a son.

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a son.

John Walker, Esq.

BIRTHS. Archibald Mackinlay, Esq.

June 10. At the Cape of Good Hope, the

Old Bailies. John Waugh, Esq.

Lady of John Pringle, Esq. agent for the Robert Smith, Esq.

Hon. East India Company there, a son. Thomas Scott, Esq. Old Dean of Guild. Sept. 5. At Berwick, Mrs Burn, wife of

Robert Miller, Esq. Old Treasurer and George Burn, Esq. attorney-at-law, a son. College Treasurer.

7. At Chester, the Lady of Major Dallas, Mess. William Gallaway,

Merchant Coun.
Andrew Dickson,

9. At Arniston Place, Mrs Sinclair of Fres.

sellors. Alexander Smellie,

wick, a daughter. James Denholm, Trades Counsel- 10. At Manar, Mrs Gordon, a son. John James,


At Bartley Lodge, New Forest, HampWill. Fraser, jun.

shire, the Lady of Charles Lyell, Esq. af Convencr.

Kinnordy, a daughter.
Francis Howden,

Mrs Ker, younger of Blackshiels, a
John Bathgate,
Ordinary Coun-


cil Deacons. David Ogilvy,

12. At Grangehall, Forres, Mrs Peterkin John Murray,

of Grange, a son. Charles Calder,

15. At Grove Place, Hampshire, Lady James Law,

Amelia Sophia Drummond, a son.
William Ritchie,

At Ochtertyre, the Right Hon. Lady
Will. Armstrong,


Mary Murray, a son.
John Mackenzie,

Mrs Crauford, Forth Street, a daugh-
Council Dea-
Robert Mitchell,

John Aird,

- At New Orchard, the Lady of Archd. Thomas Thomson,

Douglas, Esq. advocate, a daughter.
James Hislop,

17. At Wick, Mrs MacLeay of Newmore, John Walker, Esq. Admiral of Leith. John Waugh, Esq. Baron Bailie of Easter 23. Lady Francis Vandeleur, a son. and Wester Portsburgh.

Mrs Dudgeon, St John's Place, Leith, Robert Smith, Esq. Baron Bailie of Ca & son. nongate.

24. At Balnaglack, Mrs Doctor Forbes, William Gallaway, Esq. Captain of Orange twins, a son and daughter. Colours.

In Dublin, the Countess of Castlesteuart, a son.

26. At Serlby, the Viscountess Galway, ! On the 7th of September the following daughter. Gentlemen were chosen Master and Assist. At High Park, Westmeath, the Ha. ants of the Company, viz.

Lady Levinge, a son. Andrew Bonar, Esq. Banker, Master. 27. At Edinburgh Castle, the Lady of Assistants.

Capt. Biggar, Royal Perthshire militia, a son. Messrs.


29. At Clober, Mrs Hamilton, a daughter. Samuel Anderson Adam Freer

Oct. 1. Mrs Child, Pilrig Street, a son. George White John Thomson

2. Mrs Alex. Wright, Greenside Place, a Robert Kerr

Henry Duncan daughter. Archibald Anderson Thomas Williamson 4. At Inverness, Mrs Inglis Nicol, a son. James Robertson Duncan Cowan

6. At Dublin, the Honourable Lady Hope, Wm Braidwood, jun. David Bryce

a son. Mr Robert Plenderleath, Treasurer. Lately, at Roehampton, the Duchess of

Newcastle, a daughter. On the 12th of September the University

Countess Talbot, a son. of Edinburgh, conferred the degree of Doctor of Medicine on the following Gentlemen;


Jan. 8. At Bagdad, Sir William Wiseman, Of Scotland. Richard Sinnot, Robert Bart. Captain, Royal Navy, to Catherine, Renwick, William Bowie, Alexander Aiken, third daughter of Sir James Mackintosh. George Waddell.

Feb. 24. At Bundlecund, East Indies, d. Of England. John Wardell, John Pick Wauchope, Esq. Judge and first magistrate ering.

there, to Miss Eliza Macan, daughter of the Of Ireland William Young, John Mor. late Robert Macan, Esq. of Carriff, in the rison, Richard Grattan, Hubert Prendergaste county of Armagh, Ireland. Of St Croir.John L. Hunt.

Aug. 22. The Princess Royal, Caroline of Of Brazilse

Marciane Pereira Ribeiro. Denmark, to her uncle, the Prince of llesse.




