ality, though earthly-mindedness has overspread you like a leprosy, his right-hand and his holy arm will get him the victory. He is able to create you anew unto good works; and, as you are already monuments of his patience and forbearance, to make you to eternity the happy monuments of his sovereign and almighty grace. Is there now any remaining objection ? Is there yet any room for farther delay ? Hach not time

shed its hoary hairs upon your heads, and drawn : its furrows upon your brows? Make haste

then, and fly for your lives, left you lie down in sorrow, and make your bed in hell.

5. Let me preach the gospel to the Self-
righteous. By the self-righteous, I mean those
who trust in an outward, lifeless form of duties,
in a character formed upon worldly prudence,
and a few of the most common offices of civi-
lity between man and man; especially those, if
any such have persisted in reading this discourse
to the close, who defpise the doctrines of the
of God. Do


Jean to the fac fhionable scheme of irreligious, pretended mo

rality; and when you are at liberty, treat the : doctrine of free grace, and of Christ's righte

ousness and merit, with contempt and scorn. As the full foul lotheth the honeycomb, fo the self-righteous soul spurns at the riches of di

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vine mercy, and likes not the incessant repetition of the name of Chrift. Your guilt is of the darkest and deepest dye. Your danger it is impossible to conceive or express. What views have you in drawing near to a holy God in folemn worship? Or what meeting do you expect with God, when he fitteth upon the throne of his holiness in the day of judgment ? Do you ever, tho' in the flightest manner, make conscience of the duty of self-examination ? May I not have some hold of you by that quarter? What fatisfaction have you in your own hearts? Dare you tell us now what pafles there? O the power of self-deceit! You would be.covered with confusion, did but the world know the foul pollution that lodges within you : how much less fall you be able to stand, the strict and impar. tial judgment of the great Searcher of hearts ?

Do but open the book of God, and what page will not condemn you? This sentence stands uncancelled against you, “ Cursed is every

one, that continueth not in all things that are :66 written in the book of the law to do them. “ Out of your own mouths will you be judged,

ye wicked servants. Thou that makest thy s boast of the law, through breaking the law, “ dishonourest thou God ?” Bring forth your boasted morality, and let it be put to the tria). Will you, or dare you say, “ I have loved the

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“ Lord with all my heart, with all my soul,
" with all my mind, and with all my strength ?”
Will you say, I have loved his worthip, and
ferved him in public, in my family, and in se-
cret, and I hope he will accept of it? I think
I am authorised to anfwer in his name, Was
« it worshipping me to be finging 'psalms with

your mouths, and not once remembering
66 their meaning? to be thinking of an hundred
of vain things when you were in the house of
« God? To be praising without thankfulness,
“ confefling without forrow, and asking bleff-
«sings without desiring them; and to be more
16 attentive to the faces and dresses of others
« around you, than to the frame of your own
" hearts ? Was it hearing my word, to be
“ criticising the file and manner of the speaker,
66 and laying hold, with the utmost eagerness,
" of every improper motion or ill-chosen 'ex-
66 pression, as a fund of entertainment for your-
« felves and your companions over your cups
« and bowls? Or do you call your careless,

hasty, drowsy prayers, with long intermif-
fions, worshipping me in secret ?"

But perhaps you will rather choose to trust to the duties of the second table; and what you owe to your neighbour. Perhaps you will say, I have been honest in all my dealings, and never wronged any man: nay, I have been kind and


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charitable, have dealt my bread to the hungry, and supplied the wants of the afflicted and poor. I answer, in the name of God, “Many have been your

defects even in these duties ; but supposing " it to be so, you have not feared me. It might « be from pride, from fear of censure, from “ prudence; but it was not in obedience to “ me, for I was not in all your thoughts. Was it “ your duty to your neighbour, to make a mock

at his fins, to lead him into intemperance, to “ despise him in your hearts, and ridicule him “ in your conversation ?” In one word, do but examine all your " righteousnesses,” they will “ be found as filthy rags before God.” Trust not in such a “refuge of lies.---The bed is " shorter than that a man can stretch himself on “ it, and the covering narrower than that he

can wrap himself in it *" Believe it, there is no salvation in


other than in Christ. His atoning blood will reconcile you to God: his grace and love will captivate your souls : his holy and blessed Spirit will write his laws in your hearts. Believe in him, and you will be more holy than


stand astonished at your profane and blind pride and, vanity. He will create in you a clean heart, and you will then blush at the thoughts of your remaining pollution. You will apply yourselves to his fer* If. xxviii, 20.

ever, and

vice with zeal and diligence, and yet still say you are unprofitable servants. One view of the cross of Christ will inake sin inore odious than a thousand fine descriptions of the beauty of virtue, which commonly serve only to nourish and fortify the pride of man. If ever you desire to see the face of God in mercy, or to dwell in his presence, believe in Christ, for there is no other way to the Father.

6. In the last place, suffer me to preach the gospel to the Chief of Sinners. It is the glory of our Redeemer, that he saves as to the uttermost " all that come to God by him.” The dignity of his person, the greatness of his suffer. ings, and the infinite value of his atonement founded on both, makes him “ mighty to fave.” Let such finners attend to this, who are without excuse, whose hearts have been a sink of the greatest impurity, whose lives are stained with the foulest and the grossest crimes, whose fins have been numerous, and hainous, and scandalous; who have no plea to offer, but are sensible that they have justly merited the wrath of God in its utmost rigour. Let such attend to this, as are trembling at the thoughts of a righteous judgment, and saying, “ It is a fear6 ful thing to fall into the hands of the living « God. Men and brethren, what shall we 66 do?” Behold, I bring you good tidings of


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