10, I, 2.

Skill. Nay, I hope I shall be reasonable ;

fe he made him a purge, but it was to 3, 4

cak; it was faid it was of made the blood of a goat, the ashes of a heiter, and some of the juice of hy.

sop, &c. When Mr. Skill had seen that Potion prepared. that purge was too weak, he made him ore 'The Latin I bor.. to the purpose: It was made ex carile*

Janguine Chrifti, (vou know phyfcians give Fohr 6. 54, 55, Hrange meundies to their patients) and is 56, 57:

Mark O. 49.
Heb.9. 14.


was made into piils, with a promise or two, and a proportionable quantity of

Now he was to take them shree at a time faiting, in balf a quarier

of a pint of the years of repentance. When this potion was prepared, and brought to die bey, he was locka io lake it; Tho' torn with the driver, is if he should be pulled in pieces Come, come, tai the pla: fician, you muitcake it.

It goes aguind my itomach, laid che boy. 'I must have you take it said $118 mother, I thalt vomit it up again, taid the boy. Pray, Sir, laiu Chisia na to Mr. Still, how voes il faties li bás

pro ill talle taid the coctor; and with that The matber fire touched one of the priis with the tip tafes ii and per. of her tengue, Oh, Matthew, taid they rades bim.

this potion :1d sweeter than buney:. li thou

lovelt thy mother, it thou lovett hy broe thers, if thou lovett Mercy, if thou levelt thy lite, iske is. So with much ado, after a short prayer for the bleting if God upon it, he took is, and it wrought kindly with him, Ji caused hiin to purge, to sleep, and reli quietly : li put him into a fine heat and breathing. swear, and rid niin of his gripes

So in a little time he got up and walked about with a Kaff, and would go from room. co room, and talk wiib Prus


lence, Piety, and Charity, of his diftemper, and how he ras berled,

So when the bay was h-aled, Christiaca afed Mr. Skill, wying, Sir, what will content you tor your ains and care to me, and my child ? And A word of God & faid, you muft pay the ma'ler of ine col- in i be band of ge of phyficians, according to rules in fautta tat case made and provided. Cbrif. But, Sir, said he, what is the pill good for

Skill. It is an universal pill; it is good against all dir. les that polarims are incident to; and. hen it is well prepared. will keep good, This pil, an wrio me out of mind

Vajad remedy. Chrift. Pray, Sir, make me up twelve Xos of them ;, for if I can ges ch se I.will never cake Oiet phy@c. Skill. These pills are good to prevent diseases, as well

to cure when one is sick. Yea, I dare layii, and hand ? It, That if a man will but use this phylic as ke should. will make him live for ever. . But good Chriftiana thou must give these pills no John 6. 56., ther way but as I nave prescribed; or if ou do they will do no good. So he gave In a glass of the nto Christiana physic for herfelt ind her hears as repenie bys, and for Mercy; and bid Matthew rake anco. leed how he eat any more green plumbas, ind kissed them, and went bis way. It was told you before that Prudence bid the bove, that" at any time they would they fhou dalk her some quesinns that might be profitable, and the would say something Mati. Then Matthew, who had been sick, asked her, Whu for the most pare phyfic. Thould be bitter to our pa

Prud To Mew how anwelcome she word of God, and the effects thereof are to a carnal heart. Mate.' Why does phyfic, wit cues good, purge, and Prud. To low. that word, when it works effi-etually cleantech the heart anu mind i fr look, what abc one doida to che body, the winer auch so one foul,


aten ?

baule to vomit?


Matt. What Ahould we learn by seeing the line of oor fire go upwardo, and by seeing the beams and fweer info ences of the fun strike downwards?

Prud. By the going op of the fire we are taught to send to heaven by fervent and hot defires; and by the Sun fending his heat, beams, and sweet influence downward we are taught, that the Saviour of the world, though hig reacheth down his grace and love to us below.

Mart Where have the clouds their water?
Prud. Out of the sea.
Mali, What may we learn from that?

Prud. That minifters fhould fetch their doctrine fro God.

Matt. Why do they empty themselves upon the earth

Prud. To shew that mibifter's should give out w battle know. of God to the world,

Matt. What is the rainbow caused by the fund

Prud. Te shew that the covenant of God's grace is con fim d to us in Chrift

Matt. Why do the springs come from the sea to us the the earth?

Prud. To new that the grace of God comes to us thra the body of Chrif

Matt. Why co some of the springs rise out of the top high hills

Prud. To Mew that the spirit of grace shall spring " in foine that are great and mighty, as well as in many are poor and low.

Matt Why doth the fire falten on the candle-wick : Prud. To show that, unlels grace doch kindle upon

the heart, there will be no true light of life in us.

Matt. Why is.che wick and tallow all spent to maintain the light of the candle!

Prud. To thew that body and soul, and all thould be a the service of, and spend ihemselves to maintain in good condition that grace of God tht is in us.

Matt. Why doth the pelican pierce ber own breast wil her bill?

Prid. To nourish her young ones with her owo-blood, and thereby to thew that Chau, the Bluffeu, fo loveth his


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0086, his people, as to save them from death by his blood.

Matz. What may one learn by hearing of the cock crow?

Prud Learn to remember Peter's fin and Peter's repentance. The cock's crowing Shews also, that day is coming on ; let then the crowing of the cock put thee in mind of that last and terrible day of judgment.

Now about this time their month was out :: wherefore they fignified to those of the house, that it was convenient for them to up and be going. Then said Joseph to his mother, it is convenient that The weak may you forget not to send to the house of Mr. call obe Atrong laterpreter, to pray him to grant that Mr. Jometimes to Greai-heart mould be sent unto us, that prayers. he may be oar conductor the rest of our way. Good boy, faid lhe, I had almost forgot. So she drew up a petition, and prayed Mt. Watchtul the porter, to send it by some fit man to her good friend Mr. Interpreter : who, when it was come, and he had seen the contents of the petition, said to the meffenges, Go tell them that I will fend him..

When the family where ChiAriana wake saw that they had a purpose to go forward, They provid they called the whole house together, to be gone on their give tharks to their King for sending them away. fach profitable guefts as these. Which done, they said unto Christiana, And shall we not thew thee fomething according as our cultom is to pilgrims, on which thou mayet meditate when thou art on the way? So they

took Christiana, hes children, and Mercy into the cloict, and thewed them one of the apples that Eve eat of, and that the also did give to her bulband, and for the esta in of which they were both turped out of paradise ;, and alled her what. Ine thought that was 3 Then Christiana

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lits tood or pullon, I know not which. So they opened the maltes to her, and she held up her hands, and wondered.

Then they had her to a place, and shewed her Jacob's aduci. Now at that time there were some gels afcend. ing upon it. So Caruana louked, and looked to see the anguld go up, so did the rest of the company. Then they




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