Bible, English, merits of, 195; Scott's Carlist rising, history of the, 256; mode of
last resort, 31

warfare, 258
Bilbao, Carlist siege of, 262; second siege Carlise, Lord, his Park described, 12
of, 265

Carmichael, Gen., and Watterton, 67; and
Biscay, Bacon's Six Years in, 252

the lawyer, 68
Bishop Burnet, letter of, 208

Carnac, Sir J., Letter to, 467
Blackie's Popular Cyclopedia, 470

Carriers and Post Office evasion, 238
Blacksmith, Adam declared to have been a, Castlemaine, Lady, and Hyde, 389

Catechisms, Jewish, notices concerning,
Board of Ordnance, functions of, 267

Boastings, American, 116

Catholics and Protestants in Germany,
Bocca Tigris, scenery on the, 402

comparative numbers of, 360; incomes
Body, education of the, Mudie on, 552, of, 362

Causes of insanity, 384
Book of Botany, The Young Lady's, 301 Censorship of the Press in Malta, 232
Book-making compared to mining, 281 Chancellor, distresses of a, in exile, 386
Bogue, notices concerning the battle of the, Chantrey's works, notices of, 5

Character of Shakspeare, Brown on, 620
Boz, his extraordinary popularity, 101 Charities, public, in Malta, 229
Brahmans in Dinajpoor, their several Charles Ist. in Edinburgh, 210
orders, 512

Charlotte Corday, notices of, 250
Brazil, conduct of Portuguese Colonists in, Charlatan, conjurations of a notorious, 50

Chasidium, fanaticism of the, 317
Breaking up of a great mind, 17, 21 Chateaubriand's Paradise Lost, character
British brotherhood, 67

of, 346
British colonists, conduct of, 560

Chatworth, visit to, 13
Brodie, Mr., and Mark Napier, 207 China, State and Prospects of, 405
Broome's thick flattery, 433

Chinese economy, illustrations of, 404
Brotherton, Mr., notices of his singulari. Civil Administration of the Army, 266
ties, 296

Civilisation and Insanity, 368, 370
Brougham, notices of, in the House of Circulars and postage evasion, 242
Peers, 285

Christianity in China, prospects of, 410
Brown, C. A., on Shakspeare's Autobio. Chronicles of the Coronations of the
graphical poems, 617

Queens Regnant of England, 109
Brünn, inhabitants of, and Jenner, 623 Chronicles of the Canongate and Scott, 18
Buchanan, Dr., on vegetable food, 513 Chungeez Khan, notices concerning, 130;
Bulwer, his Alice, 34

death of, 131
Bunbury's Memoirs of Hanmer, 427 Church presentations in Germany, 361
Burke, anecdotes of, 171

Clairvoyance, cases of, 484
Burnet, Bishop, character of, 208

Clarendon, Lister's Life of, 385
Byron, anecdote of, 96

Clark, John, Dutch treatment of, 499

Clarkson and Wilberforce, 163

Classical associations, 183
CABINET of St. James's and Chateau- Classification of ships at Lloyds’, effects of,
briand, 582

Cain and Abel, fable about, 130

Coaches and letter-carrying, 241
Cambridge, Wilberforce at, 156

Coal Fund, Osborne on, 524
Camden, Marquis of, as a senator, 287 Cockney, notices of an Out-and-out, 105
Cameron's Advice on the Teeth, 630 Coghlan's Guide to Switzerland, 299
Campan, anecdotes in Memoirs of Madame, Coins, use to be made of a knowledge of,

Campbell, Th., on Life and Writings of Columbus, character of, 494
Shakspeare, 465

Colonization and Christianity, Howitt's,
Canadian Speech, effects of Brougham's,


Commissariat department, duties of the,
Canning and Chateaubriand, 581, 592

Canning, characteristics of, 94

Commissioners, French, their decision on
Canton to Shan-tung, voyage from, 413 Animal Magnetism, 483
Capitals of Europe, Standish's Northern, Commons before the Queen, conduct of the,