Aug. 27. At Bearhill, John Barrie, Esq. Right Hon. the Lady Baroness Howe, eldest M.D. to Miss Rebecca Gardiner, only daugh- daughter of the late Admiral Earl Howe, ter of the late David Gardiner, Esq. M. D. and widow of the Honourable Penn Ashton formerly of the island of Jamaica.

Curzon. Sept. 1. Sir James Bland Burges, of Bean Oct. 2. At Edinburgh, Capt. William Da. Port, Sussex, Bart. to the Right Hon. Lady vidson, 14th foot, younger of Muirhouse, to Margaret Fordyce, sister of the Earl of Bal- Jane, third daughter of Alexr. Horsbrugh,

Esq. of Horsbrugh. 3. At Cupar, Mr David Dow, of the Bri 3. In Aberdeen, Alexander Mitchell, Esq. tish Linen Company Bank, Edinburgh, to of St Alban's Street, London, to Christina, Miss Durham Burn, youngest daughter of widow of James Thomson, Esq. Stonehaven. the Rev. David Burn, late minister of the 6. Mr John Hutchison, writer, Edinburgh, gospel at Largo.

to Agnes, daughter of Mr George Hender4. At the Manse of Dollar, Mr John Drys son, Fawside, Berwickshire. dale, Red House, to Miss Jean Sharpe, eld 7. At Edinburgh, the Right Hon. Lord. est daughter of Mr Francis Sharpe.

Ogilvy, eldest son of the Earl of Airly, to At Edinburgh, the Rev. Mr Johnstone, Miss Clementina Drummond, only child of Roxburgh Chapel, to Elizabeth, eldest daugh the deceased Gavin Drummond, Esq. of ter of the late Mr John Home, Edinburgh. Forth Street.

8. At Jedburgh, Charles Baxter, Esq. E. 8. At Leith, Captain James Sword, to dinburgh, to Mrs Reid, only daughter of the Helen, eldest daughter of Captain Patrick hte Rev. William Scott, Southdean.

Lockhart, of that place. 9. At Monktonhill, Mir James Templeton, Lately, At Meadowbank, Mr Thos. KinEdinburgh, to Jessy, eldest daughter of John caid, merchant, Leith, to Margaret, eldest Gardner, Esq.

daughter of Henry Johnstone, Esq. of Mea13. Captain Patrick Blair, of the Madras dowbank. artillery, to Mary, second daughter of Tho - Dr Charles Maclean, of Glasgow, to mas Goldie, Commissary of Dumfries. Mrs Smith, only daughter of Dr H. Camp

At Aberdeen, Dr James Selby, physi- bell, of Petershill. cian, to Mrs Alexander Booth, daughter of At Edinburgh, the Rev. John Wilson, the late Patrick Forsyth, Esq.

to Mrs Major Campbell. Henry Boyce, Esq. nephew to the Earl of Coventry, to the Right Hon. Lady Sophia

DEATHS. Amelie, youngest daughter of the Duke of June 4. At Buenos Ayres, Mr Alexander Marlborough.

M.Minn, merchant, youngest son of the At London, the Hon. John Thornton late Mr John M.Minn, in Crofts of CrossLeslie Melville, second son of the Earl of michael. Leven and Melville, to Harriet, youngest 14. At Jamaica, Captain Edward Rushdaughter of Samuel Thornton, Esq. M. P. worth, of his Majesty's ship Barbadoes, in for the county of Surrey.

the 25th year of his age, eldest son of Ed17. At Monymusk, John Farquharson of ward Rushworth and the Hon. Catherine Haughton, Esq. to Mary Anna, eldest Rushworth. daughter of Sir Archibald Grant of Mony. Aug. 13. At Ciudad Rodrigo, of wounds, musk, Bart.

received in the battle of Salamanca, Major 18. At Edinburgh, Mr John Hogg, of the James Miller, of the 68th regiment of foot, City Chamberlain's Office, to Miss Jessie son of James Miller, Esq. Fort-Major of the Praser, daughter of the late Mr William island of Jersey. Fraser, merchant, Edinburgh.

19. At Gibraltar, John Smith, Esq. aged 21. At Hendersyde Park, Richd. Griffith, 75, and formerly of Inverness. jun. Esq. of Milbant, county of Kildare, to 20. At Glasgow, aged 26 years, Mr AnMaria Jane, eldest daughter of George Wal drew Hosie, late teacher of Partick school. die, Esq. of Hendersyde, Roxburghshire. 25. At Edinburgh, Mrs Elizabeth Ander

24. At Kelso, the Rev. John Pitcairn, to son, wife of Mr Andrew Roughead, pianoElizabeth, daughter of Mr Lockie, of Kelso, forte maker.

