From whom all blessings spring

In earth, and sea, and skies:
Each rolling year thy grace imparts,
And wakes to praise our grateful hearts.
2 The treasures of thy love

In all directions flow,
And from the fount above

Unceasing gifts bestow :
From this blest fount, indulgent Lord,
Streamed the rich glories of thy word.
3 O may the golden sun,

Full in his noon-tide blaze,
And e'en the silver moon,

Instruct our hearts to praise ;
While all the stars which stud the skies
Beam love, as through unnumbered eyes.
4 Oft as returning spring

Shall waft its genial gale,
And we ’neath summer's wing

The fragrant breeze inhale,
In every season, through all time,
Great God, we'll praise thy name divine.

HYMN 505. P. M. [#]

Call to Thanksgiving and Praise. 1 BE joyful in God, all ye lands of the earth,

O serve him with gladness and fear; Exult in his presence with music and mirth,

With love and devotion draw near. 2 Jehovah is God, and Jehovah alone,

Creator and Ruler o'er all;

And we are his people; his sceptre we own;

His sheep, and we follow his call. 3 O enter his gates with thanksgiving and song;

Your vows in his temple proclaim ; His praise with melodious accordance prolong,

And bless his adorable name. 4 For good is the Lord, inexpressibly good,

And we are the work of his hand; His mercy and truth from eternity stood,

And shall to eternity stand.

HYMN 506. L. M. [#]

National Anthem.
1 All hail, almighty, glorious Sire,

Great Ancient of eternal days;
Thy mercies claim the full-toned lyre,

And all the strength of perfect praise. 2 'Twas thine, O God, in elder time,

To make thy glorious arm right bare ;
When those who trod this desert clime

Were made of thee thy guardian care. 3 Amazement seized the savage

Thy terrors smote his proudest force;
Thy dew unstrung the warrior's bow ;

Thy tempest ruled the arrow's course. 4 Then bloomed the waste at thy command;

Peace onward led fair freedom's ray;
Life's social arts adorned the land;

Religion shone in sun-bright day.


5 These wondrous works, O Lord, were thine;

Thine be the glory, honour, praise;
While choral symphonies divine
In heaven and earth prolong the lays.
HYMN 507. L. P. M. [#]

Freedom's Song.
1 In freedom's song let millions join,
And praise the Guardian Power divine,

Whose inspiration gave the light, That dawned with clear, celestial ray, And gave our land this festal day,

Dispersed its clouds, and made it bright. 2 Like Israel's tribes on Egypt's flood, Our fathers' feet with caution stood

On stern oppression's awful strand; They raised their prayer to heaven's high throne; The Lord in majesty came down,

And safely led his chosen band.
3 The way was desert, dark, and drear,
And doubtful hearts were filled with fear;

But, lo, a fiery pillar rose,
A light to guide fair freedom's band,
And led them to the promised land;

A cloud of darkness to their foes.
4 Columbia's hills and vales, be glad;
Virgins and youth, with garlands clad,

Express your joy in songs of praise;
While dim-eyed age exults to see
Its offspring independent, free,

And joins the choral theme to raise.

HYMN 508. 61. L. M. [#]

The Pilgrims.
I From stern oppression's haughty land

The pilgrims crossed the boisterous wave;
A patient, firm, and patriot band;

The God of battles made them brave: O make us ever blest and free,

A land of peace and liberty. 2 To thee, their steadfast, suppliant eyes

Were raised 'mid war and dread alarm; O God of battles, from the skies,

Thy mercy sent the conquering arm; Still guard our freedom, rights, and fame,

While we exalt thy holy name. 3 Here


the children of the free, Now gladly chant the joyful song, And own our boundless debt to thee,

Which time shall gladly bear along.
Be this our universal cry,
For God, for home, for liberty.

HYMN 509. L. M. [6]

Public Humiliation. 1 GREAT Framer of unnumbered worlds,

And whom unnumbered worlds adore, Whose goodness all thy creatures share,

While nature trembles at thy power, — 2 Thine is the hand that moves the spheres,

That wakes the wind, and lifts the sea; And

man, who moves the lord of earth, Acts but the part assigned by thee.

3 While suppliant crowds implore thine aid,

To thee we raise the humble cry ; Thine altar is the contrite heart,

Thine incense a repentant sigh. 4 This day we deeply mourn our sins,

Confess thy power, and bless thy rod : O let us know thy pardoning love,

And find in thee a guardian God.

HYMN 510. 75. M. [6]

The acceptable Offering. 1 FATHER of our feeble race,

Wise, beneficent, and kind,
Spread o'er nature's ample face,

Flows thy goodness unconfined :
Musing in the silent grove,

Or the busy haunts of men,
Still we trace thy wondrous love,

Claiming large returns again.
2 Lord, what offering shall we bring,

At thine altars when we bow?
Hearts, the pure, unsullied spring

Whence the kind affections flow;
Soft compassion's feeling soul,

By the melting eye expressed ;
Sympathy, at whose control

Sorrow leaves the wounded breast; 3 Willing hands to lead the blind,

Bind the wounded, feed the poor ;
Love, embracing all our kind;

Charity, with liberal store.

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