sion, The Bill of Rights was the Bill of

OFFICIAL PAPERS. Fare, but the dinner has not yet been served up?

English Bulletin.- (Continued from p. 574. That I should impute any improper motives to your Lordship, God forbid, but Having learned that the enemy bad octhere may be an error of the judgment, as cupied the town of Wolokolamsk, threatenwell as of the heart; and I could not hearing by this movement my right fank, I the cause of Reform arraigned without immediately detached Colonel Benkendorf making the best efforts in my power to with the Cossacks of the guard, and the interpose in its behalf. To your Lord- regiment of Tchermosonbort. I ordered ship's arguments I have opposed those him to reconnoitre the enemy, and to drive which have confirmed me in my opinions: him away, if it be possible, from Woloko both, are now before the public, and in lamsk. I ordered Colonel Jelowaiskoy not their present, as well as future views of to retire one step, that the enemy might this subject, that public must judge be- not perceive my movement. In the tween us.

mean while, I have advanced with the whole In addressing this letter to your Lord of my detachment towards the town of ship, I have only taken the liberty, I Klin, and posted myself seven wersts off is have only exercised the right which the the village of Davidofka, in order the betmeanest of your Lordship's constituents support Colonel Benkendorff, and possesses ; when a man's country is at anticipate the enemy in his movements from stake, he is no friend to it who suffers ce

Wolokolamsk towards Twer. Yesterday remony to sway him. I have endeavoured, I received accounts from M. Benkendorff, however, to discuss the point with all the that Wolokolamsk was only occupied by a teni per such serious subjects require. I part of the enemy, who have retired to bave not, I trust, for a moment, lost sight wards Roussa. I have ordered M. Benof that respect which I gwe and feel to your

kendorff to post himself near Roussa, and Lordship's situation, public services, and to occupy the environs of Mojaisk: and privale worth, and though I may be in an then, after having joined the detachment of error, (which I must share, should that Major Prendell, to act upon all the roads be the case, with some of the most famous which lead from Mojaisk towards ibe North. Parliament Statesmen, Lawyers, Jurists,

-This very moment, I have received and Moralists that England ever knew from M. Prendell the intelligence of his yet I shall think mysell well repaid for the having already had some affairs with the attempt I have made, if in explaining the enemy. I am convinced that the move, causes of the Political Faith which is in ments of Major Prendell were the cause of me,” I shall have succeeded in persuading the abandonment of Wolokolamsk by the your Lordship, whose good opinion I very enemy, who, according to Major Prendell's much value, that my mistake has not report, suffered great loss. He has sent originated in thoughtlessness or vice. më thirty-six prisoners.- -To-morrow I

I shall now, my Lord, bring this letter shall myself advance towards the town of to a clase, I have disburdenedomy mind, Woskreseuck, whence it will be easy for having, I trust, said enough to shew that me to reinforce my advanced guard, which Parliamentary Reform is not the baseless is at Tschernoy Grjas, as well as Benken, fabric,” your Lordship has represented it dorff's detachmeut ; at the same time 1 to be, and that a man, so long as any shall attain by this means my principal obweight is attached to grave and virtuous ject, which is to cover Klein and Twer, as authorities may entertain a conviction of well as the road from Petersburgh. its necessity, without labouring under the imputation of " vanity or presumption."

Twenty-third Bulletin of the French Grand
I have the honour to be,

Army.-Moscow, Oct. I.

The advanced guard, commanded by the
Very truly and faithfully yours, King of Naples, is upon the Nava, twenty
WALTER FAWKES.leagues from Moscow. The enemy's army

is upon the Kalouga. Some skirmishes Farnley Mall,

have taken place for the last three days. Nov, 6, 1812.

