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“ Spain, to improve her internal system, of Spain is perfectly ridiculous, and especi66 - they are infinitely more to blame, if ally as the writer, whose words we have they possess no weight in that country. quoted, obviously aims at the introduction 6. We have heretofore censured them for into power of Lord Wellesley and Mr. Cannot sending a larger British army into ning, one or the other of whom has always " the field; we now charge it on them as been in place until February, ever since

a fault, that they have not sent, or the war in the Peninsula began. If they 66 caused to be sent into the field, a larger, could do nothing to rouse the people of 66 better equipped, and better disciplined Spain, when they were in power before, " Spanish army. If they should say, they why should they be able to effect that ube

are unable to effect this, we must own ject if they were in power again! It would " that we should partly believe them; but be difficult, I believe, for the bireling of

we are convinced, that there are others the Times to answer this question ; yet, un66 who would be able to effect it; we are til he can answer it, he may be assured that " convinced, that until it is effected, the it is full as well for him to hold his congue. us heavy burden of taxation in this coun

WM. COBBETT. try will be borne the more impatiently, 66 because it will appear to the multitude to Bolley, Thursday, 26th Nov. 1812. 66 be borne in vain."-At the close of this paragraph one cannot help smiling. There are others who would be able to effect the

WAR IN SPAIN.. desirable object of drawing forth the peo- Downing-Street, Nov. 17.- Dispatches,

of which the following are extracts, have French. That is to say, if the ministers

been this day received at Earl Bathurst's would but make room for the patrons of

Office, addressed to his Lordship by Gethis writer, we should see all the people in

neral the Marquis of Wellington, dated Spain armed against the French, and fight

Cabeçon, 26th and 28th October, Rueda, ing like Christian heroes, under the ban

31st October, and 3d November, 1812... ners of St. Dominick, to drive the French across the Pyrennees. Alas! The people of

Cabeçon, 26th October, 1812. Spain neither know nor care who are minis- I have been so much occupied by the ters in England, any more than they know movements and operations of the army or care about what is passing in the moon. since the 18th inst. that I have not been They have no interest in the question of able to write to your Lordship. The who is to enjoy the sinecure places, and who operations of the Castle of Burgos contiis to have the giving away of commissions, nued nearly in the state in which they were leases, grants, and the like, in England. when I addressed your Lordship on the They have their eye stedfastly fixed upon 11th instant, till the 18th. Having at one thing, and that is, who is doing in their that time received a supply of musket amcountry that which is best for them, and munition from Santander, and having, they are very likely to regard him as their while waiting for that necessary article, friend who shall seem disposed to suffer completed a mine under the church of St. them to have the greatest share of victuals Roman, which stood in an out work of the and drink. Spain is in a state of revolu- second line, I determined that the breach tion. There are two armies, two foreign which we had effected in the second line armies, fighting in the country, and, like should be stormed on that evening, at the all other people in a similar situation, the moment this mine should explode; and Spaniards are rather spectators than actors that at the same time the line should be in the scene.

