like suspending the respiration, they rise spontaneously with the breath, and demand articulation. But I hasten to quit a place around which I have perhaps lingered too long, but which I quit with the greatest reluctance. This was not however the case with my companions, and may not be with my readers; one of the former protested that he had seen much better ruins in England, all ruins were alike, and he knew very well what was to be seen here--but then to have been at Naples without saying that he had seen Pompeii was intolerable—to be unable to tell his friends that he had seen a place which all the world sees, was not to be thought of. He therefore posts to Pompeiiposts through it-eats and drinks, and returns. And this, I firmly believe, comprized the whole of his information on the subject.

“ Estuat ingens Imo in corde pudor, mixtoque insania luctų."

We returned somewhat late in the evening to Naples, and I hastened to make preparations for accompanying his excellency, the • English ambassador, to a rout at Lady Drummond's. The rooms were crowded, and her

NAPLES--ROUT AT LADY DRUMMOND'S. 57 ladyship played the obliging hostess à merveilles. Out of four hundred visitors not more than sixty were English, and the majority of the males were naval and military officers, who sparkled in all the magnificence of stars and embroidery. There was a general who figured away at the age of a hundred, and considerably resembled, it seemed to me, our late excellent sovereign; his name I have forgot. Many beautiful Neapolitan women were present, among whom the Princess Tercazi, in my humble opinion, far exceeded the rest : she has a very sweetly expressive face, e terá

“A pleasant smiling cheek, a speaking eye,

A brow for love to banquet royally,”- .

and a good deal of that naïveté of manner which is so engaging to foreigners. Of her private character I have nothing to say, for I know nothing, save that she is nineteen years of age and has five children! Proh Jupiter !

Amongst the number of pretty nothings which were uttered this evening, I overheard a French lady compliment a gentleman upon the recovery of his good looks, which, it seems, had. been dérangés” by a late illness ; “ Ah !

cried he tenderly, “ c'est la réflexion de votre image!meaning, if it comprehended a meaning, that he was her mirror; and that in regarding him she beheld purely the reflected lustre of her own charms. A pretty method of complimenting himself, for which the lady in question seemed not over and above thankful. She smiled with some apparent exertion, waved her hand, and retreated. Quadrilles, waltzes, and cotillions were the order of the evening; and, on the whole, the dark glittering eyes of the Neapolitan women, contrasted with their sombre dresses, and the gay uniforms of the military, formed a splendid and interesting scene.


TUESDAY, 23d Nov.-To-day I made the tour of the Bourbonic Museum, in which the contents of Herculaneum and Pompeii, &c. &c. have been deposited. Amongst other things an exquisite bust of Caracalla, two feet and a half high, particularly delighted me: there is great expression in the face, and the disposition of the hair is admirable. A full length statue of Aristides in the act of haranguing, and Silenus intoxicated and reclining on a skin of wine, are each in their way delicious specimens of ancient sculpture; they were found in Herculaneum. Indeed, the statuary brought from this place alone is very extensive, and will afford many an hour of rich gratification.

In another part of the museum is preserved a vast variety of grain in the different states, discovered in Herculaneum, besides a burnt

loaf of bread eight inches and a half in diameter marked

ERISQCRANI..... RISER...... This inscription, whatever it may imply, reminds one of the present practice of marking gingerbread and cakes. There are also snares, threads, and a bird-net-probably such as Horace mentions in the second ode of the fifth book

Amite levi rara tendit retia,

Turdis edacibus dolos;
Pavidumve leporem, et advenam laqueo gruem,

Jucunda captat preemia.”

And what is not the least curious, there is a quantity of linen cloth found in the washingtub. · In a painter's shop at Pompeii was discovered a pot of verde antique of an earthy character, and probably amalgamated with some mineral.

Two bronze seats, exactly similar to our garden chairs, deserve attention : with a number of helmets, cuirasses, spears, quivers, &c. &c. used both by the Greeks and Romans. A

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