The King of Naples has had all the advantage, and always driven the enemy from been able to console himself in the society, their positions. The Cossacks hover upon of the English Commissary, Wilson. our flanks. A patrol of 150 dragoons, of The Staff-Major will cause the details of the the guard commanded by Major Marthod, battles of Smolensko and Muskwa to be has fallen into an ambuscade of the Cos- printed, and point out those who distinsacks, between the road of Moscow and guished themselves. We have just Kalougo. The dragoons sabred 300 of armed the Kremlin with 30 pieces of canthem, and opened themselves a passage ; non, and constructed cheveaux de frize at but they left 20 men upon the field of all the entrances of it. It forms a fortress. battle, who were taken, amongst them is Bake-houses and magazines are established the Major, dangerously wounded. The in it. Duke of Elchingen is at Boghorodoek. The advanced guard of the Viceroy is at Troitsa, upon the road to Dmitrow. Twenty-fourth Bulletin of the Grand Army. The colours taken by the Russians from the

Moscow, Oct, 14, 1812. Turks, in different wars, and several curious

General Baron Delzons has marched upon things found in the Kremlin, have been Dmitrow. The advanced guard of the sent off for Paris. We found a Madonna, King of Naples is upon the Nara, in the cariched with diamonds : It has also been

presence of the enemy, who is occupied sent to Paris. We add here a statistical with refreshing his army, and completing account of Moscow, which was found among it by means of the militia, - The weather the papers of the Palace.- -It appears is still fine. The first snow fell yesterday. that Rostopchin has emigrated. At Voro. In twenty days we shall be in winter quar novo he set fire to his castle, and left the

ters. -The Russian troops in Moldavia' following writing attached to a post :

have joined General Tormazow, those of * I have, for eight years, embellished this Finland have disembarked at Riga. They country house, and I have lived happy in came out and attacked the 10th corps. it in the bosom of my family. The inha- They were beaten ; 3,000 men were made. bitants of this estate, to the number of prisoners. The official account of this 1,720, quit it at your approach (1); and I brilliant combat, which does so much hox set fire to my house that it may not be pol-nour to General de Yorck, is not yet reluted by your presence. Frenchmen! Iceived. All our wounded have left have abandoned to you my two Moscow Smolensk, Minsk, and Mobilow; a great' houses, with furniture, worth half a mil. number are restored, and have rejoined lion of rubles; here you will only find their corps.--Much private correspondashes (2).

ence between Petersburgh and Moscow has, " Count FEDOR RoSTOPCHIN, made known the situation of the empire. " Voronovo, Sept. 29."

The project of burning Moscow was kept

secret. The greater part of the Nobles and The palace of Prince Kurakin is one of those which has been saved from the fire. Engineers have drawn out a plan of the

individuals knew nothing of it. The General Count Nansouty is lodged in it. city, marking the houses which have been

We succeeded, with great difficulty, sayed from the flames. It appears that in withdrawing from the hospitals and there has only been saved from the conflahouses on fire, a part of the Russian sick. There remains about 4,000 of these wretch-tenths of it no longer exist.

gration the tenth part of the city. Ninced men. The number of those who perished is extremely great.

- We have had for the last eight days a warmer sun

Letter from M. Marcoff, Commandant of

the Militia of the province of Moscow, than is experienced at Paris at this season. -We do not perceive that we are in the

to Count Rastapchin. North, - The Duke of Reggio, who is at Mojaisk, 24th Aug. (Sept. 5), 1812. Wilna, has entirely recovered. -The On my arrival at Mojaisk the 21st Aug. enemy's General in Chief, Bagration, is f(2d Sept.) the head-quarters were at eight dead of the wound which he received in wersts from this town. The line of the the battle of Moskwa. - The Russian (two united armies was at six wersts. The army disavows the fire of Moscow. The first army occupied the right, the second Authors of this attempt are held in detesta- the left; the corps of reserve consists of 15 tion among the Russians.- -They consi- battalions. -The Prince is determined to der Rostopchin as a sort of Marat. He has

(To be continued.)

