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Fish and Fishery Resources:

1. Preservation of fishery resources.
2. Fish restoration and management projects.
3. Fish research and experimentation program..
4. Fish protein concentrate study-----
5. State commercial fisheries research and development projects.
6. Interstate compacts.

a. Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Compact Act of May 4, 1942.
b. Great Lakes Basin compact.
c. Gulf States marine fisheries compact..
d. Pacific marine fisheries compact.

e. Potomac River compact of 1958.
7. Regulation of sponge industry--
8. Regulation of interstate transportation of black bass and other fish.
9. Predatory Sea Lampreys in the Great Lakes..
10. Control of jellyfish.
11. Control of starfish..
12. Importation of certain mollusks.--
13. National Fisheries Center and Aquarium...

14. Admission of investigators to Marine Biological Station, Sarasota, Fla.. Fishing Vessels and Fishing:

1. General definition of "vessel”.
2. Admiralty and maritime jurisdiction.
3. Regulation of fishing voyages -
4. Registration of vessels.
5. Licensing of fishing vessels.--
6. Construction assistance for fishing vessels -
7. Federal ship mortgage insurance
8. Use of surplus agricultural commodities.
9. Purchase and distribution of surplus fishery products.
10. Loans to fish farmers.--
11. Fishermen's cooperative associations..
12. Medical care for seamen.
13. Attachment of fishermen's wages...
14. Exemption from customs duties of supplies for certain vessels.
15. Increase of duty on importation of fish.
16. Departure of vessels during a war..
17. Inapplicability to fishing contests of prohibitions on transportation and

mailing of lottery tickets, and on broadcasting lottery information ----
18. Great Lakes fishing steamers-persons in addition to crew..
19. Exemption of fishing vessels from laws governing inspection of steam vessels -
20. Exemption of vessels engaged in fishing as a regular business from certain

inspections. 21. Exemption of fishing vessels from requirement that pursers, surgeons, and

nurses be registered. 22. Transportation of catch of other fishing vessels23. Fishing vessels of Alaska, Oregon, and Washington carrying flammable

cargo.. 24. Duty of fishing vessels to keep nets from cables 25. Load lines for vessels engaged in coastwise trade26. Corporation as "citizen" for purposes of operating U.S. fishing vessels. 27. Fisheries zone contiguous to territorial sea of the United States.28. Prohibition of foreign fishing vessels in the territorial waters of the United

States.29. Retaliation against foreign countries suspending or denying privileges to

U.S. vessels. 30. Privileges of vessels of the United States employed in fisheries; landing of

catch by foreign-flag vessels; landing of foreign vessels in Virgin Islands;

enrollment. 31. Fishing vessels touching and trading at foreign ports_ 32. Seizure of vessels of the United States by foreign countries. 33. Exclusion from foreign aid of countries seizing U.S. fishing vessels.

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Fishing Vessels and Fishing—Continued

34. Exemption of fishermen from Fair Labor Standards Act...

35. Sections of Internal Revenue laws expressly related to fishermen or vessels.. General Water Resource Legislation Related to Fish and Wildlife:

1. Federal license of water resource projects; fishways...
2. Fish and wildlife conservation at small watershed projects.
3. Small reclamation projects.
4. Federal Water Project Recreation Act..
5. Federal assistance, resource conservation and development projects.
6. Conservation facilities at water resource projects of the Corps of Engineers--
7. Wildlife conservation at water resource projects of the Secretary of the Army-
8. Fishways at rivers and harbor projects.
9. Water Bank Act..
10. Control of obnoxious plants in navigable waters. -
11. Statutes Relating to Specific Reservoirs under jurisdiction of the Secretary

of the Army:

a. Reservoirs in Mississippi..
b. Demopolis Lock and Dam project.

c. Jim Woodruff Reservoir, Florida and Georgia.
Water Resource Projects Constructed by the Secretary of the Interior:

