to disgrace so noble and unflinching a ran from it on the rails rather than name, which for centuries has stood straight forward, Trident in conseforth in the annals of our country as quence winning cleverly by a lengththe gamest and the best of metal! well ridden by Darling. and although he boasted some of the A Sweepstakes of 50 sovs. each, family blood*, the stable shielded it h. ft. (four subs.) a mile and a halffrom inspection. The two which Mr. Houldsworth also pocketed with shewed were, Despot and Charmer. walking over his horse Titus, making Nelson, on the latter, led the way at the first three events all his ownluck what cannot be termed a charming which truly he is well worthy of : for pace, to about a distance from home; a better, stauncher, or more upright and here my Darling came up on supporter, the turf does not possess. Despot, and struggled

and strove for Our Gracious Sovereign's gift of despotic sway, while Nelson in ap- One Huxdred, two miles, with the pearance sat still and kept his charm.

new conditions, then followed as a ing situation, though I think not very closer. An entry of eleven (among comfortable. At the last he found which was Connoisseur, who was on necessity compel him to get up and the spot, but fashionably shyed the break through all rules of gallantry starting post) brought out four, by striking even his charming charge, which were, Tomboy (R. Johnson), and in doing this and letting the Ostrich (Darling), Physician (Robt. charmer have her head, she turned Heseltine), and Mr. Garforth's gr. f. pettish, shewed a want of heart, and by Figaro out of Marciana, 4 yrs died off. Despotism then reigned (Templeman). The skill of Phytriumphant by three quarters of a sician gained him the most admiralength. If I mistake not, they are a tion, he being backed at 5 to 4 agst sorry pair, and if such nags as these him, 7 to 4 agst Tomboy, and 3 to 1 strike terror (as they apparently do) agst Ostrich. Garforth's made the on some who now bask in favour's running at a moderate pace to round eyes, fear, to bring them to a Leger the corner, when the four began to starting post will produce a fainting come together. On reaching the disfit, if not a feint, from which the tance Tomboy and Ostrich commenced strongest stimulants will not be able the struggle for mastery, which was to recover them.

soon decided between the two in faThe Four-Year-Old Produce Stake vour of the four-year-old (as well it (four miles) brought us only two, might the four-year-old only giving the neither of which could boast of ex- three-year-old 12lb. instead of about traordinary claims to patronage the 20lb. as it more properly ought to be). one, REPEALER (colt by Whisker out However, when near home, Heseltine of Louisa), who had never shewn be- brought up Physician, and took the fore, and consequently done nothing, shine from both of them, winning was the favorite at 6 to 4 on him, easy by a length. I know not who merely because his companion, Tri- has recommended the conditions of dent, had in his exhibitions done His Majesty's Plate at York to the worse than nothing. The Repealer Master of the Horse, but I must be set off and made the running at a allowed to say that the weights are moderate pace to the two-mile turn, certainly badly scaled, and decidedly where the speed was mended, and and obviously in favour of the fourgood running ensued, Repealer still year-olds. Who could think of threekeeping the lead up to the distance; year-olds carrying 8st. against fourand here Darling brought up Trident, year-olds 8st. 121b. and not even an and challenged. The Pepealer, how- allowance for three-year-old mares? ever, shewed he could not combat or A three-year-old must be a flyer instand close argument, for when John- deed, or the field little better than son began to use the whipcord, he donkeys, if he can win on these con

* Rockinghanz was got by Humpbrey Clipker, who was bred by the Wentworth family.-ED,

ditions. I trust, however, for the Sir E. Dodsworth's ch. c. credit of the Stake and the advance- by Figaro out of Tar. ment of sport, that this oversight-for Duke of Cleveland’scolt,

tar's dam .........

... George Andrews, such I attribute it to bem-may, ere by Longwaist out of another year shall pass away, be re- Dulcamara..... Thomas Lye. medied. The Physician, whether he

Worlaby Baylock was the pet of mends or patches other constitutions

the lot at 2 to 1; Miss Margaret was or not, must be acknowledged to pos- backed at 4 to 1; and 5 to 1 was laid sess an invaluable one of his own : for

against Miss Fanny's dam colt. Prefew horses, I think, could be found to

vious to the start Sir Edward Dodssustain the exertion in travelling and worth's colt became a little unmanagerunning severe races that he has ex. able, and threw his rider, who was perienced during the last and present bruised, but not materially hurt. On year.