As illustrated in the Prosecution and Punishment of


[640 In order that my countrymen and that the two sureties in the sum of 1,000 pounds each; world may not be deceived, duped, and cheated that the whole of this sentence has been executed upon this subject, I, WILLIAM COBBETT, upon me, that I have been imprisoned the two of Botley, in Hampshire, put upon record years, have paid the thousand pounds TO THE the following facts; to wit: That, ou the 24th KING, and have given the bail, Timothy Brown June, 1809, the following article was pub- and Peter Walker, Esqrs. being my sureties; lished in a London news-paper, called the that the Attorney General was Sir Vicary Gibbs, Courier :- “ The Mutiny amongst the LO- the Judge who sat at the trial Lord Ellenborough, “ CAL MILITIA, which broke out at Ely, was the four Judges who sat at passing sentence Ellen" fortunately suppressed on Wednesday by the borough, Grose, Le Blanc, and Bailey; and that "arrival of four squadrons of the GERMAN the jurors were, Thomas Rhodes of Hampstead “ LEGION CAVALRY from Bury, under the Road, John Davis of Southampton Place, James

command of General Auckland. Five of the Ellis of Tottenham Court Road, John Richards « ringleaders were tried by a Court-Martial, and of Bayswater, Thomas Marsham of Baker Street,

sentenced to receive 500 lashcs cach, part of which Robert Heathcote of High Street Marylebone, “punishment they received on Wednesday, and John Maud of York Place Marylebone, George “ a part was remitted. A stoppage for their knup Bagster of Church Terrace Pancras, Thomas, « sacks was the ground of the complaint that ex. Taylor of Red Lion Square, David Deane of St, “ cited this mutinous spirit, which occasioned John Street, William Palmer of Upper Street “ the men to surround their officers, and demand Islington, Henry Favre of Pall Mall; that the “ what they deemed their arrears. The first Prinie Ministers during the time were Spencer “ division of the German Legion halted yesterday Perceval, until he was shot by John Bellingham, “at Newmarket on their return to Bury.”- and after that Robert B. Jenkinson, Earl of LiThat, on the 1st July, 1809, I published, in the verpool; that the prosecution and sentence took Political Register, an article censuring, in the place in the reign of King George the Third, and strongest terms, these proceedings; that, for so that, he having become insane during my impridoing, the Attorney General prosecuted, as sedi. sonnent, the 1,000 pounds was paid to his sol, tious libellers, and by Ex-Officio Information, the Prince Regent, in his behalf; that, during my me, and also my printer, my publisher, and one imprisonment, I wrote and published 364 Essays of the principal retailers of the Political Register; and Letters upon political subjects; that, during that I was brought to trial on the 15th June, the same time, I was visited by persons from 197 1810, and was, by a Special Jury, that is to say, cities and towns, many of them as a sort of depuby 12 men ont of 48 appointed by the Master of ties from Societies or Clubs; that, at the expirathe Crown Office, found guilty; that, on the tion of my imprisonment, on the 9th of July, 1812, 20th of the same month, I was compelled to give a great dinner was given in London for the pura bail for my appearance to receive judgment; pose of receiving me, at which dinner upwards of and that, as I came up from Botley (to which 600 persons were present, and at which Sir place I had returned to my family and my farm Francis Burdett presided; that dinners ayd other on the evening of the 15th), a Tipstaff went parties were held on the same occasion in many down from London in order to seize me, per other places in England; that, on my way home, sonally, that, on the 9th of July, 1810, 1, toge, I was received at Altour, the first town in Hampther with my printer, publisher, and the news shire, with the ringing of the Church bells; that man, were brought into the Court of King's a respectable company met me and gave me a Bench to receive judgment; that the three dinner at Winchester; that I was drawn from former were sentenced to be imprisoned for niore than the distance of a mile into Botley by some months in the King's Bench prison; that I the people; that, upon my arrival in the village, was sentenced to be imprisoned for two years in I found all the people assembled to receive ine; Newgate, the great receptacle for malefactors, that I concluded the day by explaining to them and the front of which is the scene of numerous the cause of my imprisonment, and by giving hangings in the course of every year; that the them clear potions respecting the flogging of the part of the prison in which I was sentenced to be Local Militia-men at Ely, and respecting the emconfined is sometimes inhabited by felons, that ployment of Germau Troops; and, finally, which felons were actually in it at the time I entered is more than a compensation for my losses and a! it; that one man was taken ont of it to be trans- my sufferings, I am in perfect health and strength, ported in about 48 hours after I was put into the and, though I must, for the sake of six children, same yard with him; and that it is the place of feel the diminution that has been made in my confinement for men guilty of unnatural crimes, property (thinking it right in me to decline the of whom there are four in it at this time ; that, "offer of a subscription), I have the consolation to besides this imprisonment, I was sentenced to see growing up three sons, upon whose hearts, I pay a thousand pounds TO THE KING, and to trust, all these facts will be engraven. give security for my good behaviour for seven

WM, COBBETT. years, myself in the sum of 3,000 pounds, and Botley, July 23, 1819.