1. Baker reclamation project, Oregon.

Central Valley project, California 3. Colorado River Storage Project Act. 4. Columbia Basin project 5. Crooked River project, Oregon. 6. Fryingpan-Arkansas project, Colorado 7. Little Wood River project, Idaho.. 8. Washoe project, Nevada-California. 9. Auburn-Folsom south unit, Central Valley project, California10. Southern Nevada project, Nevada 11. Oroville-Tonasket unit, Chief Joseph Dam, Washington, 12. Tualatin project, Oregon.13. Auburn-Folsom unit, Central Valley project, California 14. Missouri River Basin project, South Dakota. 15. Mountain Park project, Oklahoma 16. Colorado River Basin project. 17. Palmetto Bend project, Texas, 18. Merlin division, Rogue River Basin project, Oregon.. 19. Touchet division, Walla Walla project, Oregon-Washington.20. Garrison diversion unit, Missouri River Basin project, North Dakota-South

Dakota. 21. Mid-State Division, Missouri River Basin Project, Nebraska. 22. Pecos River Basin...

23. Trinity River Division, Central Valley project, Calif. Other Legislation Related to Fish and Wildlife:

1. Intergovernmental coordination.
2. Highway beautification...
3. Preserve wildlife refuges and maintenance of natural beauty on lands

traversed by highway projects -
4. Related highway legislation...
5. Land and Water Conservation Fund Act..
6. National trails system..
7. Wild and Scenic Rivers Act.
8. Environmental Education Act-
9. Water Resources Planning Act.
10. Soil information assistance for community planning and resource devel-

opment. 11. Forestry research programs12. Multiple-Use Sustained Yield Act of 1960.. 13. Wilderness Act.--. 14. Grants for basic research.

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Other Legislation Related to Fish and Wildlife--Continued

15. Research contracts-Interior Department progress.
16. Taylor Grazing Act...
17. Military public land withdrawals.

18. Alaska Statehood Act relating to fish and wildlife. Environmental Quality, General:

1. National Environmental Policy Act...
2. Environmental Quality Improvement Act-

3. Environmental pollution study... Financing Pollution Control:

1. Itemized deductions for individuals and corporations..
2. Interest on certain governmental obligations..
3. Special rules for determining capital gains and losses.

4. Exchanges in compliance with Securities and Exchange Commission orders.. Water Pollution:

1. Pollution control in navigable waters.
2. Protection of navigable waters.-
3. Pollution of the sea by oil.
4. Soil conservation...
5. Agricultural credit for pollution control
6. Cropland adjustment for pollution control.
7. Basic water and sewer facilities.-
8. Grants for public works and development facilities.

9. Water pollution control in Appalachia.Air Pollution:

1. Air pollution prevention and control.
2. Emission standards for moving sources..

3. General provisions.-Solid Waste Management:

1. Solid Waste Disposal Act-----Radiation Hazards:

1. Atomic energy, development and control
2. Transportation of hazardous materials, including radioactive substances.

3. Electronic product radiation control. Pesticides:

1. Insecticides and other pesticides -
2. Prohibition, branding, and tolerances for pesticide regulation.
3. Hazardous substances.

4. Pesticide research.Noise Abatement:

1. Control and abatement of aircraft noise. 2. Occupational noise--

3. Office of Noise Abatement and Control. Airport and Airway Development:

1. National Airport System Plan...

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1. Fish and Wildlife Service

16 U.S.C. 742(a)-754

741, 742. Omitted.
742a. Declaration of policy.
742b. United States Fish and Wildlife Service.

(a) Establishment; Assistant Secretary for Moh

and Wildlife and Commissioner of Fish and wildlife; Bureau of Commercial Fisheries

and Bureau of Sport Fisheries and Wildlife. (b) Administration and supervision. (c) Functions and responsibilities of Secretary

of the Interior. (d) Distribution of functions, powers and duties

of former Fish and Wildlife Service. (e) Rules and regulations.

