fronted by two large black bears, one of which raised upon its hind feet and advanced upon him. Although knowing nothing of the habits of the animal at the time, Mr. K. stood his ground, faced his bearship and brandished his ax, and the bears seeing no evidence of fear on his part, finally themselves became frightened and made off.

Mr. Keenan was married in July, 1854, to Miss Catharine Scanlan, a native of Upper Canada, who was born in 1836. Their children are: Richard F., Wm. M., Patrick H., Maggie A., Thos. J., John A., Mary T., Charles L. and Clement G., having lost three, Johana, Joseph and Albert J.

Mr. Keenan died March 14, 1878, honored by all who knew him. His remains were deposited in the Cherry Mound cemetery, four prominent clergymen assisting in the ceremonies, which were very impressive, and were attended by a large concourse of people from far and near. He was a man of good judgment, firm and determined in character, and throughout his residence in this county he figured prominently as one of her most influential citizens. He leaves an estate of 700 acres of the best land in the township, which is carried on by Mrs. K., it being superintended by her son Wm. They are introducing some very fine stock upon the farm, having recently purchased three head of yearlings past for $640.

John Kelly, P. O. Rossville, farmer; son of Daniel and Sarah Kelly; born in 1839, in Harrison Co., O., where he remained till 1861, when he was married to Miss Jane Lewis, and the same year emigrated to Iowa, locating in Paint Creek tp., of this Co., from which place he came to his present farm in 1863. He owns 200 acres of land, worth about $7,000. They have seven children: Jessie, Ida, Orrie, Louie, Esther, John and Benner; and have lost one infant.

Wm. M. Kelly, Paint Creek tp., was born in Harrison Co., Ohio, in 1833. In 1861 he came to Iowa and settled in Linton tp. In 1868 he removed to Rossville and engaged in the mercantile business. Two years later he went to Mason City, Iowa. In 1873 he returned to Rossville and again engaged in the mercantile business, and continued until 1878, when he located on his present farm. He has a family of eight children, Levi, Daniel, Jessie, Alice, Nettie, Mary, Martha William H. and Fred.

Hon. Andrew Landy, P. O. Lansing, farmer, born in Switzerland in 1829. He was educated in his native country; attending two different colleges, one being an agricultural one. In 1849 he came to America and settled in this county, where he has since resided, locating on his present farm in 1850. In 1871 he was chosen by the people to represent his county in the State Legislature, which position he held one term. In 1852 he married Elizabeth Hirth, and they have ten children-five sons and five daughters.

farettie, Mary, Marandy, P. 0. Lansitise country; atte 1849 h

J. H. Lamont, blacksmith, was born at Canton, N. Y., in Aug., 1834. At the age of 17 he commenced work at his trade, and in 1863 came west and located at Waukon. He was married in the spring of 1856 at Richford, Vt., to Miss Martha E. Hathaway, and they now have two sons, Chas. A. and Henry A.

Hosa Low, hardware merchant, is found among the early settlers as well as prominent business men of Waukon. He is a native of Vt.; born in 1829. In 1836 the family came west, first stopping at Chicago, then removing to Wis., from which State Mr. Low came to Allamakee Co., settling at Waukon in 1858. Here he at once engaged in the hardware business, being a member of the firm of Low & Bean, and has pursued mercantile life in the hardware line most of the time since. Mr. Low, in 1859, was united in marriage to Miss Laura A. Stilman, of N. Y., and now has two sons and two daughters, Frank, Mary, Fred, Josie.

Gilbert C. Lyse, P. (). Dalby, farmer, sec. 3; owns 260 acres of land valued at $25.00 per acre. He was born May 4, 1826, in Norway. In 1854 he emigrated to the U. S., coming via New Orleans and up the Mississippi River to Columbus in Allamakee Co., Iowa, in July of that year. In 1856 he purchased land on sec. 15 of this tp., which he subsequently sold and came on to his present farm in 1858. He married Miss Caroline Engbretson in 1854. She died in 1870. He was again married to Mary Halverson in 1875; had one son by his first marriage—Christ, who is now engaged in the mercantile business at Brookings, D. T. The children by his second marriage are Caroline M., and Carl E. He is a member of the Lutheran Church.