Commerce, influence of railways on, 453 Disciple of Induction, an illustrious, 626
Companies, railroad, difficulties to be com- Discovery of the New World, how distin-
batted by, 454

guished, 492
Compound words, increase of English, 517 Disheartening picture of China, 406
Conder's View of all Religions, 468 Divinity of Christ, St. John on,

Congress of Verona, Chateaubriand's, 579 Dogs, Mudie on the knowledge of, 557
Contagious diseases, how to be avoided, 80 Doctrine, monstrosity of the Animal Mag-
Continent and England, manners of, com- netic, 489
pared, 543

Dominie, school-system of a, 103
Contrasts, instances of strong, 249

Downing, his Fan-qui in China, 401
Construction of Ships, faults in, 133 Doom of Montrose, 218
Conversion of Wilberforce, 160

Drama in Siam, style of the, 123
Cooper, his Homeward Bound, 417; his Duchies, Danish, laws of the, 194
works, 418

Duck-boats, description of Chinese, 403
Co-operation of the Spaniards, value of, Duke of Normandy, account of the pre-

tended, 440
Copenhagen, lunatic asylum in, excellence Duke of Wellington, his evidence concern-
of, 375

ing the Administration of the Army, 270
Copley, E., her word to Parents &c., 305 Dullness of the House of Lords, 284
Correspondence of Sir Th. Hanmer, 427 Drunkenness, disasters at sea caused by,
Count Cagliostro, 34

Count de Provence, alleged conspiracy of, Drawings of the Ancient Masters, 7

Dryden and the Opera, 535
Count d'Artois, alleged conspiracy of, 449 Dutch as colonists, conduct of, 499
Courtenay tragedy, companion to the, 556 Dupotet, M., pretensions of, 476; system
Covenanters, Montrose and the, 205

of, 628
Crabbe's Poetry, Scott's favour for, 31

Cranmer's moral resolution, 479

Eagerness for information, Chinese, 416
Creon, character of, 175

East India Company's maritime officers,
Crime, the largest system of, 492

efficiency of, 137
Cuckoo-flowers and Shakspeare, 602 Eastern Mythology, its influence over forms
Cuesta, Gen., and Sir A. Wellesley, 53 of speech, 127
Curtius, M., notices of, 245

Eastern India, Martin's, 508

Eatables in China, account of, 405

Economy, Vethake's principles of Political,
Dance, descriptions of the mazy, 328, 393 ; instance of mistaken, 71

Educational institutions, influence of dif-
Dancing Fawn, description of the, 459 ferent sorts of, 398
Danish literature, notices concerning, 186 Edward IV. in Yorkshire, 572
Dante, Milton compared with, 346 Egg-shells, how to preserve, 73
Dauphin, son of Louis XVI., misfortunes Elephant, Danish order of the, 193
of, 440

Elephants, their estimation in Siam, 123
Dædalus, verses on the story of, 459 Eliot, Mr., and Wilberforce, 157
Demerara, Waterton in, 65

Elliotson, Dr., his magnetisings, 485
Decision, Sir A. Wellesley's, 55

Elizabeth, Madame, and M. Tussaud, 247
Delille's Paradise Lost, character of, 345 Emasculation of the French language, pro-
Demonomania, former belief in, 369

gress of, 345
Denmark, State of, 184

Emperor of Russia, The, and Chateau-
Dialogue, the most natural form of speech, briand, 588

Emperic, notices of an enthusiastic, 49
Dialogue, specimen of fictitious, 39

Engineer, anecdote of an, 554
Diary, reflections in Scott's, 19

English School of Painting, notices of, 2
Dickinson, Mr., his threaded paper, 237 Epidemics, origin of certain, 82
Dictionary, Richardson's, 514

Epistles, revision of St. John's, 195
Dinajpoor, statistics of, 509

Ernest Maltravers, development of his
Diplomatist, cleverness of an American, character, 35; consistency of, 47

Eroclea, extracts from Sir Henry North's,
Director of the Royal Gallery at Berlin, 437
his Letters, 1