drawing up they made two false atWEDNESDAY, fine weather.—The tempts, but no particular disadvantage first affair was the First of the Old

resulted to any. At the third trial Subscription Purses, with the Core they came away well together, Emiporation addition of fifty, for four- grant having the inside and the lead; year-olds, two miles. Only two ex

the Marchesa filly and Dodsworth's hibited--the once-esteemed Trustee, being behind, though well up. Like ridden by John Day, and Voluna, a charge of artillery they kept close rode by Scott. The 'Trustee (with 5 company to over the gravel-road, and to 2 on him) discharged his trust very here Miss Margaret flew out, came badly, for Voluna ran away with the

up to Emigrant, headed him, and legncy, without leaving him even his immediately fell back in the rear. duty, for he appeared bankrupt of that Emigrant then came on, and at the also, she taking

the lead, making strong Stand Worlaby Baylock, the Maid of running, never being headed, and win

Lune, Mr. Ridsdale's filly, and Mr. ning uncommonly easy several lengths. Powlett's brown colt, came out in

A Derby, Leger, or Oaks start of front, and used every exertion to get fifteen splendid two-year-olds,

as un- at Emigrant, but without success; der, next appeared at the T.Y.C. for Day landed him safely half a neck starting post, for a stake of 20 sovs.

in front at the post from Mr. Ridseach, and worth altogether 500. dale's Ally, who made a tremendous They were attended by the following shoot at him just at home. Worlaby, steersmen:

Baylock ran in third, and Maid of Maid of Lune, rode by W. Scott. Lune (not placed) fourth. The winMr. Ridsdale's filly by

ner is a stout good-like horse, and the Lottery-Marchesa ...John Holmes.

Marchesa filly a nice sort of mare; Mr. Dyson's b. filly, by Lottery out of Dolly's

indeed, they were a lot of good-like dam......

.W. Wright. young ones. Worlaby Baylock apParis

.S. Darling. parently got a little disappointed near Emigrant..

John Day. home, though, perhaps, it might proWorlaby Baylock ....... Robert Heseltine. Duke of Leeds's colt out

ceed from something going faster than of Mrs. Rye.............S. Templeman.

himself, and taking his ground. Duke of Leeds's br. colt

The Corporation Plate of 50, heats, out of Lady of the

a mile and three-quarters, was won by Vale ....... Robert Johnson.

Sir R. K. Dick's Allegro, at three Duke of Leeds's b. f. by

heats, sprightly-he not endeavoring Whisker out of Mary, Job Marson, jun. Mr. Powlett's br. colt,

for the first—beating Mr. Walker's by Lottery or Figaro

Augusta (who won the first heat) out of Miss Fanny's

and four others. Thus ended the dam....... .George Nelson.

second day's diversion. Mr. Powlett's gr. colt,

TuURSDAY.—This day, with three by Figaro out of Jack

Spigot's dam .Thos. Nicholson. appointments, only brought us one Lincroft...

...Joseph Robinson. race, for the Three-year-old Produce Miss Margaret Thompson, Stake, two miles. From eighteen


subscribers we hail three at the post, three or four four-year-olds were noall the others getting out by paying minated with Emancipation, and they half forfeit. The three present were, must carry five-year-old weights, and Frankenstein, 8st. 5lb.,

thus give a year away, he was pei. rode by .......George Nelson.

mitted to walk and take the purs, Loi, 8st. 21b...... .S. Templeman. strings and all. Major Yarburgh's colt

A Match, booked for this day, out of Laurel's dam,

being off by consent, we had no more &st. 2lb. .. George Andrews.

diversion. It would have been good Frankenstein, either from interest management had it been contrival or partiality, was the favorite, at 5 to differently, and some one Stake from 4 on him, notwithstanding Lot had the following day, which teemal with on a former occasion defeated him an abundance of sport, been trans6 to 4 was the price against Lot, and ferred to this day's catalogue. Fast5 to 1 against the Laurel colt. The ing never fails to produce an appetite, three went away close together, and perhaps, in consequence, we elFrankenstein, if anything, having the joyed with greater zest the exhibilead perhaps about a neck, though all tions on kept close company the whole way, at

FRIDAY.--The last of the Three a pretty fair pace up to the distance, Subscription Purses, for four and fire and here the three began to struggle year-olds, two miles, first shewed up in a line. When close to the Stand, three; but Voluna (with 6 to 4 on the Laurel colt was perhaps a head her), ridden by Scott, took off with in front, and had to all appearance

the lead, made strong running, ran won; but Templeman making a rush away with the Purse, was never heads with Lot alarmed a little the Laurel ed, and cantered in, leaving Trident colt's rider (a young one), that he got and the Duke of Leeds's colt by up from his seat and took out the Swiss, 4 years old, to come home at whip, from which the horse immes their leisure. diately went awry, and swerved on The fornby Stake, for two-yearFrankenstein, who was in the middle, olds, the T.Y.C., followed and preknocking him out of his place and sented the following four youths to himself out of the Stake; for Lot, in exhibit the fruits of their tuition. consequence, won by a head, though Forester, rode by ......S. Darling. with some difficulty, Laurel being se


W. Scott. cond and entitled to his stake, and Duke of Leeds's colt, by Frankenstein not being beat above Velocipede out of Ma. half a length. Bad Laurel's rider tilda's dam.