The deception so fatal to us, attacked by escalade.—The mine suchas been, that we have continually been ceeded, and Lieutenant Colonel Browne told that the Spaniards were unanimously lodged a party of the 9th Cacadores, and on our side, If this had been true, the a detachment of Spanish troops of the regiFrench must long ago have been driven ment of Asturias in the out-work. A defrom the country. When we shall be con- tachment of the King's German Legion, vinced of our error I know not.. Very under Major Wurmb, carried the breach, likely the delusion may last for a year or and a detachment of the Guards succeeded two longer, though I do not think that that in escalading the line; but the enemy is very probable. At any rate this notion, brought such a fire upon these two last dethat a change of ministry in England would tachments, from the third line, and the effect a change of disposition in the people body of the castle itself, and they were attacked ly numbers so superior, before army likewise assembled in the neighbourthey could receive the support, allotted to hood of Monasterio. They moved forward them, that they were obliged to retire, on the evening of the 20th with about ten suffering considerable loss. Major Wurmb thousand men to drive in our outpost at was unfortunately killed. It is impos. Quintana Palla, and Olmos. The former sible to represent in adequate terms my withdrew by order, but the latter was sense of the conduct of ihe Guards and inaintained with great spirit by the ChasGerman Legion upon this occasion ; and I seurs Britanniques. Seeing a fair opporam quite satisfied, that if it had been pos- tunity of striking a blow upon the enemy, sible to maintain the posts which they had I requested Lieutenant General Sir Edward gained with so much gallantry, these Paget to move with the 1st and 5th divitroops would have maintained them. Some sions upon the enemy's right hank, which of the men stormed even the third line, movement having been well executed, and one was killed in one of the embrasures drove them back upon Monasterio, and our of that line; and I had the satisfaction of posts were replaced in Quintana Palla.seeing that if I could breach the wall of the On the morning of the 21st, I received a Castle we should carry.the place. An- letter from Sir Rowland Hill, of the 17th, other mine was commenced under the second in which he acquainted me of the enemy's line from the church of St. Roman, of intention to move towards the Tagus, which we remained in possession. The which was already fordable by individuals enemy had on the 13th moved forward a in many places, and was likely to become considerable body of infantry, and six so by an army.---The Castle of Chinsquadrons of cavalry from Briviesca to re- chilla had surrendered on the 9th instant. connoitre our out-posts at Monasterio. They The enemy's force in Valencia was attacked the picquet at the bridge in front supposed to amount to not less than seventy of that town, but were repulsed by the thousand men, a very large proportion of fire of a detachment of the Infantry of the which, it was expected, would be disBrunswick Legion. In this affair, Lieu- posable for service out of that kingdom. tenant Colonel the Honourable Frederick -I had desired Lieutenant General Sir Ponsonby, who commanded at Monasterio, Rowland Hill to retire from his position was wounded, but not severely, and I on the Tagus, if he should find that he hope I shall soon again have the benefit of could not maintain himself in it with adhis assistance. -I had long had reports vantage; and it was necessary that I should of the enemy's intention to advance for the be near him, in order that the corps under relief of the Castle of Burgos with the army my command might not be insulated, in of Portugal, reinforced by troops recently consequence of the movements which he arrived from France, and with that part should find himself under the necessity of of the army of the North which was dis- making; I therefore raised the siege of posable; and they did advance in consi- Burgos on the night of the 20th, and moved derable force against the post at Monasterio the whole army back towards the Douro. on the evening of the 18th. The subal- -I felt severely the sacrifice I was theretern of the Brunswick Legion, who com by obliged to make. Your Lordship is manded a picquet in St. Olalla, disobeyed aware that I was never very sanguine in his orders in remaining in that village upon my expectations of success in the siege of the approach of the enemy, and he was Burgos, notwithstanding that I considered taken with his picquet. The enemy con

was attaiuable, even with the sequently obtained possession of the heights means in my power, within a reasonably which cominanded the town of Monasterio, limited period. If the attack made on the and our outpost was obliged to retire on Grst line on the 22d or the 29th had sucthe morning of the 19th to the Burgos side ceeded, I believe we should have taken the of the town.--I assembled the troops, place, notwithstanding the ability with excepting those necessary for carrying on which the Governor conducted the defence, the operations of the siege, as soon as it and the gallantry with which it was exappeared by the enemy's movement of the ecuted by the garrison. Our means were 18th, that they entertained serious inten- limited; but it appeared to me, that if we tions of endeavouring to raise it, and placed should succeed, the advantage to the cause the allied army on the heights, having would be great, and the final success of their right at Ibeas, on the Arlanzon, the the campaign would have been certain. centre at Rio Vena and Magaradas, and -I had every reason to be satisfied with the left at Soto Pallacio. The enemy's the conduct of the officers and troops dur


ing the siege of Burgos, particularly with of the 16th dragoons, having had his horse the brigade of Guards. During the lat- shot, was taken prisoner. --The delay ter part of the siege the weather was very occasioned by this misfortune enabled the unfavourable, and the troops suffered much enemy to bring up a very superior body of from the rain. The officers at the head of cavalry, which was charged by Major the artillery and engineer departments-General Bock's and Major General Anson's Lieutenant Colonel Robe, and Lieutenant brigades, near the Venta del Pozo, but Colonel Burgoyne, and Lieutenant Colonel unsuccessfully, and our rear-guard was Dickson, who commands the reserve ar- hardly pressed. The enemy inade their tillery, rendered me every assistance; and charges on the two light battalions of the the failure of success is not to be attributed King's German Legion, formed in squares, to them. By their activity we carried off but were always repulsed with considerevery thing in the course of one night, ex. able loss by the steadiness of these two cepting three eighteen pounders destroyed battalions. They suffered no loss, and I by the enemy's fire, and the eight pieces cannot sufficiently applaud their conduct of cannon which we had taken from the and that of Colonel Halkett who commandenemy on the night of the 19th ultimo in ed them.--The exertions and conduct of the storm of the hornwork. Having sent Lieutenant General Sir S. Cotton, and of our cattle to meet the equipment expected the officers and staff attached to him from Santander, we had not the means of throughout this day, were highly meritomoving the latter. The enemy was not rious, and although the charge made by aware of our movement, and did not fol- the cavalry was not successful, I had the low us till late on the 22d, when ten thou- satisfaction of observing great steadiness in sand men encamped on this side of Burgos, their movements. Major Bull's troop of

