for steailng letter containing bills of exchange sent by post, on

7 Geo. UI. 738
for stealing letter out of bag, 739
for stealing packet out of bag containing bills of exchange, 739
for stealing packet out of bag, 739
for stealing woollen cloth from tenters, 739

for stealing linen from bleaching croft on 18 Geo. II. 740 Person by whom committed, 980 against servant for embezzling his master's goods, on 21 Hen. VIII.

740 against cashier of bank for embezzling exchequer bills, on 15 Geo.

III. 741 against clerk of country bankers for embezzling, on 39 Geo. III. 742 where property in banker and executors of other deceased partners,

744 for embezzling notes and money, 745 for embezzling property of widow and her husband's other executors,

746 for embezzling bank notes laying property in widow, 746 against bill broker for embezzling bill delivered to be discounted, 747 capital felony on 7 Geo. III. c. 50. against letter-carrier for secreting

letters containing bank note, 748 for single felony on 3 and 4 W. and M. c. 9. s. 5. for stealing goods

let by contract to be used with lodging, 749 For laxceny in particular places, 750

for stealing bill of exchange in dwelling-house on 12 Ann. 750
like in common form, 751
on 12 Ann, c. 7. for stealing articles in dwelling house, 751
on 39 Eliz. for breaking into dwelling-house in day time, no person

being therein, and stealing to amount of 58. 751 for stealing in shop, coach house, &c. to value of 58. 752 for breaking into house in day time, some person being therein, and

putting him in fear, 752 for stealing in dwelling. house, and putting in fear owner, being

therein, without breaking, 753 against abettor and procurer, 753

for stealing from church, 754 For larceny from person, 754

on 48 Geo. III. for stealing from person, 754


for enticing apprentice to embezzle master's goods, 755 for soliciting servant to embezzle master's goods, 755

1. Preliminary notes,

offence of cheating and fraud at common law, 756
offence of cheating and fraud by statutes, 758
indictment, form of, 761
punishment, 762


for selling by false weights and measures, 763 for defrauding by counterfeiting post mark, 764 for obtaining money under pretence of being collectors of income.

tax, 764

INDICTMENTS FOR DECEITS AND FALSE PRETENCES ON STATUTES. for defrauding by counterfeit letter and false tokens upon 33 Hen. VIII.

c. 1. 765 for selling beer in casks short of measure contrary to 23 Hen. VIII.

766 on 30 Geo. II. for obtaining goods from tradesman under pretence

of being servant to customer, 767 on 30 Geo. Il. for obtaining goods under false pretences as merchants

of good fortune, 768 on 30 Geo. II. for obtaining goods on prétence that he was recom

mended by partner, 769 for pretending child to be pauper and thereby obtaining money, 771 for drawing upon person who prisoner pretended was indebted to

bim, and that he was a gentleman of fortune, 772 for obtaining money. under false pretences, that paper was good

note of hand, 774 for pretending to justice, that defendant was not apprentice, thereby

obtaining money to enlist, 774 against member of club for obtaining money belonging to members

under false pretences, 776 for obtaining more than sum due for carriage of parcel by producing

false ticket, 777 for obtaining two bills of exchange under pretence of getting same

discounted, 778

FOR FORGERY. Preliminary notes. in respect of what things forgery may be committed at common law,

780 in respect of what things forgery may be committed by statutes, 781 writings relating to public funds and stocks of public companies,

782 notes and securities of bank of England and other public companies,

783 South sea company, 786 East India company, 786 plate glass manufactory, and London and royal exchange assurance

company, 786 stamps, 786 official paper securities and documents, 783 private papers, securities, and documents, 790 notes of private bankers, 794 for forging office copy of certificate of accountant general, and re.

ceipt of cashier of bank, 974 how far thing forged must be such as if genuine will be valid, and

how far it must have proper stamp, 795

"Ise making is sufficient, 799 w wat intent forgery must be committed, 799 ac. saries, aiders, and abettors, 800 requisites of indictment, 800 venue, 800 indictment, form of, 800 court in which to prosecute, 804 evidence, 804 punishment, 805 Vol. II.



for forgery f. fa. and taking goods in execution, 806
for forgery and publishing, &c. 806
for publishing, &c. 807
for forging indorsement on certificate in name of Duke of Bucking.

ham concerning quantity of alum charged to Duke's account,

807 against bailiff for adding his own name to warrant directed to another

bailiff only, and arresting prosecutor, &c. 808 PRECEDENTS OF INDICTMENTS FOR FORGERY ON STATUTES. Bank notes and securities of public companies, 810

for forging bank of England note, and uttering same, 810
on 15 Geo. II. or 45 Geo. III. for forging bank notes, 810
on same acts for disposing and putting away, 810
for forging promissory note on 45 Geo. Ilj. with intent to defraud

bank, 811
on 45 Geo. III. for disposing and putting away promissory note with

like intent, 811 where intent to defraud individual, 811 on 45 Geo. III. for having forged bank notes in possession without

lawful excuse, knowing same to be forged, 812 for altering bank note by changing fifteen into fifty, and uttering it

when altered, 813 for disposing of and putting away altered bank note as true, 813 on 33 Geo. III. for forging transfer of stock, 814 against clerk of south sea company for altering warrant of company

for payment of annuity, 816 for uttering and publishing with like intent, 818 for forging hand writing of' report office in chancery, to office copy of

report of accountant general of certain monies, &c. paid into bank of England, and office copy of certificate of one of cashiers

of bank, on 12 Geo. II. c. 32. s. 9. 818 for forging office copy of certificate of accountant general, and re.