..S. Templeman.

Mr. E. Peel's colt, by sat still, it is next to certain he must

Blacklock out of Row. have won, though not far, for there is

ton's dam....................John Day. but little between them; and if the extra 3lb. placed upon Frankenstein The Velocipedle colt, from running had been taken away, he no doubt second for the Two-year-old Stake af would have proved the victor. The the York Spring Meeting, was the three will make good racing with favorite, at 6 to 4 against him. themselves or such like; but against They all came together at a very prime good ones they will only look good pace to past the distance, when SO-SO, Frankenstein did when Templeman came away, bidding them pitted in the spring against Muley all “ adieu,” and winning uncomMoloch, the horse which public run- monly easy, Velocity running in sening declares the best in the Leger, cond. The winner is certainly one and the one that, if all be right with of the finest young horses that erer him on the day, inust win that im- stared through a bridle, and, if all go portant stake.

well with him, will prove a dangerThe Second of the Great Subscrip- ous antagonist in future days. His tion Purses, for five, six, and aged worthy and noble owner named him, horses, four iniles. As only some after winning, VALPARAISO.


The Thirty Sovereigns Stakes (a The running of this week tends mile and a quarter) followed, and was also to shew the South horses BAD: nvested with some degree of interest for Despot, whom the best three-yeary bringing out once more the great olds at Newmarket could not beat Belshazzar, though the field that came much above a length, and who was vith him was certainly the worst of always well up with them, shews in he bad. The lot was as under:- the North as an indifferent performer. Boscobel ............rode by W. Scott.

A Silver Tureen, worth a hundred, Depot....

..S. Darling. given by the Fund, and added to a Belshazzar

....John Day. subscription of 10 sovs. each, altogeDuke of Leeds's filly out Young Mary...............S. Templeman. dred, two miles, was the next object of

ther amounting to another clear hunBelshazzar of course was the favo

competition. For this appeared rite at 3 to 1 on him, and as another Emancipation, rode by John Day; matter of course he took the lead, Physician, by Sam Darling ; and Nimade the running, was never headed, tocris, by Nicholson. Emancipation and won easy a length and a half from maile severe running, keeping the Boscobel (who sang " bellows to lead to within the distance; and here mend), Despot being the third. It the three closed, and presented one of was no race at all ; but at the same the most beautiful races ever wittime it must be confessed that any nessed with the whole, which horse who is not able to beat such ended by Physician (most beautifully crabs as Belshazzar was destined to ridden) winning by half a neck, Nitomeet on this occasion, and almost walk cris second, and Emancipation not in, cannot have any chance of winning being beaten above half a length. a Leger, or any other Stake where lie

A Sweepstakes of 25 sovs. each, will have to meet respectable company. two miles, closed the day's bill of fare, Indeed the event places Belshazzar in and again brought forth Voluna, atprecisely the same position in our eyes tended by Titus (whom report whisas he stood in before the event; and pers to be the best three-year-old in makes him not a shade better or worse. Mr. Houldsworth's stable), and TrusHad he met anything that could be tee. The young one made the runsaid to have any running about him, ning for near the first mile: Scott then it would have spoken in his favour; came away with Voluna at a severe but this field can say

nothing." In

pace, left them several lengths, and deed the disclosures of this Meeting won very easy. She is undoubtedly have certainly told but an indifferent a tremendous mare, and will require tale for this great horse-great as he

something that

much is in both name and size-for it has

quicker than common to make anyshewn us that the fields he has this

thing like a race with her. As far as year defeated are destitute of even

appearances go, you may almost see very ordinary abilities. Nevertheless

the Doncaster Cup on her back alhis last year's feats (and on that alone ready, barring accidents and casualties. can rest his claim to favour and re

SATURDAY, as usual, wound up nown) told him to be a fair good the Festival with two Plates :--The horse; yet then one was found to defeat

first, a Fifty, given by the Tradeshim cleverly; and thatone(Muley Mo- men of the City, was won at three loch) has shewn us this year that his heats by Mr. R. Johnson's (late Mr. capabilities of going are still retained Walker's) Augusta, beating Allegro, hy him unimpaired, by beating, and who was not in the humour to dance very easy too, a large field of horses

to quick time, and Bounce, whose which are able to win against others bouncing was always behind! when he is not with them.

The second, a Fifty, given by the however, will bring forth the import Hon. E. Petre, M.P., was carried off ant disclosure ; and little should I be

easy at two heats by Mr. Weatherill's surprised to see the two (Muley Mo- Flambeau beating Vesta and Augusta. loch and Belshazzar) the first at the

ALFRED HIGHFLYER. judgment seat.

York, 12th August, 1833.

