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American Loose Leaf Mfg. Co......... 7 Anasarcin Chemical Co...

9 Anglo-American Drug Co.

.10 Antikamnia Chemical Co.

.24 Antiseptic File Co...

.29 Armour & Co.........

.19 Armstrong Cork Co......


Gallais, S......

3 Galloway Salve Co

32 Garfield Tea Co..

25 Gerts, Lumbard & Co..

25 Gedge-Salzman Mfg.Co....

...26 Gerstendorfer Bros.. .2d page cover Giant Chemical Co...

21 Gillette Sales Co........

8 Grace Medical Co.......

..31 Greenbaum, S. J..

.39 Gould Directory Co..



Beaver Soap Co... ..3d page cover Berry Bros.....

.29 Bischoff & Co., C...

..65 Blackwell-Wielandy B. & S. Co.,

.2d page cover. Boland Book & Stationery Co., J. L...

15 Borden's Condensed Milk Co.......... Brown & Son, John I.....

10 Brooks & Co., A. R...

9 Brooks Jewelry & Optical Co..

23 Brueggemann Hardware Co....

23 Bulis, J. C........

26 Burroughs, Wellcome & Co...



P Pacific Trading Co

.31 Parker Distilling Co...

21 Pamaline Co., The...... Peckham's Croup Remedy Co...

1 Pettey, Dr....

12 Pinaud, Ed., Parfumerie.

1 Planten & Son, H......

3: Placht & Bro., J.

22 Portuondo Cigar Mfg. Co., J. F.. .....21

R Reed & Carnrick.

.30 Reliance Cabinet File Co.......

28 Remington Typewriter Co....

g Reynolds & Reynolds Co.....

4 Ricker & Sons, Hiram ..

.37 Robbins Varnish Co., A..

27 Roessler & Hasslacher Chemical Co....22 Rose Medicine Co., E. W.......... 32 Rudy, Martin..... Russell Card Co., Willis W..............37

H Hamer's Sure Cure Co,...

..27 Hardesty Mfg. Co., The R.... Hapgoods.....

29 Highland Park College of Pharmacy,


page cover Hoffman, G. W.. Hollem Mfg.Co.

3 Hubert, Prof. I..





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California Fig Syrup Co.....

34 Centaur Co., The... Chamberlain Medicine Co.............. 25 Chattanooga Med. Co....... 2d page cover Chichester Chem. Co....

...66 Clarke Brothers & Co...... 4th page cover Common Sense Mfg. Co..

21 Coca Cola.....

.24 Cole Co., J. W.

..33 Columbia Can Co...

..33 Coward, M.....

...27 Curley & Co., E. J....


Kahama Chemical Co., The..

22 Kargon Extracting Co.....

15 Keeley Institute of St. Louis, The......20 Kline, Dr.......


S Sanford & Sons, S. T. W.

21 Sanford Mfg. Co..... Sanitol Chem. Lab. Co.....

6 Schariff Dist. Co., L. & A.

20 Scientific American....

3 Sharp & Smith...

..30 Smith Medical Co.

.23 Smith Premier Typewriter Co.. 36 Southern Cooperage Co......

27 Standard Mfg. Co.......

27 State Board Journal.....

64 Stearns & Co. Fredk. St. Jacobs Oil........

.13 St. Louis College of Pharmacy

......3d page cover. St. Louis Photo Supply Co.....

21 St. Louis Talking Machine Co. 25 Sudler & Co., J.E.

.32 Swanson Rheumatic Cure Co.,

.....4th page cover.

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Dalley Mfg. Co.......

.31 Daniels, Dr. A. C....

20 Daus Duplicator Co., Felix H.

26 Day Co., The J. H..

27 Day Rubber Co...

26 Denver Chemical Mfg. Co......

.33 Dios Chemical Co.....

.28 Donnell Mfg. Co.......

9 Duffy Malt Whiskey Co... 4th page cover

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Mackey, Munroe & Co....

