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on. Ay; and to a curious woman, Sir.—But he's my landlord; and so a man, you know, would not Sir, my humble service to you. [drinks.]—Though I value not a farthing what he can do to me: I pay him. his rent at quarter-day ;.. I have a good running trade;. I have but one daughter, and I can give her——but nomatter for that.

Aim. You're very happy, Mr Boniface: pray, what other company have you in town . JB

- - an.

Ben. A power of fine ladies; and then we have the French officers. Ain. O that’s right, you have a good many of those gentlemen; pray, how do you like their company Bon. So well, as the saying is, that I could wish we had as many more of them. They’re full of money, and pay double for every thing they have. They know, Sir, that we paid good round taxes for the taking of 'em; and so they are willing to reimburse us a little : one of 'em lodges in my house. [Bell rings.]— I beg your worship's pardon—I’ll wait on you again in half a minute.

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