Erroneous reckoning at sea, consequenc
Disease, Barlow's Causes and Effects of, 78 of, 137

Essays on Natural History, Watterton's, Grain Department, The, and Malta, 224

Grands seiyneni8, notices of three, 157
European Colonists, their treatment of the Great Coram Street, dinner party in,
natives, 490

Evans, opinions concerning General, 264 Gresham professor of Music, Lectures of,
Execution of Montrose, 220

Exile, independence of an, 218

Guiana, Watterton's ornithological oppor-
Experiments, Magnetiser's, 176

tunities in, 66


FALCONBRIDGE's attack upon London, 573 Haddington, Lord, epitaph on, 211
Fall of Clarendon, 391

Hamburg, state of Arts at, 510
Fall, fable of man's first, 129

Hand, Mudie on the use of the, 554
Fanaticism, effects of Jewish, 323

Hanmer, Sir Th., his Memoir, 427
Fan-qui in China, Downing's, 401

Happy Transformation, The, 151
Farewell, The Missionary's, 630

Hardinge, Sir H., his evidence on military
Fashion in England, sovereignty of, 14 administration, 274
Fashion, influence of, in Germany, 366, Harassments of Generals, 54, 56
Father-land, Scott's love of, 28

Harrow, notices of, 361
Feelings, Education of the, 469

Hat, The, and an Irish Member, 289
Female Meeting, Hood's, 100

Hawkins, Bisset, his Germauy, 352
Females, effects of Rabbinism on, 318 Hayman and Hanmer, 434
Finland, Standish's description of, 514 Heart's-ease and Shakspeare, 608
Flodden, account of battle of, 569

Heaven's special revelations, pretended ob-
Flood, Memoirs of Henry, 151

ject of, 451
Florence, treatment of the insane at, 376 Hebenon and Shakspeare, 607
Fortress of Malta, Wellington's opinions Helen Mowbray in Woman's Wit, character
about, 222

of, 331
French intuence upon Germany, 334 Hemel Hempstead, notices of, 563
Frederick the Second, Emperor, Knight's Hemlock, Shakspeare's allusions to, 601
Portrait of, 118

Herculean labours, Scott's, 18, 21
Frederick Barbarossa, oath exacted by, Hero in Woman's Wit, character of, 330

Hervé, F., his Reminiscences of M. Tus.
Friendship and policy, combination of, 95 saud, 244
Fuel, importance of provision of, to the Hill, Mr., and the Post-office, 234, 237

Hindu widows, hardships of, 511
Fueros, intiuences of the Spanish, 254 Hints to the Charitable, Osborne's, 520

Hints to professing Christians on consis-

tency, 151
Gambling and Wilberforce, 136

Hispaniola, Columbus at, 495
Genealogical Tree of the Turks and Tatars, History of England, A new, 559

Hogarth the Painter, notices of, 3
General Gourgand and Scott, 18

Hogarth's Musical Drama, 533
General Post, Hill on the, 237

Hoiseste Rett, notices of the tribunal of,
Genius, Original, Mudie on, 558

Genius and Patronage, their present con- Homeward Bound, Cooper's, 417
nection, 10

Hood's Own, 98, 469
Genoa, treatment lunatics at, 376 Horne-Tooke's potential passive adjectives,
George III., alleged letter of, 451

George the Fourth and Sir W. Knighton, Hotbed of mysticism, Germany the,
89, 90

German States, present position of nobility Hotel Dieu, magnetic experimentat,
in, 355

Germany, Hawkins', 352

Howard, Mr., as a senator, 295
Goëthe's death, its effect on Scott, 26 Howard Castle, visit to, 10
Gold, a demon, 493

Howitt, Win., his Colonization and Chris.
Golden Square, Boz's sketch of, 102

tianity, 190
Goldman's infraction of a Jewish law, 322 Hull, Willerforce at, 155
Gospel, revision of St. John's, 195

