IN SENATE, Dec. 16, 1831.

Resolved, That both branches of the Legislature will convene in the Representative Chamber, on Thursday next, at three o'clock, P. M. for the purpose of electing five directors for the Bank of Darien, two for the Planters' Bank, and four for the Bank of the State of Georgia.

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The committee on Agriculture and Internal Improvement, to whom was referred the report of Stephen F. Miller, the agent appointed under a resolution of the last Legislature, to effect a full settlement with the commissioners of the Oconee river below Milledgeville, together with the accompanying documents, have had the same under their attentive consideration, and ask leave to submit the following Report:

The agent has properly, in the opinion of the committee, limited his investigation, to the period between the second December, eighteen hundred and twenty-four, at which time the funds and property of the association were ascertained, and a satisfactory report made thereon to the Legislature, and the creation of the new board by the act of twenty-sixth December, eighteen hundred and twenty-six. By the account current accompanying the report, it appears, that the Commissioners have had in disposable funds, including Bank


IN SENATE, Dec. 17, 1831.

The committee on Finance, to whom was referred the communicatins of his Excellency the Governor, on the subject of the conduct of John Kelly, Commissioner of the Locust Stake Road, have had the same under consideration, and ask leave to report the following resolution:

Resolved, That that Solicitor General of the Western Circuit, be, and he is hereby instructed to settle with the said John Kelly, by suit or otherwise, and report his actings and doings thereon to the proper department.

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Whereas, the register of names, of the Land Lottery of eighteen hundred and nineteen, now in the Executive Office, is much injured and torn, and many parts entirely defaced or lost.

Be it resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Georgia, That his Excellency the Governor, be, and he is hereby authorised, to employ some fit and proper person to transcribe and make an entire new register of the names of fortunate drawers in the counties of originally Irwin, Early, Walton, Gwinnett, Hall, Habersham and Rabun ;

and that his Excellency the Governor, be, and he is hereby authorised to pay for the same from the contingent fund.

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The joint committee on printing, Report, that in conformity with the duties they were appointed to perform, they issu-" ed proposals to the several printers of Milledgevile, and such other persons as might wish to offer for the printing of the State, for the present session, have received and accepted of Messrs Camak & Ragland; proposals to print the Laws and Journals, which are upon the same terms as last year; to be delivered as follows: the laws by the middle of January and the journals by the middle of February. The committee also accept of the proposals of Messrs. Polhill and Cuthbert, which are also upon the same terms as last year, for the job printing of the present session.

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IN SENATE, December 22, 1831.

The joint committee on Banks, to whom was referred the annual statement of the condition of the Central Bank, respectfully report, that they have thoroughly investigated the offices [affairs] of that institution, the result of which has been entirely satisfactory. The evidences of debt to the Bank; the bills of other banks owned by the Central Bank; the bills of that Bank, and the amount of specie in its vault, were all found to correspond with the report referred to your committee. The issues of the bank have been within the established limits; the discounts have been properly distributed to the several counties of the State, and the sums allowed to individuals have not exceeded the amounts authorised by law. The ability, intelligence, industry and zeal, of the Directors and officers of the bank, have been every where manifested in their several departments, and in the discharge their various, arduous and responsible, and frequently delicate duties. Whatever may be the difference of opinion prevailing, as to the policy of such an institution, all who will make themselves acquainted with the manner in which the complicated and diversified duties that by law have devolved upon the Central Bank, have been discharged, must accord to those who have directed its affairs, an entire approbation. Whilst the Central Bank shall be conducted in the same spirit, and managed with the same ability that have characterised its present administration, the public, for whose use it has been established must feel that much will be done in the collection of the public revenue, and the maintainar.ce of a sound currency, at the same time that a large addition will be made to the annual income of the State.

The notes of the Central Bank in circulation, amount to one hundred and eleven thousand nine hundred and ninetysix dollars. To meet these there has been provided a fund consisting of eighty thousand six hundred and fifty-six dollars in specie, fifty thousand eight hundred and five dollars in bills of the United States Bank and Branches, and one hundred and eight thousand six hundred and fifty-three dollars in the notes of the State Banks.

It is respectfully represented by your committee that the salary of the Cashier is wholly inadequate to his services, duties, and responsibilities. There is no economy more efficient and judicious than that which declares the labourer worthy of his hire; and which gives a full reward that a full

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service may be exacted. A resolution is subjoined authorising an increase of the pay of this officer.

There are in possession of the the Central Bank a number of notes, given by individuals, for the purchase of fractions, at various periods, whose places of residence are unknown. If some efficient measure be not adopted, these notes cannot be collected. It has been thought that if they were authorised to be placed in the hands of some proper agent, who should be allowed a liberal per centum for searching out the principals and securities, and collecting the amounts due, that something might yet be collected which otherwise must be lost to the State. A resolution giving that power to the Directors of the Central Bank, is herewith submitted. There are in possession of the Central Bank mutilated bills of its own amounting to five thousand dollars, which your committee recommend be burned: for that purpose a resolution is herewith submitted.

Resolved, That the salary of the cashier of the Central Bank be raised to two thousand dollars.

Resolved, That the Directors of the Central Bank be authorised to place in the hands of competent agents, for collection, such notes as they may have, whose drawers and securities, or whose places of residence are unknown; and that such per cent. be allowed upon all monies that may be collected from such persons as to the said Directors may appear proper.

Resolved, That the mutilated notes of the Central Bank, now in its possession, be burnt, in the presence of the committee on banks or its sub-committee.

The committee on banks, has the honor to report that, on an examination of the annual report of the President of the Marine and Fire Insurance Company, it appears that the affairs of the institution have been managed judiciously, and with a due regard to the interest of the stockholders. The amount of specie and funds, which may be converted into specie, are ample, and would meet any demand which could be made upon the bank. The committee is satisfied with the state of the institution, and believe it fully entitled to the confidence of the public.

The following report of the bank committee on the condition of the Darien Bank, to wit: That the statement of the Bank of Darien shows a sound,and healthy condition; it has re-assumed semi annual dividends, which have lately brought

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