Adams, he had mounted fifteen into the town, to deliver hinself as 18-pounders, which completely a prisoner. commanded the river, which at The general and other prisoners, this place is not above three cables amounting to one hundred and length wide, and the land on each ninety-one, were admitted to their side is high and well wooded. parole.

A rocket boat under my imme Enclosed I have the honour to diate direction, but maneuvred by forward you lists of the vessels we Mr. Ginton, gunner, and Mr. Small, have captured or destroyed, and midshipman of the Dragon, was other necessary reports.

I am advanced about a quarter of a mile happy to inform you our loss' a-head of the line of boats.

cousists only of one seaman, beSo soon as the boats got within longing to the Dragon, killed ; gunshot, the enemy opened his Captain Gell, of the 29th, and fire upon them from the hill and seven privates, wounded; one rank w barf, which was warmly return and ble missing. ed. Our rockets were generally I cannot close my report withwell directed, and evidently threw out expressing my highest admithe enemy into confusiou. Mean- ration of the very gallant conduct time our troops stormed the hill of Colonel Jobu, the officers and with the utmost gallantry. Before soldiers under his command; for, the boats got within good grape exclusive of the battery beforeshot of the wharf battery, the mentioned, they had difficulties to eneiny set fire to the Adams, and contend with on their left which he ran from his guns the moment did not fall under my observation, our troops carried the hill.

as the enemy's field pieces in that I joined the army about ten direction were masked. The utminutes after this event. Colonel

Colonel most cordiality existed between John and myself immediately de- the two serviees, and I shall ever termined to leave a sufficient force feel obliged to Colonel John for in possession of the hill, and to his ready co-operation in every pursue the enemy, who was then thing that was proposed. The of in sight of the Bangor road, flying ficers and men bore the privations at full speed. The boats and ships inseparable from our confined pushed up the river, preserving means of accommodation with a their original position with the cheerfulness that entitles them to army. The enemy was too nimble


warmest thanks. for us, and most of thein escaped I can form no estimate of the into the woods on our left.

enemy's absolute loss. From difOu approaching Bangor, the ferent stragglers I learn, that ex. inhabitants, who had opposed us clusive of killed and missing, upat Hamden, threw off their mili- wards of thirty lay wounded in the tary character, and as magistrates, woods. select men, &c. made an uncondi I have the honour to be, &c, tional surrender of the town. Here ROBERT BARRIE, Captain the pursuit stopped.

of his Majesty's ship About two hours afterwards,

Dragon. Brigadier-General Blake




Colonel commanding Ist To Captain Hyde Parker, com regiment, 2nd brigade, 10th

manding the Naval Force, division for himself, offiand Lieutenant-Col. An

cers, and solders in the drew Pilkington, command

said regiment, ing the Laud Force of his These terms have been granted Britannic Majesty, now at

and approved of by us, Macchias.

HYDE PARKER, Captain of Gentlemen,

his Majesty's ship TeneThe forces under your command

dos. having captured the forts in the A. PILKINGTON, Lieutenant neighbourhood of Macchias, and Colonel commanding. taken possession of the territory Machais, Sept. 13, 1814. adjacent within the county of Washington, and the situation of the country being such between COLONIAL DEPARTMENT. the Penobscot river and the Passa Downing-street, Oct. 24, 1814. maquoddy bay, as to preclude the A dispatch, of which the following hope that an adequate force can be is a copy, addressed to Earl Bafurnished by the United States thurst' by Lieutenant-General for its protection; we propose a Sir J. Sherbrooke, K. B. was capitulation, and offer for ourselves

yesterday received at this of and in behalf of the officers and fice: soldiers of the brigade within the

Halifux, Sept. 28, 1814. county of Washington, to give our

My Lord, parole of honour, that we will not, Having now received Lieutedirectly or indirectly, bear arms, nant-Colonel Pilkington's official or in any way serve against his report of the capture of Machias, Britannic Majesty King George I do myself the honour of forwardthe Third, King of the United ing it for your Lordship’s infortnaKingdom of Great Britain and tion. Ireland, his Successors and Allies, I beg leave to call the attention during the present war between of your Lordship to the zeal and Great Britain and the United activity displayed by LieutenantStates, upon condition we have Colonel Pilkington on this occayour assurance, that while we re- sion, as well as the discipline and main in this situation, and consi- good conduct evinced by the offider ourselves under the British cers and troops under his command Government until further orders, in the execution of this service. we shall have the safe and full I have the honour to be, &c. enjoyment of our private property,