ceipt of cashier of bank, 819 for forging and uttering stamps, 820 for forging and making mark for denoting duty of 21. 820 for forging mark denoting duty, 821 for forging stamp, 821 for forging hat stamps, 823 for forging deed of bargain, and sale of freehold estates upon 5 Eli:.

c. 14. 824 for forging release, 825 for publishing indenture of bargain and sale for year, 826 forging bond signed with mark, with intent to defraud execators,

826 forging and uttering bond with intent to defraud two different perfor forging bond, 828 for uttering knowing it to be forged, 828 indictment forging and uttering a will, 829 for forging will of copyhold premises, and personally to defraud

coheiresses, 831
indictment for forgery and uttering bill of exchange, acceptance, and

indorsement, 834
for forging promissory note, 837
for forging and uttering order for delivery of goods, 837
for forging and publishing a receipt, 840
for forging receipt of sun fire office society, 840

sons, 828

Preliminary notes.

offence, &c. 843 Indictments for personating:

for personating proprietor of stock, 847
for personating bail before commissioner in country, 845


for capital felony in killing gelding, 849
capital felony, for maiming cows, 850
on same act for maiming gelding in field, in another form, 850
on same act for poisoning, 850


Preliminary notes.

offence, 853
place in which burglary may be committed, 853
indictment, 859
plea, 863
verdict, 863
punishment, 864

rewards, 864
Precedents of indictments for burglary, 864

for burglary laying intent to steal as well as actual theft, 864
for burglary with intent to steal, 865
against principal and accessaries before fact, for stealing plate

from Magdalen college chapel, 865
for sacrilege, 866
for burglary with intent to steal, and actual stealing to value of 40s.

in dwelling house, 866 on 12 Ann, c. 7. for burglary in breaking out of house, 867 for burglary in breaking in with intent to commit felony, and breaking

out, on 12 And, c. 7. 867

Preliminary notes.

offence, 868
indictment, 872
evidence, 873

punishment, 873
Precedents of indictments for arson, 874

for setting fire to dwelling house, 874
on 9 Geo. I. c. 22. for wilfully burning house of another, 874
on same act for setting fire to bay stack, 874
on 9 Geo. I c. 22. for setting fire to place of confinement in boroogb,


on 9 Geo. I. c. 22. for feloniously procuring person the promise of

miney to join in setting fire to hay stack, 875 for felony on 9 Geo. III. c. 28. for setting fire to cotton mill, 875 for misdemeanour common law setting fire to floor in defendant's

own ħouse, 876 at common law against 'lodger for setting fire to part of wainscot

with intent to burn rooms occupied, 877 for misdemeanor in attempting to burn his own house, 878 for felony on 43 Geo. III. c. 58. s. 1. for setting fire to house in pri

soner's own possession, 880 on 12 Geo. III. c. 24. for felony in setting fire to king's stores in rope

house dock yard. 880 FOR MALICIOUS MISCHIEF TO REAL PROPERTY. for felony in breaking down head and mound of fish pond whereby

fish were lost, 881 on 9 Geo. I. c. 22. felony in maliciously cutting down trees, growing

for ornament, 882 on 22 Geo. III. for forcibly entering dwelling house with intent to cut

serge in looms, and for cutting same, 882 FOR FORCIBLE ENTRIES AND DETAINERS. Preliminary notes.

offence, 883 indictment, 885 plea, 887

award of restitution, 887 Precedents, indictments for forcible entry and detainers, 887 indictments at common law for forcible entry and expulsion from

possession, 887
for forcible entry and detainer on statutes, 888
for forcible entry into freehold, on 5 and 15 R. 2. 889
at common law for entering public house, and making noise, 889


Preliminary notes.

off nce, 891

indictment, 894 Precedents of Indictments. against several persons for piratically taking and carrying away a

ship with its tackle, &c. and certain goods on board same, 895 for piracy, by causing revolt in merchant ship, and running away

with goods, &c. 896 for stealing and running away with ship tackle, &c. 896 running away with ship's boat, 397 against seaman for running away with boat belonging to ship, under

command of one of his majesty's suojects, 898 for assault on captain of ship with intent to murder him, and some of

his crew who had mutinied against him, 898 for felony in admiralty court, on 4 Geo. I. c. 12. 6. 3. for burning ship,

having merchandize on board, 900

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