(1) In the event that a requester has be exempt from disclosure under parapreviously failed to pay a required fee graph (b)(4) of $1102.6 as privileged or (within 30 days of the date of billing), confidential trade secrets or commeran advance deposit of the full amount cial or financial information submitted of the anticipated fee together with the to the Corporation by a third party or fee then due plus interest accrued may entity (other than federal government be required. The request will not be agencies); or (2) is subject to an underdeemed to have been received by the standing of confidentiality between the Corporation until such payment is Corporation and the submitter thereof, made.

the Freedom of Information Officer (2) In the event that the Corporation shall provide the submitter of such indetermines that an estimated fee will formation with notice of the request. exceed $250, the requester shall be noti- (b) The Corporation shall afford a fied of the amount of the anticipated submitter of information covered by fee or such portion thereof as can read- paragraph (a) of this section a period, ily be estimated. Such notification generally not in excess of 10 working shall be transmitted as soon as pos- days, within which to provide the Freesible, but in any event within five dom of Information Officer a detailed working days of such determination, statement of objections to the disclogiving the best estimate then avail- sure of such information by the Corable. The notification shall offer the poration. The submitter's response (if requester the opportunity to confer any) shall include all bases, factual or with appropriate representatives of the legal, for the withholding of the reCorporation for the purpose of reformu- quested information pursuant to paralating the request so as to meet the re- graph (b)(4) of $1102.6. If the Freedom quester's needs at a reduced cost. The of Information Officer does not receive request will not be deemed to have a timely response from the submitter, been received by the Corporation until the Freedom of Information Officer an advance payment of the entire fee is shall proceed with the determination of made.

whether or not to release such informa(1) Interest will be charged to those tion. requesters who fail to pay the fees (c) Whenever the Corporation decides charged. Interest will be assessed on to release any part of the information the amount billed, starting on the 31st covered by paragraph (a) of this section calendar day following the day on over the objection of the submitter, the which the billing was sent. The rate Corporation shall forward to the subcharged will be as prescribed in 31 mitter a written statement providing a U.S.C. 3717.

brief explanation why the Corporation (j) If the Corporation reasonably be- did not agree with the submitter's oblieves that a requester or group of re- jections; a description of the informaquesters is attempting to break a re- tion to be released; and the expected quest into a series of requests for the date of the release. purpose of evading the assessment of (d) If a requester or submitter brings fees, the Corporation shall aggregate suit against the Corporation seeking to such requests and charge accordingly. compel or restrict the release of infor

(k) The Corporation reserves the mation covered by paragraph (a) of this right to limit the number of copies section, the Corporation shall promptthat will be provided of any record to a ly notify the other party. requester or to require that special ar- (e) The notice requirement of this rangements for duplication be made in section shall not apply if: the case of bound volumes or other (1) The information has been pubrecords representing unusual problems lished or otherwise made available to of handling or duplication.

the public;

(2) Disclosure of the information is 8 1102.11 Notice to submitters of cer- required by law (other than 5 U.S.C. tain information.

552); (a) Upon receipt of a request for in- (3) The submitter has received notice formation that either, (1) the Freedom of a previous FOIA request which enof Information Officer determines may compassed the information requested

in the later request, and the Corporation intends to withhold information in the same manner as in the previous FOIA request; or

(4) Upon submitting the information or within a reasonable period thereafter, (1) the submitter reviewed its information in anticipation of future re

quests pursuant to the FOIA, (ii) the submitter provided the Corporation a statement of its objections to disclosure consistent with that described in paragraph (b) of this section, and (iii) the Corporation intends to release information consistent with the submitter's objections.




Part 1500 1502 1504 1506 1530

Functions, powers and duties
Organization ....
Gathering, handling, and disclosing information
Employee standards of conduct ....
Reimbursement of costs

Page 866 872 875 887 902





Enforcement procedures for regulations requiring

equal opportunity during planning, construction,
and initial operation of the Alaska Natural Gas

Transportation System ......
Enforcement of nondiscrimination on the basis of

handicap in programs or activities conducted by
Office of the Federal Inspector for the Alaska
Natural Gas Transportation System




(b) The Official Seal of the OFI is illustrated as follows:

Subpart A-General Provisions




Sec. 1500.101 Purpose. 1500.102 Seal.





Subpart B-Creation and Authority 1500.201 Summary. 1500.202 Statutory background.

Subpart C-Functions and Duties 1500.301 Summary. 1500.302 General monitoring and oversight. 1500.303 Permit scheduling and coordina

tion. 1500.304 Approval of systems, plans, and de

sign. 1500.305 Cost control. 1500.306 Enforcement of Federal laws.

AUTHORITY: Alaska Natural Gas Transportation Act, 15 U.S.C. 719; Decision and Report to Congress on the Alaska Natural Gas Transportation System, Executive Office of the President, Energy Policy and Planning, is sued September 22, 1977; Reorganization Plan No. 1 of 1979, 44 FR 33663 (June 12, 1979); Brecutive Order 12142 of June 21, 1979, 44 FR 36927 (June 25, 1979); and 5 U.S.C. 552(a)(1).

SOURCE: 46 FR 22328, Apr. 16, 1981, unless otherwise noted.

Subpart A-General Provisions

$ 1500.101 Purpose.

This part is intended to provide a general description of the functions, powers, and duties of the Office of the Federal Inspector for the Alaska Natural Gas Transportation System (OFI). 8 1500.102 Seal.

(a) The OFI has adopted an official seal of which judicial notice shall be taken. Its description is as follows: A blue circle encircled by a blue band with the words "Office of the Federal Inspector, Alaska Natural Gas Transportation System" encircling the blue band. Inside the circle, in white, are the letters "FI". Above the letters are three white symbols representing natural gas flames. The symbols get progressively smaller from left to right.

Subpart B-Creation and Authority $ 1500.201 Summary.

(a)(1) Congress, in its 1976 legislation clearing the way for the Alaska Natural Gas Transportation System (ANGTS), included the requirement that a Federal Inspector be appointed to assure that the project be built as timely as possible, without excessive cost overruns, and with minimal harm to the enviromnent.

(2) OFI was established pursuant to the Alaska Natural Gas Transportation Act of 1976 (ANGTA), 15 U.S.C. 719; Reorganization Plan No. 1 of 1979, 44 FR 33663 (June 12, 1979); and Executive Order No. 12142, 44 FR 36927 (June 25, 1979).

(b) The Alaska Natural Gas Transportation System (ANGTS) is the statutory designation for the system chosen by the President pursuant to his statutory authority to designate a system for the delivery of Alaska natural gas to the contiguous states. Section 7(a)(4) of ANGTA. The President designated an overland pipeline system beginning at Prudhoe Bay in Northern Alaska, continuing through Alaska into Canada. The system will split in Southern Alberta into eastern and western legs terminating in Dwight, Dlinois, and Antioch, California, respectively. The ANGTS will be designed op timally to carry 2.0 to 2.5 billion cubic feet of gas per day, with greater vol

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