Human tinh, account of a, 118
Gowing on Normal Schools, 305

Hyde, Eriward, birth of, 386

poor, 526



Languages subject to changes, 196
ICE-BOUND ship, dreadful condition of, 596 Lavater and Wilberforce, 161
Immaterial Wealth, meaning of, 397 Lawrence Gallery, notices concerning the, 7
Inconsistency of Clarendon, 391

Lawyers, influence of the Spanish, 235
Inconstancy, defence of, 49

Lee on Animal Magnetism, 471
Increase of Chinese, enormous rate of, 411 Legitimate drama, notices of the, 174
India, effects of British sway in, 560 Leo the Tenth and Art, 9
Industry of the Dutch, 542

Leprosy in Dinajpoor, its character, 511
Innes's Letter to Lord Glenelg, 464 Letters, Waagen's, I
Inn and hangers-on, picture of an, 108 Lewis, Mr., and Malta, 223
Insane persons, average of cures among, Lex regia of 1665, Schlegel on, 191

Lexicographer's scope, its range, 515
Insanity, Ellis on, 368

Liberty, effects of, on literature, 344
Insects, how to preserve, 74

Life and Art, their former union, 10
Insects mentioned in Shakspeare, Letters Life in London, Wilberforce's daily, 163

Life-Boat, Murray's improvement of the,
Insensibility to pain, cases of, 478

Intercommunication and railways, 453 Liquidation of debts, Scott's rapid, 18
Ismene, character of, 174

Lister's Life of Clarendon, 385
Italian Opera, its undue popularity, 535 Literature, German, character of, 356
Ivinghoe, railroad cuttings at, 567

Liverpool Institution, visit to, 12

Lloyd's books, entries in, 132

Lockhart's Life of Scott, 15
James IV. of Scotland, notice of his death, London, Scott's last days in, 29

Louis XIV., Hanmer's sketch of, 436
Jedburgh populace, The, and Scott, 22 Louis XVIII., alleged letters of, 450
Jenner, Ed., Baron's Life of, 622

Love, a hackneyed theme, 40
Jeremy Taylor's Practical Works, 470 Love of flowers, German, 543
Jesuits in China, their labours, 407

Love's Disguises, 326
Jewesses, kind and extent of their educa. Lower and Upper House, members of,
tion, 318

compared, 284
Jewish poverty and learning, compatible, Lower Animals, Watterton's defence of

the, 76
Jews, English, notices of, 314

Lunatics and Lunatic Asylums in England,
John Bull, character of, 98

condition of, 368
Johnson's Dictionary, remarks on, 514 Lyon, John, founder of Harrow Grammar
Jorrocks' Jaunts and Jollities, 98

School, 561
Judaism and the Jews, M.Caul's Sketches
of, 313

Junta, Sir A. Wellesley and the Spanish, Maclean's Practical Discourses, 306

M'Caul, Dr., his Sketches of Judaism and

the Jews, 313

Mad-cap pranks of Prince Hal, notice of,
KARAITES, notices of the, 314

Kearsley, Mr., as a Senator, 292

Madness in Turkey, rarity of, 369
Keepsake Annual, The, and Scott, 19 Magnetism, report on the effects of, 475
Kempt, Sir J., his evidence on military ad- Magnanimity, Hyde's ostentation of, 390
ministration, 274

Magnetic somnambulism, 474
Kenyon, J., his Occasional Poems, 300 Mahummudanism, how identified with
Klopstock, Milton compared with, 348 Adam, 129
Knights of St. John and Malta, 223 Maimonides, readers of, their philosophic
Knight's Architectural Tour in Sicily, 147 character, 317
Knighthood, Danish orders of, 193

Main-chance, the, and Scott, 95
Knighton, Sir Wm., Memoirs of, 86 ; his Malta, Scott at, 24
origin, 88 ; his perseverance, 89

Malta, affairs of, 222
Knowles, Sheridan, his Woman's Wit, 326 Maltese hatred of taxes, 228

Mandarins and Christian Missionaries, 414

Mandrake and Shakspeare, 604
Labarri snake, Watterton and a, 66 Manners, English Court, after fall of
Lageard, Abbe de, notices of, 158