-The British army encamped at Celada horse artillery, under Major Downman and del Camino and Hornillos, with the light Captain Ramsay, distinguished themselves. cavalry at Estepan and Baniel. We con- - The army continued its march on the tinued our march on the following day, the 24th, and took up its ground on the Carright of the army to Torquemada, the left rion, with its right at Duenas, and its left of Cordevilla, at which places we crossed at Villa Muriel, and the 1st battalion 1st the Pisuerga.- - The enemy followed our Guards joined us from Corunna.-I movement with their whole army. Our halted here on the 25th, and the enemy rear-guard consisted of two light battalions attacked our left at Villa Muriel. They of the King's German Legion, under Co. were repulsed, however, by the 5th dilonel Halkeit, and of Major General An- vision of infantry, under the command of son's brigade of cavalry: and Major Ge- Major General Oswald, in the absence of neral Bock's brigade was halted at the Lieutenant Leith on account of indisposiVenta del Pozo to give them support. The tion. -I had directed the third battalion whole under the command of Lieutenant of the Royals to march to Palencia, to proGeneral Sir Stapleton Cotton. Don Julian tect the destruction of the bridges over the Sanchez marched on the left of the Arlan- Carrion at that place, but it appears that zon ; and the party of Guerillas, hereto- the enemy assembled in such force at that fore commanded by the late Martinez, on point, that Lieutenant Colonel Campbell the hills on the left of our rear-guard.- thought it necessary to retire upon Villa Major General Anson's brigade charged Muriel, and the enemy passed the Carrion twice with great success, in front of Celada at Palencia. This rendered it necessary to del Camino, and the enemy was detained change our front, and I directed Major above three hours - by the troops under General Oswald to throw back our left, Lieutenant General Sir S. Cotton, in the and the Spanish troops upon the heights, passage of the Hormaza, in front of that and to maintain the Carrion with the right village. The rear-guard continued to of the fifth division. The bridge of Villa fall back in the best order, till the Gue- Muriel was destroyed; but the enemy disrillas on the left having been driven in, covered a ford, and passed over a consi. they rode towards the Aank of the rear-derable body of infantry and cavalry. I guard of Major General Anson's brigade, made Major General Pringle and Major and four or five squadrons of the enemy General Barnes attack these troops under mixed with them. These were mistaken the orders of Major General Oswald; in for Spaniards, and they fell upon the flank which attack the Spanish troops co-opeand rear of our troops, We sustained rated, and they were driven across the some loss, and Lieutenant Colonel Pelly, river with considerable loss. The fire


upon the left had been very severe through- | lery. 1 rank and file killed; ? rank and file out the day; from which we suffered a

wounded. - Coldstream Guards, 1st Batt. 1 great deal; and Major General Don Mi; killed; 2 captains, 1 serjeant, 32 rank and file,

captain, 1 ensign, 1 serjeant, 22 rank and file, guel Alava was unfortunately wounded wounded. -3d Foot Guards, 1st Batt. 8 rank whilst urging on the Spanish infantry in and file killed; 2 lientenants, 15 rank and file, pursuit of the enemy.- -1 broke up this wounded. -—11th Foot, 1st Batt. 1 rank and morning from the Carrion, and marched file killed; 1 serjeant, 4 rank and file, wounded,

---24th Foot, 2d Batt. 4 rank and file killed; upon Cabeçon del Campo, where I have 3 rank and file wounded-- -42d Foot, 1st Batt. crossed the Pisuerga.

- The enemy ap

8 rank and file wounded.- -53d Foot, 2d Batt.

1 rank and file wounded.- -58th Foot, 2d Batt. pear to be moving in this direction from

1 serjeant, 6 rank and file, killed ; 12 rank and Duenas. I propose to halt here to-morrow.

file wounded; 2 rank and file missing. — 60th -P. . I have the honour to enclose Foot, 5th Batt. 2 rank and file wounded.returns of the killed and wounded.