25. At Spotswood, Mr James Watson, 26. At Glasgow, in the 78th year of her cooper, Edinburgh, to Miss Janet Ruthera age, Mrs Agnes Buchanan, widow of John ford.

Buchanan of Ladrishmore. Oct. 1. At Edinburgh, Henry Raeburn,

At Libberton Manse, the Reverend jun. Esq. St Bernard's, to Miss White, John Fraser, much regretted. daughter of the late John White, Esq. of At Cairnhill, Thomas Wallace, Esq. Duninore.

of Cairnhill. In London, Mr Wathen Phipps, of 27. At Bray, near Dublin, the Right Hon. Cork Street, Burlington - gurdens, to the Lord de Blaquiere, K, B. and a Baronet

His Lordship is suceeeded in his title and when the services of George, and other estates by John, his eldest son, at present humble but faithful attendants, were no long. & prisoner in France.

er required. Aug. 27. At Bath, Will. Wardlaw, Esq. Sept. 6. Major-Gen. Bowles, late an officer

At Stirling, William Wright, Esq. of on the Bombay establishment Broom, aged 70.

8. At Aberdeen, Margaret Stewart, relict At Rogart Manse, the Rev. Alexander of the late Mr Daniel Mowat, merchant in Urquhart.

Aberdeen, in her 105th year. She retained 28. At Slighishouses, Dunse, in the 18th every faculty till within a few hours of be year of her age, Helen, eldest daughter of death. Mr Spittal, merchant, Edinburgh.

9. At Brechin, at a very advanced age, At Kinghorn, Mr Daniel Ross, late Mrs Gillies; the widow of Robert Gillies, merchant in Edinburgh.

Esq. merchant in Brechin ; and mother to At Burntisland, Robert Boog, Esq. the Right Hon. Lord Gillies, to Dr J. Gil30. At Cupar, Miss Elizabeth Bell, daugh- lies, historiographer to the King, &c. ter of the deceased George Bell, Esq. Ro- 10. At Prestonpans, Mr Robert Eker, chester

Gilmore Street, aged 38. 31. At Old Aberdeen, the Rev. Mr Wil. 11. At Mainhouse, Andrew Wilson, Ex. liam Mackenzie, of that place.

Mr George Glen, late merchant in Sept. 1. At Largs, Mr William Forlong, Glasgow. jun.

At Glasgow, Jane, only daughter of 2. At Edinburgh, Mr D. H. Bruce, as- the Rev. William Taylor, D. D. Principal sistant-surgeon, Royal Navy, Fellow of the of the College of Glasgow. Royal Physical Society, son of Major-Gen. 12. At George's Square, William Loraine, Robert Bruce, of the Hon. East India Com- Esq. pany's service.

At Edinburgh, Mr James Dalrymple, At Elvas, of a violent fever, brought late merchant. on by fatigue and exertion in the discharge. 13. At Hope Street, Leith, Mrs A. Young, of his duties, Captain Leatham, of the 4th relict of Mr John Young, solicitor in the dragoon guards, eldest son of Lieut.-Colonel Supreme Courts of Scotland. Leatham of George's Square.

15. At Aberdeen, Mrs Silver, widow of - At Milton House, Miss Margaret Steu- the late Alexander Silver, Esq. of Balns. art, daughter of David Steuart, Esq. gubs, in the 75th year of her age.

At Edinburgh, Mr William Begbie, At Bristol, in an apoplectic fit, prolate Deacon of the Incorporation of Tailors ceded by repeated strokes of the palsy, Car in this city.

tain George Miller, of the Royal Nary. Lately, At Calcutta, in the 87th year of At Arniston Place, Mrs Isabella Cal. her age, Mrs Frances Johnson, the oldest der, wife of William Sinclair, Esq. of Fres. British resident in Asia. She was grand. wick. mother of the Earl of Liverpool.

16. At Maybole, Master Adam Gladstone, On his passage to England, Major J. second son of Robert Gladstone, Esq. Liver. Blair, of the Hon. East India Company's pool. service, on the Madras establishment, and 17. At Gateshead, Isabella Sharpe, widor eldest son of the late Rev. Dr Blair, preben- of John Sharpe, pitman, at the great age of dary of Westminster.

114 years, it appears by the baptismal While sitting in his chair at dinner, at gister of the parish, that she was christened Cork, Sir Patrick O'Connor, merchant. the 17th of August 1698.