33 Malena Co......

3 Mallinckrodt Chemical Works.......... 24 Maltese Cross Olive Oil.....

..67 Mariani & Co.......

..36 Marietta Stanley Co....

.28 McCaskey Register Co..

.26 McGill & Co., Dr. J. A.

.34 Meredith & Co., G. W.....4th page cover. Mitzel Rubber Co...

21 Mountain Herb Co...... Myers Mfg. Co......


15 .23

Ebert, A. E...

.3d page cover Esterbrook Steel Pen Co................24

U.S. Dispensatory..
U. S. P., The New.....



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The Guarantee of Peckham's Croup Remedy Co. The Alaska Yukon Pacific Exposition is to be held has been filed with the Secretary of Agriculture, safeguarding dealers in Peckham's Croup Remedy against at Seattle, Wash., in 1909. ft will be a $10,000,000 excharges of adulteration or misbranding, and been position, and promises much of special interest to given serial number 111. Peckham's Croup Remedy, pharmacists. the children's cough cure, is a satisfactory seller.

Henry Griffith, of Warrensburg, Mo., probably has California Fig Syrup Co.-For some years past we

the largest jug of cider in the United States. On achave been printing upon the face of our cartons a

count of being unable to buy any more barrels, he statement of the component parts of our remedy naming cleaned the water out of his cistern, and is using it for senna and the other ingredients and the proportions a cider jug. used, but without giving our working method of production, and our sales have constantly increased during An Interesting drug market report was submitted all of that time. We have now decided, in order that

at the recent meeting of the A. Ph. A. We are publishthe name Syrup of Figs may be more fully descriptive ing for the benefit of the readers of the MEYER BROTHof our remedy, to print hereafter after the name on all our labels and cartons wherever it appears the words ERS DRUGGIST the introductory portion of the report. "and Elixir of Senna," so that it will hereafter read The chairman, Prof. Edgar L. Patch, of Boston, is an “Syrup of Figs and Elixir of Senna.” Our remedy ex-president of the A. Ph. A. and thoroughly familiar will doubtlessly always be known to the trade and the

with his subject. public and called for by the shorter name, Syrup of Figs, but its full official title hereafter will be “Syrup The Enforcement of the pure drug and food law of Figs and Elixir of Senna."

will require a long list of new clerks and assistants Advertising That Counts is the kind that people

and the expenditure of millions of dollars. At least will keep. There is nothing better than nice, at

such is the estimate of the commissioners. The Contractive calendar. Every druggist can get a supply of gress which enacted the law, failed to provide for its beautiful calendars with their name and address there

enforcement. The new Congress will, undoubtedly, on, absolutely free of the Mountain Herb Co., of Knox

come to the rescue. ville, Tenn., which is only one of their many kinds of advertising. See their advertisement elsewhere in Philadelphia Branch of the A. Ph. A. has arranged this issue.

for on the following evenings, at the College of PhysiAdvertising to a business is what oil is to machinery. The Mountain Herb Co., of Knoxville, Tenn., certainly cians, Fifteenth and Locust Streets. believes in oiling the business machinery of their January.-Friday, January 4, 1907, “The Debasing Influences of customers with a good supply of advertising matter,

Fraudulent Nostrums.” judging by their advertisement on another page in this February.–Tuesday, February 5, 1907, “Higher Educational Re

quirements for Pharmacists." 1907 calendars free, to druggists handling the Mount- March.-Tuesday, March 5, 1907, "The Indiscriminate Renewal ain Herb preparations, see advertisement on page 4 of Prescriptions." this issue.

A pril.–Tuesday, April 2, 1907, "Popularizing U.S. P. and N. F.