Simon Ludeking, P. O. Waukon; farmer, sec. 29; son of Simon and Charlotte Ludeking, was born in Prussia, Germany, in 1826, where he remained till the spring of 1854, when he emigrated to the U. S., stopping in Sheboygan Co., Wis., and in the spring of 1855 came to Io. and located 80 acres of his present farm and commenced making improvements upon the same. The following winter he went to Lincoln Co., Mo., where he engaged in chopping cord wood for steamboats and the St. Louis market, continuing to work on his farm summers and in Missouri winters, till in 1858 he married Miss Mary Geesmeyer, of Mo. She was also born in Germany. He then came on to his farm, which by his industry and economy he has added to till he now has 280 acres well improved and among the best farms in the tp. He has a family of eight children, whose names are as follows; Louisa, Mene, Ulrich, Samuel, Henry, Gustaf, George and Thomas, and has lost one daughter, Lydia. Mr. L. is a member of the German Presbyterian church.

J. M. Lisher, proprietor of the Commercial House and livery stable, Postville, was born in Ind., in 1844; his parents moved to McHenry Co., Ills., in 1846, and in 1854 to Allamakee Co., Io., locating ten miles north of Waukon. In 1862 he enlisted in Co.

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B., 2d Batallion, 16th U. S. Infty., and participated in the battles of Stone River, Prairieville and Chicamauga, at which latter he was captured Sept. 19th, 1863. He was first taken to Libby prison, and in Dec. following to Danville, and to Andersonville in April 1864, weighing when received at the prison 184 lbs, and at the expiration of eleven months, when taken from there, only 90 lbs., which is a sufficient explanation of the treatment received. He was taken to Black River, near Vicksburg and paroled, sent to St. Louis, thence to Oswego, New York, and discharged, his discharge bearing date April 14, 1865. The following fall he returned to Io., and in 1874 engaged in the hotel business at Lansing, running the livery business in connection. He was burned out in 1876, and in March, 1879, came to Postville and took charge of the Burlington House, and in Sept., 1881, took charge of the Commercial house. He was married to Miss Mary Adams, a native of Indiana, in 1868. They have two children, Floyd C. and Myrtle M. Mr. L. is a member of the A. F. & A. M., 1. 0. 0. F. and A. 0. U. W.

H. S. Luhman, of the firm of Luhman and Sanders, dealers in general merchandise, corner Tilden and Lawber streets, was born in 1853, in Sheboygan Co., Wis. He came to Postville in 1873 and engaged as clerk for Roberts Brothers in a general store, and afterwards for Skelton & Co., and in 1878 went to Bonnair, in Howard Co., and engaged in general merchandise till in the fall of 1881, when he came to Postville and engaged in the present firm. He married Miss Sarah Sanders, of Clayton Co., in 1880. Mr. L. is a member of the I. 0. 0. F., and of the M. E. church.

Matt. Leithold, dealer in clothing, hats, caps, boots, shoes, and gents' furnishing goods, also millinery, which latter is superintended by his wife. He was born in 1846, in Bavaria, Germany. His parents emigrated to the U.S. in 1856, locating in Clayton Co., Io. He commenced clerking for Messrs. Peterson & Larson of McGregor in 1865, and in 1871 commenced general merchandising in Postville, under the firm name of Leithold Bros., and his present busi

ness in 1881. He married Elizabeth Osterdock in 1870. She was · born in Clayton Co., Io., in 1852. They have five children, Lucy,

Edward, Rialdo, Lillie and Florence, and lost one son in infancy. Mr. L. is a member of the A. F. & A. M., and A. 0. U W., also of the Lutheran church.

Rev. D. W. Lyons, farmer and retired pastor of the Presbyterian church, owns about 800 acres of land, valued at $32,000; was born in Harrison Co., Ohio, in 1823; received his education at Franklin College, New Athens, O., and the Western Theological College at Allegheny City, Pa., after which he served as pastor of the Presbyterian Church for many years, until compelled by ill-health to abandon the ministry; came to Allamakee Co., Io., in 1850, locating near Postville. He organized a Presbyterian church at Postville in 1852, preaching the first sermon at

1839ating first mn in Scotlaos

in 1842, they came to Senectady, N. Yn

the house of Mrs. Zeruiah Post. In 1856 he removed to Kansas City, Mo., serving as pastor of the Presbyterian church there one year when, on account of ill health, be commenced traveling through southern Mo. and Arkansas till in 1860, when he returned to Postville and engaged in real estate and general merchandising. 'In 1870 he removed to Mason City, where he engaged in the same business in company with his son, William W. Lyons. In 1875 he removed to Des Moines and his son to Brooklyn, Io., where he engaged in the banking business, and subsequently opened a bank in Colfax. In 1880 Mr. Lyons returned to Postville. He was married to Sarah A. Wallace, of Ohio, 1810. She died in 1875 at Mason City. He was again married to Mrs. Elizabeth Marquis, a widow of the Rev. Robert Marquis, in 1880. Mr. Lyons has seven children by his first marriage, William W., Mary A., Sophia J., Sarah E., Susan M., Carrie B. and Effie M., and lost one son, Daniel M. By his second marriage he has one son, Charles R.