- At Gottenburgh, Mr William Gardner. 18. At Edinburgh, Thomas Wm. Loves He had returned from a difiicult and dan. Esq. of Ridley-hall Northumberland. gerous journey to Riga and Petersburgh, - At Brompton, Robert Alexander Scott, through Finland, and was to have embark Esq. younger of Benholme, aged 23. ed next day for England ; but he fell into a At Edinburgh, Miss Margaret Thyricanal the evening before nis intended depar- ne, daughter of the late Mr Robert Tbynık, lure, and was drowned.

surgeon. 3. At Canonmills, near Edinburgh, in the At an advanced age, Miss Jean Mac. 94th year of his age, Mr George Anderson, Donald, relic of Angus MacAlester of Leup, who long kept a public garden at Easter Esq. Wariston. He was a private in Lord Lewis At Nisbet, aged two years, William, Gordon's corps in 1745-6 ; and it was the son of Mr Walker, Nisbet. boast of his that he had been near the The Honourable John Astley Benne, person of Prince Charles Edward from the Captain in his Majesty's Navy, and third day of the battle of Culloden, till his depar- son of the Earl of Tankerville. ture froin Sky in the disguise of a female, 20. At Berwick, Mr John Thomsch,


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searcher, and deputy.comptroller in the Cus-, and rector of Thwing and Barten, in the torn-house at that port.

county of York, and daughter of the late Sept. 20. In the 87th year of her age, lady John Zephaniah Holwell, Esq. Governor of Peyton, wife of Sir Yelverton Peyton, Bart. Calcutta.

At Port-Glasgow, in the 80th year of Oct. 3. At Nairn, Mrs Margaret Rose, his age, James Huie, Esq.

relict of the Reverend Daniel Brodie, minAt Long Santon, Cambridgeshire, in ster of Calder. consequence of the wounds which he receive At Castlerosse, in the county of Kered by being thrown out of his curricle, the ry, the Right Honourable Valentine Browne, preceding Saturday, Sir T. D. Hatton, Bart. Earl of Kenmure, Viscount and Baron He succeeded to the title upon the death of Castlerossc. His Lordship had complained his brother, about twelve months since, had for a considerable time previous to his death, but just completed the family seat for his but was considered somewhat recovered a residence, and was actively employed in pro short time ago; he enjoyed some of the most moting the enclosure of his own and the two cxtensive estates in the United Kingdom, adjoining parishes, in which he had a large and as a landlord and friend was proverbial, property. Sir Thomas having died without ly kind and considerate. He is succeeded issue, the title becomes extinct; but the e in his title and possessions by his eldest son, stutes, which are considerable in the county,

Lord Castlerosse. and in Norfolk, devolve on his two maiden Oct. 4. At Rarichy, Mr Will. Chisholm, sisters, as his co-hciresses at law.

tacksman of that place. 23. At Aberdeen, Mr George Bartlett, At Edinburgh, after a very short ille aged 64 years; and who, for the long period. ness, Mr Robert Sym, builder. of 45 years, was a respectable upholsterer At Hadham, Hertford, the Rev. Dr in that place.

Anthony Hamilton, vicar of St Martin's in 24. At Hampton Court Palace, the Right the Fields. Honourable Lady Harriet Jane Hay, fourth 5. At Glasgow, Mr James Gordon, mer daughter of James, Earl of Erroll, and sis chant there. ter to the present Earl.

6. At Dundec, Mr James Barclay, manuAt Keppoch, Miss Louisa M•Donald, facturer, Ilawkhill. eldest daughter of Alexander M.Donald, At Dunfermline; Mr Alexander RamEsq. of Glenco.

say, rector of the grammar school in that At Hampton Court, Sir George Young, place, in the 79th year of his age. He was Bart. K.B. in the 81st year of his age. much respected as a good teacher, and as an

At Bath, Mr William Ferguson, of intelligent and honest man. St John's Street, London.

Lately, at Madrid, of the wounds which 26. At Airth, Mrs Jean Hewett, daugh- he received, George Fyfe, jun. of the Royals, ter of the deceased Mr George Hewett, eldest son of Mr George Fyfe, coppersmith, sometime Episcopal clergymen there. Leith.