J. C. SHERBROOKE. and be protected in the exercise of our usual occupations.

Machias, September 14, 1814. JOHN BREWER, Brigadier Sir,- have the honour to ac

General, 2nd brigade, 10th quaint your Excellency, that I saildivision, for the officers ed from Penobscot Bay with the and soldiers of the 3rd re- brigade you was pleased to place

giment in the said brigade. under my command, consisting of JAMES CAMPBELL, Lieut. a detachment of royal artillery,

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with a howitzer, the battalion ers, three. 18-pounders, several companies of the 29th regiment, dismounted guns, and a blockand a party of the 7th battalion house: The party which escaped 60th foot, on the morning of the amounted to about seventy men 9th instant, and arrived at Bucks of the 40th regiment of American Harbour, about ten miles from this infantry, and thirty of the emplace, on the following evening. bodied militia : the retreat was so

As the enemy fired several alarm rapid, that I was not enabled to take guns on our approaching the shore, any prisoners. I understand there it was evident he was apprehen were a few wounded, but they sesive of an attack; I therefore creted themselves in the woods. deemed it expedient to disembark Having secured the fort, we lost the troops with as little delay as no time in advancing upon Mapossible ; and Captain Hyde Pare chias, which was taken without ker, commanding the naval force, any resistance; and also two fieldappointed Captain Stanfell to su- pieces. perintend this duty, and it was The boats of the squadron under executed by that officer with the the command of Lieutenant Bouutmost promptitude and decision. chier of the royal navy, and the

Upon reaching the shore, I as- royal marines under Lieutenant certained that there was only a Welchman, were detached to the pathway through the woods by eastern side of the river, and were which we could advance and take of essential service in taking two Fort O'Brien, and the battery in field-pieces in that quarter. reverse ; and as the guns of these Notwithstanding that the mili, works commanded the passage of tia were not assembled to any exthe river upon which the town is tent in the vicinity of the town, situated, I decided upon possessing I was making the necessary arourselves of them, if practicable, rangements to advance into the during the night.

interior of the country, when I We moved forward at 10 o'clock received a letter from Brigadierp. m. and after a most tedious and General Brewer, commanding the harassing march, only arrived near district, wherein he engages that to the fort at break of day, al- the militia forces within the county though the distance does not ex- of Washington shall not bear arms ceed five miles.

or in any way serve against his The advanced guard, which Britannic Majesty during the preconsisted of two companies of the sent war. A similar offer having 29th regiment, and a detachment been made by the civil officers and of riflemen of the 60th regiment, principal citizens of the county, a under Major Todd, of the former cessation of arms was agreed upon, corps, immediately drove in the and the county of Washiugton has enemy's picquets, and upon pur- pissed under the dominion of his suing him closely, found the fort Britannic Majesty. had been evacuted, leaving their I beg leave to congratulate you colours, about five minutes before upon the importance of this acceswe entered it. Within it, and the sion of territory which has been battery, there are two 24-pound. wrested from the enemy: it em

braces about one hundred miles of

COLONIAL DEPARTMENT, sea-coast, and includes that intermediate tract of country which Downing-street, Nov. 16. separates the province of New Extract of a dispatch from LieuBrunswick from Lower Canada. tenant General Sir George Pre

We have taken twenty-six pieces vost, Bart. to Earl Bathurst, of ordnance, serviceable and unser dated head-quarters. viceable, with a proportion of arins and ammunition, returns of which Montreal, Sept. 30, 1814. are enclosed; and I have the pleas I have the honour to transmit to ing satisfaction to add, that this your Lordship the enclosed copy service has been effected without of a dispatch I have received from the loss of a man on our part. Lieut. General Drummond, re

I comot refrain from express. porting the result of a sortie made ing, in the strongest manner, the by the enemy, with a large proadmirable steadiness and good con- portion of his force from Fort Erie, duct of the 29th regiment, under on the 17th inst. in which the very Major Hodge. The advance, un- superior numbers of the American der Major Todd, are also entitled army were at length repulsed with to my warmest thanks.