J. R. Laughlin, farmer, P. (). Postville, son of John and Jane Laughlin, who were born in Scotland and emigrated to the U. S. in 1835, locating first near Schenectady, N. Y., remaining there till in 1839, when they came to St. Joseph Co., Mich., where they lived till in 1842, they again moved to Wells Co., Ind., and in 1819 came to Allamakee county, Io., they being among the first settlers in Post tp. Mr. John Laughlin was among the leading and prominent men of the county, serving as Sheriff, also as Justice of the Peace in his tp., several years. He was also one of the proprietors of the first platting of the town of Waukon. He died in September, 1862. The children living are John H., Elizabeth, Robert, Mary J., Ella and James R., the latter the subject of this sketch, who was born in this county in 1852. He now carries on the home farm, consisting of 144 acres. He was married to Miss Jane Harris, daughter of Elisha Harris, in 1872. Mr. L. is a member of the U. B. church.

Henry Lenz, P. O. Lansing, farmer; son of Fred and Barbarą Lenz, was born on his father's farm, where he still resides, Aug. 22, 1855. His parents came from Germany to this country in 1850, and located upon this farm, which contains 120 acres well improved. His father also owns a farm of 160 acres, southwest of this a couple of miles. The subject of this sketch was educated in the common schools and at Grinnell College. He was married to Miss Mary Gramelich, March 28, 1876. She was also born in this county. They have three children, Emma, Willie and Nettie. Mr. L. carries on his father's farm and is a member of the M. E. church.

Frank Leithold, farmer, sec. 3, P. O. Waukon; born in 1832 in Switzerland and emigrated to the U. S. in 1855, locating on 40 acres of his present farm, which by his economy and industry he has added to till he now has 200 acres with first-class improve

tice of the Pola the first 62.

The de James Riy in 1852.

ments. He married Miss Anna Vile in 1860. She was born in England. They have six children, Catharine, Julia, Henry, Margaret, Albert and George, and have lost one infant.

C. A. Leithold, sheriff, was born in Bavaria, Germany, in 1850; came to America in 1856 with his parents, and settled in Clayton Co., Iowa. In 1872 he removed to Postville and engaged in merchandising until 1878, when he changed to that of agricultural implements. In 1881 he was elected to his present office.

Jeremiah Leas, Linton tp., was born in Harrison Co., Ohio, in 1831, and was raised a farmer. In 1856 he came to Iowa and settled on his present farm of 320 acres, which is one of the best in his tp. He married Susanna Henderson, of Ohio, by whom he has nine children. .

J. B. Minert, son of John and Elizabeth Minert, was born in Post tp., Allamakee Co., March 4, 1853. In 1865 the family removed to Franklin tp. His father purchased a flouring mill, which he ran until 1867, when he was murdered. The subject of this sketch was married to Margaret J. Arkley, and in 1877 settled at Waukon, since which time he has been dealing in live stock. Their children are Louisa, Ella and James.

M. A. McDonell, blacksmith, is a native of Canada West, and was born in 1839. He learned the blacksmith's trade, and in 1863 came to the U. S., and first lived in Wis., from which State he came to Iowa, stopping at Lansing until 1876, at which date he came to Waukon, and has since been in the employ of Simmonsen & Peterson. In 1865 he was married to Ellen Foley. They have five children.

J. B. Mattoon, M. D., is one of the pioneer physicians, and now the oldest resident physician in the two counties comprising this work. He is a native of Hamphire Co., Mass., born in 1814, and was a resident of the State till 18 years of age. He then removed to Paynesville, Ohio, entered the Willoughby College (now Cleveland Medical College), where he graduated in 1840. The next 14 years he practiced medicine in Crawford Co., Penn., when he concluded that he would seek his fortune in what was then called the far west," and accordingly came to Iowa and settled at Freeport,. Winneshiek Co., then a place of nearly 500 inhabitants, with the expectation of becoming the county seat. Here he followed his profession until 1867, since which time he has been located at Waukon. Dr. Mattoon was married in 1842 to Miss D. E. Heath, then of Crawford Co., Penn., but a native of N. Y. The children are Caroline, now Mrs. Levi Plank, of Nebraska City, Nebraska; Frank W., of Blue Springs, Neb.; Jacob B., of Sibley, Neb., and Eva D. He has been a member of the I. 0. 0. F. for forty years, and is also a member of the A. F. & A. M.

Edward McGough, P. O. Waukon; farmer, sec. 29; son of Barney and Catharine McGough; was born in Canada in 1839. His parents moved to Winnebago County, Illinois, when he was a

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