(1) Administrative procedures. 742c. Loans for financing or refinancing of cost of pur

chasing, constructing, equipping, maintaining, repairing, or operating commerdal

fishing vessels or gear. (&) Authorization. (b) Conditions. (C) Fisheries loan fund; interest payments on

appropriations available as capital to the fund less average undispersed cash bal

ance. (d) Modification of loan contract. (e) Chartering vessels; loans to Alaskan earth

quake victims; termination date. 742d. Investigations; preparation and dissemination of

information; reports. 742d-1. Studies of effects in use of chemicals. 742e. Transfer of functions, personnel, property, facill

ties, records, and funds; cooperation with other

governmental agencies. 7421, Policies, procedures, and recommendations. 742g. Cooperation with State Department; representation

at international meetings; consultations. 742h. Reports to Congress and the President. 7421. Eect on rights of States and International com

missions. 742). Appropriations. 742k. Management and disposition of vessels and other

property acquired and arising out of fishery loans

or related type of activities. 743. Details from Coast Guard. 744. Investigations; fish propagation; annual statement

of expenditures; Investigations of damages by

predacious fishes; executive assistance. 745. Powers of Director. 746. Vessels of Fish and Wildlife Service. 747. Vessels of bureau; commutation of rations of of

ficers and crews. 748. Expenditure of appropriations for propagation of

food fishes. 749. Advisory committee; designations; duties; expenses. 750. Station on Mississippi River for rescue of fishes and

propagation of mussels. 751. Same; personnel 762. Exchange of equipment by Service as part payment

for other equipment. 753. Cooperative work. 753a. Cooperative research and training programs for fish

and wildlife resources. 753b. Same; authorization of appropriations. 754. Commutation of rations for omcers and crews of

vessels of the Service.

CHAPTER REFERRED TO IN OTHER SECTIONS This chapter is referred to in section 668bb of this title.

88 741, 742. Omitted.

CODIFICATION Section 741, R. 8. $ 4396; act of Jan. 20, 1888, ch. 1, 26 Stat. 1; act of Feb. 27, 1925, ch. 364, 43 Stat. 1046, related to the appointment, etc., of a Commissioner of Fisheries.

Section 742, acts Mar. 4, 1911, ch. 285, $ 1, 36 Stat. 1486; Mar. 4, 1913, ch. 141, $ 1,37 Stat. 736, provided for an acting Commissioner of Fisheries.

TRANSFER OF FUNCTIONS 1939 Reorg. Plan No. II, $4 (e, 1), eff. July 1, 1939, 4 F.R. 2731, 53 Stat. 1433, set out in the Appendix to Title 5, Government Organization and Employees, transferred the Bureau of Fisheries in the Department of Commerce and its functions, and the Bureau of Biological Survey in the Department of Agriculture and its functions, to the Department of the Interior, to be administered under the direction and supervision of the Secretary of the Interior.

1940 Reorg. Plan No. III, § 3, eff. June 30, 1940, 5 F. R. 2108, 64 Stat. 1232, set out in the Appendix to Title 5, Government Organization and Employees, consolidated the Bureau of Fisheries and the Bureau of Biological Survey into one agency in the Department of the Interior to be known as the Fish and Wildlife Service. It was further provided that the functions of the consolidated agency should be administered under the direction and supervision of the Secretary of the Interior by a director and assistants, and that the offices of Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner of Fisheries and the offices of Chief and Associate Chief of the Bureau of Biological Survey should be abolished and their functions transferred to the consolidated agency. Ex. ORD. No. 9634. ESTABLISHMENT OF FISHERY

CONSERVATION ZONES Ex. Ord. No. 9634, Sept. 28, 1946, 10 F. R. 12306, provided in part:

By virtue of and pursuant to the authority vested in me as President of the United States, it is hereby ordered that the Secretary of State and the Secretary of the Interior shall from time to time jointly recommend the establishment by Executive orders of fishery conservation zones in areas of the high seas contiguous to the coasts of the United States, pursuant to the proclamation entitled "Policy of the United States With Respect to Coastal Fisheries in Certain Areas of the High Seas" (Proc. No. 2668, Sept. 28, 1945, 10 F. R. 12304 ], this day signed by me, and said Secretaries shall in each case recommend provisions to be incorporated in such orders relating to the administration, regulation and control of the fishery resources of and fishing activities in such zones, pursuant to authority of law heretofore or hereafter provided.

8 742a. Declaration of policy.

The Congress declares that the fish, shellfish, and wildlife resources of the Nation make a material contribution to our national economy and food supply, as well as a material contribution to the health, recreation, and well-being of our citizens; that such resources are a living, renewable form of national wealth that is capable of being maintained and greatly increased with proper management, but

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