61st Foot, 1st Batt. 2 rank and file wounded,

-79th Foot, 1st Batt. 1 rank and file wonndReturn of killed and wounded of the Army under ed.- -1st Line Batt. King's German Legion. 1

the Command of His Excellency General the lieutenant, 1 serjeant, 24 rank and file, killed; DIarquis of Wellington, K. B. in the Siege of 1 captain, 22 rank and file, wounded. -20 Ditto, the Castle of Burgos, from the 11th to the Ditto. 1 major, 2 rank and file, killed; 2 lien17th of October, 1812.

tenants, 7 rank and file, wounded. — 5th Ditto, Royal British Artiklery. 5 rank and file killed ; Ditto. ' 12 rank and file killed; 1 captain, 1 lieu7 rank and file wounded.- -Royal Military Ar tent, 7 rank and file, wounded. tificers. 1 rank and file wounded.- Cold- Total British loss. 1 major, 1 captain, 1 liegstream Guards, 1st Batt. S rank and file killed; tenant, 1 ensign, 3 serjeants, 81 rank and file, 1 rank and file wounded.-- -3d Foot Guards, killed; 4 captains, 5 lieutenants, 2 serjeants, 119 1st Batt. 3 rank and file killed; 3 rank and file rank and file, wounded; 2 rank and file missing, wounded.--1st Foot, 3d Batt. 1 lieutenant -Total Portuguese loss. 8 rank and file killed; wounded. --2d Foot, or Queen's. 10 rank | 1 ensign, 2 serjeants, 41 rank and file, wounded; and file wounded.- -324 Foot, 1st Batt. 2 rank and file missing --General Total. 1 rank and file killed; 1 ensign, 2 serjeants, 1 major, 1 captain, 1 lieutenant, i ensign, 3 ser. rank and file wounded.---36th Foot, 1st Batt. jeants, 89 rank and file, killed ; 4 captains, 5 lieu. 1 rank and file killed; 2 rank and file wounded. tenants, 1 ensign, 4 serjeants, 160 rank and file,

42 Foot, 1st Batt. S rank and file wound wounded; 4 rank and file missing. ed. -630 Foot, zd Batt. 1 serjeant, rank

(Signed) S. A. GOODMAN, D. A.A.G. and fle wounded.------58th Foot, 2d Batt. rank and file killed ; 1 ensign wounded.- -60th Names of the Officers Killed and Iounded.. Foot, 5th Batt. 4 ravk and file killed; 1 rank

KILLED—18th October. and file wounded.- -61st Foot, 1st Batt. - 1 Coldstream Guards. Captain Harvey. rank and file wounded.--79th Foot, 1st Batt.

19th October. 1 rank and file killed ; 1 rank and file wounded. -1st Line Batt. King's German Legion. ?

Coldstream Guards. Ensign Burgess.--1st rank and file killed; 2 rank and file wounded. Line Batt. King's German Legion. Lieutenant ---2d Ditto, Ditto. 3 rank avd file killed; 2

Bothmer. -2d Ditto, Ditto. Major Wurmb. rank and file wounded.---5th Ditto, Ditto.

WOUNDED-18th October. serjeant, 1 rank and file killed ; S rank and file 3d Foot Guards.. Lieutenants Holborn and wounded.

Knox, severely. -Coldstream Guards, 1st Batt. Total British loss, 1 serjeant, 23 rank and Captain the Honourable W. G. Crofton, slightly; file, killed; 1 lieutenant, 2 ensigns, 3 serjeants, Captain the Honourable J. Walpole, severely. 39 rank and file wounded.---Total Portuguese -1st Line Batt. King's German Legion. Cap. loss. 4 rank and file killed ; 1 captain, 27 rank tain Laroche, dangerously.--2d Ditto, Ditto. and file wounded.-General Total.

Lieutenants Hesse and Quade, severely. -5th jeant, .7 rank and file killed; 1 captain, 1 Ditto, Ditto. Captain Backmeister, severely, lieutenant, 2 ensigns, 3 serjeants, 66 rank and right arm amputated; Lieutenant Schlaegar, file wounded.

(Signed) S. A. GOODMAN, D. A. A. G. (Signed) S. A. GOODMAN, D.A.A.G.

Names of Officers Wounded.
11th October, 1812.

Extract of a Dispatch from the Marquis of 32 Foot. Ensign Quill, severely.

Wellinglon, dated Cabeçon, Oclober 28, 16th October, 1812. 1st Foot.--Lieutenant Rae, Acting Engineer,

1812. slightly.--58th Foot. Ensign Baylie, slightly. Since I wrote to your Lordship upon the

Portugnese.-15th October, 1812. 12th Regiment of the Line. Captain White, the enemy's whole army, as they placed

26th, I have had an opportunity of seeing severely.

