(Copy of bill)

MARCH 18, 1935. Tenn. COAL IRON AND R. R. Co. Birmingham, Ala.

(Pencil Note 634.) For services rendered in taking acknowledgements of Special Deputies as listed 811 @ $0.50...

$405. 50
100. 00


$305. 50
(Clover Lantz)
(Marie Plemmons)

(Pen notations:)
(Burgin Hawkins)

0. K.-E. D. Le May Please make check payable to all three.

0. K.-A. Benners

O, K.-W. R. Sims (Pencil:) R. R. D. [Stamped:) Handled Gen'l Office through Voucher Bureau, Apr. 25, 1935. Account No. CF-2, Examined, P.

(Stamp) 8419 A'PR. 25, 35: PAID. Tennessee Coal Iron and R. R. Co. Birmingham, Alabama

[blocks in formation]

H. L. D.

Pay to the order of Clover Lantz, Marine Plemmons and
Burgin Hawkins, $305.50

TCI&RRCO. 634 Brown-Marx Bldg.,

Birmingham, Alabama THREE HUNDRED FIVE &




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C. B. BUCHANAN, Treasurer. T: FIRST NATIONAL BANK, Birmingham, Ala. R. R. DARDEN, Assistant


tember, 1936, were held on Thursday and Friday, Jan. 14 and 15. Representatives of the company from

1 Hearings on the Tennessee Coal, Iron and Railroad Co. and the flogging of Joseph S. Gelders in Sepe whom testimony was taken were Karl Landgrebe, vice president; E. D. Le May, assistant to the president, and Borden Burr, counsel. Others who testified at these hearings are: Joseph S. Gelders, Sgt. J. C. McClung, of the Alabama State Police; Jark Barton, George M. Brooks; Yelverton Cowherd; Grover Cleveland Giles, chief of detectives of Birmingham, Ala.; Carey E. Haigler, and Charles J. Lenz. See pt. 3, PP. 733-865 and 953-980.



Jefferson County: KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS: That, Whereas, the Tennessee Coal, Iron & Railroad Company desires to have appointed and commissioned as special deputies sheriff in Jefferson County, Alabama, a number of men designated by said company,

and, WHEREAS, Fred H. McDuff, as Sheriff of said County has agreed to appoint and issue commissions to each of such men as are named, or may hereafter be named by said Tennessee Coal, Iron & Railroad Company, subject to the provision that every such special deputy sheriff shall enter into bond in the penal of $2000.00 payable, conditioned and approved as is the bond of the sheriff, and Fred H. McDuff as Sheriff specially reserves the right to revoke and cancel the commission of any such special deputy sheriff at any time.

Now, THEREFORE, for and in consideration of the premises and the appointing and commissioning of the men named or to be named by the said Tennessee Coal, Iron & Railroad Company, as special deputies sheriff in said county, during the term of office of the said Fred H. McDuff, as sheriff of Jefferson County, the said Tennessee Coal, Iron & Railroad Company does hereby agree to indemnify and save harmless the said Fred H. McDuff and any and all regular deputies sheriff, by him appointed, from all loss and damage of whatsoever kind or nature which the said Fred H. McDuff, individually or as sheriff, or any of his said regular deputies may sustain by reason of any and all alleged wrongful acts committed by any of said specially appointed and commissioned deputies sheriff.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the said Tennessee Coal, Iron & Railroad Company, a corporation, has caused this indemnity bond and agreement to be executed this the day of

1935, by and through its President,

who has full authority to execute this agreement for and on behalf of the said Tennessee Coal, Iron & Railroad Company.

By (Signed) J. L. PERRY, President.
(Signed) A. BUCHER,

Secretary and Treasurer.
Accepted and Approved this 29th day of April 1935.

(Signed) FRED H. McDuff, Sheriff of Jefferson County, Alabama.


[Copy] C. E. McCombs, Chief Deputy

W. P. Hightower, Chief Clerk
Fred H. McDuff, Sheriff

BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA, April 29th, 1935. (In pencil: W. R. Sims.) TENNESSEE, COAL, Iron & RAILROAD COMPANY,

Brown Marx Building, Birmingham, Alabama. GENTLEMEN: I am enclosing herewith copy of Indemnifying Bond which has been accepted and approved this date by Sheriff McDuff, as per your request. Yours very truly,

FRED H. McDUFF, Sheriff,

By (Signed) W. P. HighTOWER, Chief Clerk. WPH:H




Attorney and Counselor at Law

709–10–11 Farley Building

BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA, March 13, 1995. Alton C. LeCroy, Associate In Re: Special Deputies. TENNESSEE COAL, IRON & LAND Co.,

Brown-Marx Building, Birmingham, Alabama.

(Attention Mr. Sims.) GENTLEMEN: I am informed that your company contemplates the employment of quite a large number of special officers, and that you will request Sheriff McDuff to equip them with authority as special deputies.

