the game a Double Fianchetto; but this is not good play.

5.KKttoK2 5.PtoQB4

6. B to K 3

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This precipitate retreat is his best policy; if he should instead check with the Queen, then—

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OR the Irregular Attacks the principal is the Queen‘s Gambit, in which you advance the Queen’s Pawn two steps at your first move; and if Black reply in a similar manner, you then play 2. P to Q B 4. Black may either accept or decline the Gambit; the latter is thought to be his best course, but it may be accepted without danger. This opening is thoroughly sound, and makes an agreeable variety. Besides l. P to Q 4 you may open the game by advancing the KB P or Q B P two squares; these, though seldom played, are amongst the recognised openings. Some players bring out the K Kt before moving any Pawns, but this is nearly certain to result in some phase of the ordinary Knight’s Game.

§ 1. The Queen’s Gambit.

The Gambit Accepted. White - Black 1.PtoQ4 1.PtoQ4 Black may play instead P to K 3; you can then turn the game into the French Defence by 2. P to K4. 1. P to K B 4, or 1. P to Q B 4, are not advisable defences.

2.Pt0QB4 2.PxP The Gambit declined will be examined in Game II. 3.PtoK3 .3.PtoK4

Any attempt to defend the Gambit Pawn, as in the Gambits on the King‘s side, will result in the loss of a piece, e. g.

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It is thought better for Black to decline than to accept the Gambit.

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The above moves are given by the Handbuch as the best, but unquestionably they might be varied on either side without danger. The positions are new exactly similar, and, though White has the move, the game is quite even.

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White Black 1. P to KB 4 This is not a good opening. 1. P to Q4 He may also play 1. P to K B 4. 2.KKttoB3 enemas 2. P to Q B4 is not good. 3. KttoK5 3.BtoKB4

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Staunton gives 4. P to K Kt 4, but remarks that it is needlessly hazardous, and suggests 4. P to Q 3, or 4. P to Q B 4, instead.

4. P to K 3 Even game. .

§ 3. The Queen’s Bishop’s Pawn’s Opening. White Black 1. P to Q B 4 ' This is better than moving the K B P.

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1. P to K 4 is not good, because it puts White in the position of the second player in the Sicilian Defence, with the advantage of being a move in advance.

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