Published by R. BAGSHAW, Brydges-Street, Covent Garden.

LONDON: Printed by J. M'Creery, Black Horse-Court, Fleet-street.

Yol. XXII. No, 21.1


[Price 15.


[842 " teen were sentenced to be imprisoned, SUMMARY OF POLITICS.

6+ there not being sufficient evidence against INCENDIARIES OF Moscow._From the " them to justify the Court Martial in eana official documents, which the reader will " demning them to death."--This trans, fiud in the present sheet (if I haye room for action has been commented on, 'in some them), it appears that the Emperor of of the English news-papers, in a manner France has quitted the ruins of Moscow, that has excited in me a great deal of surand that a past, at least, of his army has prise ; for, though scarcely any thing in been defeated by the Russians. Indeed, if the way of either falsehood or folly would we give full credit to the statements of the surprise me in the far greater part of those Russians and of our news-papers, we must papers, yet, there are others, and especially be ready to expect the total, or, nearly the the Morning Chronicle, from the editor of total, overthrow of the French army. For which better things might be expected, my past, I receive with great distrust, - The comments to which I here allude, whatever comes froin this quarter. The contain the most extraordinary, the most Russian accounts have uniformly been in alarming, and the most horrible doctrine direct opposition to those of the French that I remember ever to have met with in army. If we had believed the Russian ac- print, or to have heard broached in cons counts, we must have believed, that the versation.—The leader upon this occa-, French were defeated in every battle; and sion appears to have been the editor of the yet, we, at last, found, that the French Times news-paper, who, on the eleventh urmy had actually arrived at Moscow, into instant, put forth a justification of that terwhich the Generals as well as the Bishops rible act, the burning of the city of Mosof Russia declared that it was impossible cow. I will first insert this a.ticle; I will for them to enter. However, as “ the then insert what the Morning Chronicle of « father of lies” is said, upon one occa- the same day said upon the same subject ; sion, to have uttered truth; so it may be and then I will submit to the reader my with the writers of Russian Bulletins and observations thereon.-It will be seen, their co-operators in Englaud; and the from a perusal of these articles, that their great conqueror may, possibly, have been, authors assert, First, that the Emperor at last, put, as we are told he has been, to Alexander had a plain, full, and perfect disgraceful Aight. Of the use which right to give orders for the burning of Moss other powers, and which England in parti- cow, at the time, and in the manner, des cular, ought to make of this event, it will scribed by the French. Second, that his be time enough to speak when we have the subjects had an equal right to act as they confirmation of the important intelligence; are alleged to have done, that is to say, to and, in the meanwhile, we will turn back sel fire to the city of Moscow at the lime 10, and discuss, a matter of great import- mentioned, and ihai they had a right thus ance to the safety of the people of every lo act, without any other authority, than country; I mean, the trial and execution of their own brave and laudable resolution, the incendiaries, or, rather, a few of the THIRD, that Napoleon had no right to create incendiaries, of the cily of Moscow, the any tribunal lo lry these persons, and that circumstances of which transaction are, in it was a tribunal equally unknown to the the French news-papers, stated to have laws of God and man, of nature, and of been as follows: " that, on the 24th of nations, and only compelent to pronounce u “September last, Buonaparıé caused to be sentence of judicial murder. Fourth, “ assembled at Moscow a military commis- that il concerns all the nations of the world, “sion or Court Martial, for the trial of solemnly to protest against this act of the

twenty-six of the persons accused of set- Emperor of France. Fifth, that the En.

ting, fire to that city: ten of them were peror of Russia would act justly, by pulling "condemned to death, and the opher six- len French officers of high rank to death


for every individual Russian executed upon " army in the Portuguese campaign of this occasion by the orders of Buonaparlé. “ 1810,-nay, the gallant, and beloved