In this connection it will be necessary that your company safeguard the Sheriff by making a blanket bond, indemnifying him against all damages arising out of or connected with acts or omissions of such special officers whom you want commissioned as deputy sheriffs.

I am informed that this is not a new requirement, and am of the opinion that it is essential for the protection of the Sheriff that this bond be made.

It is, therefore, suggested that this matter be attended to promptly, so that when your request for special and additional officers is presented the issuance of their commissions may not be delayed. Yours very truly,

(Signed) J. REESE MURRAY, Attorney for Sheriff Fred H. McDuff.



File 208 CC 569

MARCH 16, 1835. Confidential. Hon. FRED McDUFF,

Sheriff, Jefferson County, Alabama, Birmingham, Alabama DEAR SIR: You have from time to time since taking office commissioned certain men as deputy sheriffs of Jefferson County at our request, requiring as & stipulation thereto that each of these men be indemnified under a bond of $2,000.00.

In consideration of your agreement to appoint these special deputies with the requirement of only a $2,000.00 bond each, we agree to fully protect and hold you harmless against all claims which may be made against you as a result of the action of these special deputies. In other words, in event you should be sued on account of any wrongful act of any of these special deputies or any others whom you might appoint at our request during your tenure of office, we do hereby agree not only to defend these suits at our own expense but also to pay all costs and damages which may be taxed against you over and above the $2,000.00 bond which you are to have or do have from each of these respective deputies.

We make this offer not only for the presently involved men but also for any, as stated above, that you might be good enough to have commissioned for us while you are Sheriff of Jefferson County, Alabama. Yours truly,


By (Signed) J. L. Perry, President.
Copy to Mr. W. R. Sims



MAY 30TH, 1934. Mr. W. S. HERING, Supr. Fidelity Dept., United States Fidelity and Guaranty Company,

75 William Street, New York, N. Y. DEAR SIR: We have received your bill dated May 17th for $2292.00 covering bonds for 764 deputy sheriffs. We are reducing the amount of this bill to $2283.00 or 761 deputies. There is shown on May 2nd bonds 07–957–34 Edwin M. Ball and 07–958–34 Adolph W. Beck, Jr. These bonds were not registered and commissions were not issued to these men in as much as the Sheriff objected. These bonds will be returned to your Birmingham office.

The next item-bond 07-959–34 A. M. Barfield, is eliminated from your bill. This man is already covered by bond 07-144-32 dated May 30th, 1934. This is covered by your Birmingham office invoice carrying date of May 30th, 1934, and premium for which has been paid. This apparently was included in your bill for the reason that the man has been bonded since 1932 and the bond came up for renewal at this date.

We are returning 15 invoices covering deputies which are also included in your bill mentioned above. We have shown on each of these invoices the duplicate bond number. We assume that these invoices will be cancelled. Yours very truly,

Treasurer. PGB-R Enc. Copy, Mr. Lee McGriff, Agent, Birmingham, Alabama. [Stamped: "Paid, Jun. 4, 1934 by voucher no. 71934.”]



Birmingham, Alabama, March 3, 1934. Mr. W. H. TAYLOR,

Chief of Police, Montgomery, Alabama. DEAR SIR: It is possible that we will have more or less labor trouble in this district in the near future, and if you know or have a line on any men whom you could recommend for Special Officers during such time, would appreciate it if you would send me their names and addresses. Preferably men who have had experience as officers.

We have had no trouble so far, and hope that we won't, but with conditions as they are in the surrounding territory, we think it advisable to be prepared to protect our property and employees in case it should become necessary.

Thanking you for any assistance you may be able to give me along this line, and with kindest regards, I am, Yours very truly,

W. R. Sims, Chief Deputy. WRS/g.

MONTGOMERY, ALA. March 7, 1934. I have been unable to find a man here who would care to be listed for the above described duty.

(signed) W. H. TAYLOR,

Chief of Police.




In the case of labor trouble at our mines, we would require the following number of deputies to properly patrol the Works. This required number of men is based on the assumption of average activities and we would, no doubt, have to supplement this number of men depending on the seriousness and aggressiveness of the men agitating the labor trouble. However, we feel at least to begin with this number of men should be able to patrol the village and plants fairly well.

Below you will note how these men would be stationed:

Number of


Day Night

2 4

Hamilton Works:

Rock Slope Village.
No. 1 Village
No. 18 Shaft.
Big Oven Village
Pratt Village.
On road from Rock Slope Village to Hamilton Slope...
Hibernian Ave. intersection of Jasper Road.
Path between Crawford's Station on #6 Car Line and Hamilton Slope.

2 2 1 2 2 2 2 2



[blocks in formation]

Wylam No. 8 Mine:

On road by Bath House and Commissary..
No. 8 Fan.
No. 4 Air Shaft-
No. 4 Commissary.
No. 4 Village.
No. 5 Village.
No. 8 Village.


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Total number of men..

Plus (for pipe line extending from Edgewater to High Level Reservoir)-----{


6 3


Yours truly,

W. R. Sims, Chief Deputy.


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