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The day,



The Turf.

out of Miss Paul, with a fine colt foal at

her foot by Tramp or Columbus, to Vi. INTELLIGENCE EXTRA. E. Peel, at the late York August Meeting. NEW MARKET. Second October Mr. Brandenburgh has purchased Fanny

Meeting 1833.–Friday: Lord Tavis. Horner, by Figaro, 4 yrs, of Mr. Clarke. tock's Sister to Emery, 8st. 71b. agst Lord Chesterfield's La Bayadère, 7st. 121b., last three quarters of B.M., 50, h. ft.

The following blood stock were sold by Houghton Meeting 1833.-Monday: auction by Mr. Tilburn, ac York, ca The following are the nominations for the Wednesday, August 7th. Boudoir Stakes of 50 sovs. each, h. ft.

Brown Coli, 2 yrs, by Figaro out of AtaR.M.:

bella by Williamson's Ditto ;-to Mr. Lord Exeter's Iman, Brother to Beiram, Brown Yearling Filly, by Chateau Mar

. 8st. 5lb. Lady Peel's Malibran, Est. 21b.

gaux out of Arabella : --to Mr. Braza Mrs. Grosvenor's Languish, 7st. 131b.

denburgh, 35gs. Countess of Chesterfield's Fanny Grey,

Trotinda (brood mare), aged, by Wil. 7st. 71b.

liamson's Ditto, herdam Zorada, by Wednesday: Colonel Peel's Harum

Don Quixote (stinted to St. Patrick):Scarum, 8st. 71b. agst Lord Exeter's Mi.

to Mr. Brandenburgh, lögs. mosa, 8st. 216., T.Y.C., 100 sovs., h. ft.

The following were sold on Thursday. Thursday: Lord Exeter's Mimosa, Black Colt, 3 yrs, by Muley out of Doll 8st. 61b. agst General Grosvenor's c. by

Tearsheet by Sorcerer :-to Dir. Rid. Stainborough out of Twatty, 8st. 21b.,

ley, 54gs. R.M., 50, h. ft.-Lord Exeter's Beiram,

Bay Filly, 1 yr, by Catton out of Cobbler 8st. 71b. agst Mr. Greville's Whale, 7st.,

Will's dam by Amadis :- to Mr. BranT.M.M., 200, h. ft.

denburgh, 20gs. Epsom October Meeting 1833.- The

GERMAN STUDS. following are the nominations for the Dur. The many large studs which are not dane Stakes :

established in Germany, and which are Mr. Ricardo's b. f. Ellen, by Peter Lely, every day increasing by their owners buy. out of Fadladinida.

ing the best blood they can from this Baron Teissier na. ch. f. by Middleton ou country, is interesting to observe ; and the of Agnes by President.

races which are at this time taking place Mr. Forth's Sister to Echo.

in various parts of that country will in Sir G. Heathcote's Nicis, by Velocipede time improve the breed of the German out of Norna.

horses, which, within these last ten years Mr. Goodwin's Sister to Glaucus.

must be observable to all who visit that Mr. Brown's ch. f. by Whisker out of country. Many of the German Nobl. Miss Patrick.

men have large studs of English brood It is in contemplation to establish annual mares and stallions, little inferior in numherse races in the neighbourhood of De. bers to our own : for instance, the Duke vizes. Roundway Hill has been granted of Holstein Augustenberg, Baron Biel, for the purpose by Mr. Estcourt, and a Count Hahn, Count Plessen, &c. The liberal subscription has been opened. Duke of Holstein and Baron Biel hare

At the Newton Races, on the 6th of established annual public sales, at which June, an accident of the most singular all the young stock put up are positively nature occurred; two fine horses, one the sold, after the noble example of our Graproperty of Mr. Evans, of Newton, and cious King, with this difference only-His the other of Mr. Winsloe, of Exeter (the Majesty's are sold as yearlings at Mr. latter of which was a winner at the Tattersall's ; the others are sold before Buckfastleigh races), in going at full they are foaled (the purchaser taking his speed in opposite directions, encountered chance of colt or filly), and delivered safe cach other with such force that their at weaning time the following year. This skulls were fractured, and they were both year early in September, at the Augustenkilled on the spot.

berg Races, the Duke of Holstein pill Middleton, winner of the Derby 1825, have a public sale, well worth the attenand Birmingham, winner of the Leger tion of any gentleman, as he will not only 1830, have been sold to Russia. They have a delightful trip and be most hospitaare both at Mr. Kirby's stables York, bly treated by the Noble Host, but may and will be speedily shipped from Hulí perhaps buy the winner of a Derby or an for their destination.

Oaks. The produce of the following Dr. Husband of York, the breeder of mares will be sold :that well-known horse Physician (from Comus Mare, out of Flora (Sister to whose profession he takes his name), Oiseau) by Camillus; covered by Moses. sold his dam Primette, by Prime Minister Mare by Múley, dam by Totteridge out

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