promoting this genuine Christianity? And if we have Izje eise in our power; can we do better than pray contat, that the Spirit may be poured out upon us = from on bigb;" and that the gospel may be preach*ed a the Holy Ghost sent down from heaven," in eta region, which is enlightened by the beams

122, brethrea, “ May the grace of our Lord -Tisz: Can:1, and the love of God, and the com-Inche Hoy Spirit, be with us all evermore,

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" Are there not with you, even with you, sins against the

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Phat could have been done more to my vineyard, that I have not done in it? Wherefore when I looked, that it should bring forth grapes, brought it forth

wild grapes?

My brethren, let none of us forget that humiliation before God for our sins, as individuals and as a nation, constitutes the great business of this day. We should not have the least reason to doubt of the divine protection against the assaules of all our enemies; did not our manifold offences against God render us deeply deserving of his righteous indignation. -Instead, therefore, of calling your attention to partyquestions, which generally lead men to "fast for "strife and debate,” I would attempt to assist your meditations on such subjects, as are connected with the

great design of our assembling at this time.

Preached on the fast day, April 19, 1793, at the Lock Chapel.

The Old Testament is peculiarly useful, in teach. ing us the grand principles, according to which the LORD dealeth with nations, as such. Individuals will exist in another world, and “ after death is the judg. “ ment:" so that no exact retribution is awarded to them in this life, for “ the wicked are reserved to the

day of judgment to be punished:” but collective bo. dies will have no future subsisterice; and, therefore, a recompence is here appointed to them. To ascertain the method of Providence, in this respect, we must mark a very great difference between nations favoured with the light of revelation and the ordinances of God, and those that are destitute of them. " Where much “ is given, much will be required;" and the same degree of impiety and vice, when found in those peculiarly favoured with the means of instruction, is vastly more criminal, and tends to fill up the measure of ini. quity much more rapidly, than when found in places destitute of such advantages.

In the passage of Scripture, from which the text jsselected, God, by his prophet, in a most beautiful parable manifests his peculiar care and favour towards Israel, especially in respect of religious advantages: “ He had given to them his statutes and ordinances; “ he had not dealt so with any nation; neither had the “hcathen the knowledge of his laws.” And, as the advantage of a parable principally consists in showing as in a mirrour, the real state of the case, divested of men's own concern in it; so the LORD appealcd td " the inhabitants of Jerusalem, and the men of Judah “ to decide betwixt him and his vineyard, and to de

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