(Signed) S. A. GOODMAN, D.A. A. G. themselves opposite to us, on the Pisuerga, Return of Killed, Wounded, and Missing of the yesterday. They are certainly in very

Army under the Command of his Excellency great strength. The army of Portugal has General the Marquis of Wellington, K.B. in received a reinforcement of ten thousand the Siege of the Castle of Burgos, from the 18th men, including cavalry, from Franee : and to the 21st October, 1812, inclusive.

Royal Engineers. 1 rank and file killed; 1 I have reason to believe that there are two rank and fire wounded.- -Royal British Artil-divisions of infantry now with this arty,



1 ser

belonging to the army of the north. The now no large assembly of troops in this cavalry of the army of the north is certain- neighbourhood. I learn that some of ly with the army of Portugal, and they them marched last night towards Valladohave at least five thousand good cavalry. - lid, and others towards Toro.- I have No event of importance has occurred since received letters from Lieutenant-General I addressed your Lordship on the 26th. Sir Rowland Hill of the 29th. The The enemy formed their army in the plain Tagus was every where fordable, and the in our front yesterday. They have can- enemy had passed a small body of troops nonaded different parts of our line without over at Fuente Duenas.--Sir Rowland doing us any injury, excepting that Lieute - Hill had collected his troops on the Jacanant-Colonel Robe, of the Royal Artillery, mah. He was likely to receive my orders was wounded severely, but not dangerous- to move upon Anvalo on the 29th. ly, yesterday.

Rueda, Nov. 3, 1812. Rueda, October 31, 1812. I take the opportunity of the return of The enemy crossed the Carrion on the the messenger Myers to Corunna, to inform 26th and 27th, and formed their army on you that the army have continued in the the heights near Cijales, on the last of position in which I placed them on the 30th those days, opposite our position on the left of October ; and the enemy have made no of the Pisuerga, and their advanced guard attempt to pass the Douro.

The bridge of about two miles in front of their main body, Tordesillas is repaired, and they are emand half that distance from Cabeçon. — ployed in the repair of that of Toro. Their On the 28th they extended their right, aud troops are extended along the Douro, from endeavoured to force the bridges of Simancas the latter place to Valladolid. -In the and Valladolid, the former of which was mean time, the troops under Lieutenantdefended by Colonel Halkeit, with his General Sir Rowland Hill will arrive this brigade of the 7th division, and the latter day and to-morrow on the Adaja. The by Lieutenant General the Earl of Dal- General received my orders to break up housie, with the remainder of the 7th divi- from his position on the Jacama on the 29th, sion.

At length Colonel Halket, being and he intended to carry them into execution hard pressed, blew up the bridge. He at on the morning of the 30th. He had inthe saine time detached the Brunswick tended to destroy the Puente Larga, but the Oels' regiment to Tordesillas, towards which mine failed; and the enemy having colquarter the enemy detached troops on the lected a large body of troops between the evening of the 28th. As soon as I found bridge and Aranjuez, they immediately atthat this was the case, I thought it proper tacked our post on the bridge, but were to break up from the Pisuerga and to cross repulsed with considerable loss by the sethe Douro, which object was effected with cond battalion of the 47th regiment, and a out difficulty on the 29th instant, by the detachment of the 95th, under the combridges of Puente Douro and Tudela. mand of Colonel Skerret. I have not reThe bridge of Tordesillas was destroyed on ceived the return of our loss upon this octhe enemy's approach to that town, on the casion, but I understand it is about forty evening of the 28th, and I had sent orders men. No officer was touched. Lieuteto the regiment of Brunswick Oels to take nant-General Sir Rowland Hill mentions in post on its ruins, in such manner as to pre- high terms the conduct of the troops. These vent the enemy from repairing the bridge. circumstances delayed the mareh from the I had the mortification, however, of learn- right of Lieutenant-General Sir Rowland ing, on the night of the 29th, that this re- Hill's positions till the evening of the 30th, giment had been obliged to abandon its and he has since continued it without being post, and as I had seen the enemy's whole at all molested by the enemy.- - The army in march towards Tordesillas on that building called La China, in the Retiro, evening, it was obvious that no time was to and all the guns, stores, &c., which that be lost. I therefore marched the army at work contained, which had not been caran early hour yesterday morning to their ried away, were destroyed before the left, and posted the troops on the heights troops were withdrawn from Madrid. between Rueda and Tordesillas, inmedi- The Spanish divisions of Don Carlos d'Esately opposite, and near the bridge of pana and Conde de Penne Villemur are Tordesillas.

We found the bridge nearly with Lieutenant-General Sir Rowland Hill. repaired on our arrival, but the enemy had |A small body of the enemy's troops were made no attempt to pass it, and they have at Valde Moro on the 31st, and entered

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