-The whole of these assertions are, I 6 Commander of that army himself, “ certhink, wholly unfounded; in support of "tissima oppressa Europa, spes," --might which opinion, I shall submit my reasons " then, or may hereafter, be led forth to to the reader when I have inserted the " execution ; for it is idle to say, that the whole of the articles from which I have ex- 66 hand that executes is more guilty than tracted the assertions. This latter I deem “ the head that plans; or that Lord Welnecessary, in order that the reader may see lington had greater authority to command the arguments on both sides of the question." in Portugal than Count Rastopchin in

The article from the Times news- “ Moscow: and we know that he was at paper is as follows :" In pursuing our “ that time accused by the Moniteur in the ** extracts from the French papers received " same terms as the other is now, of " em" on Monday, we earnestly call the atten- "

Sploying extraordinary means of deestion of our readers to one, which presents "" fence, by fire and destruction, disap

an instance of the most atrocious inso- "" proved by all civilized nations." And, “ lence recorded in history. The MON- " lastly, it is evident, that if such conduct STER, who, without a shadow of rea- 66 be criminal in 1812, it was so in 1810, “ sonable pretence, invaded the Russian and the liability to punishment for it “ empire, and seized its capital, has dared, will attach to the party implicated, " in impious mockery of the forms of jus- " throughout the whole course of his life. " tice, to bring to trial, to condemn and "-But it is not Lord Wellington, or

execute, certain Russian subjects, charg- “ Count Rastopchin, or the Emperor Alexa « ing it on them as a crime, that they " ander alone, that is struck at; though “ obeyed the orders of their Sovereign, in " they have all been honoured by the pre" destroying property which would other-scriptive pen of Buonaparté ;--every wise

wise have fallen into the hands of the and cautious Government, every brave " public foe. We ask not, whether the " and patient people has incurred, or is " accused parties had, or had not, any ready at every instant to incur, this new “thing to do with the transaction, in point species of moral turpitude. If I may

of fact. We ask not, whether the con- not fire my house to prevent its affording “ flagration was accidental, or intentional," shelter to my enemy, I may not destroy 1 - whether it was occasioned by the can- my corn, or drive my cattle beyond his “ nonade of the French, or by the despe-"reach, or even refuse my wife or daugh“ rate fury of the enraged Moscovites, or ter to his brutal lust. There is absoos by a combination of both these causes. lutely no line to be drawn between the “We assert, that the Emperor Alexander " denial of a perfect right of defence by " had a plain, full, and perfect right to means of fire and destruction, and the as.

give orders to the effect stated; and that sertion of a positive duty in the most base, « his subjects had an equal right to act, as creeping, slavish non-resistance:— and " they are alleged to have done, without " this he knows well enough. He loves to 6 any other authority than their own brave reign by terror, and by terror only can be 6 and laudable resolution. The judgment maintain such an entire subjugation of " pronounced by the Military Commission, the mind of Europe, as that at which he e created at Moscow by Buonaparte, is, in " aims. This pretended judgment is part “s point of legal effect, a mere nullity. He of his scheme, and emanates naturally " had, he could have no right to create any " from his system; and is not meant to "s such tribunal,-a tribunal equally un- operate specially in Russia, but in Aus" known to the laws of God and man,-of "tria and Prussia, in America, in England; “ nature and of nations, and only compe-"--and all this under the flimsy veil of a "tent to pronounce a sentence of judicial regard for the laws of war, as practised murder! It concerns all the nations of" among civilized nations. We admit, " the world openly, instantly, solemnly to " that the strict laws of war should be en" protest against the usurped authority of " forced, even against enemies,—but who " this self-created "surrogate of justice." " is this grand reformer of the practice of " It concerns none more than the English nations? If a similar, or even a far “ nation. Upon the very same grounds" more equitable and justifiable severity 'as that these ten Russians have been con- 6 had been practised toward him and his " demned to death, any number of indivi." agents, they would long since have been duals who belonged to our retreating hung up like dogs, the objects of scora

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