Preparations." In Another Column will be found the advertisement May.–Tuesday, May 7, 1907, "The Proposed Reorganization of of Dr. Pettey's Retreats which are devoted entirely to the American Pharmaceutical Association." the treatment of alcohol and drug addictions. Some years ago Dr. Geo. E. Pettey, who was then located at

William H. Skinner, Ph. G., of Pocahontas, president Searcy, Ark., decided to make a thorough scientific

of the Arkansas Pharmaceutical Association, was in St. study of the alcohol and drug addictions. After the Louis recently, enthusiastically talking about the clinical study of more than 200 cases he published to the profession the results of his investigations. (See Springs, May 8, 9 and 10, 1907.

silver jubilee meeting, which will be held at Hot Therapeutic Gazette, October, 1901).

This article together with a dozen or more others J. A. Weber, Ph. G., of Pekin, Ill., is in poor health read since that time before various medical bodies and

and thinks of retiring from business. published in the journals, have given Dr. Pettey an international reputation as an authority on the subject

He captured the gold medal at the St. of drug addictions. His method, while entirely or

Louis College of Pharmacy when he iginal, is based upon the well known general principles

graduated. His many friends trust of medicine and the results he obtains are most grati

that he will soon fully recover his fying. His method of treating these addictions removes the cause of the heretofore so much dreaded

former good health. collapse, heart failure, diarrhea, excessive sweating and

Ben Schwartz, of Schwartz Brothers, extreme prostration and entirely obviates these com

Salem, ill., has gone to Silver City, plications. The suffering incident to the withdrawal

N. M., on account of his health. of the drug is also almost entirely overcome.

Dr. Pettey devotes his entire time to the treatment of this class of cases at his Memphis Retreat and has Keeps it Circulating.-"Some scientist says a $10 opened a branch of his work at Denver, Colo., and

bill will accumulate 73,000 microbes in a month." another at Oakland, Cal., under the care of his former assistants, Drs. McKay and Case. These institutions

"That doesn't worry me. I never have one of 'em are conducted upon strictly ethical lines and have the long enough to 'cumulate more'n a dozen or so."unqualified indorsement of the medical profession. [Cleveland Plain Dealer.




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CRANE'S •Prescription File:




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No matter how much one pays for antitoxin he can't buy better than Stearns'; there is none better.

Yet ours is sold from 15 to 20 per cent lower than other standard kinds: because we abandoned the exchange nuisance.

You get 40 per cent discount from list, no matter how small your order.

You make not only a larger percent but a larger actual profit on Stearns' antitoxin, than on others.

And the Stearns brand is very much in favor with the medical profession: be ready to supply it when it is called for; that's all we ask. FREDERICK STEARNS & CO.


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The kind that builds up your business

as well as advertises our goods

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The advertising we do for you is worth more to you than the amount of your first bill with us. ( We will furnish you FREE 100 of these beautiful calendars (1907) with your pame and address thereon, an eight-day calendar clock, 3772 in. high, oak case (see October issue Meyer Brothers Druggist, page 42), besides lots of other advertising matter, such as Handers, Counter Cards, Counter Pads, Display Easels, Booklets, Free Samples, etc., etc., all with your first order for a $20.00 assortment. Order now and if you think you do not get your money's worth ship it back at our expense.

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Order direct, or of MEYER BROTHERS DRUG CO., St. Louis

Size 11x14. This cut gives a very poor idea of the beauty of MOUNTAIN HERB CO., Inc. these Calendars, representing one of six subjects. They are in five colors. Furnished free with dealer's name and address printed thereon.





OR years we have been building up our business, with the ultimate aim of

presenting to the city of St. Louis and the State of Missouri, a music store of such perfection of detail as to reflect great credit upon ourselves, and be an ornament and an honor to the city.

It is with the sense of deep gratification that we realize the complete fruition of our plans. Ours is the only music house in St. Louis where you may purchase any desired article of musical merchandise, from the violin string to a Grand piano, from a clarionet reed to a full brass band.

Our goods proclaim their superiority by that unmistakable appearance, which Art lends to the handiwork of Genius. While other Piano Houses depend upon the exclusive sale of pianos for their gross revenue, burdening this one line (pianos) with the entire expense, we minimize the expense of each individual sale by our multiplicity of lines.

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