Clarendon, 392

Man's power over disease, 80

Momfanoi, notices of Prince, 119
Manufactures of Biscay, 255

Monarch, embarrassments and troubles of
Moon on the Wain, Hood's, 101

a, 90, 91, 93
Marriage à-la-Mode, character of Hogarth's, Monck Mason and the Monster Balloon,

Marriage, rage for, cause of poverty, 511 Monmouth Castle, notices of, 577
Margaret, Queen of Scots, her demands on Montague, Lady M. W., her Letters, 301
her brother, 570

Montrose and the Covenanters, 205, 213;
Maritime novels, excellence of Cooper's, in exile; 216

Moral Constitution of Man, as affected by
Marat and M. Tussaud, 250

Disease, 78
Maria Louisa, and Chateaubriand, 584 Moral means, use of, in treatment of the
Marryatt, Captain, his manner as a novelist, insane, 372

Mount Cenis, Watterton at, 68
Martin, M., his Eastern India, 508 Movement, The, and Montrose, 215
Mary's Coronation, notices of Bloody, 110 Mrs. Wilberforce, a novel, 369
Martin de Garay, Don, and Marquess Mudie's Physical Man, 547
Wellesley, 57

Mummery, instances of gross, 488
Martyr King of France, alleged true son of Muncaster, Lord, letter to, 162
the, 443

Muniment chests, value of their contents,
Marvellous, man inherently fond of the, 489 428
Medhurst's State and Prospects of China, Munich, employment of prisoners at, 364

Murray on the Vital Principle, 460
Medical system, Watterton's, 69

Museums, Watterton on, 76
Medical education for treatment of the in. Musical Drama, Hogarth's, 335
sane, necessity of, 379

Melbourne, his easy bearing of Office, 285
Members in Lower House, conduct of new,

NAPIER, anecdote concerning the late

Lord, 125
Memoirs of Henry V., Tyler's, 574

Napier's Montrose and Covenanters, 205
Memoranda, notices of Wilberforce's, 154

Naples, Scott at, 25
Memory, recollections of a wonderful, 444,

Napoleon and Alexander of Russia, 585

Nassau, treatment of prisoners in, 365
Mental derangement, narrative by a gentle.

National Loan Fund, its character, 520
man of his treatment during a state of,

Nations, northern and southern, contrasted,

“Merry Monarch,” Hyde's freedom with

Natural philosophy, fanatics in, 489

Natural history, Shakspeare's acquaintance
the, 388
Merchiston Charter chest, contents of, 206

with, 601
Messiah, character of Klopstock's, 348

Naval discipline, Back on, 594
Mesmer, the character of his doctrines, 473

Navarre, notices concerning the volunteers
Mesmerian Missionary, efforts of, 485

of, 255
Miles, Col., his translation of the Shajrat

Neckar and Pitt, 159
ul Atrak, 127

Netherlands, treatment of the insane in
Military tactics, Montrose's, 215

the, 375
Milner, Isaac, and Wilberforce, 160

New Holland, English system of coloniz-
Milton, De Vericour's Lectures on, 342

ing, 504
Ministerial expedition, notices of, 95

Newspapers and Malta, 233
Mishna, Jewish, its character, 322

Nice, Wilberforce at, 161
Misnomers of Pictures, instances of strange,

Nicholas Nickelby, Life of, 98

Nobility of the Middle Ages, German, cha-
Mission to Spain, Marquess Wellesley's,

racter of, 352

Normans in Sicily, Knight's, 147
Missions in China, scheme of Protestant,

Northern Hordes, notices of the, 184

North London Hospital, magnetic exhibi-
Missionaries, exertions of Catholic, in Norway, Standish's notices of, 545

tions in, 486
China, 408
Modesty and the first Lord Napier, 211

Numismatic knowledge, use of, 541
Molesworth, Lord, and Denmark, 186-


OBSTINACY and credulity, folly of each, 472

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