27. At Edinburgh, Mr John Young, late - In his 24th year, of wounds received collector of the post-horse duty tax for Scot at the battle of Salamanca, Lieutenant Walland.

ter Ewart, of the 39th regiment, son of John At Irvine, John Webb, Esq. of Tower Ewart, Esq. land-surveyor of the customs lands, aged 82 years.

at Greenock, 28. At Edinburgh, Mrs Marion Thom At Shooter's Ilill, in the 84th year of son, relict of Alexander Thomson, Esq. his age, Major-Gen. William Grant, of the sometime collector of his Majesty's customs, Royal Regiment of artillery, an officer of and Postmaster - General at Savannah, in distinguished zeal and bravery, displayed Georgia.

úpon many occasions, during a period of 30. At Chudleigh, Devonshire, Elizabeth, sixty years devoted to his king and coun. eldest daughter of the Right Honourable ту. Lord Sinclair.

At Salamanca, of excessive fatigue, in October 1. At Edinburgh, the Right Hon. the discharge of his duties in the Commis. Lady Helen Dalrymple, relict of Hugh Dal. sariat, Walter George Gullifer, Esq. aged rymple, relict of Hugh Dalrymlple, of For 28. dell, Esq.

In Morrant Bay, Jamaica, Capt. David At an advanced age, Alexander Bos M.Vicar, of the ship Lady Forbes, of Leith, well, of Blackadder, Esq.

much and justly regretted. At. Edinburgh, Helen, daughter of At Cuellar, in Spain, the Honourable James Bell, Esq. advocate.

Francis J. Percy, Captain in the 23d regi2. At Edinburgh, Mrs Henrietta Emilia ment, seventh son of the Earl of Beverley, Swinney, relict of Sidney Swinney, D.D, aged 22 years.


Oct. 6. At Edinburgh, in his 88th year., cheerful glass, and was not only very agree Duncan M'Intyre, alias Donncha-ban nan- able over his bottle, but also very circuns. Oran, the celebrated Highland bard. This spect. Although M·Intyre discovered an veteran, and venerable poet, was born in early inclination to poetry, he never produ. Druimliaghart, Glenorchy, Argyllshire, 20th ced any thing worthy of much notice, til March 1724. He fought at the memorable the memorable battle of Falkirk, a descrip battle of Falkirk, on the 17th January 1745, tion of which composes the first song in the (under the command of the gallant Colonel valuable collection published by him. The Campbell of Carwhin,) where he had the collection contains lyric, comic, epic, and remisfortune to lose his sword, (Claidheamh ligious compositions, of such merit, as renceannard chloin an Leasdair,) of which he ders it difficult to say in what department of has given such a minute description in his poetry this writer most excelled. At a peadmirable song to that memorable day. Be- riod less remote than that in which this ce ing a most excellent shooter, he was after- lebrated author was born, public schools wards appointed forester to the Right Hon. were but thinly established in the Highlands the Earl of Breadalbane, in Coire Cheathaich of Scotland; he therefore had not the bene & Bein Dourain, and thereafter to his Grace fit of any education, nor the advantage of the Duke of Argyll, Buachill-Eite. He after reading the productions of other authors; wards served in one of the Earl of Breadal. yet, notwithstanding, the whole poems and hane's fencible regiments, raised in the year songs contained in the admirable collection 1793, wherein he continued until he was published by him, are solely of his own com. discharged in 1799, and from that period position, unassisted by any thing but the till his death, he has lived a retired life, ren- direction and power of his own genius. His dered not uncomfortable by the benificence poetical talents, therefore, justly entitle him of that nobleman. The chief amusements to rank among the first bards of the world, of his youth were fowling and fishing. In for all good judges of Celtic poetry agree, his young days he was remarkably hand- that nothing like the purity of his Gaelic, and some, and, throughout his whole life, pos- the style of his poetry, has appeared in the sessed a very easy and agreeable disposition. Highlands of Scotland, since the days of his Although when provoked, his enemies ge- countryman, the sublime Ossian. It is of nerally felt the effects of his pride and re- Donncha-ban it might justly be said, sentment, yet to his benefactors he was “ Na'n leabhadh ca 'soig gach oroid is Sous! equally grateful. He was, like all the rest “ Nail cuireadh beo no marbh glasgladirea of the poets, very fond of company, and a a bheul."

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Prices of Oat, Pease, and Barley Meal, in
Edinburgh Market, per peck.

Pease and

Barley Meal. Bolls. Price. Bolls. Price. Sept.29. 390

24 00 62 20 00 Oct. 6. 220 26 00 60 20 00

13. 300 28 00 52 22 00
28 00 60

22 00
450 29 00 67 22 00

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