great loss, by the intrepid valour A detachment of thirty seamen and determined bravery of the difrom his Majesty's ship Bacchante, vision of troops under the Lieuteunder Mr. Bruce, master's mate, nant General's command. A copy were attached to the royal artillery of Major General De Watteville's under the commaud of Lieutenant report, and the return of killed, Daniell, of that corps, for the pur- wounded, and missing, on the ocpose of dragging the howitzer, as casion, are annexed; and although no other means could be procured in this affair we have suffered a to bring it forward ; and to their considerable loss, it will be satisunwearied exertions, and the judi- factory to your Lordship to learn cious arrangement of Lieutenant that Lieutenant Gen. Drummond Daniell, I am indebted for having a represents the conduct and spirit five and a half inch howitzer con- displayed by the officers and men veyed through a country the most engaged as deserving of his highest difficult of access I ever witnessed. commendation.

To Captain Parker, of his Majesty's ship Tenedos, who com Extract of a letter from Lieutemanded the squadron, I feel every nant General Drummond to obligation; and I can assure you Lieutenant General Sir G. Prethe most cordial understanding has

vost, dated subsisted between the two branches of the service.

Camp before Fort Erie, I have the honour to be, &c.

Sept. 19, 1814.
A. PILKINGTON, Lieut.-Col. My letter to your Excellency of

Deputy Adjutant Geo. the 17th gave å short account of To Lieut. Gen. Sir J. C. Sher the result of an attack made by brooke, K, B. &c.

the enemy on my batteries and

position on that day. I have now of the 1st battalion of the Royal the honour to transinit a copy of Scots, supported by the 89th; the Major General De Watteville's re enemy was every where driven port, together with a return of back, and our batteries and enkilled, wouuded, and missing, on trenchments regained, not, howthat occasion.

ever, before he had disabled the To the information which your guns in No. 3 battery and explodExcellency will derive from those ed its magazine. The enemy did documents, I have to add, that as not again attempt to make a stand, soon as the firing was heard, 1 pro- but retreated in great disorder to ceeded towards the advance, and the fort, and was followed by our found the troops had moved from troops to the glacis of the place. camp, and the Royals and 89th To Major General De Wattehad been pushed by Major Gene. ville's report I must refer your

Exral De Watteville into the wood cellency for the cause of the eueon the right towards No. 3 bat- my's success in the first instance, tery, and that the 82nd was moving viz. the overwhelming number of to the support of the batteries on the enemy, to which we had only the left. At this moment it was the King's and De Watteville's rereported to me that the enemy had giments to oppose. The spirit gained possession of the batteries which the troops displayed in all No. 2 and 3, and that our troops the subsequent operations deserves were falling back; a report which the highest commendations, and the approach of the fire confirmed entitles them to my warmest ap(your Excellency will have in re. probation. I have only to regret collection that the whole line of that the scene of action fa thick operations lay in a thick wood); wood) was so unfavourable to the I immediately directed Lieutenant display of the valuable qualities Colonel Campbell to detach one which are inherent in British wing of the 6th regiment to sup- troops. The charge made by the port the 82nd in an attack which I 82nd regiment under Major Proctor, ordered to be made for the reco and detachments of the 6th under very of battery No. 2. I directed Major Taylor, led to the recovery Major General De Watteville to of the battery No. 2, and very. superintend this movement; Ma- much decided the precipitate retrojor General Stovin took the direc- grade movement made by the tion of the troops and guns left in my from the different points of our reserve. I threw forward the position, of which he had gained a Glengarry light infantry into the short possession. wood in front of the centre, to Major General De Watteville recheck the advance of the enemy, ports most favourably of the steaand support the troops retiring diness evinced by the 1st Buttalion from that point; both these move- Royal Scots, under Lieutenant Coments were executed to my entire lonel Gordon (commanding 1st satisfaction, and being combined brigade), and the remains of the with a judicious attack made by 2nd battalion €9th, under Captain Lieutenant Colonel Gordon, with 'Basden. I myself witnessed the part of the 1st brigade, consisting good order and spirit with which VOL. LVI.



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